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Desc: Science Fiction Story: These girls are quite wild, adventurous and shouldn't be in a crowded city.

Wow, that feels so good," I confessed to Jay as he applied a hot stone to my bare back, his hands guiding the dark formation gently down my spine toward to my ass. "You just enjoy the massage, " Jay assured soothingly, television news blabbing softly in the background... "As I said, this rock should turn you into a giant in a matter of a few minutes."

I got up to use the bathroom and spotted some stray clothes in the bathroom; a dark green Express Core Casual Short Short with a thick brown leather belt, a charcoal Venus Sequin Tank Top and some shiny silver sandals. I dashed out the back patio door, toward where the pool was, enough time for me to grab a pair of black designer sunglasses, the corner of my eye catching the Coach label. Jay followed closely behind, his hand on my shoulder, guiding me to the open air, before my head hit the ceiling.

"Here, lay on the grass." Jay suggested urgently. I could tell Jay was a little nervous, but excited to see me super-sized. I couldn't believe it! All the patio furniture and plants started looking like props in a doll house. My legs ran the length of the swimming pool and my arms and hands were starting to get tangled in the open windows of the house. sht! My sandaled feet just knocked over the brick fence separating the private yard from the sidewalk. The growth experience felt like riding in a speeding car. Oh, God!

Just lounging on the ground, I could see over the rooftops of the single-story ranch homes in this Tony neighborhood. The house appeared to me to be no more than the latest of the Barbie dream house collection. I was so excited to gauge my size; I lowered my face ground level and reached into the bedroom and pulled out the bed. I marveled at its puny-ness as I held it in my hand. "Goddamn, you're huge!" Jay shouted from the patio deck. I laughed. OMIGOD!

THIS IS AWESOME! I haven't giggled like this since right after my first kiss.

Sitting upright, my toes reached as far as the sidewalk ... across the street! As I felt the hot asphalt scald my ankle, I was startled when a car horn blasted as it squealed to a bone crunching stop as it slammed into a parked truck. With my hand to my wide-open mouth,

OH sht! SORRY. UM. SORRY 'BOUT THAT. I'LL ... YOU CAN CALL MY INSURANCE COMPANY. I was so overwhelmed with my long shiny legs; I forgot that they blocked the street. Silly me ... causing car accidents. Oopsy.

I rose to my feet as large chunks of grass and concrete that had stuck to my soft ebony skin fell to the ground, some pieces landing in the pool, sending gallons of water over its sides. I was so tall

I couldn't get over myself. Power lines, trees and houses just seemed so ... soo ... tiny ... wow! I scanned the ground and spotted my

Porsche parked in the driveway. It looked like a toy. I walked a couple of steps toward the street as curiosity seekers ran into their homes like mice when the lights come on, doors shutting, only the sound of an occasional scream breaking the horror movie-esque silence. The driver of the car that swerved to miss my legs; long gone. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE? I mused under my breath.

UH OH! Three police cars appeared on the scene as their sirens and skidding tires broke the silence like a church bell on a Sunday morning. I'M SOO OUTTA HERE, I said dismissively. I was blowing off the cops like I would ditch some boring party. It was kinda cool. I giggle some more as I blow a kiss down to Jay.

As I stepped onto the street, a painful pit in my stomach churned as

I anticipated what would happen next.


So there I was walking down the street, row after row of houses dotted the landscape at my feet. The roads and streets meandered for miles, my eyes fixed on the skyscrapers and highway overpasses that were my guiding post toward downtown, the first place I wanted to visit at my new gigantic height. I could go shopping anywhere now.

As I stopped to look behind me, I spotted people coming out of there homes, staring up at me as I headed off into the distance, probably relieved I spared their property and ... their lives. I was floored by the occasional footprint I left in the road and even more amazed to see a car that was parked along the side of the street, tipped on its side, slowly submerging into a sinkhole my left foot created.

So far, the whole giant experience has given me a whole new respect for people, life was so fragile. Wow! Now hold on! Hold that thought for one minute! Could that be my old boyfriend's condo over there? I squinted off into the distance a couple of blocks, OK so for me what seemed like a few yards. That jerk broke off with me over e-mail!

Time for a fun detour. I stepped over several people's houses and into a large backyard, where I scared the crap out of two teenage girls naked-sunbathing. OOPS!, SORRY GIRLS, I giggled as they scampered into the house.

Easy does it, easy ... I stepped into the parking lot of what's-his- name's place, a little clumsy since I could feel the ground rumble extra hard and two people screamed. I lowered my myself as I scanned all the windows of the complex, mostly I saw people screaming and holding a phone, sometimes they were sleeping or even doing ... never mind. OK, now I remember, there's his unit. I sat down in the parking lot and crossed my legs as I then proceeded to tap on his window. I got his attention all right ... and his new slutty girlfriend. HI YA, CHECK ME OUT. LET ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW YOU DATED A GIANT. BETTER HIDE, 'CAUSE I'M GONNA GET YA, I teased with wide eyes and a snarl. I was only kidding, but I couldn't help but turn his car over on its roof once I spotted it just at my toes.

What the hell, I turned over the car next to it, may be it was his girlfriend's.

I rose to my feet, the sound of police sirens getting closer was my cue to get the hell out of dodge. I set my eyes again downtown, but

I could see I had a rather wide, busy and congested freeway to pass. "The hell with it, I had to deal with mass amounts of people at some point. I had shopping to do," my mind conjured as I gathered the courage to be a careful giant. As I stepped over some small buildings, I found myself on the side of the highway, standing next to some trees that stood up to my belly button.

My impact was felt immediately. Several cars in the right lane that slowed down abruptly were rear-ended and a large chain reaction of crashes and crunches colored the roadway at my feet. People started getting out of their cars and running. One car steered to avoid the scene, overturning in front of my big toe. Poor me, I stood there, awe struck and totally, like a, dork, just watching the whole thing happen. "I must seem like Godzilla to these people," I thought. I knelt down to check to see if anyone was seriously injured. I couldn't tell because everyone was making a b-line away from me, a giant girl. A kinda cute one. Thank you.

I giggled at what a 9-1-1 call might sound like. "Yeah, 911? A giant girl just caused a pile-up. I think she's gonna destroy the city.

What does she look like? Well, she's got big huge feet, with fresh nail polish, silky long legs and..." I digress.

After I finished amusing myself with my thoughts, I began picking apart the tangles of cars, avoiding the people that crossed paths with my long fingers; they were as tall or taller than most people among the wreckage. I placed several vehicles on the side of the road and right-sided others. I sighed in relief as some people began cheering and clapping up to me. I think I earned their trust.

Several ambulances were screeching down toward me, so I stepped over the lanes of cars, placing my feet firmly in the grassy median between all eight lanes and pointed my body in the direction of downtown. SORRY FOR THE WRECK, PEOPLE. I HAVE TO LEAVE AND DO SOME SHOPPING.

BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS PRISHA. I blew a kiss down to the lines of cars as police helicopters gathered above my head.


I had one more overpass to step over and I was downtown. Oh, boy this one was pretty wide, four lanes jammed packed with cars and much more congested than I thought. As I made my way closer, it was apparent that people were not happy to see me; fleeing their cars and running on foot ... NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO FEAR. I WILL NO HURT ANYONE, I comforted down to the lines of cars as I stood above them, my big brown eyes peering through my designer shades. Just then, I lifted my right leg and brought my foot over the slowly moving line of cars, trucks and other people on foot. "Whew!" I thought as my right foot landed firmly on the other side. Then came my left foot.

As I lifted, my right foot slipped on the grassy median on the other side. OOPSY! OH SH@!! My big toe clipped one car's open door, flipping it on it s side. I looked down and witnessed another smash into it and several other cars and a truck collide with a bone- crushing CRUNCH!. People were freaked ... and so was I. I'M REALLY

SORRY, I offered as I clumsily bent down to offer to help. OOH,

OUCH, SORRY, PEEPS, I nervously mumbled as I scanned the messy roadway, my long fingers just above all the cars, preparing to scoop them from destruction ... I turned over one car, but my fingers bumped it another and sent it careening against the concrete guardrail.

OMIGOD! I gasped as I girlishly placed a hand over my mouth. People screamed as they ran away. The place was a disaster. What was girl to do? I started crying; tears starting pouring. After all, I'd be pissed too if a giant woman caused me to get into an accident.

Wiping my eyes, I begged for forgiveness. PLEASE, PEOPLE, I DIDN'T

MEAN TO CAUSE SO MUCH DAMAGE, I pleaded as I pouted and cringed. I fanned my face, as embarrassment set in.

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