Motivate Me

by Bakerman

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A classic Hollywood chic flick type story of the girl who will do any thing to help a loved one.

Krystals Diary Tuesday the 9th...

"Twin brother, Billy, rang today. I know he calls a lot but that's to do with business. This was about he and his team coming to town to play in a pre-season mini tournament against three other teams. He would be here for about ten days so hopefully there will be a chance to get together and act a little crazy."

I still look back at that diary entry and I can't believe what I wrote and how much my life was to change following just those ten days.

Billy is a pro basketball player, starting his fifth season, and I, his loving sister, look after his financial affairs. He has a manager who does his contracts and endorsements but I look after how the money goes out.

I work for a large financial investment company but mainly deal with smaller mom and pop investments, Billy is my only BIG client and I have been threatened, pressured, persuaded and even seduced by various management types to turn over Billy's portfolio to a higher ranking adviser but every time something happens Billy lets them know if I go so does he. At least he does help to smooth out the waters by supplying tickets and autographed pictures whenever I ask.

Billy signed a contract extension last year with some playing bonuses kicking in after a number of games, then in the last game of the season he injures an ankle taking the final shot of the year. It missed; they lost and were out of the playoff race. Billy took it hard.

The teams had arrived in town for practice and the usual media circus and I was surprised when I received a call from some team flunky saying that a ticket would be available for me for tonight's game just present some ID at the box office.

I live close to the sports arena so straight after work I went home for a quick shower and change of clothes. I'm glad I dressed up because my free ticket was in the owners box along with all the head honcho's. Billy started but played sluggishly like it was an effort to be out there and then just before the half he heads for the hoop and gets checked while shooting and comes down on his ankle, hard. The buzzer sounds and everyone else heads to the change rooms so I wander along with the crowd to see if Billy is OK.

I do not like any of the conversations I'm overhearing regarding Billy, particularly about having signed a backup just for this situation, and their lawyers will be able to tear up any contract problems if he has to go. By the time I get to the rooms I'm feeling as bad as Billy looked, sitting there on the bench getting the strapping taken off his ankle. Billy gets told to shower and change, as he won't be going back on court tonight.

One of the team officials comes over to talk, asking if I'm his girl friend. I explain that I'm his sister and he tells me that Billy is close to blowing a good career. He had hoped that Billy could pull out a big game in front of the owners and that would secure his spot on the roster but now he wasn't sure. We talked for a while and he agreed to let Billy stay with me to see if I could talk to him before anything came down the line.

We didn't even wait for the game to end, Billy grabbed his bag as I called a cab and it was waiting by the door when we got outside. Five minutes later and we were at my apartment and Billy had crashed on the sofa in front of the TV.

I'm not used to company so while Billy surfed the channels with the remote I went to my bedroom and slipped out of my dress. Billy called out asking if I had anything to drink and without thinking I went to the kitchen in just my bra and panties, then bent at the waist to rummage around the stuff in my fridge to get some cans of soda from the back. From his position on the sofa Billy must have gotten a great view of my arse with just a thin strip of material hiding my goodies. It wasn't until I walked over to him that I realized what I was or maybe wasn't wearing. I dropped the can and ran to the bathroom to get my robe and all the time I could hear Billy laughing and whistling, he thought it was a hoot.

Next morning I made sure I was dressed before going to check on Billy. He said he was fine and would spend the day here in front of the TV, DVD and Playstation. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and went to work. Several hours later when I arrived home Billy was right where I'd left him. I went to change and immediately noticed that "someone" had been in my room while I was out, Billy. Stuff had been moved ever so slightly, but when you live alone you notice even small movements. Drawers not properly closed and the closet door open. I put on a sweatshirt and cut off denim shorts and went out to talk to Billy.

Billy was on the sofa wearing my toweling bathrobe and flicking between the cartoon and the music video channel. I stood in the door way and asked had he been in my room, "sure" he replied without taking his eyes off the TV screen "I had to get these." Singing along to a Pussycat Dolls film clip he leant over to his left to get his hand into the right side pocket, this caused the robe to fall open and I could see he was naked underneath. I could also see his semi hard penis dancing about as he struggled to get his large hand out of the robe pocket with whatever it was he had been looking for.

With a shout of "tah dah" Billy pulled a small bottle of pain pills from the pocket and then I remembered being given them last night and putting them in my bag I had forgotten to give them to Billy this morning. I turned away quickly and mumbled something as I went back to my room. I took a few deep breaths to try and get the image of Billy's semi erect penis out of my head. It didn't work my mind kept trying to imagine it hard and erect and my heart raced just thinking about. I do get regular sex it had just been a while since my last "one night stand".

One of Billy's teammates had been over during the day and dropped of a couple of games and some DVD's. We talked for a while over dinner about stuff but whenever I swung the conversation around to his playing he drifted away until finally I gave up, went and had a shower and left him alone and went to bed. Next morning I tried again but he just zoned out and focused on the TV, great attitude for a 24 year old man. I left for work trying to come up with a "game plan" to get his attention.

When I got home there was a note from Billy that he had gone to the game and would be home later. I did a bit of cleaning up especially around where Billy had taken up residence on my sofa. Stopping for a break I put the TV on and as it was still set for the DVD player I hit play on the remote to see what kept Billy amused all day. Surprise, surprise it was a porn movie. Some busty brunette getting it from behind, he hadn't even taken off her thong just pulled aside the material then "wham, bam and no thanks mam." I watched until he shot a load onto her backside and the scene faded to black.

I shook myself to break the trance like state I'd slipped into and was surprised to find that not only was I hot and flushed but that my hand had wandered between my legs and I had been rubbing myself through the material of my shorts. Shower time, cold shower time.

Now for shock number two of the evening. After my shower I decided to put some clothes into the washing machine and while digging through the dirty clothes hamper I found three pairs of my panties that Billy had used instead of tissues and they were covered in gooey spunk. Disgusting, but also a slight turn on, thinking of Billy watching his porno, jerking his penis, shooting his load and thinking of me. Whoa, whoa, whoa don't go down that road. Again I had to force my attention away from those thoughts and get on with normal stuff.

Billy was not a happy camper when he got home, his replacement had a good game putting up some impressive numbers for a rookie. Billy had also been told that he would be on the bench for game three and might get some court time. He ranted and raved and blamed everyone else but himself for his under performance. Then he blasted the coach for not knowing how to motivate him properly for a game. Then he flopped on the sofa and sulked like a five year old but I could tell he was afraid of being cut.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

I went into my bedroom and straight to the bottom draw of my bedside chest. This is where I keep my "special" sleepwear. I pulled out a deep red but sheer baby doll nightie that just came below my hips and the matching sheer thong that allowed my dark, short trimmed pubes to show through. I paired this outfit with some white thigh high stay up stockings and high heels. A little lipstick, some make up and run a brush through my hair and I was ready to rock'n'roll.

Billy had his head stuck in the fridge as I stood in the kitchen doorway in my motivation suit. I asked Billy what would motivate him for a top performance and he said that he didn't know exactly but when it happened he would know. So I asked him if this would motivate him, his head turned my way and just like one of the cartoons he is always watching his eyes bugged out, his tongue hit the floor and he mumbled and stumbled his way to say something coherent.

I explained to Billy that if he went out in the next game and played every minute like it could be his last and I believed he had played as well as he could then I was his for the night. I twisted the timer on the stove to an hour and told Billy that the clock was ticking if he wanted a sample. He stuttered, stopped, a couple of but buts and some pleading looks, I swiveled the dial down to 45 minutes and turning away walked back to my bedroom.

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