The Get-together

by j_michell

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, DomSub, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A submissive couple visit a dominate couple.

The sun had just gone down when the door bell rang. I answered it to find the couple Vicki and I met the evening before. They were both wearing long coats. This seemed out of place as it was a warm night. All was as instructed. I showed them in and took their coats.

Beth was stunning. Her long black hair was down to the middle of her back. She wore six inch heels. Her legs were clad in black seamed hose, held up by garters attached to a red corset with black lace trim. Her breasts were displayed in the half cups of the bra and were accented with silver nipple clips.

Bills nipple were also adorned with clips. His hands were secured behind his back with handcuffs. Bills freshly shaved cock and balls were framed by a power blue garter belt that held up silver stockings; his feet had been locked into a pair of five inch heel opera pumps.

I led them to our Play Room where Mistress Vicki waited for us. Vicki was dressed in a latex body suit that exposed her ample breast and lush hair covered cunt. She sat on a throne made from a toilet set, so that both her pussy and ass were accessible. As we entered the room Mistress Vicki was slowly working a golden vibrator in and out of her sweet cunt.

I directed Bill to lay down so that his mouth was under Vicki's asshole. I secured a leather strap around his head to hold it in place. The only thing he could move after I had shackled his hands to the throne legs and his legs to two rings set in the floor was his tongue in and out of his Mistress' asshole.

I then lead Beth over to a padded stool and had her lie down on her back. I proceeded to tie her legs and arms to the legs of the stool. When I was through, Beth's butt was barely supported; her asshole was exposed and cunt was gaping open. Beth's back was arched over the padding, her tit's pointing up. Her head was hanging off the end of the stool, putting her mouth just under cock height.

A low moan came from behind me. I turned to see Vicki with her head thrown back, mouth open, both her hands at her cunt, the vibrator buried deep in her pussy, her breast heaving as the orgasm racked her body. As the waves of pleasure subsided, Vicki brought her head back upright. She looked at me; then a wicked smile came on her face. She scooted her ass back so that Bill who was tonguing her clit and then she cut loose with a stream of yellow that Bill greedily lapped up as if it were Champaign. The relieved expression on her face made me smile. As I turned my attention back to Beth, Vicki was busy unshackling Bill in order to put him onto a new form of bondage.

Beth, who was also had witnessed Bill's golden shower, now tensed, wondering what I had in store for her. I started by lowering two cords from the ceiling and attaching them to her nipple clips. Her nipples must have been aching because the clips had been on her breast for at least thirty minutes. She let out a sharp scream as I pulled her tits up tight. Each breast was pulled up and away from her body so that each was pointing over her head. I took a red ball gag down from the wall and placed it in Beth's mouth and secured the strap behind her head. Again I tested the tension on her tits. This time her scream was muffled by the gag. Next I selected a butt plug from the wall; with the help of some K-Y Jelly; I eased the five inch long plug, which tapered out to two and one half inches, into Beth's rectum. The muffled moan from Beth this time was not of pain, but relief as her rectum closed around the one and one half inch base.

My attention was distracted again by the sound of bill. Vicki had him suspended from an overhead beam. His arms out stretched, his legs spread and again tied taut to eye bolts in the floor. She had attached two alligator clips with five ounce weights to bill's scrotum, one to each testicle. She had also placed a steel snap ring around the head of Bill's penis. Fine chain leads were attached to his nipple clips and the cock ring. Vicki, calmly smoking a cigarette, would tug from time to time on the lead. Bill would tense and let out a sharp cry. Vicki leaned forward and brushed the long ash from her cigarette on Bill's naked balls.

Thus inspired, I took a penis whip and began to flail Beth's bald Venus mound, labia and clitoris. When her clitoris became swollen and red, I placed a nipple clip on it. Then I started to stripe her breast. Beth shook her back and forth in time with the thin tails of the penis whip as they wrapped around her cones. As they turned a bright pink I laid the whip down and walked to her head. I removed her gag, then lowered the zipper to my leather pants that were confining my now rock hard cock. Once freed it sprang to life. I plunged it down into Beth's mouth, I lift her head as I worked my dick into her mouth and down her throat until my balls bumped her nose. I withdrew my cock to allow her to catch her breath and then plunged it back in. I did this twice more before moving down between her spread legs. I removed the nipple clip from her clit and slammed my saliva covered cock into her cunt.

I pumped in and out, sperm boiling in my balls; my hands kneading her midriff through her corset and her stretched tits. Soon the tension was too much for me and I unloaded into her. Cum seem to pulse from the head of my penis forever although only seconds had passed.

As I leaned forward on my arms, catching my breath, I looked over to see Vicki had taken Bill down. He now was on all fours; a harness with a rubber bit was on his head, the bit in his mouth. A cat-o-nine-tails with a penis shaped handle was imbedded in his asshole forming a tail for this horse. The rider of course was Vicki. She sat astride Bill's bare back; her exposed pussy kissing his spine. In her right hand she held the reins to the harness. In her left hand she held the chain leading to Bill's cock ring that now run pass his still weighted balls, between his legs, up past the whip handle to Vicki.

Vick urged Bill along by jerking on the penis chain. As they came by Beth and I; I stood up and drew my penis from Beth. Cum started to drip from her pink lips.

"Look at that mess!" Vicki said jerking Bill's lead around so that he could see the cum oozing from his wife's cunt. Vicki took the harness off his head. "Get up there and clean that mess up," she said pushing his head toward Beth's dripping cunt. "Lick it clean you dickhead," she yanked on the chain lead, causing Bill to leap forward, landing with his face in his wife's pussy. "Suck!" she said.

As Bill went to work on his wife's cum filled puss, Beth caught her breath and let out a sigh. "What do you think you're doing, you little slut?" Vicki walked to Beth's head and pulled it up to her vagina. "Eat, you little bitch!"

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