City Girls: Crazy/sexy


Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, .

Desc: Science Fiction Story: These girls are quite wild, adventurous and shouldn't be in a crowded city.

Wow, that feels so good," I confessed to Jay as he applied a hot stone to my bare back, his hands guiding the dark formation gently down my spine toward to my ass. "You just enjoy the massage, " Jay assured soothingly, television news blabbing softly in the background... "As I said, this rock should turn you into a giant in a matter of a few minutes."

I got up to use the bathroom and spotted some stray clothes in the bathroom; a dark green Express Core Casual Short Short with a thick brown leather belt, a charcoal Venus Sequin Tank Top and some shiny silver sandals. I dashed out the back patio door, toward where the pool was, enough time for me to grab a pair of black designer sunglasses, the corner of my eye catching the Coach label. Jay followed closely behind, his hand on my shoulder, guiding me to the open air, before my head hit the ceiling.

"Here, lay on the grass." Jay suggested urgently. I could tell Jay was a little nervous, but excited to see me super-sized. I couldn't believe it! All the patio furniture and plants started looking like props in a doll house. My legs ran the length of the swimming pool and my arms and hands were starting to get tangled in the open windows of the house. sht! My sandaled feet just knocked over the brick fence separating the private yard from the sidewalk. The growth experience felt like riding in a speeding car. Oh, God!

Just lounging on the ground, I could see over the rooftops of the single-story ranch homes in this Tony neighborhood. The house appeared to me to be no more than the latest of the Barbie dream house collection. I was so excited to gauge my size; I lowered my face ground level and reached into the bedroom and pulled out the bed. I marveled at its puny-ness as I held it in my hand. "Goddamn, you're huge!" Jay shouted from the patio deck. I laughed. OMIGOD!

THIS IS AWESOME! I haven't giggled like this since right after my first kiss.

Sitting upright, my toes reached as far as the sidewalk ... across the street! As I felt the hot asphalt scald my ankle, I was startled when a car horn blasted as it squealed to a bone crunching stop as it slammed into a parked truck. With my hand to my wide-open mouth,

OH sht! SORRY. UM. SORRY 'BOUT THAT. I'LL ... YOU CAN CALL MY INSURANCE COMPANY. I was so overwhelmed with my long shiny legs; I forgot that they blocked the street. Silly me ... causing car accidents. Oopsy.

I rose to my feet as large chunks of grass and concrete that had stuck to my soft ebony skin fell to the ground, some pieces landing in the pool, sending gallons of water over its sides. I was so tall

I couldn't get over myself. Power lines, trees and houses just seemed so ... soo ... tiny ... wow! I scanned the ground and spotted my

Porsche parked in the driveway. It looked like a toy. I walked a couple of steps toward the street as curiosity seekers ran into their homes like mice when the lights come on, doors shutting, only the sound of an occasional scream breaking the horror movie-esque silence. The driver of the car that swerved to miss my legs; long gone. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE? I mused under my breath.

UH OH! Three police cars appeared on the scene as their sirens and skidding tires broke the silence like a church bell on a Sunday morning. I'M SOO OUTTA HERE, I said dismissively. I was blowing off the cops like I would ditch some boring party. It was kinda cool. I giggle some more as I blow a kiss down to Jay.

As I stepped onto the street, a painful pit in my stomach churned as

I anticipated what would happen next.


So there I was walking down the street, row after row of houses dotted the landscape at my feet. The roads and streets meandered for miles, my eyes fixed on the skyscrapers and highway overpasses that were my guiding post toward downtown, the first place I wanted to visit at my new gigantic height. I could go shopping anywhere now.

As I stopped to look behind me, I spotted people coming out of there homes, staring up at me as I headed off into the distance, probably relieved I spared their property and ... their lives. I was floored by the occasional footprint I left in the road and even more amazed to see a car that was parked along the side of the street, tipped on its side, slowly submerging into a sinkhole my left foot created.

So far, the whole giant experience has given me a whole new respect for people, life was so fragile. Wow! Now hold on! Hold that thought for one minute! Could that be my old boyfriend's condo over there? I squinted off into the distance a couple of blocks, OK so for me what seemed like a few yards. That jerk broke off with me over e-mail!

Time for a fun detour. I stepped over several people's houses and into a large backyard, where I scared the crap out of two teenage girls naked-sunbathing. OOPS!, SORRY GIRLS, I giggled as they scampered into the house.

Easy does it, easy ... I stepped into the parking lot of what's-his- name's place, a little clumsy since I could feel the ground rumble extra hard and two people screamed. I lowered my myself as I scanned all the windows of the complex, mostly I saw people screaming and holding a phone, sometimes they were sleeping or even doing ... never mind. OK, now I remember, there's his unit. I sat down in the parking lot and crossed my legs as I then proceeded to tap on his window. I got his attention all right ... and his new slutty girlfriend. HI YA, CHECK ME OUT. LET ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW YOU DATED A GIANT. BETTER HIDE, 'CAUSE I'M GONNA GET YA, I teased with wide eyes and a snarl. I was only kidding, but I couldn't help but turn his car over on its roof once I spotted it just at my toes.

What the hell, I turned over the car next to it, may be it was his girlfriend's.

I rose to my feet, the sound of police sirens getting closer was my cue to get the hell out of dodge. I set my eyes again downtown, but

I could see I had a rather wide, busy and congested freeway to pass. "The hell with it, I had to deal with mass amounts of people at some point. I had shopping to do," my mind conjured as I gathered the courage to be a careful giant. As I stepped over some small buildings, I found myself on the side of the highway, standing next to some trees that stood up to my belly button.

My impact was felt immediately. Several cars in the right lane that slowed down abruptly were rear-ended and a large chain reaction of crashes and crunches colored the roadway at my feet. People started getting out of their cars and running. One car steered to avoid the scene, overturning in front of my big toe. Poor me, I stood there, awe struck and totally, like a, dork, just watching the whole thing happen. "I must seem like Godzilla to these people," I thought. I knelt down to check to see if anyone was seriously injured. I couldn't tell because everyone was making a b-line away from me, a giant girl. A kinda cute one. Thank you.

I giggled at what a 9-1-1 call might sound like. "Yeah, 911? A giant girl just caused a pile-up. I think she's gonna destroy the city.

What does she look like? Well, she's got big huge feet, with fresh nail polish, silky long legs and..." I digress.

After I finished amusing myself with my thoughts, I began picking apart the tangles of cars, avoiding the people that crossed paths with my long fingers; they were as tall or taller than most people among the wreckage. I placed several vehicles on the side of the road and right-sided others. I sighed in relief as some people began cheering and clapping up to me. I think I earned their trust.

Several ambulances were screeching down toward me, so I stepped over the lanes of cars, placing my feet firmly in the grassy median between all eight lanes and pointed my body in the direction of downtown. SORRY FOR THE WRECK, PEOPLE. I HAVE TO LEAVE AND DO SOME SHOPPING.

BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS PRISHA. I blew a kiss down to the lines of cars as police helicopters gathered above my head.


I had one more overpass to step over and I was downtown. Oh, boy this one was pretty wide, four lanes jammed packed with cars and much more congested than I thought. As I made my way closer, it was apparent that people were not happy to see me; fleeing their cars and running on foot ... NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO FEAR. I WILL NO HURT ANYONE, I comforted down to the lines of cars as I stood above them, my big brown eyes peering through my designer shades. Just then, I lifted my right leg and brought my foot over the slowly moving line of cars, trucks and other people on foot. "Whew!" I thought as my right foot landed firmly on the other side. Then came my left foot.

As I lifted, my right foot slipped on the grassy median on the other side. OOPSY! OH SH@!! My big toe clipped one car's open door, flipping it on it s side. I looked down and witnessed another smash into it and several other cars and a truck collide with a bone- crushing CRUNCH!. People were freaked ... and so was I. I'M REALLY

SORRY, I offered as I clumsily bent down to offer to help. OOH,

OUCH, SORRY, PEEPS, I nervously mumbled as I scanned the messy roadway, my long fingers just above all the cars, preparing to scoop them from destruction ... I turned over one car, but my fingers bumped it another and sent it careening against the concrete guardrail.

OMIGOD! I gasped as I girlishly placed a hand over my mouth. People screamed as they ran away. The place was a disaster. What was girl to do? I started crying; tears starting pouring. After all, I'd be pissed too if a giant woman caused me to get into an accident.

Wiping my eyes, I begged for forgiveness. PLEASE, PEOPLE, I DIDN'T

MEAN TO CAUSE SO MUCH DAMAGE, I pleaded as I pouted and cringed. I fanned my face, as embarrassment set in.

After a few more minutes of me standing over the overpass, apologizing and attempting to rescue people, I was again heading downtown. I just wondered what the news was saying about me. As I negotiated through increasingly heavy traffic and the gawking crowds, I located a humungous jumbo-tron just outside the city limits, its bright colors broadcasting my image as newscasters rambled...

Anchor: We have breaking news from our affiliate out of Port Town.

In a rather odd development, there has been sighting of an extremely tall woman ... well ... a giant woman for that matter in the Port Town vicinity. This is not a hoax. We're not joking, here. Let's turn to our affiliate reporter, Paige Jinson for more details on this breaking story. Paige, what is going on here?

Reporter: Well, Brenda, as you can see behind me. I'm standing on the roof a five story building. As you can see behind me, there she is, Prisha Patters, 21 year old, has somehow become, simply put, a giant. Authorities are estimating that she's somewhere between 75 and 80 feet tall. To put that into perspective, the top of her head would reach between 7 and 9 stories. That's very tall. Quite frankly, no one is sure how she got this way. Ms. Patters is from the Port Estates section of town, and she works as a media consultant.

Anchor: Wow! Indeed, she is very tall. I guess I should ask if anyone has gotten hurt. Do they know, for instance, if she will be careful around the population? In fact, why is she even walking around? Seems to me if I'm that tall and at that height very dangerous, I'd stay somewhere more remote. Why head towards the city's more populated areas, much less during a busy commuting time?

Reporter: Good question. We don't know if she is perhaps looking for someone or something. We do know that her ex-boyfriend works here downtown, so maybe that has something to do with her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As far as injuries, we have reports that several motorists have been involved in collisions resulting from, well, how can I say this? Honestly, having a giant woman in your midst is very distracting. Several people have been taken to the hospital. Our Newscopter (clips shown on the screen) reporters have spotted large footprints along the approximately three mile path she has carved into lawns, streets and sidewalks so far. As you can see there (referring to the video on screen), as she's making her way, motorists are simply pulling over and fleeing their vehicles on foot. Large impressions, deep imprints appear in the road where you would expect cars to be driving. I'm about a mile from her location, and believe me you can feel the ground rumble something like in the movie Jurassic Park. Here, in another part of town, lampposts and mailboxes have toppled. Several parked cars appeared to be crushed. Ya know, it doesn't appear as though she's intentionally causing damage, but I'd imagine at that size, something as mundane as a misplaced toe can wreak havoc. It's all a rather surreal.

Anchor: Thank you, Paige. We can only hope Ms. Patters does not have some kind of violent streak in her. Now, we turn to our senior analysts for more discussion on this very, very strange and perplexing story.


"Ma'am, please stay put! You have no business here!" I heard blasting up from the street as I felt the scratching of a traffic signal swinging against my legs. I took a quick count and from what

I could tell there were some fifteen squad cars and armored vehicles scattered like toy as at the next intersection, the bright lights a pretty array of colors. Helicopters circled above me like bumble bees, the gentle patter of the spinning blades surprisingly soothing against the sounds of crashing cars and horrified people running like ants.

I was in deep trouble. I had managed to meander and tiptoe my way to the edge of downtown. Behind me was a trail of footprints and vehicles strewn on sidewalks as people pulled over as I approached.

I stood there in the street, stunned at the display of power the police had set up at no more than three strides of my gargantuan limbs. I gently rubbed my silky legs, which had chafed the side of a building, which had sent loose bricks tumbling onto the tops of my feet. My stomach growled as I recognized the inviting smell of a

McDonald's; quickly scanning the streets, the fast food joint was only two blocks away. It was tempting to pay it a visit. May be I could go through the drive-thru.

"Ma'am, do not even attempt to go any further. Please put your hands up!" a voice blasted more loudly. I looked down to see three more police cars among a plethora of abandoned cars no more than inches from my feet. Let's face it, there's no way I'd be anywhere near a woman of my height, let a lone attempting to arrest her. Who did these people think they were? Well, I guess the cops.

Luckily, I was in a cooperative mood and began slowly raising my arms as I spotted people on rooftops and news choppers recording the whole scene. Then I thought..."One minute, why am I giving up so easily? I need to put this newfound power to the test. I quickly swooped down and scooped up a police car from the street where I held it in my hand at my side. I had a renewed confidence, a swagger as I curved my hips, ready to address the remaining vehicles. The sound of clicking guns returned the gesture.


I couldn't believe what I just did. Never in a million years did I imagine I would wield so much power ... or be holding a cop car in my sweaty hands. Silence fell over the scene. I cringed. "Ms. Patters, what can we do for you?" a calm voice from a helicopter greeted my ears.

I placed the cop car on a nearby rooftop and took a deep breath as the smell of my body spray filled the air. WELL, TO GET ME OUT OF



Fire engines, squad cars and military vehicles lay strung out before me on the cramped city street, my feet landing gently, carefully behind them as the massive escort guided me toward the river. I'm not sure how fast they were going, may be five miles per hour, but to me, it seemed like I was standing in place. As I stepped over traffic lights and abandoned vehicles, I gazed at the people peering back at me from the safety of their windows. I could feel the earth tremble, windows vibrating and the roadway crackle as my feet covered more ground.

Almost there, I could smell the tussling river water that streamed just behind a couple of large buildings that separated me from a relaxing swim; a welcomed idea for me and thousands of other people,

I suppose. After all, what harm could I could I do in the river?

As I turned the corner, I noticed that a congested two-lane roadway sat adjacent to the river and as my stomach churned at the thought of having to step over yet another mass of occupied cars, the police escorting me had the foresight to warn over their PA system, "Attention motorists, please do not be alarmed, please remain in your vehicles." This was my cue to proceed as the escort of vehicles below me fanned out so that I could pass by them and negotiate over the line of traffic. As I approached, I kept saying to myself, "just a couple of more steps and I can relax, out of harm's way." While I found inner-peace with the circumstances, I could see that several, OK, lots of people who were running from their cars did not share my sentiments. I remained silent and calm, breathing through my nose and out my mouth as I lifted my right leg and planted my right foot squarely onto a thin patch of grass that separated the road from the river. People looked up at me in awe, some in horror as I straddled the roadway, seemingly ready to reach down and pluck from the road whatever I desired. I must have looked menacing. They were soo, 'Whatever' to me.

Having brought my entire body safely onto the grassy median, I sat at the river's edge and placed my feet in the warm water. "My god, that was fast!" I whispered under my breath as I spotted a tugboat towing an oversized pool raft in my direction. It must have run half the length of a football field, the shiny white float complete with a pillow headrest looked so luxurious. I smiled in anticipation as the tug approached. WOW, THANK YOU, I blurted out in girlish excitement.

The tug's crew removed the ropes of the line as it occurred to me I had on a really cool brown one-piece with pink trim under my shorts and shirt; Duh, I was supposed to go the to the beach today. Thank god I decided on a more modest piece. I almost wore that halter bikini with a low-rise bottom, but it was still in the hamper.

Having removed my shirt and shorts, and adjusted my bathing suit and sunglasses, I eased into the water. First, I lowered my legs to gauge the depth, and then lowered myself some more until my feet felt the rocky river bottom. AAHHH, I sighed. The water was so warm and soothing, gentle waves therapeutically kissing my skin in all the right places, the water's surface capping off just above my naval. I stood in place for a minute as the tug finished reeling in its rope. THANK YOU, I smiled down to the crew.

As the tug swam along, I needed take care of some business. Of all the stories I've ever read about giants, one important detail they seemed to have left out was the part about giant people going to the bathroom ... and I had to pee. "Finally!" I thought. Hey, when a girl's gotta go, she's gotta go. I lowered deeper into the water until my chin rested at the surface. As I waited for nature to take its course, I scanned the cityscape in the background and the line of traffic on the roadway just within arm's reach at the river's edge. I could hear people's car radios in a mix of talk and music that blended together like tiny radios in an appliance store. Then I heard it. I took one large stride toward the roadway as large waves amassed around me, kicking up wetness on the street. It was my favorite ... that BMW over there was playing Usher! One more step and I lowered my head to peek into the car, my chin just above the adjacent sidewalk. The woman driver screamed as my face filled her entire view. SORRY, LADY, I NEED TO BORROW YOUR CAR. I PROMISE I'LL GIVE IT BACK. The woman wasted no time exiting the car as I smiled cutely and plucked it form the roadway, Usher's crooning uninterrupted. Hmm, did I just commit carjacking or was that only car theft? I'll let my lawyer deal with it.

Now that I had a radio I could lay back and relax as people figured out how to make me normal again. I ambled over to the raft and placed the car on its surface. Then I remembered just how difficult it was to climb on a pool raft. People laughed at me at that last pool party when I took ten minutes to get on. I'll show them. I placed both hands shoulder length on the soft rubbery landscape and hoisted myself awkwardly. OOPS! I lost my grip and my butt plopped back into the water. OH, NO! I cried as a large wave kicked up and headed straight for shore. My jaw dropped as a wall of water greeted the roadway, paying an unsightly visit with a row of what looked like fifteen cars moving slowly toward a bridge's on-ramp. OH! ... UM!...

PEOPLE!, I stuttered and fidgeted WATCH OUT!

Too late, OUCH!. I was soo mortified. All fifteen cars were swept away like bowling pins down an adjacent street, where they came to a rest, bunched up like a pile of toys. OMIGOD! I'M LIKE, SOOO SORRY.

I'M SO EMBARASSED. I cupped my face and shook my head in disbelief.

CAN I HELP? IS ANYONE HURT?, I asked like a complete dork.

People on the street were staring up at me in disgust. I had to hide! I pinched my nose and submerged myself beneath the surface where I gathered my thoughts and frankly, the water down there was very calming. I resurfaced about a minute later and was able to make a more graceful landing onto the raft, where I settled in, primped my hair, adjusted my bathing suit as I listened on the car radio for more breaking news about yours truly. To my pleasant surprise, the company that made the raft included an industrial size container of sunscreen and moisturizer. Perfect! Now I could keep my beautiful ebony skin shiny and smooth even as all hell broke all around me.

Wow, a pile of fruit sat next to me too. I'm such a diva!

I laid back on the raft's pillow, taking in all the traffic on the nearby river-spanning bridge, passenger boats and ferries that dotted the river and the helicopters and planes that buzzed overhead. I cringed in embarrassment as I heard the sounds of ambulance rushing to clean up after the pile-up I created. What do they want form me? I said I was sorry.

The radio in my "new" car turned to a news bulletin, carrying live some breaking activity at a local residence...

Detective: C'mon, Jay. The FBI is on to you. We know that that line of beauty products your company is developing, when modified with female hormones can alter women's height. We know that you signed some of the material out from the lab. And let's face it; the trail of destruction from your lady friend begins here.

Jay: I swear, I had nothing to do with it. Prisha spent the night here, but I was out of town.

Detective: We're gonna continue to investigate and in the meantime, you are under house arrest.

The FBI and the police exited Jay's home with what they thought was the entirety of the suspect beauty products. As the door slammed shut, Jay gasped in relief as he sat on the couch.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. "Who is it?" Jay shouted nervously. "Who do you think it is?" an abrupt female voice boomed.

"Beth?" Jay asked in a shocked tone. "Yup! So open up, two-timer. I need to talk to you. I'm not in a good mood today and I'm completely pissed off at you!," Beth clamored, hair disheveled, wearing sweats and a t-shirt, pregnancy test in tow.


"You have no idea how hurt I was when heard on TV that you were fooling around with that ... that, Prisha." Beth wept as she sat on the bed next to Jay. "I swear the whole thing was a complete accident. I promise I'll make it up to you." Jay shamefully tried to explain. "What was an accident? Sleeping with Prisha or turning her into a giant freak of nature? I turn on the radio. It's about

Prisha. The TV ... duh ... guess who it is? It's the giant woman who slept with my long-time boyfriend." Beth whined sarcastically as she began collecting her things from Jay's house.

Jay tried in vein to further explain himself as Beth changed from warm sweats to khaki shorts and a pretty white tank top that she had left from a previous night. "Please, I know I really messed up, but

I love you and I need another chance," Jay pleaded to Beth, who was now packing a small suitcase and stuffing her shiny gold tote with various items, including bananas, grapes and other fruit from a basket in the kitchen. "Oh, and one more thing, you're gonna help me with this," Beth scolded as she held the pregnancy test up to Jay, her pretty blue eyes and thick blond locks just inches from his face. "Don't argue with me, I'm feeling crampy and I have a headache."

Over the next five minutes Jay talked his way into getting Beth to at least calm down and relax as he made her something to eat. "My god, your backyard is in complete ruins. Did she actually grow back there?" Beth inquired, wiping tears from her eyes, freshening up with some Bath & Body Works sprays and lotions as the television buzzed in the background, more coverage of the colossal story downtown. "Yeah, um, I guess. Hey, do you want anything to drink?"

Jay asked nervously, hoping to change the subject. "No, that's OK.

Geez, just look at the size of her. She's ginormous," Beth gawked as she watched the news coverage on the TV screen. "I bet it must be so much fun to be that size. I mean, you could do whatever you'd like.

I know I'd have a field day," Beth sighed as she rolled her eyes in amusement as her mood picked up.

"Hmm, just what would you do?" Jay asked. "Well, first, I think

Prisha 's being really boring. I'd be more menacing, in a really cute, girly kinda way, I s'pose. I'd act out some Godzilla-ish stuff, but toned down a bit, OK a lot, a real lot, I guess. But I'd still scare the crap out of people and I would think of some really cute and stupid things to say that would be, well, just be fun for a girl to say at that height. Things that would annoy people and make me laugh at the same time, and, ya know just inconvenience people, cause some light damage, some car wrecks may be, nothing major" Beth spewed, giggling as she took a bite of the sandwich Jay prepared. "I could also do some things to save the environment ... Just kidding. Too boring."

I guess it comes down to how I'd see my personality at that height.

If you think of what some famous people do, ya know, my giant me would be a cross between Angelina Jolie for her smarts, Gwen Stefani for her style and of course Sarah Silverman for her sense of humor and wit. Throw in a dash, just a dash, OK, each of Britney Spears,

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan for my naughty side. OK, bad examples, but why not? There, that would just about cover it. Most people think our generation of 20-somethings is a bunch of spoiled brats, anyway. I would just be a much bigger version, someone our generation could look up to, literally " the 21-year-old Beth giggled, completely amused with herself.

Jay laughed at the silly scenario. "Thankfully, for all humanity's sake, that won't be happening." Jay assured, hoping Beth was over being pissed. "Hey, girl make yourself comfortable and stay awhile."

Jay offered, as Beth stood up, a full tote bag over her shoulders, ready to leave. "Hmmm ... OK ... I am in the mood for a hot bath, anyway." Beth sighed as she entered the bathroom, scavenging for a towel, opening drawers to find the bubble bath. Jay sat on the bed, flipping the channels, when Beth cried out, "What the hell is this?!

@?" Jay's face lost all color and a horrible pit welled up in his stomach as he rushed to the bathroom. "You look like you just saw a ghost." Beth quipped as she held the guilty beauty by-product that

Jay had managed to hide from the FBI. "What is this thing? What's the matter?"

Jay wasted no time as he grabbed Beth by the hand and brought her out the backyard, virtually yanking Beth's hand from the rest of her body. "Honey, I'm only gonna say this once, just please keep me out of trouble!" Beth's face went blank as stuttered for words. "Huh?

What? I feel really weird. Ouch, my body really aches." Beth moaned as she dropped the stone to the ground. The grassy lawn beneath

Beth's feet began to sink under her weight as she grew. Her expanding arms chipped the side of the house, sending siding and a section of gutter crashing on top of the patio furniture, what was left after Prisha had destroyed much of it.

"Help!!" Beth screamed as she grew to 25 feet, then 50, her head well above the house. She continued to grow, even taller than

Prisha, topping off just over 100 feet. Beth stood in place, examining her expanse, touching her stomach, scanning her arms and legs to be sure all of her was there. THIS IS THE WEIRDEST THING.

HOLY ... Looking down at a flabbergasted Jay, Beth gasped from excitement, placing her hand against her chest. EVEN MY CLOTHES AND TOTE GREW! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I GUESS WHATEVER A WOMAN HAS ON AT THE TIME, GROWS WITH HER, Beth shrugged.

WOW, I CAN SEE FOR MILES ... AND THEN SOME MORE MILES AFTER THAT, Beth marveled as she scanned the horizon, now completely unobstructed, feet having crushed virtually everything left standing in the yard.

Beth giggled, smiling ear to ear. It was a giggle people did not want to hear, but they probably did since it seemed to echo over the landscape at her bare feet.

OH ... MY ... GOD!, Laughing some more as she reached down and picked up a car from Jay's neighbor's driveway, examining it before putting on the flat roof of the neighbor's house.



Beth began the trek out of Jay's yard into what now seemed a whole new world to discover. Having completely stepped over his house,

Beth struggled to plant both her bare feet within the width of the street. UGH!, Beth groaned as she pushed several parked cars aside with her toes, gently curling the balls of her feet, nudging the stubborn vehicles onto sidewalks and front yards. More often than not, the vehicles tipped onto their sides or Beth simply reached down and moved then with her lanky fingers.

Having cleared a path immediately before her, Beth found that the trail of footprints left by Prisha served her well as a guide, that and the stream of crushed mailboxes, downed street lights. Beth ambled happily down the street, contentment filling every inch of her body, more than pleased to assume the role of giant. As she passed the tiny houses, Beth waved to awe-struck residents, now weary of more oversized people in their midst as they scampered behind closed doors. They could only wonder if there would be more.

"Now to find that obnoxious prima dona, Prisha," Beth mumbled under her breath. Following in Prisha's path, Beth approached a bend in the road, just two miles from the town of Preston, a bedroom community just five miles form downtown Port Town now experiencing a massive population expansion as evident by its new roadways and the regularly congested streets during the week. Beth was still in an isolated area, and save for a few residents, no one had paid much attention to her yet, the talk of the town was still Prisha.

As Beth came to a bend in the road just at the top of a steep embankment, she gazed out into the distance, admiring the tall buildings, freeways and factories that dotted the landscape heading into the central city area. Still gazing, Beth sighed at the feeling of power she possessed, reaching into her oversized tote bag, eyes widening in delight as she plucked some grapes she had swiped from

Jay. WOW! THESE GRAPES ARE GIANT, TOO!, Beth blurted out loud, quickly cupping her mouth for discretion. All the fruit in her bag had mutated, the grapes having ballooned to the size of an average refrigerator.

Looking just down the embankment, the giant couldn't get over the extent of the traffic that was heading away from downtown, clogging all eight lanes in both east and west directions, yet maintaining an orderly speed of 40 MPH. "Look at all the people," Beth awed as she studied the eight lanes of highway traffic on I-909, dropping a grape into her right cheek. MMM, the fruity juices burst as they refreshed her mouth, the lanky woman savoring the flavor as she watched the world go by. As she popped another grape into her mouth and began to bite down, Beth's newfound imagination struck like lightning, the birth of a playful thought forcing her to hide her delightful smile, seemingly out of fear someone would spoil the surprise she had for people.

"What a deliciously naughty idea, wicked" Beth thought. Taking in a good look at the highway yet again, Beth positioned the grape in her mouth at the top of her now-curled tongue, focusing her big blue eyes on the two closest center lanes as she took in a deep breath, maintaining her concentration as she pushed her diaphragm down, releasing a massive gust of wind that launched the grape, sending it careening through the air, where it landed squarely on the highway with a SQUISH right between two cars as they hurriedly barreled down the road. The grape exploded its juices all over the roadway before one car skidded on the slippery surface, catching grape and its gooeyness in its wheels, causing it to lose control as it flipped several times. The car behind it skidded, swerving into the adjacent lane, side-swiping an SUV that lost control because grape had smeared onto the windshield, obstructing the driver's view. Before

Beth could even reach into her tote for another grape, she was the witness to a jaw-dropping 30-car pile-up.

"Wow, playing with my brother's Hot Wheels was never this much fun."

Beth thought cutely to herself. Smiling like a girl who tasted candy for the first time, Beth gasped to herself, "I can't believe I just did that! That was just soooo not nice. Oh well, Uh! this is just too much fun to stop!" she coached to herself as she poked another green grape into her mouth, taking in the continued squeal of tires and crunch of metal on the highway that filled her ears. With another grape scheduled for take-off, Beth blew it a farewell kiss, the grape arcing high in the sky, landing on the roof of a car in the eastbound lane, leaving no more than a large saliva slick on its roof, bouncing up again, landing unharmed in the as-yet untangled westbound highway. An 18-wheeler attempted to swerve and miss it, but smashed into it head on, sending a rain of grape ness into the air where chunks landed on other cars, on the road and splattering across once-visible signage. CLEAN UP IN LANE TWO, Beth called down toward the road, voice booming as dazed people on the messy roadway ooh-ed and ah-ed as they pointed in her direction. Beth waved her fingers back at them.

"Ahh, that was too easy," Beth sighed as she actually swallowed a grape instead of using it as a WMD. Beth primped her long thick hair and picked grape from between her teeth as she turned to head toward

Preston, fanning herself of the early afternoon heat.

"Hun, did you overdo it with that body spray?" Joe asked his girlfriend as they sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic. "No, but there is definitely a strong smell of feminine body spray," Lisa replied.

BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOOM the ground rumbled, shaking the couple's car ... Lisa screamed, thinking there was an earthquake.


Beth found herself at the intersection of Main and 1st, the gateway to Preston, peering around thee town's only high-rise building, revealing herself for the first time to a live audience, her eyes bulging at the site of hundreds of cars and many people on foot, patiently waiting for traffic to clear on their way out of town.

Beth was beside herself; this was everything she imaged back at

Jay's, beaming her baby blues down at the mass of humanity as she straddled the intersection, daring anyone to defy her. Immediately, car doors flew open, as screaming people dashed for their lives.

Beth slowly, casually and softly reached into her bag and pulled out a giant banana, lightly peeling its outer layer, reveling in the moment. EXCUSE ME, I DIDN'T SAY ANYONE COULD LEAVE. HOW RUDE!, Beth pouted as she gently sank her teeth into the lengthy fruit, its aroma piercing every air pocket within blocks. NOW, I NEED TO GET


DID I MENTION, I'M GODZILLA'S BIGGEST FAN, Beth threw in for kicks.

MAN, I COULD USE A NICE BUBBLE BATH RIGHT NOW. BEING A GIANT CAN MAKE A GIRL YEARN TO BE PAMPERED, Beth mused as she pondered other important information to tell.

GEEZ, I ALMOST FORGOT. MY NAME IS BETH AND I JUST HATE SUV's, waving a disapproving finger at the direction of an Explorer, Escalade,

Hummer and an Excursion in the unfortunate position of being located at the street level nearest her imposing bare feet.

It was as though the giant woman had put a big wet blanket on the lives of hundreds of people as they stared up silently. Others continued running, when Beth removed an eight-foot chunk of banana with her fingers and tossed it at a group of some twenty people running between lanes of cars. The massive stump landed squarely on top of the tightly packed group, stopping them cold in their tracks as they wrestled to gain their freedom. OOPS, Beth laughed. YOU



Beth sat herself down on a three-story building, resting her feet on the opposing sidewalk, her mile-long silky legs bridging above the scurrying commuters and their useless vehicles. HEY, DOES ANYONE



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