One Night With Ann

by AnyPerson

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Light Bond, Oral Sex, BBW, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Shane finds an old female friend online and they decide to meet up. They wind up having a very sexy night together.

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit material. If you are in any way offended by this material do not read any further. If this material does not offend you then enjoy.

Shane was a pretty average guy. He hadn't really been that lucky in love. He really only had one girl that he could call a girlfriend. But this girl had her fair share of issues and after a while she just began to drive him crazy until finally he couldn't take it anymore and ended it. It's a good thing too because if he held out any longer he had this fear he'd wind up married to her and then he'd really be fucked.

Shane had been single for a few months when out of the blue he got a message online from a girl he knew in high school. Her name was Ann and she was the first girl Shane ever slept with. Sure it was only one time on the night before graduation but in the 8 years that had passed he had never forgotten just what it was like.

Now he never figured anything would come of this. He lived in Virginia and she lived in Montana. On top of that she had been married for five years and he wasn't the type to break up a marriage.

Ann and Shane got to chatting online via IM and really managed to catch up on all the time they had been apart. But again he kind of resolved himself to the fact that they'd probably never meet up in person.

Well as luck would have it they had been chatting for a month or so when something great happened. Shane found out that his father had changed jobs and was moving to Washington. Now he didn't like the fact that he'd be so far away from them but he did like the fact that when he went to visit them he'd only be a stone's throw away from Ann. When he told her that they were moving to her area she was really excited and really liked the fact that they could get together.

Now during their chats online the subject of sex had naturally come up a few times. Since they had sex with each other so long ago neither of them was at all shy about the subject. Well Shane was happy to find out that Ann still had feelings for him. He was also just as happy to find out that she was open to the idea of having some fun with another guy. His first thought was that they'd get to have sex but she said that she wasn't comfortable with that idea. But she didn't mind at all the idea of giving a guy a nice blowjob. As much as Shane would have loved to fuck her the thought of her sucking his dick was still a wonderful idea. In fact he had spent a few nights masturbating thinking about just what it would be like. Especially since his last girlfriend refused to ever suck his dick.

A decent amount of time had gone by since his parents had moved to Washington. One day he got a call from them asking him to come for a visit. As soon as he could he let Ann know that he was going to be in her area for a week. They agreed that he would drive and they would meet up halfway and she would get a hotel room.

Shane was on pins and needles for the entire drive on his way to meet Ann. After a few hours that seemed like forever he arrived at the restaurant. He looked around the parking lot but didn't see a car that matched the description she had given him. So he went into the restaurant and found out that he had arrived first. He sat down and began to wait. After 10 or 15 minutes he saw her walk in. It only took him a second to recognize her. She had gained some weight since high school but this didn't bother him at all because she still had a great figure. Plus he had always been attracted to girls with a little more room. She had long dark brown, almost black, hair and a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes he could remember seeing. She also had skin that just looked so soft and smooth and a pair of breasts that he just wished he could touch.

They sat down and had a nice dinner and a nice long conversation. The time during the meal just seemed to fly by they talked so much. Before he knew it he was paying the check. But the night hadn't come to an end yet because they had made plans to go see a movie. She was a big fan of horror movies and just their luck a new one had come out recently that Shane actually wanted to go see.

She knew the area really well so he followed her to the theater in his car. All the while he just kept thinking how wonderful their meal and the conversation had been. They arrived at the theater with plenty of time to spare before the movie started. When they sat down in their seats they used the opportunity to continue their conversation.

Not that long into the movie Shane noticed something touching his leg. He glanced down and Ann's hand was rubbing along his leg. He just enjoyed the feeling and went back to paying attention to the movie. But it wasn't too long before he noticed that her hand was moving slowly up his leg. Before he knew it her hand was doing circles around his package and he started to get hard. This was a little unsettling given the carnage that was going on in the movie but he wasn't about to make her stop. The next thing he knew her hand worked up to his waist and she undid his belt with one hand. She then reach into his pants and started to rub his dick through his underwear.

At this point he really didn't care what was going on during the movie. He was just focusing on her hand caressing his cock. Then in one motion she reached inside his underwear and grabbed his shaft. She was running her hand slowly up and down his cock and it felt so good. There weren't many other people in the theater but he didn't want to risk making any noise. After a few minutes of the best handjob he could ever remember having he looked over at her and she had a big smile on her face. He got her attention and when she looked in his direction he leaned forward and started to kiss her. They kissed deeply and passionately and if anyone saw this they would swear that they were a couple. While they kissed she continued to stroke his cock and Shane reached out a hand and started caressing one of her breasts. Her tit felt so good in his hand and he would have been happy to be like this for the rest of the movie. But then suddenly they both heard the sounds of someone moving around in front of them. They both looked and they could see a man getting out of his seat. So they both sat straight up and he took his hand out of her shirt and she took her hand out of his pants.

They just sat there watching the rest of the movie. This didn't mean that Shane still wasn't turned on because it took quite a while for his hardon to go away. Once the movie was over they started to walk out of the theater towards their cars. Now Shane knew that the night wasn't over and they agreed that he'd follow her back to her hotel. This was another drive that seemed like it took forever. All the while all he could think about was kissing her and her hand stroking his cock.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the hotel and his heart was beating hard in his chest. He walked with her to her room and neither of them really said much of anything. They walked in and it was a nice room with one queen sized bed.

The two of them sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. It didn't really matter what was on because he just kept looking at her. Before too long it was his hand that was on her leg. He was moving it around slowly and he could tell that she was enjoying the feeling of having his hand on her. Shane kept moving his hand up and he worked it under her shirt and up to her breast. The feeling of having it in his hand was so good. Even though she was wearing a bra he didn't care he just started caressing it and enjoying every inch of it in his hand. He could also tell that she liked that because she started to moan a bit under her breath and she had a smile on her face. He took the opportunity to lean forward and kiss her. Just like in the movie theater it was a deep and passionate kiss. He kind of expected her to reach back into his pants but instead she just wrapped her arms around him and enjoyed the kiss while he continued to massage her breast.

After a few minutes of the kissing she pulled away from him and said she'd be right back. She walked out of the room and Shane just sat there on the couch wondering what she was doing. A few minutes later she walked back into the room carrying the ice bucket and it was full of ice. His first thought was if they were going to have drinks but then his thoughts quickly went to other things. She walked into the bedroom and set the bucket near the bed and laid down.

Shane quickly walked over to her and got into the bed next to her. It felt so good to be in bed with her and the thoughts of what they could do next raced through his head. He got as close to her as he could and he could smell her hair. He couldn't quite describe the smell but whatever it was it was heavenly. He moved aside her hair and started to lightly kiss her on the neck. To his surprise she really responded to that and she started to moan a bit. So he kept on kissing her on the neck and shoulders. At the same time he took his free hand and moved it back under her shirt and started to massage her breast again. She got the hint this time and took off her top. Underneath was a sexy red bra that didn't leave much to the imagination. Now he didn't even want to bother with the bra so the first chance he got he unhooked it in the back and threw it to the floor. Now he could clearly see her beautiful 42C breasts. They were perfectly shaped and had nice big round nipples.

Shane took his hand and started to rub her nipple. He moved it slowly around with his hand and squeezed it between his fingers. Now he wasn't content just feeling it so he backed up a bit and rolled her over and leaned over and started to suck on her nipple. She moaned with excitement when he did this. He sucked on it hard and let his tongue explore every inch. Within a minute or so her nipple had gone completely hard. He then had an idea and he got a piece of ice from the bucket and started rubbing it along the outside of her nipple. As soon as the ice hit her skin she moaned loudly and arched her back. He moved the ice around in a circle and let it touch every inch of the nipple. He would even stop to lick it some more and to get the water off. Once that piece was starting to disappear he reached in and grabbed another one.

This time he put it to her lips and she put out her tongue and licked it while he ran it across them. He then slowly let it work its way down her neck and chest. Eventually it was at her stomach and around her belly button. And it would seem like the lower he went the more excited she would get.

Now she was still wearing a skirt so he pulled it off her and revealed her beautiful pink panties. You could almost see through them but they left just enough to the imagination. Now he expected her to stop him at this point because she had told him she only wanted to stay above the waist. But it was clear the in heat of this moment she didn't care. So he slid off her panties and tossed them on the floor. She had a beautiful looking pussy with a small amount of hair surround it. It was shaped just right and lips weren't too big and you could just see her clit sticking out a bit. Now this was a treat for Shane because the first time they were together he never got a clear look at her pussy.

He reached over to the bucket again and got another piece of ice and started to run it along her leg and inner thigh. She seemed to get very excited by this and he could even see her pussy move a little bit. The closer the ice got to her pussy the heavier her breathing became. Then the second the ice touched her pussy lips she moaned loudly and arched her back. He did his best to keep the ice on her pussy and he continued to let it move around and he let the ice explore her beautiful clit.

The heat from her pussy made the ice melt quickly but he decided not to grab another and instead he started to kiss around inside her legs and thighs. After a few minutes he got close to her pussy and he put out his tongue and gave it a lick. He could tell she enjoyed it because she let out a reassuring moan. So he just started to lick her pussy all over. He let his tongue move up and down on her pussy lips and all over her clit. He would even take some time to just suck on her clit. At the same time he took two fingers and slid them inside her pussy. With how wet she was getting it wasn't that hard to get them inside. As he continued to lick her clit and the rest of her pussy he fucked her slowly with his fingers. All the while she just kept moaning and saying "yes" and "oh God" any many other things that made the moment even hotter.

Now she had told him that it was hard for her to have an orgasm but from the sounds of it she wasn't far away. So he started going fast and started let his tongue whip from side to side across her pussy and he fucked her even harder with his fingers. After a minute or so she let out the loudest moan yet and arched her back hard. Shane did his best to keep his face pressed against her pussy to increase her pleasure.

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