Gloria's Gloryhole Adventure

by Rumpleforeskin

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gloria just needed to use the restroom at a rest stop during a long cross-country drive and wondered what the hole cut into the partition was for. Soon her curiosity was satisfied.

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Gloria ground her knees tightly together and closed her eyes and tried to think happy thoughts but it wasn't working. She needed a bathroom stop. BADLY.

"Evan," she murmured plaintively, "I really need to go. I can't hold it much longer."

"Gloria, we just got onto the highway. Couldn't you have gone back at Sylvia's house or ten minutes ago while we were eating? There's going to be nothing around here for miles ... shall I pull over so you can squat behind a bush and then look for other big bushes about every ten miles down the road?" Her husband sighed.

She wasn't amused. He loved to make jokes about her tiny walnut sized bladder and how she always woke him up three or four times every night when she got up to use the toilet at home. This time it wasn't very funny. She really, really needed to go ... now!

Upon reflection, she had prepared herself today for the long road trip back home rather poorly. They had been visiting her younger sister and her husband over the weekend, who lived in a large city about four hours drive away from their own. They had indulged in a lot of drinking last night, way more than was usual for her and she'd spent about half the night getting up to piddle. Today she had drunk virtually a full pitcher of iced tea at lunch by herself. She'd indulged in at least another three more big glasses of tea at dinner a little while earlier. No wonder she felt like she could float a battleship!

Ok, upon further bladder cramping reflection, her husband might have had a point. He had indeed asked if she needed to go before they left the restaurant, less than ten minutes ago. She hadn't gone then ... but she'd known better and should have gone anyway.

Her husband sighed again, a little louder for dramatic impact, and scanned the darkening horizon looking for the signs of anything with a bathroom that might be open past eight o'clock on a Sunday evening. Not a promising hope in this part of rural Texas, until Evan spotted the sign for a State Historical Marker with a picnic area (and hopefully a bathroom) another two miles down the road.

The man was a saint! She made a mental note to herself that she owed him one.

The last mile seemed to take forever and she felt that if their car had hit even the slightest bump that she would have exploded all over herself inside the car. The rest spot did seem to have rest rooms, and several large semi-trucks were parked at the end of the parking lot near them, their drivers taking a rest break. As it was she just barely felt she could make it waddling into the ladies' room ... until she saw the disaster it was in!

The Ladies' Room had at least an inch of water on the floor, and both toilets were stopped up to overflowing. The stench was beyond repulsive. She decided that she had no choice at all but to use the Men's' Room instead.

Conditions there were much better and she scampered into the empty stall at the end and barely got her jeans and panties down before the dam burst and her bladder was relieved.

Relaxing a moment to enjoy the relief, Gloria took a moment to look over her surroundings. She didn't often find herself in a men's rest room. The light was very bad with only one low watt light bulb providing inadequate coverage for the entire room, leaving most of her corner stall in very deep shadows. There wasn't really enough light to read the crude comments written in pen on the sides of the wall, but there was enough light to see that just inches from her head there was a very erect penis coming through a round hole bored through the partition wall between the stalls!

Gloria laughed. Her husband Evan was very fond of little practical jokes like this, and she decided that perhaps he might just get his reward for her earlier inconsideration a bit early, before they got home.

"Evan, you're so nasty! What if someone sees us?" She whispered in a husky voice as she grasped his cock with one hand and began to gently stroke it.

"Suck it!" Was the only reply, in a deep guttural whisper she could just barely hear, but she did.

Seated still upon her toilet seat with her jeans and panties still around her ankles, Gloria turned her head slightly to the right to face the cock, lick its tip, and then ever so slowly ... take the head into her mouth. She let her tongue swirl around her husband's cock, top and bottom, teasing it mercilessly.

As she began to become more aroused by her sucking, her right fingers somehow found their way to her clit and her left hand began to fondle her nipples under her blouse. She achieved a small orgasm nearly immediately. Normally, it was hard and very patient work for her to achieve an orgasm. Evan did his best and frequently ate her out before taking his own pleasure, but even with that wonderful stimulation sometimes it could take over an hour before she could cum. If she was all alone masturbating at night when Evan was off on business trips, achieving even a weak orgasm could take hours.

This evening, here in a dark strange bathroom stall, she had brought herself off in just moments ... and felt like she could do it again in just a few minutes. Her fingers began to move faster and more desperately, and she began to suck him off in earnest.

Gloria didn't really mind performing oral sex for her husband. She'd read enough Cosmo magazine in her single days, and from other candid discussions with her girl friends in college she'd learned fairly early in the dating game what men liked. Other than just sex ... and lots of it. She'd never gotten especially good at it and rarely initiated the act on her own, but was willing to do it without (significant) complaint for special occasions, if asked. She normally tended to just keep the head in her mouth and let her hands and tongue do most of the work, not bobbing her head very much or trying to force his cock deeper back into her throat.

Tonight seemed different. She felt very nasty and wicked, performing sex virtually out in public, instead of behind closed bedroom doors with the lights off, as usual for her. Gloria didn't consider herself a prude — she hadn't gone into her marriage a complete virgin, but compared with her husband Evan, she was considerably less experienced.

This was an entirely new sensation for her. It was oh so ... dirty! Performing oral sex on her husband in a strange public restroom. Anyone could come in and catch them in the act. They would be branded as perverts, or worse ... but at the moment Gloria didn't care.

Her fingers were rubbing her clit as fast and desperately as she could move them. Her sucking became more passionate and more heated. She wanted more of his cock and she wanted ... needed to taste his cum soon. Her mouth began to take his cock in deeper, pistoning it hard into her mouth and deeper than she'd ever taken it before. Soon her nose was bumping up against the side of the partition as her head rocked back and forth.

Desiring to take every possible inch, needing to feel it inside her, she turned her head so that she could continue to suck even further, finally managing to press her lips against the side of the wall around the hole where the delicious cock was protruding. The hole was small enough that not even any of Evan's public hair was visible, but she had all of his cock now, pressed to the back of her throat and she was savoring every inch of it.

By now, her need to achieve another orgasm was desperate. She could never remember feeling this horny and full of need before. Her mind was racing and somehow the thought crossed her mind that she was now fantasizing about this being a strangers cock, and not that of her husband's. She could see no details of the cock; the size was right and the taste seemed the same ... but was it for 100% sure his?

This thought suddenly excited her even more. Her fingers were racing over her clit and she was pinching her nipples hard, undoubtedly leaving bruises. Her mouth was no longer merely sucking this wonderful cock, she was using her mouth as a surrogate for her cunt and fucking his cock with it ... hard.

She kept bumping her nose and lips hard, but the pain if anything only made the illicit pleasure of the experience more intense. She wanted, and needed more ... and she begged for his cum.

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