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Sex Story: Working late at the office proves to have some side benefits.

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The sign on her door read, "Darlene Jenkins". Ms Jenkins as I addressed her at work was my boss, though during times when things were less formal, I along with everyone else called her Darlene.

I'd only been working for her for a few months now. It was a small enterprising little company, but the workload kept me busy and was very interesting. I did a lot of research on products, submitted bids, and then sent those in to Darlene for approval and ordering. The one thing I really liked about my job was that there were only a handful of employee's and everyone seemed friendly and easy going. Somewhat laid back, it wasn't a stuffy environment, allowed to wear pretty much whatever we wanted to as long as it was clean and not too terribly revealing. I particularly liked Fridays when Darlene would usually come in wearing a nice pair of form fitting jeans as opposed to the more professional look of skirts and modest blouses that she wore during the rest of the week.

For being in her early to mid forty's, Darlene had an incredible looking body, though most of that was of course based on my own overactive imagination. She had dark brown shoulder length hair that she usually wore up, except again on Fridays when she usually wore it natural, which was how I preferred seeing her. Dark brown eyes, full lips and an olive complexion, she had an air of exotic beauty to her that was both sensual as well as mysterious. Her laugh was infectious, often taking out the stress of any given situation, though she had a serious side to her as well that was a no-nonsense approach when the situation called for it.

I liked working for her. She was fair, just, and always willing to work alongside you as opposed to just dumping something onto you and leaving you to flounder about trying to figure things out on your own.

In addition to Darlene, there was also another very attractive girl working there, closer to my own age somewhere around twenty-five or six perhaps and only employed two months longer than I'd been. Kris did most of the office filing and record keeping, and did much of the correspondence for Darlene. Needless to say, at times the three of us worked very closely together, especially around the end of the month when we compiled all the purchases or contracts we'd completed and submitted for the month. It was during those times we sometimes worked late, Darlene usually ordering Pizza, or Chinese takeout. Not having much of a social life at the time, I'd come to actually look forward to those late evenings while working together.

Kris was herself a very bubbly outgoing young woman. Somewhat petite at just five feet, a very slender figure, small but obviously noticeable breasts, Kris wore her long blonde hair in a ponytail most of the time. She had the typical blue eyes of a blonde, with a fair complexion and a sexy smile that always appeared and as I believed, to be genuine.

Part of my reason for not having much of a social life had been my own fault. I'd always wanted to live out on the West Coast, and when the opportunity came to move out there, I took it. My girlfriend at the time was happy where she was, and so we naturally parted ways, so it wasn't that I was unattractive. I'd just been too busy settling in at my new job and place to actively start dating again. I certainly didn't consider myself a hunk either, or anything even closely resembling model material, but I'd done well with the girls during High School and had been fairly popular. At 5'10" I still had a pretty good build, worked out twice a week, ran every other morning for an hour before work, and didn't eat a lot of junk food, which certainly helped. I too had dark hair, wore it a bit longer than most guys perhaps, but had always done so, and unless otherwise directed, had no plans in changing it.

Like I said, it was the end of the month, a busy one, and because it had been, we had a lot of numbers to crunch, a lot of documents to compile which promised a couple of later than usual nights at the office. I was actually looking forward to it when Darlene came by my desk the day before.

"Not that I have to remind you Rob," she said smiling at me. "But I think that we might be actually working a bit longer tomorrow night and Friday than we normally have in the past. I hope you haven't made any plans for late evening as I'm afraid the three of us are going to be here a while."

I hadn't, and told her so, getting a pleased smile in return upon hearing that. "Pizza or something else?" she asked. "Kris has already opted for Chinese, but said either one would be fine with her."

"Chinese sounds fine with me too," I agreed, admiring her firm full breasts as I said that, trying very carefully not to let her know I had been looking at them as she stood there in front of my desk. The deep red somewhat sheer blouse she wore perhaps a bit smaller than she should have been wearing, two buttons seriously being tested to their limits in keeping the front of it gathered and closed. Even then as she turned off to one side, just enough of a gap opened to reveal the lacy red bra she was wearing along with a great deal of ample, soft looking flesh peeking up and over the cups. As she turned back to face me again, I averted my eyes from where I'd been looking, but her movement had been a bit quicker than I'd expected, and I wondered if she hadn't caught my eyes looking where they hadn't belonged. Her smile remained however as she thanked me, and then headed off back into her office.

As for Kris, I was looking forward to working late with her too. Over the past month or so, we'd gotten a lot closer, we'd flirted some, though nothing that might suggest it was anything more than that. We'd gone out to lunch together a few times, generally took and shared our breaks together when we could, though one of us usually had to be around whenever Darlene was in the office, so even then we didn't spend a lot of time together as we might both have preferred. Working late together however would assure that, and especially as Darlene permitted an even more relaxed casual attire in our dress during those evenings. It had been the one and only time I'd actually seen Darlene in a pair of shorts along with a fairly tight fitting tank top that looked like it had been painted on. Rather than going home after work, she had changed in her office. And though it was impossible to actually see anything, the silhouetted shape as she did so through her door had given me just a hint of her voluptuous body as she'd changed clothes, shortly after stepping out now wearing the outfit I've just described. Once again I had to avert my eyes so I didn't appear to be staring, though I admired the shape and tightness of her ass as she walked away a few minutes later.

We'd already been hard at it for the past couple of hours when Darlene suggested it was time to take a break and relax while she went off to pick up the Chinese takeout. Kris and I were both looking forward to that when she did as it would give us both a chance to chat, relax and enjoy one another's company for a bit waiting for Darlene's return.

"Come with me?" She asked.

I knew what she was asking without needing to go into a lot of detail, I'd done it before. Since it was late at night, the only office lights that were on were the ones we absolutely had to have on in order to work by. In the far corner of the building where we worked, most of the lights were off, which is also where the bathrooms were. And not that we weren't perfectly safe working there at night, the darkness for Kris was still a little unsettling, and she preferred it when I escorted her there and back. I didn't mind, it gave us a chance to be together, talk and enjoy one another's company during the brief walks there and back. What I didn't tell her however, was in the stillness of the night as I stood outside the bathroom doors waiting for her, I could still hear her pee. It was a silly thought perhaps as I stood there listening to her, but my mind wandering to the obvious fact that she was sitting there, shorts, or pants down around her knees, along with whatever thong she was wearing, as I'd once or twice noticed her wearing one whenever she'd bent over to lift up one of the bankers boxes we worked out of.

I would stand there entertaining myself, wondering what her pussy looked like as I listened to her peeing. Did she shave? Or if she didn't, was her pubic hair dark or actually blonde like her hair? Silly thoughts, and certainly thoughts I'd never in a million years ever admit to having, but they would very often leave me with the beginnings of an erection that I'd often have to mentally fight down before she finished up and came back out.

I heard her flush, heard the sound of the water running, and then she stepped out of the bathroom where I stood waiting for her. The problem was, now I had to pee, the running water triggering my own natural need.

"My turn," I said easily, though the look in her eyes immediately gave me pause. Standing there in the dark, even though we both knew it was perfectly safe, I could still see her worried expression as she nodded her head. I then did something that surprised us both, I took her hand and led her into the men's room. "Come on, you can wait for me inside," I told her. With partitions on either side of the urinals, I knew that Kris wouldn't be able to see anything anyway, though obviously she'd be able to hear me just as easily as I'd been able to hear her even through the door. It didn't bother me however, and she actually looked relieved as she stood just inside the door nearer the sinks waiting for me to finish. I heard her laugh as I stood in front of the urinal, trying to coax myself to pee. I'd never been "pee-shy" before, but then again, I'd never tried peeing while someone, particularly a good looking girl had stood waiting for me either.

"My being here making you nervous?" she asked.

Part of the problem however was that I'd had a bit of an erection just before coming in here, so that had delayed my being able to go for a moment. But now, standing there with my dick out, and the realization she was only a few feet behind me even though I couldn't actually see her at the moment, had given it cause to stiffen a little rather than relaxing enough for me to go ahead and go.

"No, not really," I told her. "Sometimes ... it just takes a minute." I continued to stand there with nothing happening, hearing her subtle giggle once again.

"Need some help?" she asked teasingly. Her question didn't shock or surprise me, it was right in line with some of our flirtatious bantering back and forth before, though neither one of us as I'd said had ever acted on anything. Still feeling a bit nervous however, and somewhat embarrassed now as my prolonged delay while standing here merely made things worse, I answered back.

"That's not the kind of help I'd prefer getting," I said following that up with a snicker of my own, though I then heard the movement of her feet coming up from behind me.

"Oh?" she said standing behind me now, I felt her actually pressed up against me as she said that looking over my shoulder. "What else did you have in mind?"

Now I was shocked. This had been about the boldest thing she had ever said or done before. Even more so as my prick was in fact much harder than it should have been, and getting more so as I stood there, especially with her obviously looking down and seeing it as I held it in my hand. It was then that I felt her hand reaching around. I felt myself go weak in the knees as she grasped it, forcing my hand away. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, it was clearly evident that she was as excited as I was.

"I've always wanted to do this," she said, "but never have."

"What? You've never touched a guy's dick before?" I asked half seriously trying to joke through my shock and nervousness.

"Not that!" she answered back laughing. "Just never held one while a guy was actually trying to pee," she stated. "So ... can you?"

"I think you just hit on the problem," I responded. "Trying to pee while a good looking woman's holding onto your dick doesn't make doing that any easier."

"You really think I'm good looking?" she asked still holding my cock. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she wasn't kidding with me this time, she was actually very serious.

"I do yes ... always have," I freely admitted, my prick acknowledging that in confirmation, suddenly getting harder than it already was.

She stroked it. Her hand pulling down and then back up along my shaft, I felt the warmth of her palm as it encircled the head of my dick, squeezing it before sliding back down the length of it once again.

"Fuck, Kris!" I said actually reaching up to balance my hands on either side of the privacy partitions. "You're driving me crazy here!" I told her. She laughed at that nervously.

"Well, you're driving me a little crazy here too," she said. "I've thought about you more than once," she now openly confessed. "In fact ... I've even gone into the women's room at work once or twice in order to do something about that," she now told me, her inhibitions, if she even really had any, going right out through the window.

"No shit! You have? Really?"

"Yes ... really. I know you think I'm this shy, quiet and reserved woman, which at work I've tried to be, at least for the most part anyway. But as you can see ... I'm not at all like that. I've been attracted to you for a while now, and I've been wondering, hoping that something might happen that would bring the two of us a little closer together."

"Like sharing a bathroom?" I now asked, giving up on actually trying to pee, and turning towards her. Seconds after that, we stood kissing, deeply, passionately, her hand still holding onto my dick. It was then we both heard the sound of the elevator in use, coming up from the parking garage down below. "Fuck! Darlene's back!"

We still had plenty of time to adjust ourselves. Thank god for the sound of the elevator alerting us, which in the quiet of the night could be very easily heard. We hurriedly walked back to the end of the office where we were working just as the elevators opened and Darlene stepped out carrying our dinner.

"Sorry it took so long," she stated. "They were really busy tonight, I'm wondering if we're not the only one's having to work late!" With that, she handed Kris and I a couple of the bags as we quickly spread things out on the conference table we were working on and prepared to eat.

The fact I still had a hard on, and that Kris was still wearing what I knew to be a very mischievous looking smile on her face, promised to make the rest of the night a very interesting one. The fact of the matter was, I had no idea just how interesting things were really going to get!

All through the meal Kris kept licking her lips or sucking her fingers in what could only be described as a very flirtatious sort of way. I kept glancing at Darlene to see if she was picking up on anything, but it didn't appear that she was, though our conversation soon turned to our social lives, and what if anything we were doing for fun outside of the office. Darlene had even mentioned there was a convention coming up in a few months time, and that it might be fun for the three of us to attend it together, especially after all the extra hard work we'd been putting in. It was an interesting thought, made especially more so as I periodically got winks, licks, and signals from Kris that it could indeed be a lot of fun if we were to actually go.

We finished eating and got back to work. There was still another two hours of work ahead of us at this point. Everything had been sorted down into neat piles by account for billing and invoicing purposes, each stack now totaled up and itemized, which was Kris's job. Handing the stacks back to me, I then took them back into the file room, located the appropriate customer box, and then labeled that month's work, placing them inside. Darlene was doing the same, walking the boxes she was working on back into me where I likewise labeled and then put hers back on the shelves where they were meant to go.

This normally was my least favorite function of the night whenever we worked late. For one, I didn't spend nearly as much time around Kris as I would have liked, only making periodic trips back and forth from her desk, or from Darlene's back to the file and copy room labeling and putting things away again for the next month's activities. Tonight however, Kris was seeing to it that even that aspect of our infrequent moments together were far more interesting than they ever had been.

We'd sort of started playing a little game, a very erotic, naughty little game. The fact that Kris's desk was just outside of Darlene's office made it even more exciting, a bit more dangerous, adding to the thrill of it all. I had gone over to pick up yet another stack of completed paperwork and stood waiting for Kris to finish up with it. As I stood there, she once again reached over, fondled the still too obvious bulge between my legs for a moment, and then giggled as I walked away back into the storage room with a very prominent tent poking through my pants. I had finished up, gone back, and was treated to a quick fleeting flash of her tits along with that same seductive smile on her face just as Darlene came out of her office heading back to the storage room with a box she'd just completed going through. I followed her immediately of course, though somewhat awkwardly.

Darlene had already dragged over the ladder by the time I entered the room. She looked like she was going to put it up on the shelf herself.

"Here, let me do that for you," I told her. "It's pretty dusty up there, and no sense getting your clothes dirty if you don't have to, that's what I'm here for," I said taking the box from her.

"Thanks," she said smiling back, stepping down. And then I realized that she could quite easily see the still somewhat noticeable bulge in my pants as I stood on the ladder. She was standing off to one side, and as I slid the box into place, looking over towards her, her eyes were looking right at me, or rather right at the obvious. Hurriedly I placed the box, and then began stepping down, as I did, her face came up meeting mine. There was a look in her eyes I had never seen before. And not only that, but I also noticed two very prominent, two very erect hard little nipples now pressing against the very form fitting tank top she was wearing. I knew without any doubt, it certainly wasn't the room. If anything, it was particularly hot in there as it was such a confined space with little or no air circulation reaching it.

"No problem," I said feeling a flush begin to spread across my face, especially as because all I could do was stand there, try to pretend I either didn't know I actually had an erection, or pretend I wasn't aware she hadn't noticed it, which she obviously had. If I moved, or tried using my hands in some way to cover myself, I'd have drawn her attention right back to it. If I said or did nothing, chances are she wouldn't either. And though the damage was already done, I could only hope she wouldn't react to it, or put anything together, in particular that Kris and I had been slowly teasing and torturing one another most of the evening.

"Ah Rob? Would you mind pulling down the Edwards files for me? I'd like to recheck those, go through them again," she then told me. I had no choice but to step back onto the safety ladder, which I did, and then began looking for the box she wanted.

"I don't see it," I said after a moment, once again glancing over and through several labeled boxes.

"You sure? I'm positive it's there," Darlene spoke, and then I felt her place her foot on the ladder as she stood behind me, climbing up in order to see a little better herself. Grasping the railing with one hand for support, she leaned into me for balance, pretending to look, just as I was, and felt the sudden press of her full breasts against the back of my upper thigh. I basically froze in place, not knowing what to do, or if she realized I could feel her pressing into me. That was ... until I felt her hand letting go of the railing, now coming to rest on my hip as she stepped up even further.

"Sorry, but I'm positive I put it back," she stated again, now standing nearly on top of me.

"Maybe if I moved out of the way," I stated. The platform I was standing on was just wide enough that two people could stand on it safely enough, especially with the rails running all the way around us. Turning, I allowed her to take the last step in reaching me, which she did, though she seemed to lose her balance in doing that, and reached out in order to keep herself from falling, or in falling into me for that matter. Her action suddenly causing her to throw her arms around my neck, catching herself. If I felt the press of her soft breasts before ... I felt them even more so now against my chest. And then suddenly, her hand, resting directly on the hard stiff bulge in my pants!

I couldn't believe any of this was happening! I'd been flirting, getting all worked up with Kris earlier, as she was obviously starting to do with me. And now ... here I was, standing on a ladder next to my boss, her hand purposely pressed against the hard stiff bulge in my pants. She leaned forward, her lips coming down on mine, and in the next instant, I was kissing her, hotly, passionately.

The next thing I knew, Darlene had taken my hand in hers, placing it over one of her exquisite breasts. I felt the hard press of her aroused nipple in the palm of my hand, and then found myself gently kneading it, fingers soon locating and actually pulling on it through the material of her thin tank top.

"Maybe I left it in my office after all," she mused finally breaking away. Confused I stood there momentarily as she climbed back down the ladder, though she looked up smiling at me. "You'd better see if Kris has finished," she then informed me. "Then come see me, hopefully I will have found what I'm looking for," she stated and then turned and walked out of the room. I glanced down at myself, thankful I was wearing dark pants, though even then I could feel the spot of moisture, which had seeped through them. Making a hurried adjustment, for all the good that it did, I soon made my way back over to Kris's desk, glancing into Darlene's office as I passed. She sat looking busy however, which threw me a little. Once again Kris smiled upon seeing me.

"Last one," she said almost disappointedly. In the past, once she was finished, she was free to go. I generally hung around only long enough myself to put back the last few boxes for Darlene as she finished up, and then generally left with her. I didn't anticipate anything different happening tonight, though after the incident in the storage room, I now wondered.

It was about that time that Darlene called Kris and I both back into her office. "Kris? I want to rerun the numbers on the Edwards file one more time, see if you come up with the same totals that I did. If you do, then we'll go with that and accept them. Rob? While we're doing that, why don't you go ahead and take out the trash from dinner as well as empty out the trash cans we filled up tonight, we should be through with this by the time you done that and returned," she explained to us both. I soon left her office, straightening the mess we'd left, hauling out the trash to the dumpsters downstairs. I was anxious to return as that might mean I'd be seeing Kris to her car, and from there ... who knows. But at the same time, I was also thinking about Darlene and that surprising little encounter we'd had in the storage room. I chalked it off to an inadvertent moment of lust and passion. As she was my boss, I figured that she'd suddenly come to her senses, realized it wasn't something either one of us should have allowed to happen, which explained the sudden abrupt discontinuation of what we'd been doing. But her smile upon leaving hadn't shown any remorse, if anything ... I'd gotten the impression that there might be more to come because of it.

Talk about confused. I'd gone from famine to feast in the blink of an eye. I hadn't seen a woman's breasts in months now, let alone touched any. And now I had done both in the span of one evening, not to mention having my cock actually fondled by two different women in one night!

I was still wondering how I was going to deal with both situations on the ride back up the elevator, stepping off and expecting to find Darlene and Kris shutting everything down and preparing to leave. The only light that was still on was the one inside Darlene's office, though I couldn't hear a thing going on, or any conversation taking place. I then assumed they had both gone into the storage room and was about to head in that direction when I spotted something lying on the floor of Darlene's office. I looked, and for a moment couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Walking in, I stooped over retrieving the article, and only then realized it was Kris's blouse that she'd had on!

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