Mavis and the Camera

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: In rhe hands of some people a camera can be a dangerous thing.

In the hands of some people a camera can be just as dangerous as a gun. Case in point:

My wife Mavis took our new digital camera to a bridal shower last week to record the festivities for a photo album that she intended to give the new bride. It must have been one hell of a good party because Mavis got so wasted that she had to come home in a taxi. They woke me up at three o'clock in the morning to pay the cabby and as I carried Mavis into the house I noticed that she did not have the new camera with her. This upset me just a little because that puppy had cost me almost 1200 dollars and the last thing I wanted was for it to come up missing.

In the morning I got up, had a couple of cups of coffee and changed the oil in my pickup. By the time I was done with the oil change it was ten o'clock and Mavis still wasn't up yet and so I talked my next door neighbor into running me over to Kim's place (where the shower was held) to pick up Mavis's car. While I was there I thought I would see if the camera was there so I rang the doorbell and it was answered by Carrie, Kim's twelve year old daughter. I asked if her mommy was home and was told that she had gone to the store. I described the new camera to Carrie and asked her to see if it was there and three minutes later she came back and handed me the camera. I headed home and when I got there Mavis was still zonked out. I changed the oil in her car and then went into the den to do some paperwork, but I tired of the paperwork real quick and decided to spend some time playing with the new camera. I took several pictures of things around the house and went back to the den, popped out the floppy and fired up the computer.

The first image I brought up curled my toes and made me wonder if I'd somehow gotten hold of the wrong camera. It was a side view of the about to be bride who was looking into the camera with a big smile on her face. She was naked and there was a black dude behind her and he was buried to the balls in her ass or cunt - I couldn't tell from the side - and he was also giving the camera a big grin. The next image clarified things a bit; it was from directly astern and the black dude was definitely buried in Pat's ass. I had known Pat and her parents since she was a sweet and innocent six year old and frankly I had no idea the she was 'that kind of girl'. The third image was of the black guy sitting on a chair and Pat was sitting on his cock while her mouth was on the cock of a white guy standing in front of her and neither of the two men was her intended.

The next image confirmed something that I had always suspected - Kim had a killer body. Kim had been Mavis's best friend for over fifteen years and she had always looked hot to me, but I'd never even seen her in a bathing suit so all I had to go on was how she looked fully dressed. Not any more. Kim was on her back and was being fucked by a guy who I did not recognize (other than knowing it was not her husband). The next four images were of Kim and Pat in various positions with four different guys and by now I had a very stiff dick and was trying to think of ways that I could get to either Pat or Kim. It suddenly dawned on me that I had a golden opportunity with these images; I was sure that neither Pat nor Kim would want their significant others to see them.

The next image made my stiff dick wilt. It was a head shot of Mavis with her bright red lips wrapped around a big black cock. I was stunned. In twenty years of marriage I'd never had any reason to suspect that Mavis had been any thing other than faithful to me, and then I started to think about all the nights she and Kim had gone out together on a "girl's night out". The next four images were of Mavis and the same four guys who had been in the scenes with Pat and Kim and in one of them she had three cocks in her and I do have to admit that it made my dick hard again. I had a hard time trying to make up my mind as to which picture was my favorite - Mavis sucking on the black guy or Mavis being fucked by the three. I made sure everything was on the hard drive and then I put the disc back in the camera and took it out and put it on the seat of Mavis's car. I had just come in the house when the phone rang and apparently Mavis picked up the upstairs phone just as I picked up the phone in the kitchen and I heard Kim tell Mavis in a panicked voice:

"I just got back from the store and Carrie told me Dave had come by and picked up your car and the camera."

I heard Mavis say; "Oh shit! I'd better go" and I heard her hang up. A minute later she came running down the stairs and I heard her run to the den. When she came into the kitchen she had a worried look on her face and she seemed a little tense, but when I said, "Good morning sleepy head" in a normal tone of voice she visibly relaxed. I wasn't mad so I must not know, right?

"Kim just called. She said you picked up the car. Did you get the camera while you were there?"

I gave her what I hoped was a confused look and then I said, "Oh, right! I left it on the seat of the car. I'll go get it" and I started to turn to the back door.

Mavis grabbed me, "It will wait. I woke up horny" and she pulled me toward the bedroom.

Knowing that mine was the fifth cock to enter her cunt within the last twenty-four hours excited me more than I would have thought possible and I fucked her like I was a horny teenager all over again. It was the first time in over ten years that we made love three times in one afternoon and after the third time I laid back and acted like I was dropping off to take a nap. Mavis got up and went downstairs and I heard her go into the den and then out the back door. I watched as she changed discs in the camera and put it back down on the seat of her car. That night, after dinner, I went out and got the camera and when I came back in I handed her the disc out of the camera:

"Here, you better take this," I said, "I'm going to use the camera tomorrow and I'm going to want a fresh disc.

The next day, armed with copies printed from the hard drive, I paid Kim a visit. She invited me in, offered me a cup of coffee and then as we sat down at the kitchen table she said:

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"I just came over to check on the state of your marriage, "I said.

She frowned, "What's this all about Dave?"

I slid the large envelope across to her and said, "What this is about is enlightenment - mine!"

Kim pulled out the photos and looked at them. I don't know what I expected, but calm wasn't one of them. She looked at me:

"Does Mavis know you know?"

"No" I said, "And I don't want her to know that I know."

She looked at me calmly, "And what has this to do with the state of my marriage?"

"I just wondered what would happen if Tom saw these."

Kim gave me a look of contempt, "I never figured you for an asshole Dave, but I guess you never know. What is it you want? A blow job for your silence? Or do you just want to fuck me a couple of times a week from now on?"

That pissed me off and Kim saw the anger register on my face and she pulled back a little. I controlled my voice as best I could and said:

"You have given me a hardon every time I've seen you since the day I met you and yet I have always been a perfect gentleman around you. If I was an asshole I would have had my cock out and been waving it in your face as you opened the envelope. I'd fuck you in a heartbeat, but only if you were willing. All I want from you is information. I want to know how long Mave has been stepping out on me, with who, with how many, and most of all I want to know why."

She looked at me and said, "I can't do that Dave, she's my best friend."

"Yes you can babe, and you will if you don't want Tom to see these" and I pointed at the pictures. "If it will make you fell better I don't intend to use what you tell me against Mave, but our marriage has just moved to a different level and if it is going to survive I need to know what's going on. Basically what I'm saying is that if my marriage goes down the tubes it won't bother me at all to take yours with it. After all, it's what happened at your party that caused this."

Kim was silent for a minute or so and then she said, "Where do you want me to start?"

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