Judy: Prom Night

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: PROM--it's that time of year again. Judy decides prom night will be the night she loses her cherry. Little does she know what all the big night will REALLY bring to pass. Remember your prom night?


[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. It is a fantasy and as such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. But isn't that the whole point of fantasies? With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

I do not practice nor do I condone any of the sexual acts about which I write, other than straight, heterosexual relationships. Other than the fact that most other forms of sexual behavior are illegal, I still don't judge others for their sexual preferences except where such behavior is hurtful/harmful to others, such as pedophilia.

None-the-less, many people have FANTASIES of such taboo laden behavior to achieve sexual gratification or whatever, but have no intentions whatsoever of carrying out such behavior in actual practice. That said, if I have struck a particular fantasy of yours, read and enjoy.

Hi, remember me? I'm Hey-Jude (shades of John, Paul, George, & Ringo) to my friends. I got the nickname because everyone just hollered, "Hey Jude, wait up" or whatever it was they wanted my attention for. But otherwise known to the rest of the world as Judy. You first met me as the baby sitter for Hank and Betty Smithson. [Judy: The Baby Sitter] I said then that I'd have more to say later about my experiences prom night of my senior year. Well, read on.

My senior year at the local high school, has been the highlight of my eighteen year old life to date. I've gained a tremendous amount of confidence and self-esteem over the last three years. Part of that is due to my physical maturation. I was, as I told you last time, a late bloomer both physically and emotionally.

But, beginning in the summer between my sophomore and junior year, my figure finally filled out in near flawless proportions. And, thank the Lord, my boobs grew from almost nothing to more than satisfying proportions, both to me and to the opposite sex. That growth brought some comments about where the new twins came from.

But such growth also brought a new interest in me from the male of the species. I suddenly had great looking legs, long and slender arms, and a cute face. I say "cute" because I'm not a cover girl, raving beauty. No, I think I look more like I picture Sandra Bullock looking when she was in high school. I even have the same dark, black hair--top and bottom!

My emotional maturation developed right along with the physical. I've lived with a highly developed sex drive beginning with puberty in the seventh grade. But I kept that drive under tight rein, at least in public. I ignored and was ignored by the boys until very recently. No chest and I was too shy.

During my freshman and sophomore years, my sex drive was satisfied with my ten inch dildo, Mr. Long John, kept very carefully hidden away from my parents! Technically, that means I was no longer a virgin, though no real cock had yet penetrated my depths. But God, how I longed for that to happen, a taste of the real thing. I think that may finally be close at hand.

Well, the summer my boobs finally matured, saw the boy across the street (David) finally notice; I had become one of 'them, ' a girl and I was no longer his tomboy pal of long standing. He'd lived over there since the first grade, but he took no real notice of me as a female until my boobs finally appeared.

Growing up through grade school I was just, "one of the boys" on the bloc and played baseball, football, cowboys and Indians, climbed trees, and so on and on, with the guys. I could hold my own with the best of them and was treated as an equal to the rest of the guys in our neighborhood gang.

But now that I began looking like a girl, David looked at me in a far different light. He started asking me out. We had a few tentative dates our junior year, but did little more than kiss, still both on the shy side and still feeling out our new status.

The next summer, however, we got more serious, traded class rings, and with hormones flowing full steam, got into hotter petting sessions, but still fully clothed. Then, all through our senior year and with prom looming close, David really put on pressure for more sex--real, naked sex. Naked fucking sex. Last Saturday night, we almost did it.

We went to a movie that contained lots of sex scenes, which got us both horny, and then to a local high school hang out for some food. We got back into David's Mustang coupe and headed for the local lover's lane.

May had been quite warm all month long, so I wasn't wearing a lot of clothing: short shorts, tank top, and sandals. I also wore a miniscule pair of panties and a very skimpy bra, considering the size of my boobs. David also wore a tank top and below-the-knee length shorts.

As best I could in the bucket seats, I was cuddled up against David with his right arm around me his fingers lightly playing over my right boob, making it tingle. He removed his arm to shift into first gear as he shut the car off. The night was a little humid, enough to cause a light sweat on my forehead and elsewhere. The building sexual tension added to the sweat. David turned back to me and hugged me close with both arms as we began a passionate French kiss.

David's left hand went under my top, sliding onto the bare tops of my tits above the bra. He moaned, I whimpered. He must've taken that as further encouragement, because his hand suddenly dropped to my pussy.

He rubbed my mound through my shorts. I whimpered again as his hand moved inside my waist band and over top the small panties. I suddenly felt the wetness bubble from my pussy and into my underwear. Then I felt fingers suddenly slide under the waistband and slide into my slit. David really groaned then.

I desperately wanted him to fuck me, but I cried out, "No, David, that's enough, please!"

He dug his fingers harder into my pussy and I said, "David, NO!"

And then I pulled away from him. We'd never, to that time, gone quite so far on any of our dates. All our petting had been through the clothes, not under them. As bad as I wanted him, I couldn't quite bring myself to the final ace of fucking--not yet.

A really loud and long groan issued from David as he said, "But you can't leave me like this! Please, I'm in pain with a really bad case of blue balls!"

So, in a first time for our relationship, I took pity on him, unzipped his shorts, and pulled out his cock. As a first time cock sucker, I rather timidly and ineptly gave him a blow job that only lasted a minute, tops.

He was so horny and psyched up, he just couldn't hold back any longer and blew a wad of cock cream into my mouth before I realized he was on the verge. I managed, by pure reflex, to swallow most of it, more or less accidentally. My emotional maturation was not quite complete yet, I guess.

Well, that was last weekend. Tomorrow night, Saturday, is our senior prom. I have a sneaky feeling that my hang up will end and I will be doing some real cock fucking that will cost me my virginity before that night is over.

Technically, I've already lost my virginity to my faithful dildo, but not to the real thing. David will be so excited that I can fake it with him and he won't know the difference, or really care. He just wants to get his cock in my pussy.

Saturday dawned bright, clear, and already warm. I had a long day of preparation ahead of me. There was the hairdresser, last minute dress adjustments, manicure, pedicure, his boutonniere to be picked up, a final tanning session, and so on and so on.

My dress was a bright red, strapless cocktail dress with a short skirt. Bright red high heels and a real diamond anklet which set off the bottom. A real diamond pendant and diamond ear rings set off the top, in addition to the hefty amount of cleavage I would show. All the diamonds were quite miniscule but full of sparkle.

David said he'd pick me up in a limo and then we we'd pick up the other four couples who were to share the ride with us. I was ready at the appointed time, barely.

The driver got out and opened the door for me. It was a little hard getting in, but David was seated in the rear seat that faced forward. The other four guys were also already in the limo, so we would next pick up their dates.

I would soon discover the advantage of this rear seat later when the other girls had to walk on their knees to get to the side and forward seats. In that process, various amounts of skin would be exposed, to the laughter and giggles of the rest of us. We would all struggle in and out of that limo several more times before the night ended.

I think that half the class must've had reservations at the upscale, fancy restaurant located in the heart of downtown. I know it cost the guys a bundle for our dinner, but it was just the greatest. We were in a dimly lit alcove with our limo mates at a huge round table.

I sat on David's left (he is right handed). Off and on through dinner, his left hand would rest on my bare thigh. He would lightly rub the inner portion before raising his hand back to the table. I was getting the shivers, and it wasn't from the air conditioning.

During a lull between food courses, I returned the favor. Only I went all the way to David's crotch and gave him a strong squeeze. I thought he was going to jump off his chair in surprise and he nearly spit out a mouthful of Pepsi. This drew some laughs from a couple of the guys who saw what caused David's actions.

Then it was off again in the limo to the dance at the decorated school gym. The gym was absolutely gorgeous. The band was playing a waltz, so I immediately pulled David out onto the dance area. The floor grew really crowded in short order, so we danced almost in place and about as close together as two people can get.

I snuggled up against David's neck and ear and slowly nibbled and kissed him. I felt an instant bulge form tight against my pussy. I ground myself into it, pretty hard, too. David looked surprised, but grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me even tighter against his boner. We continued to grind into each other, slowly, but with deadly lust.

David was quickly breathing in short, hard gasps and sweat was running down his face and dripping off his chin. The song ended and I said, "I think it's time to cool down with a cold drink. Shall we go get some punch?"

David replied, "I think maybe we better do just that!"

We happened to hit the refreshment table at a time the line was short, so we got our punch and walked back to a quiet, semi-secluded area to quench our thirst. David hadn't really lost all his boner and as he drained the last of his punch, I again put a hand on his crotch and rubbed, vigorously. The boner jumped back to full stiffness instantly. David stifled a moan while he reached for my boobs. He hesitantly caressed the exposed tops and the cleavage. Then it was my turn to moan.

Before the action could get out of hand (pun intended!) I said, "David, we better get back to the dance."

I turned to start walking that way. He had little choice but to follow as he tried to cover his tented pants. I don't really think anybody would really notice anyway. Most of the couples had their attention pretty much centered on their own dates.

"David, have you noticed any faculty sponsor dress down anyone for excessive PDA?"

"No, not really."

"I wonder why not. Some couples I could mention are pretty heavily, ah, engaged, should I say?"

"Well, Judy, I 's'pose that if no one blatantly shows bare asses, pussy, or boobs, not to mention outright fucking, the sponsors won't interfere with the romanticism of the evening."

"Yeah, I bet that's the reason."

We continued to dance all the slow ones, crotch to crotch, grinding away at each other through our clothes. David held me by the ass and kept squeezing me the whole time we danced. Add to that our kissing and nibbling about the face and neck of each other and one can imagine the sexual tension that we'd built up by the time we were ready to leave.

Finally, at the stroke of twelve and after a long night of erotic dancing, visiting with other couples, and getting each other very sexually excited, it was back into the limo. The guys must've conspired together sometime earlier because now, one of the others, Jim, got our attention.

He said, "Girls, we have an idea. How would you like to skip the after prom party and get our money's worth out of the limo cost and just ride around for a while and entertain ourselves. When we get tired of that, any one who wants, can come along to my dad's cabin on the lake."

A female voice piped up and asked, "Just what does, 'entertain ourselves' mean?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll all think of something."

"That's what worries me."

Despite that aside, there was general agreement to the proposition. So Jim used the intercom to tell the driver to circle the city on the Interstate bypass beltway until he was told new instructions.

Several girls had brought music CDs along and these were put into the player. The lights were dimmed and put into pulse mode. Each couple settled back in their seats in a close cuddle. The sexual tension in the air was almost more than any of us could stand. That tension was about to be relieved and then some.

Almost simultaneously, the sounds of French kissing could suddenly be heard from several couples. Soft moans could be heard all around the cabin. The sound of rustling clothing and the sound of several zippers suddenly put into motion was also audible. But from that point on, the sounds mostly faded out and only our partners existed--the others had ceased to exist in our consciousness.

I was by then, and much to my surprise, stroking David's exposed and naked boner with abandon. He'd reached under my dress and was stroking my thong covered pussy with equal abandon. He quickly worked his way under my thong and was getting his fingers wet, massaging my slit. One might say I was quite turned on.

I couldn't believe I was letting him do that!

Then I felt a his middle finger sink deeper, deeper into the velvet folds of my pussy, and finally into my cunt hole. Too late to turn back now. God, did that feel good. He brought a fingertip up and stroked my sweet spot.

OHHHH, Gooood, I lost it then and moaned in a shivering orgasm.

I actually squirted all over David's hand and the car seat, not to mention the inside of my thighs. My hand had some time ago felt the stickiness of David's precum oozing from his cock.

His cock swelled a little more as I continued to pump it. The helmet was turing all sorts of colors in his excitement and in the pulsing of the multicolor lights of the limo. Weird! I looked down at my hand and thought, what the hell, tonight's the night for my first fuck, so I leaned down and took his engorged cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth.

As I would realize after much more time and experience, David was about average in size. So, even though it was my first blow job, I had little trouble sliding him all the way in and making his whole cock disappear. At that point, David exploded in climax and pumped a wad of cock cream into my mouth and throat.

When he stopped squirting, I licked him clean. His cock was pulsing again and ready to go, but I just slowly stroked him while we both recovered our breath. I sure hoped he was one those guys that can recharge quickly, my sexual lust was now awakened for good and I was nowhere close to being satiated in that department. To the contrary, I was suddenly thinking, what next and how soon?

From the sounds around us that now began to penetrate my brain and David's, other couples were also reaching orgasm. Gasps and groans and a shriek or two seemed to suddenly fill the car. One by one as they finished, sheepish grins crept across the faces of the boys and more like embarrassed grins on the faces of most of the girls.

A couple of the girls, like me, had that satisfied look of the just fucked, even though we hadn't yet. Some of the guys still had exposed cocks and at least one of the girls was trying to get her dress top back over top her big boobs.

Now our little group was a pretty tight group of friends, a true clique, I guess you'd have to say. But few of us were prepared for what came next. Jim, again apparently acting as group spokesman once more got our attention.

"Say, I just got another idea!"

Sarcastic laughs and groans from around the compartment followed that statement.

"Anyone interested in a Round Robin beaver/blow party?"

Dead silence for a full minute.

Then, a tiny and faint female voice from the front seat asked, "Uhhhh, w-w-wh, wha, what d-d, do you m-mean?"

"I mean," said Jim, "That each girl, starting with ah, uh, Hey Jude, move to the next guy on the right, unzip him, if that's still needed, and blow him off. You keep doing this in turn 'til you get back to your date and then do him. I know the guys will not have enough jism to last through all this, but that doesn't matter. How 'bout it, any body game?"

Again, dead silence. Longer this time.

Then, one by one, as the guys cajoled their dates, and with several of the girls, including me, expressing reservations, everyone but one girl agreed. Jill was the hold out.

To Eric, her date, Jill confided, " I can't do this, Eric."

"What da ya mean, 'you can't do this'. Jill?"

"Eric, I just can't do this stuff in front other people, even if they are our friends. How could you ask me to suck someone else's dick let alone all of these here."

Jill's voice rose a bit louder with each new utterance. All of us just sat and listened in. As I looked around the group, I didn't see very much sympathy with Jill's attitude. In fact, a tipsy Dawn threw in her comment first.

"Awe, come on Jill, what sa matter, don wanna sh-show your p-pussy to us?"

Another female voice chimed in, "Yeah, Jill, what makes your cunt so special to keep it hidden?"

"Come on, Jill," said Eric again, "we're all friends here. If you don't go along, you're going to spoil it for the whole rest of the gang."

"Besides, If I don't go along, that means you don't get all these other girls sucking your dick. Jesus, Eric."

"Jill, please."

More comments from others were interjected, like: "Come on Jill, don't be such a chicken shit," or, "Don't be such a pussy-wussie, Jill," or, "Come on, Jill, get with the program."

The most cutting remark was, "Either play with us now, Jill, or find a group of goodie two shoes to hang out with."

"Please, Jill?" pleaded Eric.

"Damn you, Eric, you're going to pay for this."

So, with a lot of work by her date and really heavy pressure from the rest of us, Jill was finally convinced to go along. But poor Eric; I fear he was going to get the short end of the stick in the long rum for forcing Jill to participate.

But, it was a great chance, or so some thought, to participate in a kind of "Fellatio Fuck Fest." Little did we girls know what was still in store for us.

With that, each of us girls shifted on our knees, one guy to the right, with some difficulty. Most of us didn't even look up, we just looked at the crotch. My first cock, Jim's big black one, was already out in the open and standing straight ant tall, bobbing in anticipation.

David, as I already mentioned, was a more normal six inches. This was going to be a real treat as even my big dildo, Mr. Long John, couldn't compete with this, the real thing. Jim was leaking some cock juice, but I took him with both hands and jacked him furiously as I swallowed his cock head and licked with my tongue.

I don't know if Jim had shot his wad a little bit ago with his date, but he shot some now. Not much, but enough to force me to swallow. We both panted and groaned along with most of the others. There were a few stragglers, but eventually, all the girls finished of their man on the first round.

Then Jim again, "Well, it looks like everyone got the job done that round, so, shift again, one guy to the right."

Most all the girls went at their sucking and jacking with abandon. A few weren't quite so enthusiastic. Jill was the most reluctant. She participated, but it was quite evident she simply did not enjoy what she had to do.

All the cocks were out now, but my next one was deflated. It took a little doing to get him hard again, but that's one of the joys of the teenage years--fast sexual recharging. The cock then in front of me was a short one, only about four inches erect. But, what the guy lacked in length, he made up in circumference. That little dick swelled to about three or four inches around.

There were short, long; thin, fat; cut, uncut cocks in the circle. Before I got back to David, I had a great sampling of different dicks, though mostly without cock cream. What an education in man meat. And that was just five guys, counting David.

When we were done, every dick in the car was now deflated and at least temporarily useless. Except for the first shift to the right, there was little or no cock cream forthcoming from the rest of the boys, it was just too much too close together. The guys were worn out, but with pathetic looks of satisfaction on their faces. They didn't get to use their fuck sticks on any of our pussies, but they were about to get their compensation.

After a short 'recess, ' Jim got our attention still another time.

"Now what?" one of the girls shrilled.

That comment voiced what most of us were thinking.

"Well guys, now it's our turn. Ladies, take a seat and lift your skirts! Gents, get on your knees! It's now time for a cunnilingus circle circus!"

A general giggling broke out among the girls as we all shuffled to switch places with the boys on the floor. Again, that wasn't an easy task in the confined space of that limo cabin. All the girls seem enthusiastic for the new game, all but Jill, that is. She still didn't look happy.

"Guys, start with he girl to your right of your date. Keep the lucky girl groaning until I tell you to switch. Ok boys, suck those pussies, HO!"

So, David wouldn't be the first guy to suck my pussy after all. Jim once again managed to maneuver himself into position for that honor, though he didn't know he'd be the first. He must have had a lot of experience because he sure knew what he was doing with his tongue.

I felt a velvety soft tongue lave up one pussy lip and down the other for a couple of round trips before fingers parted my outer lips and spread me wide. That same tongue then cruised my open gash from top to bottom and bottom to top, on and on.

I humped that mouth and tongue as the tongue found my clit. The licking, sucking, and biting of my clit started me cumming in orgasm. That talented tongue then found my hole and darted in, collecting my pussy juice. Jim sucked it away as fast as I could, literally, squirt it out.

"Oh, God, oh God, oh God," I moaned.

I didn't know how I was gong to take all the tongues that were lined up to make the circle without fainting. I was fast experiencing erotic overkill! By the time David got back for his turn at me, I was nearly numb with erotic sensations and practically drained of all pussy juice for the time being.

"Ok, people, listen up. Anybody want to go 'round again?"

"Oh God, NO," chorused several of us at once.

"Well then, should we head back to school parking lot so we can head for the cabin?"

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah," we all shouted.

Jim got on the intercom to the driver and told him to drive back to the school parking lot (where our dates had each left their cars). Each couple snuggled down cozy and glad to just cuddle for the twenty minute ride back to the school. I glanced around a moments to see that I was one of several girls with her dress top at the waist with bare tits hanging free. In each case, like mine, their dates' arms were around their shoulders, playing with a tit and nipple. More that a few of the girls had their dates' naked, but flaccid, cock cradled in a tight grip. I did too. The smell of sex pervaded the whole compartment.

Not wanting our exotic night to end, David and I plus one other couple agreed to meet with Jim and his date at the cabin of Jim's dad. The other two couples decided to go off and do their own thing, one of whom was Jill and her date.

So, there followed an hour and a half drive to the cabin of Jim's parents on the lake. Because of those damned bucket seats, we both pretty much kept our hands to ourselves for the ride. David played with my leg once in a while or rubbed my boobs for a change, and I rubbed his still exposed cock in return.

By the time we got to the cabin, David was obviously recharged and eager. With my help on the ride, his cock was again standing straight up at attention and pulsing in anticipation of more to come. He still hadn't fucked me yet and was more than eager to get into my pussy with his throbbing cock. I was in a similar state of lust. We got out of the car and David just let his erect cock continue to breathe in the fresh air and lead the way into the cabin.

Jim still had his big black dick exposed also, so the first thing he said was, "Looks as if we all got the same thing in mind, so LOSE THE CLOTHES! While we're here and until we leave, clothing is not an option! This will be a bare assed cabin for the duration!"

We all slowly and some of us with quite a bit of embarrassment, shed our clothes. Jim was the huge defensive lineman of the senior football team of the past fall. Talk about a black adonis. He had a cock to match, in case I hadn't said so before.

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