The Deal

by POL

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Cheating, Cuckold, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A wife is compromised.

No editing in this, so please don't hammer me too badly.

Sarah had always loved summer evenings at home, especially the early evening and the fragrance of the ligustrum, star jasmine, and privet which David, her husband and she had lovingly planted, and which were currently in bloom.

But this Friday evening was different. Not just the Friday, but the entire weekend cast a gloom over her that felt darker than Satan's soul at midnight.

She recognized the symptoms immediately; the stipple of sweat in the small of her back. Ice-heat prickling her forehead. A sense of skittering panic in the pit of her stomach. Dread.

It's not too late to back out. Just don't let him in. Or tell him through the closed door that you've changed your mind, thought Sarah, desperately.

Forget it, she then told herself, you're committed, you've got to go through with it.

For the hundredth time that week, the stubborn side of Sarah had won the debate - but only by a hair's breadth.

The cause of her dejection was because of what she had agreed to do last Monday. Desperately she wanted nothing more than to just forget about that deal, but she knew she couldn't, far too much depended on her seeing it through.

She thought back over the events that had brought about her agreeing to the deal.

She and David had dated for six months and then gotten married five years ago when she was twenty-two and he was twenty-five. David had already earned his Certified Management Accountant (CMA) graduate degree two years prior and was working full time as a Staff accountant, and she, having an Associate's degree in business, was working as a loan servicing specialist at a local credit union when they met.

Neither of them had been virgins when they met, Sarah having given her virginity to her high-school sweetheart and then later had been with three different partners while in college and out in the work force. David had been with a total of three different women, the last of which he had lived with for over a year and been engaged to married when she cheated on him with a guy he worked with and David immediately called off the wedding.

Sarah and David mutually agreed not to have any children until after they had saved enough to purchase their own home, which occurred three years into the marriage. Three months after moving into their new home Sarah took time off work to have their first child, a boy they named Josh.

Then, when Josh was eighteen months old financial disaster struck them. The company David worked for filed under chapter eleven and David had been forced to change jobs.

David's new position, in the finance division of a major company, paid a lot less than his previous job and they started struggling financially. They knew that Sarah returning to the work force was not the answer to their financial dilemma because with Josh being only a year and a half old infant day-care cost would consume the bulk if not all of her paycheck. So they cut out all unnecessary spending concentrating on only the essentials, including Sarah having to give up her beloved gym membership where she had been working out two or three times a week for the last year and a half, getting back her pre-pregnancy body. Even so it wasn't enough and they were forced to get a few loans from Sarah's parents, which got then by for a while longer but their future didn't look good and Sarah could see them losing their dream home and ending up out on the street.

Eventually, after six months of working himself nearly to death, a much better job came up in David's division. The salary and bonuses he would earn from the promotion would set them up for years to come and not only cover the cost of their home mortgage, but allow them a well deserved vacation, a few luxuries, and even enable them to put a little something away toward Josh's college fund.

Both David and Sarah knew that David needed to get that job. He was good enough, educated enough, and had worked hard enough, but the fact that he wasn't senior in the company might count against him.

A couple of weeks after the VP position was announced and after David had written an excellent application that he had submitted to his boss, Sarah found herself dragged along to a night out with the families of his co-workers. As the boys from the office let their hair down to celebrate the end of the financial year, the girls joined in as well. Sarah hadn't had a night out since Josh was born, two years ago, and she probably went a little over board with the drinking.

As the night wore on and David, a little worse for wear, stepped outside with a few of the other guys that smoked to keep on with the joking, laughing, and drinking, Sarah felt a hand across her back.

"Oh," she jumped at the sudden appearance and when she looked up she saw Peter Redmond, Corporate Senior Vice President and the head of David's division standing behind her. His cologne, carried on the slight breeze from the overhead fan, which smelled expensive, she didn't recognize.

Peter Redmond was in his late fifties, about six feet tall, thick set, with middle age spread, and male pattern baldness. Sarah had only briefly met Peter twice before that night. The first time was shortly after David had been hired and they had attended a company function, and the second time was when he and David had quickly stopped by the house on their way to the airport so David could collect something he had forgotten at home that morning.

Peter leaned down and whispered quietly in her ear and said, "I have to confess something Sarah. You're a very attractive woman, and ever since I met you when David first came to work for us I've been thinking about you."

Sarah didn't know what to say. She didn't even know if he was serious, so she giggled a little. He leaned in again and kept whispering, "Sarah, I know you and David are having some financial problems. I can help with that."

She asked how and he said, "The board has already tentatively chosen somebody else for the new VP position. But they've agreed to leave the final decision up to me. I can choose whomever I like and I could select David if I saw fit."

Sarah remained silent waiting to see what deal he would make her. His hand became a little heavier on the small of her back and then it slid lower coming to rest at the top of her rear end.

"I've been unable keep my eyes off of you all night long. I want you in the worst way Sarah." He said softly.

Sarah turned to tell him where to go but he interrupted her, "No, don't say anything just yet Sarah. Just think about what this VP position would mean for you and especially for David. Think about how it will feel knowing you don't have to worry about your home, or worry about your family's financial future. Just think about it Sarah before you make up your mind," then moving his hand even lower he gently squeezed her left butt cheek before walking away.

Peter knew he was taking a risk by propositioning this very attractive and extremely sexy young wife, but from the first moment he laid eyes on her he wanted her. To his eye she was the perfect specimen of woman; tall, regal, long shapely legs, gorgeously blonde-haired, flashing blue eyes, alabaster skinned with a few light freckles sprinkled here and there, mother of pearl perfectly straight teeth, lovely curving lips, large breasts, and an athletic body with feminine curves in all the right places. Besides he figured if she told her husband or anyone else for that matter he would just laugh it off as having a little harmless fun brought on by one too many drinks.

Sarah stood for a few seconds trying to gather her thoughts and dissect what had just happened to her. Eventually she dragged David home, but having sobered up upon hearing Peter's proposal she had a sleepless night lying next to her husband wondering if long-term financial security was enough incentive to betray not only her husband but her marriage vows as well.

Then again, was it even a true betrayal? After all it would be for us, our home, our son, and especially for David himself. And the peace of mind David and I would have knowing that our house was secure, and having our credit cards paid off, not to mention not having to scrimp and count pennies all the time just to barely get by would be more than a little fantastic. She thought to herself.

The next few days David and Sarah spent discussing the state of their mortgage and how badly they needed him to get that VP position if they had any hope of saving the house.

But how could I possibly tell David that I already knew there was no way he was going to get that promotion unless I give myself to his boss? Sarah thought.

After many sleepless nights and just as many agonizing days Sarah finally made up her mind. There was only one thing she could do.

That following Monday after David had left for work and with Sarah feeling desperate to save the house and survive; she went through his address book and found Peter's mobile phone number. She called him and when he answered she told him she would give him what he wanted in exchange for David's promotion.

"That's wonderful news Sarah, believe me you're doing the right thing for your family," he told her sounding delighted.

"When and how ... how will this work?" She asked him.

"Well actually, your timing couldn't have been more perfect my dear. The corporate office in Chicago is holding a week long managerial training seminar covering time management and organization skills for all new managers which starts this coming Saturday and runs through to the following Friday afternoon. I had intended on sending Robert Logan, he's the staff member the board had originally selected for the VP position, but now that you've called, I'll send David instead. That will give us the entire weekend together."

"The entire weekend?" Sarah questioned suddenly feeling sick to her stomach. "That wasn't what we agreed too. This ... this has got to be a one time thing only Mr. Redmond. I just assumed it would only be the one-time. I won't ... I mean I couldn't possibly do it otherwise."

"I assure you Sarah it will only be the one weekend. A one-time weekend and then I won't ever pester you again." He assured her.

"But what about my son Josh? I can't very well leave him at his grandmothers all weekend long. David would wonder." Sarah mentioned.

"No need." He told her calmly. "David will fly out Friday afternoon and I'll come by your house Friday night."

"My house? You mean do it here? In our home?" She questioned feeling even more ill.

"I assure you it will be for the best Sarah. That way you can easily care for Josh and should David call, why you'll be home to answer the phone. I promise to be very discreet. I'll park my car a block away, and as I recall there's an alley directly behind your house, I'll come in that way, through the back door. No one will even know I was ever there. But there is one more thing that I must insist on Sarah, or no deal."

"And that is?" Sarah asked fearing the worse.

"I expect to enjoy myself. No quickie here, quickie there. Is that clear? If not the deals off." He responded.

"Yes. That's perfectly clear Mr. Redmond," She told him softly feeling sick. Then clearing her throat she asked, "But what about your wife. Won't she wonder where you are?"

"Oh, my wife doesn't look too closely these days. Both our kids are long gone from the home and married with teenagers of their own. And her interest is focused more on spending my money than anything else. Not that I worry that much over her spending. I mean, I could give up work now if I wanted to. I've more than enough money saved and invested in the Stock Market to give me sufficient income to satisfy most of my money needs."

The words made Sarah feel sick with envy ... everything in this life seemed so unreasonable, so unfair. "So then your wife won't even care that you're gone?"

"Not so much," he responded. "But even so, my life can do without a lot of aggravation and the threat of divorce, and as I mentioned before about that perfect timing, well Margret is spending the next three weeks in Florida at her mother's place."

"Oh," she said not knowing what else to say.

"Till Friday then," he said.

"Ah ... yes ... Ah ... Friday," she responded then she heard him hang up.

So now it was Friday evening. Josh was already down for the night and David had come home from work early in the day in order to pack, letting her know that his company was sending him to Chicago on a business trip. He hadn't told her very much about the trip other than it was a mandatory training seminar and that he was thrilled to death that they had selected him to go and that he would be gone for a week.

Later he had called from Chicago letting her know that he had arrived safely, gave her his hotel phone and room numbers, and told her he loved her.

And now Sarah stood in her kitchen, just staring at the back door, agonizing over the prospect of who would be coming through it and what she was committed to do.

Then all too soon Sarah heard a soft knock at the door.

Gathering all the strength she could muster she reluctantly opened the door.

Even though he was not at work, Peter's clothes were still formal. Neatly ironed grey trousers, white short-sleeved shirt, no tie, in one hand he held an overnight bag, and his face was filled with a contented anticipation of the night ahead.

In contrast, Sarah's baggy blue shirt hung loosely above faded blue jeans. A scrunched red ribbon drew her blonde hair into a ponytail.

Irrationally, it was her hair that was uppermost in her mind. If only she'd done it differently. The ponytail kept reminding her of her husband David when, earlier in the week, he'd stopped her in the middle of making up her face and held her tightly. He'd used her ponytail to tilt her head back to plant a kiss on her lightly freckled face.

"A perfect woman in every way," David had said. Then he'd hugged her again and she'd gasped for air and felt ready to die for him.

Always a trusting and affectionate husband, David had not noticed her anxiety over the upcoming weekend during the week.

Then she was shocked away from all thoughts of David when Peter, oblivious to her thoughts and memories, stepped forward and took her into his arms telling her how beautiful she was, how much he had looked forward to being with her, and how he'd hardly been able to think of anything else but what it would be like to kiss her.

"It's now," thought Sarah to herself taking a deep breath. "Go on, take another deep breath and just do it."

But something inside her said, "I don't want to do this - I can't!"

"Remember why you're doing this," she reminded herself. "No prevarication. Just do as planned. Do it for David's future. Think of ... Think of anything else? It's just a kiss after all. Why else would you have let him in? So just fucking do it!"

Yet she couldn't put David's gentle smile out of her mind or the feeling that he was watching her. "I'm so sorry - forgive me for this David," she said under her breath.

Then, gritting her teeth, she closed her eyes tightly and leaned her body into him. Her arms reached around Peter's neck and she tilted her head back, knowing it was an invitation to be kissed. His lips descended to hers without any hesitation. His right arm encircled her waist and pulled her tightly to him. In an instant, the kitchen with its overhead lighting closed in around her. Everything became dominated by the overwhelming sensation of shared tongues, lips and sharply in-drawn breath. Then, as she knew it would, the skin crawling touch of Peter's exploring hands over her body.

Long minutes later ... she pulled away.

He reached for her again. His left hand was entwined in hers and he moved it showing he wanted more intimacy. Sarah pulled her hand away, firmly, and instead placed it against his chest outside his shirt.

"Peter..." She said not finishing.

"I'm afraid you've really got me going, you have no idea how I've longed to see those marvelous breasts of yours," said Peter apologetically.

"It's all right, I understand, and you shall see them," she murmured into his chest, relieved that for the moment at least he had accepted her limits. She looked up at him, absorbed the tiny detail of his face and said, "You will see them, and more, after all that was the deal for David's promotion. But I haven't eaten yet, so let's the two of us sit down and eat first."

In case there were any last shreds of opposition, she melted into his arms again but then when she felt his cock harden against her she disengaged herself and pushed his large bulk away.

Then, all too soon, the dinner was over, and he said, "You are beautiful, desirable, very sexy and absolutely gorgeous enough to eat, Sarah. You make my pulse race, my breathing difficult and if you continue shutting me out, I'll make like Tarzan and Jane and take you right here on the kitchen table."

She stood and began gathering up their dishes saying, "Please don't..." but he also stood and then reached down behind her and she gasped as he grasped the seat of her jeans. His touch was assertive, dominant and impatient. His mind was made up, it was very simple. She was young and attractive - a woman who had made a deal to help her husband. There had been enough delay. He didn't see the shadow that crossed her eyes. Nor the high flush on her cheeks that belied her inviting smiles as he felt up her ass.

"I really need to see you naked Sarah, I can't wait any longer," he said softly as his hand continued exploring all over her rear end. "You have no idea how many times I've thought about seeing you naked. Come on now and show me to your bedroom."

"My bedroom?" she questioned feeling even quizier never having considered the possibility that he would want to take her on her and David's bed.

"Don't be silly." He told her calmly, "Considering what we're about to do anything else is just trivial. And remember our deal about making this enjoyable for me. So come on take me to you bedroom."

Realizing that she had only been delaying the inevitable, and realizing he determined and had already made up his mind where he intended on doing her, she set the plates she had previously collected back on the table and with a heavy heart she turned and then moving with a determined weariness she led the way toward her and David's bedroom.

Smiling slightly, his eyes focused very intently on her posterior Peter followed.

Soon the bedroom door was in view. She longed to be with David, leading him in there instead of Peter, wondering how long she could resist her impulse to put an end to the deal.

At each step Sarah's legs felt heavier. The door was closed at the end of the hallway. It creaked as Peter reached around her, opened it and shepherded her inside.

"Don't switch the light on," begged Sarah quietly.

The white moonlight flickered on the highly polished dresser countertop as Peter drew back the curtain. Susan stood rigidly, at the end of the bed, not helping, arms folded.

Peter came around the bed and stood facing her. He reached forward and disengaged her hands from their tight grip across her chest. They stood for a moment holding hands. Sarah was desperate, her heart pounding. Then his hands reached up and started fondling both of her breasts over the material of her shirt.

No talk now - just the supreme tension from being alone together.

Peter pulled her to him bringing her hands behind her back so she could not move.

She wriggled and passively resisted her mind racing. She avoided his lips, turning her head aside expecting to somehow be rescued. From whom that rescue would come she had no idea. That's just a silly prayer, she reminded herself.

Then, with a sinking heart, she knew that now was the time. She could back out now and call an end to the deal or she could commit herself completely. To continue meant that he was going to kiss her again as he wished, to explore her mouth with his tongue, move his hands over her body, on her breasts, between her legs, as he wished. Her skin crawled at the thought.

Seemingly faraway, she heard the snap of buttons coming undone. Hers first - she felt so exposed as her shirt and then her baggy jeans fell to the floor, then her bra and finally her panties and she was naked- then Peter's clothes followed. The buckle on his belt clattering loudly on the polished hard-wood flooring when his pants fell.

Where are you David? Come save me! Her mind screamed out while her body felt isolated and defenseless against the intimacy she dreaded.

"My god but you're even more beautiful than I had imagined," he whispered appraising her whole body as she stood there before him completely naked. "I've dreamed so often about seeing you like this."

She blushed but said nothing.

He leaned into her and his kisses slid from her lips to her face, then onward to her shoulders and bare breasts. She felt her nipples harden involuntarily as his lips and teeth nibbled back and forth between them and then she felt his hand and fingers playing inside the folds of her vagina between her legs. Then there was the slow lingering descent onto the bed.

Only the complete intimacy of their skin separated them now.

"Aren't you going to put on a condom?" She asked almost unable to get the words out because her mouth felt so dry.

"Why? Are you afraid you might get pregnant?" He asked calmly.

"Well, no it isn't that but..." She started.

He laughed, "I assure you that I'm clean and I have little doubt of you being promiscuous so..." then placing his mouth close to her ear he whispered the words, "I'm not going to use a condom because I want to feel your hot womanly flesh against my bare skin."

No reassurance there only another step to the moment...

He towered above her in the shadows. The only sound in the room his heavy breathing. She had no excuse. She buried her face deep in his shoulder, scrunched up her eyes and, little by little, forced herself to receive him. She felt his hands press against her knees, spreading her legs a little farther apart, then a shrill gasp marked the final moment of her commitment as he entered her. She wasn't nearly lubricated enough and it was a rough entry and seemed only to please Peter.

He paused briefly at her cry, enjoying the feel of her bare breasts in his hands and the moment of possession and the novel sensation of being deep inside this new woman, the loving wife of another man, and then he started his measured and rhythmic movement in and out of her cunt while whispering in her ear how tight she was and how pleased he was at finally being inside her.

To Sarah, time that had sped by in the early evening now slowed to an endless crawl. Even the flower-patterned duvet pushed aside by his eager hands seemed to fall to the floor in slow motion. Like a butterfly on a thorn she was transfixed, unable to move, out of control and each thrust of his cock into her vagina stripped away her emotions until a deep sensation of chill came over her and she felt him no more.

She felt visceral panic- cellular, an eerie sensation of being in two places at once. It made no sense to her, and she was unwilling to give it any room, even discounting its occurrence, then suddenly like a steam engine on a steep incline, his breathing grew faster. The headboard beat a brief tattoo on the wall. Then with a sharply drawn in breath, a long drawn out shuddering sigh, it was done. With one final thrust he pressed into her depths and she felt his cock swell with each shot of hot seed, filling her as he ejaculated inside her.

Tightly she held him, not through desire but because it is what people do after making love. Her eyes flooded with tears, quickly wiped away so they would not be seen. She waited, with his body pressing heavily down on her, until, thankfully, he recovered his breath and his penis deflated and fell from the confines of her unwelcoming body as he moved to the side.

For a while, he dozed in the afterglow while Sarah lay there her mind racing. Then not yet content, his strong hands irresistibly guided her lips to where they could encourage him back to action.

Peter gave a slight shudder as his dick slid into Sarah's mouth, the warm wet hole surrounding him like a moist silken glove, his fingers flexing on the back of her head to force more of his now hardened member near her tight throat opening. Looking down he could see the glistening shaft disappearing into her mouth. He smiled as he noticed the moisture forming in her eyes as his cock slid deeper, closing off her air supply. Her saliva dangled and dripped from the corners of her mouth, falling onto his balls and thighs.

After Sarah had taken his lifeless appendage into her mouth sucking him deeply until he was once again hard he turned her over, placed her on her hands and knees and took her from behind.

For a long time he just drove his cock into her from behind, then bending down across her back, his dick expanding within her as his climax approached, his hands slid around, grasping both of her breasts in a way that imparted both need and ownership, he said close to her ear, "I love fucking you Sarah. David is a very lucky man."

After he had emptied himself inside her vagina, he guided her mouth to his deflated member yet again. It took Sarah ten minutes of oral play to get him erect again, but this time when he was ready to ejaculate, he held her head in place with both his hands then letting out a strangled, uncivilized sound he finished by filling her mouth and throat with his hot, bitter, seed, then he encouraged her to swallow. She put up no resistance and did as he requested.

Much later, he lay back with a contented smile reliving those moments. He was pleased with his performance and very thankful that he had thought to bring along those little blue pills.

Peter got up, turned on the lights then walked into the master bathroom.

When he came out he was distracted by a completely nude Sarah as she walked toward him to use the bathroom herself.

Peter's eyes followed her across the room enjoying looking at her with her flowing blonde hair, lush breasts, unshaved, but certainly trimmed blonde pubic hair, cut into a bathing suit line, and alabaster like skin, still glowing pink with the warmth of love making, the smooth flesh marred only by a very small red tattoo of two intertwined hearts high on her right hip, she certainly was regally all feminine, he thought.

"I'll be in the bathroom cleaning myself up," She told him before closing the bathroom door.

She turned on the taps and listened to the hissing sound of the water striking the green patterned tiles. One thought repeated in her mind. She had been unfaithful to her husband. She had allowed another man to enter her, to make love to her. Whatever her motives it would change nothing. She had committed adultery. Would her relationship with David ever be the same? It seemed impossible.

In the shower, the water was warm and comforting. She stood and let the water deluge cleanse, and then allowed her jumbled emotions to release themselves with more tears. "What have I done?" she thought as she stood under the hot water. "I've never done anything like that before, never even thought about doing something like that."

Using the expensive shower gel, one of the few luxury's she still allowed herself, she breathed in its' perfume deeply, hoping it would transport her for a short time back to a place where she could again feel private and in control again. Even this plan failed. She tried to atone for allowing herself to be taken by scrubbing herself inside and out until it hurt.

"Hurry up Sarah; I miss you already," he commented through the door.

Sarah padded out of the bathroom wrapped head to foot in cream toweling. She felt that she had paid the price for David's promotion. Now all she needed to do was convince Peter that the price for David's promotion was paid in full and then get him to leave.

It was not to be. Aroused, Peter reached for her again. He delved within the soft folds of her towels and drew her on top of him.

"Whoa, I just took a shower, and besides I think I've already filled my end of the bargain. How about it? You know a one-time deal and all that," she complained.

"Sarah," he answered softly, "The one time deal we made was for the entire week-end remember? If you want David to get that promotion I expect you comply until Sunday afternoon."

She started to argue some more but his mouth covering hers prevented any further words. His arms held her tightly. She had no escape. Bile rose in her throat. With renewed dread, she turned away from him onto her side. His breath between her shoulder blades sent tingles of disgust down her spine. A brief pause as he prepared himself, and then she felt him snuggle close, lift her leg slightly and then guide his cock into her vagina from behind.

"Mm that feels so good, being inside you, there's something about making love to another man's wife that really gets the blood pumping," he grunted as he felt her softness fold around his cock.

In the bright light of the room, ignoring his humiliating words in order to make sure he enjoyed himself as instructed, Sarah's eyes focused determinedly on the corner of the room thinking only of David's promotion and how much that would mean to them. That was the only thing even remotely capable of making what Peter was doing to her even bearable.

In the distance, she heard his breathing shorten, felt one of his arms snake under her left shoulder so his hand could paw her breasts and nipples while his other arm draped itself over her right hip so his fingers could squeeze, pinch, and finger between her legs, stroking her clit and her pussy lips as they stretched around his cock as he thrust again and again into her from behind.

Unclenching her fists, she forced herself to relax, lay passively, letting him continue to drill her and waited for the nightmare to end. Waited for him to finish. Waited for him to ejaculate inside her yet again.

Later, after she had used her mouth to get him hard, he had her ride him cowgirl style as he lay on his back unmercifully fondling her breasts and nipples while she was forced to do all the work and fuck herself over his cock.

After he came he had fallen into a noisy and deep sleep, she got up and sat for a while beside the bed watching him. He looked disgusting to her with his beer belly, hairy back and shoulders, disgusting penis, lying limp across his heavy thigh. "Was it worth it?" She asked herself for the hundredth time. "Was saving what David and I had worked so hard for worth losing all my self respect for?" At that moment-she was unable to answer that question. She cried.

Through the tears she reminded herself how much she loved her husband. He would be deeply asleep by this time. She imagined how hurt David would be if he knew she had allowed another man to take her so often and in so many different ways. Tears continued to flow from her eyes. Her insides felt hurt and bruised. If only there had been another way, if only... The end had to justify the means. Did it not? It had too! It just had too!" She wondered. She hoped. She prayed. She felt absolutely worthless.

Resolving to be up long before Peter awoke; after checking up on Josh, feeding, and then changing him, she slipped back onto the far edge of the bed, as far away from Peter as possible, and finally fell into a shameful, guilty, troubled sleep.

But the next thing she knew was feeling Peter leaning over her suckling on one of her nipples while his fingers played in and around her vagina.

"I need to go take care of Josh," Sarah informed him while quickly slipping out of the bed then disappearing into the bathroom to shower and get dressed carrying a floppy red checked shirt - one of her husbands' - and a blue denim skirt.

Peter was not looking happy. He clearly had other ideas on his mind, like fucking her again.

After her shower she changed, fed, then bathed and dressed Josh and then placed him in his day-bed in the living room with the TV on to keep him company. Then she fixed breakfast and delivered it to Peter.

The breakfast she brought back for Peter was old fashioned and ample. When the phone rang she hurried downstairs to the kitchen to answer it. It was David, and talking to him was as difficult as she expected. Desperately, she kept the level of conversation inconsequential - just small talk.

Yes, Josh is fine.

I'm on my first break from the work seminar but I miss you.

Me too.

I should hope so.

Everything is completely normal here at home honey.

He told her that he would call later that night from his hotel room after dinner.

She didn't want to hang up. She felt so guilty and ashamed. If only she could say what she wanted to say but knowing she couldn't.

With a sinking feeling in her stomach, she said her goodbyes and finally hung up.

Slumping forward, she pressed her forehead against the cold refrigerator door, feeling a great fatigue wash over her. She had been unfaithful. She had committed adultery. Forsaken her marriage vows, her husband's trust, and herself.

Oh god! What have I done! She thought... if only there had been another way ... If only, then she would not have committed adultery. Then she tried to convince herself that letting Peter fuck her had been the only way to save everything. Yes, she tried to convince herself ... but then thoughts of the events of the previous night crowded into her mind in a desperate jumble. Those unspeakable memories had barely crossed her mind when she found herself sagging to her knees, then lying her head against the tiled floor's cool surface she wept. She wanted nothing so desperately as to go back in time never having given herself to another man.

Josh's crying knocked her out of her stupor and she quickly got up to check on him. He was bored and wet so after changing him they played on the carpet together for a while, then after Sarah gave him his bottle he fell asleep while drinking it.

With sluggish footsteps Sarah slowly walked back into the bedroom.

With the flower patterned curtains drawn back, her bedroom was bright and sunny with all signs of the previous debauchery gone. As she shut the door behind her, she smelled soap from the early morning shower and flowers from the garden outside.

Clad only in an unbuttoned shirt and nothing else, Peter sat legs akimbo on the wide fitted seat that ran around the bedroom's bay window. He had some heavy reading glasses on and a stack of papers in his lap. His fingers idly combed through the thick hairs on his chest and his eyes glinted in concentration as he studied something or another concerning his work which he must have brought with him in his overnight bag.

"Like a great ape," Sarah thought looking at him. "Completely at home in his nakedness." He seemed so different from the formal man she had first met.

"He's so thorough too," thought Sarah. "Everything well researched, analyzed so boring. And judging from that stomach - far too many rich meals." He looked up at her quizzically.

"Was that David?" He asked obviously referring to the phone having rung earlier in the day.

"With a stomach like that, I don't know if I did you a favor bringing you that big breakfast in bed." She told him ignoring his question about the phone.

Her tone was deliberately light in tone, with a little bit of a challenge. She needed to get back in control if she was going make sure he did indeed enjoy himself and gave David that promotion.

As she came within grabbing distance, he reached out and drew her onto the bench beside him snuggling his lips into the side of her neck and reaching inside her shirt grunting with pleasure to find no bra as he felt greedily at her bare breasts and nipples.

"I can think of a favor you can do me right now that will help me work off some of that big breakfast."

"I would have thought that a man of your age would have had enough after last night."

"A man of my age stays young because of nights like last night," he was now investigating the zipper on the side of her fitted denim skirt, then after lifting her slightly and pushing both the skirt and her panties down he began to nibble on her lips.

She felt her stomach contract in cold anticipation. She noticed that the side lawn needed mowing.

"Hey! Somebody might look in and see us." She said with anger.

"I'll close the drapes. But should they look in they would only admire you because what they'd see is a very beautiful woman with an absolutely magnificent body."

Reaching over he pulled the drapes closed and then said, "If I didn't know about Josh I would never have believed you gave birth to a child. You're pussy is still so tight and your breasts hardly sag at all, especially considering how large they are."

"Well they wouldn't be admiring your body, not with this pot," she poked it with her finger as he finished unbuttoning then pulling off her shirt before cupping both of her breasts in his hands.

"Time for a young lady to show a little more respect for the man doing her a very big favor," said Peter with a calm confidence that was unsettling as he placed her on his lap facing towards him, so that her legs straddled over his, and his stiff cock resting in the cleft of her buttock. Then shifting slightly and using his hands to elevate her, he pushed up hard, and entered her roughly.

"Ouch that hurt." Sarah tried to wriggle away but his grip was too strong.

"Just as I said. Time for Sarah to be a good little girl and give this man some of her very sweet, and very much needed pussy."

Sarah's back was now straight as a ramrod - a definite no nonsense edge to her voice. A bright flush bloomed across her face. "Any more talk like that and you're out of here!"

"I don't think so." His voice was now flat and hard and again the unsettling quiet confidence. Her arm was now imprisoned firmly behind her back so her face was inches from his. She was helpless.

"What does that mean?" Sarah said desperately, then decided this wasn't the time for confrontation not wanting what she had already let him do to her be all for nothing so she quickly added, "I just want it to be nice between us," while using her free hand to comb his chest hair just as he had earlier.

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