One Night

by Uncle Jim

Copyright© 2009 by Uncle Jim

Erotica Sex Story: Colleen is abducted off the street at night and abused by three men. Richard saves her life. Later as payment, he requests that she sleep with him for one night. It was not like any night she had ever spent before.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Torture   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Part One

I lay on the bed not knowing what to expect. He had requested that I share his bed for one night as payment for saving me. What would he do?

He joined me after coming from the bathroom. He turned out the lights, and slid into the bed next to me. He started by kissing my closed lips. Then gently flicked his tongue over my lips till I opened my mouth slightly, and his tongue slipped into my mouth.

We stayed like that for a while. My mouth slowly opening more and more to eventually admit all of his tongue. Then it was my tongue entering his mouth. Then his back in me again for a while, back and forth till our tongues grew tired.

Then he moved to my ear. First the right one, gently kissing and nuzzling, and then his tongue went in my ear. Stabbing and flicking alternately. He moved down my neck, kissing and nibbling, into the area where my neck and shoulder joined. Then continuing to lick and nibble across my chest, and as I turned toward him, up the other side of my neck to my left ear. As he continued his attention, I started to coo in my throat, and to moan occasionally.

After a time on my left ear, he returned to my mouth for a long, passionate, tongue-filled kiss. Then, down my chin and the front of my throat, with kisses and nibbles, to my chest again. Down my chest to the valley between my breasts. He then moved to my left breast, as I was still turned toward him. He kissed all around my breast, and licked it also. All around it and up to the arreola. Then licking it and it's proud center. He drew my nipple into his mouth, and gently bit down on it. Then he flicked it with his tongue.

I moaned louder. Then he pulled it up with his teeth, and went back to flicking his tongue across it. He continued this for a while before switching to my right breast, after he had returned me to my back. But now his hand was also cupping my left breast. Massaging it and squeezing the nipple, while he sucked and licked and flicked my right breast. I was continuously moaning now.

I felt the fire building in my belly as he continued. He switched breast again, turning me toward him. Only now his hand played with my right breast while his mouth played with the left. The fire in my belly continued to build. My hips had started to move.

By the time he switched back to my right breast, the fire had become a raging inferno. I was moaning louder and continuously. I started to shake and my hips were thrusting. Then my hips came up off the bed as my entire body went rigid for a short time. The orgasm in my belly shot through my whole body causing it to shake and quiver, then I slumped back on to the bed.

"What are you doing to me?" I begged.

"Do you want me to stop?" he queried in return.

"Noo, don't stop. Please, don't stop." I moaned.

He moved down my body. Licking and kissing his way to my belly button. Around it and then stabbing his tongue into it. The fire rekindled. Down my right outer thigh to the knee, across the knee, and then he started up the right inner thigh. I instinctively opened my legs more to allow him access.

Up the right inner thigh to where it joined my body. Licking the crease there, between thigh and mound. Across the top of my mound and then down the left inner thigh. Kissing and licking all the way. Over the knee, and up the left outer thigh, as he turned me once again. Then up to my belly. The fire continued to build.

Across my belly to the belly button, and then down to my mound. There was only a small patch of hair there as I shave regularly. He returned me to my back, and licked down the sides of my mound. First the right and then the left. I was moaning again. He then moved to the slit in the center, and licked up it from my rear entry to the clit at the top. Gently licking. Not enough to open the lips even. I was squirming by then, and breathing hard.

He continued to lick gently as my moans increased, and my hips began to move. He licked up the fluid that had already leaked out of my closed lips. Then he spread the outer lips and licked up the inner lips to my clit, which was now looking out from it's hood. He licked around it, then took it between his lips, and sucked it into his mouth.

At that point, I exploded again. My hands grasped his hair, and pulled his face into me. My legs locked around his head. My hips came up off the bed, and I went rigid again. I tried to scream, but my throat muscles were as tight as the rest of me. Nothing came out.

As I slumped back to the bed, his face was hit by more of my juices flowing out of me. He was cleaning them all up as I recovered.

"What is he doing to me?" I thought to myself, unable to vocalize even these thoughts. Nothing in my life had prepared me for this. No man I had ever been with had come close to doing this to me.

He continued to lick my slit, and pay more attention to my clit. He slipped his tongue into my love tunnel as far as he could go as he licked inside me. After a while his tongue was replaced by a finger, and then two. Still he continued to lick me and play with my clit. The fire in my belly was continuous now. He brought me to two more screaming orgasms.

Still he didn't quit. After the fourth orgasm, I had to know.

"Why are you doing this to me? You are trying to turn me into a slut?" He didn't answer. He just continued to lick, and thrust his fingers into my love tunnel. Also he added his thumb in my rear passage. This drove me nearly wild.

My hips were bouncing up off the mattress repeatedly as the fire in my belly grew to gigantic proportions. My legs locked his head into me tighter than ever. Still he continued to molest my clit, and drive his fingers into me. My hips came up one last time, as I went rigid. But my throat worked this time as I screamed.

"I ... I ... aamm ... cu ... mm ... iinnngggg."

Just before I passed out, I felt a large quantity of my juices shoot out of my pussy. It ran all over his face, hands, and chest, for they were all wet later when I recovered. After a time, I slumped to the mattress again. It took several minutes for me to regain consciousness. My breathing was ragged. He continued to lick up my juices and lick my slit through all of this.

When I had regained enough control of my breathing to speak, I begged him to stop.

"Please, stop! You are killing me with ecstasy. Please, stop for a little while! I can stand no more," I pleaded.

He crawled up my body, and kissed my lips. I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue. His face was sticky and it stuck to mine. I licked around his mouth and face to clean it off. When I had finished, I could speak, finally.

"God, I must be a slut. I don't want you to ever stop," I said. After a time of kissing, cuddling, and touching each other, I had to tell him what I desired.

"Please, I need to feel you in me. Please!" I begged.

He slid his cock up to my entrance, and rubbed it up and down my slit to lubricate it. I was still wet there. He then placed it at my entrance and pushed the head in. I felt him enter my warm, tight pussy. As he pushed the rest of the way into me, the fire in my belly went from idle to full blast.

He began to thrust. I started to thrust back, bringing my hips up to meet him. I wanted him deep in me. As I continued to thrust my need grew, out of all proportion, to desire, and I savagely thrust onto him as his public bone crashed into my clit. I wanted him as deep in me as I could get him when he came. I wanted his baby batter in my womb, and not all over the bed when we were done.

My legs had long since locked him into me as we furiously pounded into each other. It was an intensity that could not last. I had pleaded with him not to stop, and he hadn't. Shortly we both exploded into orgasm. I went rigid again, but felt his hot cum shoot up into my womb, just before I again passed out. When I came to again, I found him lying on my right. He had fallen over after we had finished.

As I lay there recovering, I wondered how this had happened? How could I want to feel his baby growing in me after only this short time? I thought back on the events of the last few weeks.

I had been walking home after my current boyfriend had ditched me. I had only been going with him for a few weeks. That night, he had seemed determined to have a fight with me. He had dumped me at the dance, and I was going to have to walk home.

I was passing through a particularly dark area when the man with the knife grabbed me and held it to my throat.

"If you make a sound, I'll kill you," he growled. I was scared into silence. Then the other two appeared. All were large men, and smelled of booze, and unwashed bodies. They quickly tied me up. One threw me over a shoulder, as they went down an alley and into a large warehouse. They carried me into a back room, and slammed the door. It was the locker room of the facility we had entered and smelled worse, if possible, than they did.

They threw me onto a filthy mattress on the floor, and proceeded to rip and cut my clothes off. They pinched and felt my body as they did this. They then dragged me to my feet, and jerked my bound hands over my head. They were secured in that position to a long chain. The chain ran to a hook in the ceiling. I was on my toes.

They brought out leather belts then, and started to whip my back and buttocks with them. I screamed with pain, and cried and begged them to stop. But they continued, laughing, until my entire back was one large bleeding welt. They then left me hanging there while they all had several rounds of drinks.

When they let me down at last, the renewed pain made me scream again. They started to use my body then, singly, and in doubles and triples. They kept it up for hours. Using all my holes. Some were resting while others abused me, never letting me rest. If they were too tired to use me sexually, they would hit or slap me, and even brought out a belt to use on my legs. It went on and on. I kept pleading with them to stop, to let me go. Promising not to tell anyone, if they would only let me go. This only brought more slaps and punches. Finally, the largest held me up as one of the others approached.

"So you want to leave?" he asked.

"Yes," I pleaded. "I won't say anything. Honestly."

"I know you won't, girl," he replied. At that point, the man behind me yanked on my hair viciously, exposing my throat to the knife the other man had kept behind his back until then.

Part Two

That was when it happened: suddenly a man in black appeared in the shadows. He was smaller than the others, but appeared to be carrying a much larger knife. I only had a glimpse of him as my head was viciously yanked back.

The large man's knife came up to slash my throat, but the blow never fell. Instead, knife and hand fell together to the warehouse floor. They were followed swiftly by the man's head. I was drenched in his blood.

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