by Dr Know

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, BDSM, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, Caution, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A horrific intervention by his wife and friends saves a man from drug addiction, but at what price?

Dear Readers,

This is probably the darkest story I've ever written. There are absolutely no winners in this one. If you don't like my darker stories than steer clear of this one! This is your final warning! Read no further if you are offended by cuckolding, revenge, or violence.


James Talbot Sat back in the driver's seat of his car and inhaled the smoldering fumes of the crack pipe. He was on his way home from work and had pulled into the county park as he normally did each day to feed his habit. He was, in his opinion, a casual recreational user. He kept some lines of coke in his desk at work and maybe once a day when no one was around, he snorted a line. How he'd picked up using the illegal drugs was a work associate had given him his first hit only three months ago. The associate had introduced him to the associate's dealer and Jim began using in earnest. He'd started using to deaden his feeling of loss for his parents who had been killed in a commercial airline crash several months before.

But he could stop at any time. He just enjoyed the rush he got. And no one seemed to be the wiser. His wife didn't seem to notice he'd taken up the drugs. His friends didn't seem to notice. His boss hadn't said anything.

Jim was happy and life was good.

But then things started to go badly wrong, all within a one month period of time.

His boss called him in to do his annual review. Jim expected his normal above average appraisal and a nice raise in salary. As Jim settled into his chair across the desk from his boss he noticed his boss did not return his smile.

His boss looked at him with hard eyes and a humorless face. "Jim, I'm disappointed in you. Your work output has dropped by thirty percent. Your interaction with your fellow employees has become hostile.

I don't know what's going on with you, but it has to stop. If you don't clean up your act in the next ninety days, I'll have to let you go. Consider yourself on a performance improvement plan as of today."

Jim was stunned as his brain spun through questions. What? How? What had caused this? He did the same level work! His boss was being an ass!

Jim fumed and retorted, "Hell, I've busted my ass for this company and now you threaten me with dismissal! I ought to give you my notice and let you bastards hang out to dry trying to replace me!"

His boss eyed him and asked in a calm voice, "Jim, you are NOT doing your job well right now. Can't you see that? Don't be hasty with that giving notice because I might just take you up on it and not try to sort things out with you.

What's bothering you? Are you ill? You got home problems? What is it? Remember, I asked you at least once a week for the last few months what the heck was going on with you and you always blew me off. Well, that stops now. You either fix what's wrong yourself, or tell me and I'll try to help you."

Jim calmed a little as his boss's voice filtered through his mind. He was a little taken back by his boss saying he might accept his resignation with no qualms. Jim needed time to rethink his position. He stammered, "I ... I ... don't know what's wrong. I need time to think. Please give me a chance to straighten out whatever is affecting my work."

His boss replied, "You have ninety days. But I have to see improvement each month, so get professional help if you have to. Take the rest of the week off and get your shit together."

An hour after that awful meeting, Jim now sat in the car taking the last tokes on his pipe. He felt much calmer. He'd could go home now and eat dinner with his family. He checked his watch and was stunned. It was almost ten o'clock! His children would be heading to bed and his wife would be readying the youngest for bed by reading her a story. Where had all of the time gone?

He started his car and quickly drove home. He parked his car in the garage and entered the house through the laundry room. All was quiet downstairs and only the light over the stove was on. A covered plate set on the top of the stove. He raised the cover and saw a slab of meatloaf and potatoes with green beans. He stuck plate in the microwave and nuked its contents piping hot.

He pulled a beer from the refrigerator and sat down at the kitchen table to eat his dinner. He ate alone and after finishing his beer, he put the plate in the dishwasher and threw the empty beer bottle in the trash and got another from the refrigerator. He made his way to the den and flipped on the TV to watch the late news.

His wife Penny came into the room with a concerned look on her face. "Jim, why are you late? You didn't call. I was getting worried. It's not like you not to let me know that you wouldn't be home for dinner."

"Sorry honey. I stopped at the park and time just got away from me."

"You're spending more time at that damned park and less time with your family. What's going on?" Penny questioned in an irritated tone.

"I've just wanted to think. I'm having some problems at work and just wanted some time to myself. Is that asking too much? Quit bitching at me and just let me be." He replied with almost venom in his voice.

Penny was taken back by the unprovoked attack. She responded in her own defense, "I've got every right to want to know where you were. You've been acting like an asshole lately. You don't spend any time with me or the kids. What the hell is wrong with you?"

Jim was tired of hearing people ask him what was wrong. There was nothing wrong for Christ sake. They were all picking on him. He stood up and threw his beer bottle at the far wall. It shattered and a shard hit Penny in her forehead. The blood started to trickle down her face. She was in shock at Jim's actions. She ran to the kitchen for a dish towel to staunch the flow of the blood from the cut. When she came back to the family room on shaky legs she saw that Jim had not moved from the spot where he had thrown the bottle. He appeared to also be stunned by his actions. Penny sobbed as she asked her husband in a very soft voice, "Jim, can you drive me to the emergency room, I think I need stitches."

Penny picked up the phone and dialed their next door neighbors, Allan and Sally Arnold. Sally answered and Penny said, "We had a small accident and Jim needs to take me to the hospital. Could one of you come over and baby sit until we get back?"

Sally was at the door in less than a minute and was shocked to see all of the blood still running down Penny's face. Jim had his car keys in his hand but didn't look like he was in any shape to drive. Sally thought, is Jim drunk? He looks like he's spaced out. I better take Penny to the emergency room. She suggested that to Jim and he actually looked relieved as he replied,"Okay Sally, take care of my girl. I'll stay here."

Penny was shocked again. Jim didn't even want to go with her to the hospital. He didn't seem to care about her any longer.

As Sally drove Penny to the hospital, Penny sobbed and described what had happened, Jim's manner change, his lack of attention in conversations, and his increasing time away from home and family.

Sally didn't say anything. She just listened. She helped her friend from the car and into the E.R. where a nurse took charge of Penny. The nurse took her to an examination bay and cleaned the wound. A doctor arrived and stitched her up, gave the nurse an order for a tetanus shot, and asked Penny how it had happened.

He frowned as Penny tried to make up something about falling and hitting her head. He looked hard into her eyes and said, "Mrs. Talbot that wound could not have been made by a fall. That wound was made by something sharp glancing off your skull.

I know it was glass because I found a tiny piece still in the wound. Having seen many bar room fight injuries come through here, I would say it is a piece of a beer bottle. Now would you like to tell me what really happened?"

Penny sobbed and told the whole story. The doctor frowned some more as he listened to her description of her husbands symptoms.

As she wound down, the doctor offered his opinion, "Mrs. Talbot, I believe your husband is a drug user. I'd say perhaps rock cocaine and maybe doing lines of cocaine. You said he mentioned problems at work, if I'm right his performance has dropped off and his boss is riding him hard to improve.

If I was you I would contact his boss and find out what's going on. You'll have to find his stash and his drug paraphernalia. Once you know for sure he's using, you and your husband's friends will need to perform an intervention and get him into rehab."

Penny was stunned. Jim's using drugs? Why would he do that?

She thanked the doctor and readied to leave. The doctor walked her out and Sally walked up just as the doctor said, "In order to get your husband off drugs, you're going to have to shock him. Seriously shock him. Brutally shock him.

You have to get his attention and make him see he has a problem. That's the only way he'll ever agree to rehab and successfully kick the habit. If you don't shock him enough he may agree to attend rehab just to shut you up but not actually intend to break the habit.

I know his kind. He's a good man who's somehow gotten off track and denies he has a problem. He needs the shock of his life to put him back on track."

As the two women drove home, Sally questioned Penny about what she had heard the doctor say. "Penny, what are you going to do? You know Allan and I will help you any way we can. We love you guys and want only the best for you."

Penny listlessly responded, "I don't know. I guess I'll do what the doctor said and talk to Jim's boss and then try to find his drug stuff. I'd guess it's in his car."

While the women had been at the hospital taking care of Penny's injury, Jim feeling awful about what he had done to his wife, slunk to his car and snorted a line of coke to relieve the depression. He felt much better after the hit and was flying in a mellow mental altitude when the women returned. Penny took note of the sudden change in his demeanor and began to accept that he was using drugs.

Jim wanted to make love to his wife that night to show how sorry he was for his actions, but she pled a bad headache. She rolled over away from him and spent hours trying to get to sleep. He fretted that he had done something so out of character that maybe his drug use was starting to get in the way of his day-to-day life and his decision making process. Maybe his boss was right.

The next morning Jim left early for work for two reasons. The first was to avoid the look from his wife after last night's debacle. The second was he felt he needed a string of coke before going to the office. It would help mellow him out. He drove to the park and sat in the truck cab listening to some old 60's rock on the radio and snorting a line. The familiar warmth and rush of mellow feelings encompassed him. He drove to the office and began his work day.

At home Penny picked up the phone and called Jim's office. She asked to be connected to Jim's boss. Several seconds went by and she heard a click, "Lonnie Daniels speaking."

"Mr. Daniels? This is Penny Talbot, Jim's wife."

"Oh yes Mrs. Talbot, actually I'm glad you called."

Penny replied somewhat incredulously, "You are? I need to talk to you about Jim. H ... h ... have you noticed anything different about him lately?"

"That's why I'm glad you called. Most definitely something is different. His work is getting to be lousy and he just doesn't seem to care any more. Is there something wrong at home?

Penny told him about last night's debacle and how the doctor had thought drugs were involved.

"Well, that would certainly explain it. Our company has a zero tolerance to drug use, but Jim's been an excellent employee. If I can do something to help him clean up and keep it quiet here at work, I'll do what I can. But he's on a ninety day improvement plan right now and if he doesn't get better soon, I'll be forced to fire him."

Penny told him between sobs that the doctor had recommended a shocking intervention. As soon as Penny could figure out what that would be, she might ask for his help. Daniels replied, "Count me in if I can be of help."

He wished her well and hung up. He sat back in his chair and thought; she's a beautiful woman as I can remember from the last Christmas party. How can Jim be such an idiot and make her so sad. If she were mine, I'd walk through hell for her. He gave up his reflections and went back to the business matters at hand.

Penny hung up and planned out her next move. She would need to get into Jim's truck and see if there were any drugs here. She called Sally and asked if she could call Allan at his office and ask Allan to invite Jim out for a drink after work. Allan could tell him that he would pick him up after dinner and they would go bowl a few lines and have some beers. Sally had shared what the doctor had said about Jim with Allan after she had gotten home the previous evening and they had agreed to do whatever they could to help Penny get through to Jim.

So after dinner Allan appeared at their backdoor and yelled for Jim. "Jimbo, are you ready to get your ass kicked at the bowling alley?" Jim appeared with his bowling ball bag and replied something about they would see who kicked whose ass. With that they left for the boys' night out.

As soon as Penny was sure they were gone she called Sally who came over to assist her. They went to Jim's truck and began exploring its contents. It took her less then two minutes to find his stash. She was in shock.

There was a crack pipe, straw and plastic bags of something that looked like small pieces of crystal and whitish powder. She sat down on the garage floor and cried with soul wrenching sobs. Her husband — an addict!

Sally wrapped her arms around her and tried to console her. Soon the crying stopped as Penny realized she had to be strong to save her man from his addiction.

She pulled herself together and they went back in the house. Sally and Penny discussed various ways to shock Jim into getting help. It was near the end of the evening and the guys would be back in another half hour or so when it finally dawned on Penny what to do.

Actually it was more like a stream of consciousness between the two women about a fantasy Jim had told Penny one night after an extremely passionate encounter that brought the plan to a hazy shape.

Penny was shocked herself at what was being proposed. Sally said she was uncomfortable with the plan because it would be very hard on all of the people involved and their friendships might never recover from the actions being proposed. Plus she wasn't sure she wanted Allan participating in what was possibly going to occur. She needed a day to think about it she told Penny.

Penny said she needed a day to accept the plan also. Because she had never thought she could do such a thing to Jim or their marriage. But she was desperate and it might be the only way to shock him into immediate action and rehab.

The guys arrived back home and were laughing that since they had each won a game, no one had had their asses kicked. Jim seemed nervous and on edge. Penny put it down to him needing a fix. She tried to initiate sex but Jim couldn't get it up. He begged off claiming he was too tired. Her decision now became easier to make.

The next morning she made a list of things to get done, called Sally and said point blank, "I'm going to do it. Will you help me? If this is not resolved soon, our marriage is going to just wither away. I'll not let that happen without a fight.

This plan may be the end of us anyway but it will definitely shock him into doing something. That something may be a rehab center or a divorce, but it will be something. So are you in or out?"

Sally sucked in some air and replied, "We're in. But understand it's for this one night and never again. Okay?"

Penny responded, "Yes. I couldn't do it more than once myself. I'm going to feel filthy after it is over anyway. I'm sure you two will also. But we all have to remember we are doing it to shock Jim into action."

Penny crossed their names off her list and said, "I've got to call Jim's boss and see if he will assist us. He said he would if he could help. I'm sure when he hears what I'm proposing he'll be floored, but he's a male and will respond as a male, even if it is with good intentions."

Penny called Lonnie Daniels and explicitly described what she was proposing as an intervention session. He was shocked at what she proposed. He stammered, "A ... a ... are you sure this is the best way to handle this? My god, it's so over the top. I know Jim's got problems but isn't this cruel? It borders on punishment not intervention."

Penny replied, "I know it's cruel, but the doctor told us the more we can shock him the better the chance he'll accept rehab and actually succeed to kick the habit. We've got one shot at this and I intend to get my Jim back.

If it all falls apart and the intervention fails, we would be getting divorced from the drug problem anyway. So the failed intervention would just speed up the divorce a few months. But I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Can I count on you?"

Lonnie thought through what was being asked of him. He remembered his own thoughts the day before when he'd mused I'd walk through hell for her.

"Okay Mrs. Talbot, I'm in. When will we do this?"

Penny let her breath out and replied, "You can call me Penny. After all what we will be doing should put us on a first name basis. And I want this done as soon as possible. Tomorrow is Saturday, how about at our house tomorrow night at six fifteen?"

"Six fifteen it is. I'll get your address from Jim's personnel file. Oh, you can call me Lonnie."

"Goodbye Lonnie."

"Goodbye Penny"

Penny was very busy chasing things down and crossing items off her checklist for the remainder of the day. By dinner time she had almost everything together except for a few items she would get at the local Home Depot tomorrow.

She'd gotten her parents to agree to watch the kids for a night. So tomorrow afternoon she would drive the children to her parents and they would be protected from seeing any of what was going to happen. Penny would have died if she thought her children would ever see anything like what was going to happen.

By tomorrow night all would be ready and Jim's intervention would either be a success or he would toss her and all of his friends out of his life. It was a serious risk, but one that could not be avoided if she wanted to get her husband back from his addiction.

Jim arrived home an hour late with no excuse as to why he was late. After last night, Penny didn't question him on it. She made small talk about her day. He answered her questions in monotone one-syllable answers. After dinner he disappeared into the family room and she walked next door to discuss tomorrow's intervention with Sally and Allan. Sally worked as a nurse at the local hospital and had obtained the one thing on Penny's check list that only she could provide.

Allan said he was very uncomfortable with what was going to happen. Sally patted his shoulder and soothed his conscious by saying, "Allan, no matter what happens tomorrow night, no matter what we all might do, I'll love you. I think you're amazing for even agreeing to this." She kissed him hard on the lips and turned to smile at Penny.

She got an evil grin on her face and grabbing Penny's hand moved Penny closer to Allan. "Penny, you might was well give Allan a big kiss for helping don't you think?"

Penny started to squirm away when Sally said, "Penny, you might as well do it now. It'll make things so much easier tomorrow night."

Penny closed her eyes and leaned forward. She pursed her lips and felt them brush Allan's. She started to pull back when Sally said, "I said a kiss, not a peck." Penny sighed and leaning forward opened her mouth a little and began to French kiss Allan. This went on for ten or fifteen seconds and then Sally laughed and said, "Okay guys. Enough. Save it for tomorrow evening!"

Penny's heart was pounding as she walked toward home. The kiss with Allan had started her juices flowing. She walked in the door of her house and rapidly made her way to Jim sitting in the family room. She jumped on his lap and kissed him hard on the lips. He inhaled and said, "Penny, not tonight. I'm tired."

Penny felt like she'd been slapped. He'd rejected her again in favor of his dope. If she had entertained any doubts about tomorrow's actions, she now was firm in her goal and mission. She bade him good night, reminded him of tomorrow's barbeque party, and headed to bed. Sleep was slow to come and she felt him slid into bed hours later. She was still asleep when he left the next morning. Jim had no reason to leave early since it was Saturday other than he felt guilty about not making love to his wife last night.

She arose, fed the kids, dressed them, packed a small overnight bag for them, and drove them to Gramps and Grammy's house. They kids jumped out and were hugging and laughing with the grandparents as Penny brought the overnight bag up to the porch. She kissed her parents and said she would be back by noon on Sunday to pick the children up. She kissed each in turn and almost ran back to the car in fear she would break down and worry her children and parents.

She stopped by Home Depot and picked up duct tape, and some long plastic ties. She stopped by a fabric store and picked up a yard of muslin.

When she got home Jim still wasn't back so she took her various purchases to the master bedroom and placed them in her big walk-in closet. She bought up one of the heavy oak chairs from the breakfast set and hid it in her closet. All was ready for the evening.

She'd gone to the grocery store the day before and had purchased all of the fixing for a barbeque get together. She began prepping the dinner when Jim walked in. He walked over and put his arms around her and kissed her on her neck. He playfully took a tiny nip at her earlobe. She smiled and said, "Not now, I've got to get dinner ready. You go shower and change and get the grill going. You're the cook tonight."

He squeezed her and whispered, "Maybe we can cook something up after the party. I do love you."

Penny almost died when he said that. What would happen in a few hours would test that love to the limit.

He showered and started the grill. Penny brought out the hot dogs and hamburger patties. Jim placed them next to the glowing embers of the grill and waited for the guests to arrive.

At exactly six, Sally and Allan arrived with potato salad and a chocolate pie. Jim noted they were alone and said, "Where are your kids?"

Allan responded, "Oh, when Penny said yours were going to spend the night with the grandparents, we thought it was a great idea and we followed suit. So we're free for the night."

At six fifteen Lonnie Daniels arrived. Jim was taken back, what the hell is he doing here?

Penny introduced Lonnie to Allan and Sally. Jim slowly walked over and asked, "Lonnie what are you doing here?"

"Your lovely wife invited me. She said she wanted to get to know your boss. I think it was a nice gesture don't you?"

"Well, I guess so." Jim said with some trepidation as he eyed his wife.

Jim seemed extremely wary of Lonnie's presence for the first hour. As they ate dinner, Jim seemed to relax because nothing was being exchanged that gave him any reason to believe that his precarious job situation had been or would be discussed. Allan and Lonnie took turns telling jokes.

The women laughed and Penny began sitting closer to Allan and Sally was sitting closer to Lonnie. Jim felt like he was on the outside looking in. The group paid no attention to him when he tried to interject anything in the conversation. Allan had put his arm around Penny and Lonnie had done the same to Sally. They were getting ready to openly cuckold him!

Jim finally got fed up and felt the need for one of his coke releases. He quietly walked away while the group continued talking and laughing. He went through the house and into the garage. He didn't turn on the overhead light but felt his way to his truck. He sat in the cab of his truck and began to prepare a line of coke.

Just as he readied to snort the line, the lights came on and all four of the men and women entered the garage and walked right to his truck door. Penny said, "Get out of the truck Jim. Get out now."

Jim was confused and getting angry. He growled, "Leave me alone. Go back to getting ready to cheat on me. Don't you think I saw how lovey dovey your four were getting? So just leave me alone."

Penny calmly said again but with more authority, "Jim, get — out — of — the — truck — now! If you don't I'll have the guys remove you."

Jim was now totally belligerent. "Get the fuck away from me. All of you. Now! Go fuck yourselves."

Penny sighed and asked the men "Take him out please."

Lonnie grabbed Jim by the hair and Allan got him by the shirt and together they heaved him from the truck. He slammed against the side of Penny's car parked next to his truck. His eyes filled with stars as his head hit the edge of the car door. He felt a prick and sting in his arm. It was the injection that Sally had stolen from the hospital.

Jim felt himself going limp. He wasn't unconscious — just too weak to do anything.

He felt himself lifted and carried into house, up the stairs. He felt his clothes being removed and was placed in a hard wooden chair. His hands were placed behind his back. The muslin was wrapped around his wrists, and tied with the plastic ties. He could struggle but the ties would now not bite into and cause his wrists to bleed. His hands were then duct taped to the back of the chair. The same treatment was done to his legs. A piece of duct tape was placed over his mouth.

He was now effectively immobile no matter how much he might struggle.

As the group awaited Jim to become more alert, they readied for the intervention. Each man and woman stripped. Penny got the newly purchased tube of KY, the new dildos and the dozen condoms ready.

Penny looked at Allan and Sally and patted the bed. Sally got on one side of Penny and Allan on the other. Lonnie walked over to Jim and threw a glass of ice water in his face. Jim gasped and his eyes flew open. There in front of him was his loving wife lying in between their next door neighbors and they were all naked! Jim tried to move and looked down to see he was naked and firmly tied into the chair. Struggle as he might he couldn't break free. Whatever was going to happen, he had no choice but to watch it.

Penny began to kiss first Allan and than Sally. They began to touch her breasts and twist her nipples. As things began to get hotter Penny groaned with each touch. She looked over at her husband still struggling against his bonds and said, "You know we had planned to include you in this because it was your fantasy, but none of us want to make it with a druggie. You're just some cheap ass addict that would rather give in to his addiction then to fuck his own wife. Well Jim, Allan will fuck your wife. So we hope you enjoy it. You'll not get any more of this pussy until you give up the crack cocaine."

Sally had moved over Penny and had sucked Allan to full erection. She had played with Penny's cunt while she sucked Allan's cock to full attention. Penny was groaning and twisting with each of Sally's caresses. Sally applied a condom to Allan's cock and then moved back to allow him access to Penny. He positioned himself over her and Sally helped guide his throbbing erection to Penny's awaiting cunt. He lowered himself until his member was just resting against Penny's pussy lips. Penny yelled, "Do it! Fuck me! You're a man! That wimp husband of mine is no man. He's a junkie. He's nothing! Fuck me now!"

Allan lowered himself another inch and Jim's eyes widened as he saw the head of Allan's cock disappear into the folds of Penny's cunt. Jim heard her gasp as Allan entered her. Jim in misery thought, this can't be happening. Why would they do this to me? Are they all that evil?

Sally looked over at Jim as Allan began to piston in and out of his wife. She looked at his cock and started to laugh and pointed, "Lonnie, look at Jim's tiny little cock. The drugs must have shriveled it, just like they've done his brain. No wonder Penny wants a real man." Lonnie walked by Jim and he saw Lonnie was also naked. Sally placed a condom on Lonnie's almost erect dick and began to slurp it in and out of her mouth almost taking the entire shaft.

As she rocked her head back and forth on Lonnie's cock, Lonnie glanced over and said, "You miserable little fucker. No wonder Penny feels the need for sex with real men. She told us how you craved your drugs more than her. Well, don't worry, from now on we'll take care of Penny and you can just go hole up with your pipe and rocks of coke."

Jim was almost ready to pass out. He felt faint from what he was being forced to watch. Allan was still ramming his cock in and out of Penny and she was yelling obscenities. Jim could make out, "Fuck me you damned big prick bastard. Give what I need that my husband will not give me anymore."

Allan was responding, "Tell me you're my slut. You don't love that worthless pile of shit addict husband any more. Tell me you'll be my slut forever."

Penny panted, "Yes, yes, I'm your slut. Jim's no man anymore. He's just a worthless drug user. I'd rather have real men like you and Lonnie."

Jim tried with all of his might to break free of the chair but he couldn't. He was being mentally castrated. He yelled from his taped mouth that he was a man. The drugs had nothing to do with him being a man. He screamed he hated them all. They ignored him.

Penny felt Allan's balls contract and he stiffened as he spewed his load into the condom. He groaned as he came. Sally had Lonnie intensely hard. She moved over to let Lonnie have access to Penny. Jim shouted more obscenities through his gagged mouth. Lonnie turned Penny around so they were facing Jim. He smirked as he rolled her over and had her stick her ass in the air. He smirked again as he looked at Jim and said, "Penny said her ass is virgin. Well not any more wimp boy. She'll be moaning for more when I finish fucking her."

With that he moved his hips forward and Jim could see the pain, surprise and pleasure descend over his wife's face. Within minutes she was meeting him thrust for thrust. He reached under her and mauled on her breasts while he slammed into her ass. She was over the edge with intense pain and pleasure. He yelled to her, "Tell the wimp addict how good a real man is, a real man who never touches drugs."

Penny looked up at Jim with a glazed look on her face and smiled as she mumbled, "Yes, oh yes. Lonnie fucks me so good. I hope he makes your life miserable at work. You'll walk around knowing he's your better. You'll be at work wondering if Allan is poking me here at home, or if I've found someone new to play with."

She shuddered as she had another orgasm. Lonnie and Allan each took another turn with Penny while Sally continued to deride Jim's manhood. She walked over at one point and lifted his limp dick up and stroked it a couple of times. "Nothing going on with this worthless piece of meat. Shit what a waste of a good man. I'd have loved to have partied with you but then you got into drugs. Now, you're just pathetic."

Penny took each man one more time. Except this time there was no condoms used. This time she took each in her mouth and sucked them to orgasm.

Finally the group looked at Jim and saw huge tears running down his cheeks. He was trying to gasp in air and the duct tape would not allow it. Lonnie jumped up and ripped the tape from Jim's mouth.

Penny sadly looked at him and stated, "Jim, you know none of this would have happened if you hadn't gotten addicted. You were every ounce the equal of these two men until you became an addict. Now, they are your superiors and will remain that way until you get clean."

Jim sobbed and said he was sorry and would go to rehab if that is what she wanted. Penny shook her head. "No it's not what I want; it's got to be what you want. If you really want to, you can clean up, but you have to want it."

Jim replied, "I do want it! I'm so sorry I failed you! Please give me a chance. Please!"

Penny nodded and told Lonnie and Allan to release Jim. As they did so Penny said, "Jim just one thing you should know. Tonight will not be repeated unless you fall off the wagon. If you ever use drugs again, we'll repeat tonight except next time we will do it with no condoms and more men. And then the children and I walk out of your life. Do I make my self clear?"

Jim held his head down and nodded. "Yes I understand."

The following Monday Jim checked into a nationally recognized rehab center. A year later, he's still clean. He occasionally thinks about trying coke again, but then a picture of his loving wife with a group of men cumming into on onto her body make him ill. That's enough deterrent to keep him clean. He would keep his noise to the grind stone and be the perfect husband and father.

Two Years Later

Penny has been good to her word. She has not repeated the intervention. Jim had returned to being the loving, caring husband she married. He's gotten two promotions at work and was in line to replace Lonnie when Lonnie is promoted. She occasionally wished that Jim would slip so she could have another and larger intervention. But then promises are promises. And she really did love Jim and would never do that to him again.

A dictionary defines intervention as an "act that occurs in order to modify a given state of affairs. In the context of behavioral health, an intervention may be any outside process that has the effect of modifying an individual's emotional state.

For example, a person experiencing stress symptoms may find a variety of interventions effective in bringing relief. Deep breathing, vigorous exercise, talking with a therapist or counselor, or a combination of these activities is all interventions designed to modify the symptoms and potentially the causes of stress-related discomfort."

Jim had tried all of the stress relief techniques. Nothing worked. The problem was not his job. He was very competent at that. The problem wasn't his kids he loved them with all of his heart.

His problem was the intervention and the way the four people involved had intervened.

His wife had been extremely supportive during his rehab and had been the perfect spouse ever since the intervention. But Jim would catch her looking at him every once in a while as if she thought he might be using again. He knew she checked his truck occasionally to see if there were any drugs in it. It was almost as if she wanted him to fail so she could have her night with Lonnie and Allan again.

He would catch Lonnie smirking at him at work, but he'd never said anything to any one or made any direct statements to Jim about what had happened that night. Jim knew he was also checking Jim's desk almost daily in hopes of finding drugs. Lonnie did want another crack at Penny. He went so far as to move one of the other members of the department that he knew to be a user next to Jim in hopes Jim would start using again. But Jim steered clear of the man and stayed to himself.

Jim had made one request to Penny after the intervention and his successful rehab. He asked that they not be close friends with Allan and Sally any longer. He told Penny he would never forgive Allan or Sally for their roles in his intervention. Penny acquiesced for about six months and then slowly brought their neighbors back into Penny and Jim's life. Within a year they were as close as they had been before. At least that is what Penny thought.

Jim never really totally recovered from the intervention. He was quieter and showed less of his once very funny humor. He would occasionally get into a funk where he was very quiet and inward pointed. Penny always wondered if he was back on drugs when these spells hit him but he would snap out of it and be more of his old self for months.

Really, Jim was passionately angry with Allan for screwing his wife and cumming in her mouth. He was just as angry at Sally for her belittlement of his manhood. She had apologized several times but Jim never believed she was truly sorry.

All of this weighed on Jim all of these years after the intervention. While he agreed he needed to kick the drugs, he was seething about the approach his wife, friends and boss had chosen. Humiliation, cuckolding, and unlawful seizure and restraint were just a few of the issues Jim had lived with since the intervention.

He had to do something to even the score.

And then Sally presented the opportunity he had waited for. At a block party at a neighbor's house, Sally had sauntered up to Jim and stood close to him with a hand on his shoulder. She looked like she was a little drunk. "Jim, baby. Look. I want to apologize one more time for belittling you like I did. I didn't mean it. I always thought you were an attractive and very sexy man. And ... And I would love to prove it to you soon!"

With that she walked away. Jim was thunderstruck, what the hell was that all about? Did Sally just come on to me?

Jim was determined to find out what was going on. He searched for Sally and finally cornered her alone in the kitchen.

"Sally, what did you mean about proving it to me?"

She smiled wickedly, "I mean I want to jump your bones. I've always wanted to but after what happened, I knew you hated me. When Allan and I fight, he occasionally throws it up to me that he thinks Penny was a better lover than I am. I get so pissed at him I just want to even things up and give me the opportunity to tell him you're better than he is. I know it's childish, but that's the way Allan and I are."

Jim's mind whirled as a plan crystallized in almost a split second. He cleared his throat and replied, "Well Sally, I'll never cheat on Penny. If you convince her to bring the entire intervention group together again and allow me to participate, I might be interested."

"Really? You'd do that?"

"Sure. I know that Penny wishes I'd fall off the wagon so she could have another go with Lonnie and Allan. Or am I wrong?"

Sally smiled, "No. She's mentioned once or twice that, after the fact, she enjoyed that evening. She didn't enjoy doing it to you, but she did enjoy the sex."

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