Her First Time

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Michelle was never interested in having sex with another woman so was completely taken by surprise when she found herself fully aroused by a friend at a dance club. The rest of her night became a night to remember forever.

Life can certainly throw some twists and turns your way. Of course, some would argue that's what makes it interesting, but when the twists and turns are things that you never expected and were very unsure about, your reaction to them can be very different.

Michelle had grown up knowing that she was heterosexual. She'd always liked boys and only imagined ever being with boys. Even in the gym locker room, she found that she appreciated the beauty of a woman's body, but her feelings never went beyond that.

When she was in college, she noticed that a number of her friends were experimenting and they all chalked it up to the idea that they were in college and it was the time to do it. They'd party on the weekends, which invariably ended up with them being drunk, and they would break off into groups of two or three to experiment. Michelle never did try anything with another girl, though. She knew she liked the feeling of a hard cock sliding into her. She liked the feel of a masculine body atop hers, thrusting against her. She craved the hard muscles and the hairy bodies that men brought to her.

And men were definitely trying to get with Michelle. She was quite attractive and often pleasantly found herself the center of men's attention.

Near the end of her time at college, she found a man she wanted to marry. They had dated and got along rather well. She was starting to fall for him and realized that marrying him would give her the solid foundation for the future she wanted.

It was at about that time that she realized that he didn't love her quite as much as she loved him. She had no doubt that he loved her, but the intensity wasn't there as much as she would have liked. As time passed, she found herself loving him more and more.

As often happens, life tends to evolve and other things become the center of attention. Michelle's soul turned to her final classes and she dedicated much of her time to finishing her degree. Unfortunately, that cut down on the frequency of her love-making with her man. He didn't seem to mind, always having a lower sex drive than she, but it did push her to the point of sexual frustration on many an occasion. She would go for weeks on end without getting the physical intimacy she craved.

During one such lull in her sexual activity, she was invited to attend the birthday bash of a friend. The evening began with a barbecue at the friend's house. Video games were being played in the living room and beer pong was found in the garage. Alcohol was in abundance and everyone there was feeling a pleasant buzz as the night progressed. As was common among that particular group of friends, the birthday bash ended up at one of the local night clubs.

When Michelle first walked into the night club, she felt a little disoriented. The music was very loud, the beat pulsing through her body. There were people all over the place, gyrating to the music, building themselves into a frenzy of desire. She managed to follow the rest of the birthday group to the table they had reserved and then sat down for a minute to collect herself. It didn't take long, however, before the beat of the music overtook her and she had to get up and dance.

She grabbed the hand of a friend in the group and led him to the dance floor, where they proceeded to move their bodies to the beat. She was pleased that he seemed to know how to dance, having been unsure that he had any skills on the dance floor. She liked having someone there that she trusted, though, so she didn't have to fight off any pushy guys on the dance floor.

They danced for almost half an hour, regularly pressing their bodies together. She could tell he was getting excited by being so close to her, but also knew that he would control himself. Still, the times he reached around her body to pull her close to him, or when he slid his hands along her side, it excited her. She enjoyed feeling that connection again and her body started to respond. When his hand brushed the side of her breast, it felt like a jolt of electricity slid straight to her nipple and she wished he would slide his hand around just a bit more to cup her there, to feel how hard her nipple was becoming and to make her feel desired again. Her hand slid down his body, approaching his cock, but not quite going there. It felt like they were enjoying foreplay together, preparing for a wonderful, intimate interlude.

It was at that point that she realized she was starting to skate on thin ice. She loved her husband and didn't want to cheat on him. It would be wiser if they were to stop dancing so close and constant with each other. She didn't want to try to do something she'd regret later.

They walked back to the table and got a drink to ease the thirst they'd built up on the dance floor. There was room around the table to dance and much of the birthday group was dancing there so Michelle decided it would be best just to join them. It didn't take long before she was dancing with Susan, another of the girls from the group, their bodies pressing together occasionally.

Michelle was surprised to find her attraction for Susan growing rather quickly. They had been drinking, but she'd always felt like she only liked men. The longer they danced, however, the more she found her desires for the other girl growing. Of course, it helped that Susan was holding her and pressing right back against her, their bodies twisting and moving to the beat, thrusting together occasionally.

Unable to hold back any longer, Michelle leaned forward at one point and kissed her on her neck. Susan moaned lightly and let her head tilt backward, exposing more of her throat, obviously enjoying the sensation of Michelle's lips on her tender skin. Michelle's hands snaked around Susan's hips, pulling her closer and proceeded to kiss along her neck, up towards her ear. Susan appeared to be in ecstasy, her hands reaching around to hold Michelle tightly.

After a few minutes of kissing Susan's neck, Michelle remembered that they weren't alone and started to worry that other people would give her trouble for kissing another girl in public. Reluctantly, she pulled her lips away from Susan's neck. They looked into each other's eyes and leaned forward for a sensuous kiss on the lips. Michelle was pleasantly surprised to feel Susan's tongue slip between her lips to lightly graze her teeth and tongue then pulled back. They separated and smiled at each other.

One of the guys from the group came up and started to dance with them, apparently oblivious to the kissing they'd just enjoyed. They started dancing again, but this time were far more liberal with their roaming hands. They would slide their hands around each other's ass more often, occasionally slipping them around the sides to approach the other's pussy. Each time Michelle's hand got closer and closer to the delta between Susan's legs, she felt the heat increase. She knew her own pussy was pulsing and was incredibly wet. She hadn't wanted someone else so much in a long time.

The rest of the night in the club was delicious torture. Each new song seemed to increase her desire for Susan. She started to imagine what it would be like to let her hands slide around Susan's naked body, exploring each and every luscious curve. She imagined sucking her hard nipples into her mouth, causing Susan to arch her back in pleasure. She imagined sliding her hands along Susan's inner thigh, approaching her wet pussy so she could slide her fingers inside and feel how hot and excited she was.

Finally, they decided they were done dancing and it was time to go home. Most were too drunk to drive so they divvied up the driving responsibilities among those who were sober-ish. Susan and Michelle had both left their cars at the house where the party started so they climbed in a car to head back there. To Michelle's pleased surprise, Susan admitted she was too drunk to drive and decided that she needed to sleep in the spare room at the house. Michelle might have been able to drive home, but wasn't sure and the temptation to stay with Susan overwhelmed any thought of going home to a sleeping husband who didn't seem to care whether she was excited or not.

Climbing into bed in the spare bedroom after stripping down to her panties, Susan looked over at Michelle with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. She let her eyes wander up and down Michelle's body and then grinned at her while sliding over to the side to make room for her bedmate.

With nervous feelings causing her heart rate to race, Michelle slid out of her dress and climbed into bed next to Susan. They seemed to naturally slide together, their bodies touching and filling each of them with desire. It didn't take long at all before their mouths met and the kiss quickly turned passionate. At first, they seemed to concentrate on just the kiss and the feelings produced by that, but then they started to let their hands wander again. This time, they didn't have dresses in the way and Michelle's hand reached Susan's breast, to cup it and feel how soft the skin felt.

Michelle's heart leapt when she felt how turgid Susan's nipple was, pressing against her palm. It eased her nervousness and excited her even more. She broke the kiss to kiss along Susan's jaw to her ear and neck. She then proceeded to enjoy turning Susan on immensely, who was moaning in pleasure and satisfaction. Michelle kissed lower along her neck to her shoulder and then lower, towards her chest. It was the first time Michelle had been so close to another woman's breast. She kissed around Susan's breast, teasing her by getting closer and closer to her nipple. Then she licked around Susan's areola, causing Susan to hold her breath in anticipation. Then she moved her mouth to the side and sucked that luscious looking nipple into her mouth. Susan cried out and used her hands to pull Michelle's head closer, urging her to suck on her more, which Michelle was more than happy to do.

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