The Deal

by POL

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Desc: Drama Sex Story: A wife is compromised.

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Sarah had always loved summer evenings at home, especially the early evening and the fragrance of the ligustrum, star jasmine, and privet which David, her husband and she had lovingly planted, and which were currently in bloom.

But this Friday evening was different. Not just the Friday, but the entire weekend cast a gloom over her that felt darker than Satan's soul at midnight.

She recognized the symptoms immediately; the stipple of sweat in the small of her back. Ice-heat prickling her forehead. A sense of skittering panic in the pit of her stomach. Dread.

It's not too late to back out. Just don't let him in. Or tell him through the closed door that you've changed your mind, thought Sarah, desperately.

Forget it, she then told herself, you're committed, you've got to go through with it.

For the hundredth time that week, the stubborn side of Sarah had won the debate - but only by a hair's breadth.

The cause of her dejection was because of what she had agreed to do last Monday. Desperately she wanted nothing more than to just forget about that deal, but she knew she couldn't, far too much depended on her seeing it through.

She thought back over the events that had brought about her agreeing to the deal.

She and David had dated for six months and then gotten married five years ago when she was twenty-two and he was twenty-five. David had already earned his Certified Management Accountant (CMA) graduate degree two years prior and was working full time as a Staff accountant, and she, having an Associate's degree in business, was working as a loan servicing specialist at a local credit union when they met.

Neither of them had been virgins when they met, Sarah having given her virginity to her high-school sweetheart and then later had been with three different partners while in college and out in the work force. David had been with a total of three different women, the last of which he had lived with for over a year and been engaged to married when she cheated on him with a guy he worked with and David immediately called off the wedding.

Sarah and David mutually agreed not to have any children until after they had saved enough to purchase their own home, which occurred three years into the marriage. Three months after moving into their new home Sarah took time off work to have their first child, a boy they named Josh.

Then, when Josh was eighteen months old financial disaster struck them. The company David worked for filed under chapter eleven and David had been forced to change jobs.

David's new position, in the finance division of a major company, paid a lot less than his previous job and they started struggling financially. They knew that Sarah returning to the work force was not the answer to their financial dilemma because with Josh being only a year and a half old infant day-care cost would consume the bulk if not all of her paycheck. So they cut out all unnecessary spending concentrating on only the essentials, including Sarah having to give up her beloved gym membership where she had been working out two or three times a week for the last year and a half, getting back her pre-pregnancy body. Even so it wasn't enough and they were forced to get a few loans from Sarah's parents, which got then by for a while longer but their future didn't look good and Sarah could see them losing their dream home and ending up out on the street.

Eventually, after six months of working himself nearly to death, a much better job came up in David's division. The salary and bonuses he would earn from the promotion would set them up for years to come and not only cover the cost of their home mortgage, but allow them a well deserved vacation, a few luxuries, and even enable them to put a little something away toward Josh's college fund.

Both David and Sarah knew that David needed to get that job. He was good enough, educated enough, and had worked hard enough, but the fact that he wasn't senior in the company might count against him.

A couple of weeks after the VP position was announced and after David had written an excellent application that he had submitted to his boss, Sarah found herself dragged along to a night out with the families of his co-workers. As the boys from the office let their hair down to celebrate the end of the financial year, the girls joined in as well. Sarah hadn't had a night out since Josh was born, two years ago, and she probably went a little over board with the drinking.

As the night wore on and David, a little worse for wear, stepped outside with a few of the other guys that smoked to keep on with the joking, laughing, and drinking, Sarah felt a hand across her back.

"Oh," she jumped at the sudden appearance and when she looked up she saw Peter Redmond, Corporate Senior Vice President and the head of David's division standing behind her. His cologne, carried on the slight breeze from the overhead fan, which smelled expensive, she didn't recognize.

Peter Redmond was in his late fifties, about six feet tall, thick set, with middle age spread, and male pattern baldness. Sarah had only briefly met Peter twice before that night. The first time was shortly after David had been hired and they had attended a company function, and the second time was when he and David had quickly stopped by the house on their way to the airport so David could collect something he had forgotten at home that morning.

Peter leaned down and whispered quietly in her ear and said, "I have to confess something Sarah. You're a very attractive woman, and ever since I met you when David first came to work for us I've been thinking about you."

Sarah didn't know what to say. She didn't even know if he was serious, so she giggled a little. He leaned in again and kept whispering, "Sarah, I know you and David are having some financial problems. I can help with that."

She asked how and he said, "The board has already tentatively chosen somebody else for the new VP position. But they've agreed to leave the final decision up to me. I can choose whomever I like and I could select David if I saw fit."

Sarah remained silent waiting to see what deal he would make her. His hand became a little heavier on the small of her back and then it slid lower coming to rest at the top of her rear end.

"I've been unable keep my eyes off of you all night long. I want you in the worst way Sarah." He said softly.

Sarah turned to tell him where to go but he interrupted her, "No, don't say anything just yet Sarah. Just think about what this VP position would mean for you and especially for David. Think about how it will feel knowing you don't have to worry about your home, or worry about your family's financial future. Just think about it Sarah before you make up your mind," then moving his hand even lower he gently squeezed her left butt cheek before walking away.

Peter knew he was taking a risk by propositioning this very attractive and extremely sexy young wife, but from the first moment he laid eyes on her he wanted her. To his eye she was the perfect specimen of woman; tall, regal, long shapely legs, gorgeously blonde-haired, flashing blue eyes, alabaster skinned with a few light freckles sprinkled here and there, mother of pearl perfectly straight teeth, lovely curving lips, large breasts, and an athletic body with feminine curves in all the right places. Besides he figured if she told her husband or anyone else for that matter he would just laugh it off as having a little harmless fun brought on by one too many drinks.

Sarah stood for a few seconds trying to gather her thoughts and dissect what had just happened to her. Eventually she dragged David home, but having sobered up upon hearing Peter's proposal she had a sleepless night lying next to her husband wondering if long-term financial security was enough incentive to betray not only her husband but her marriage vows as well.

Then again, was it even a true betrayal? After all it would be for us, our home, our son, and especially for David himself. And the peace of mind David and I would have knowing that our house was secure, and having our credit cards paid off, not to mention not having to scrimp and count pennies all the time just to barely get by would be more than a little fantastic. She thought to herself.

The next few days David and Sarah spent discussing the state of their mortgage and how badly they needed him to get that VP position if they had any hope of saving the house.

But how could I possibly tell David that I already knew there was no way he was going to get that promotion unless I give myself to his boss? Sarah thought.

After many sleepless nights and just as many agonizing days Sarah finally made up her mind. There was only one thing she could do.

That following Monday after David had left for work and with Sarah feeling desperate to save the house and survive; she went through his address book and found Peter's mobile phone number. She called him and when he answered she told him she would give him what he wanted in exchange for David's promotion.

"That's wonderful news Sarah, believe me you're doing the right thing for your family," he told her sounding delighted.

"When and how ... how will this work?" She asked him.

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