A Fresh New Start

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Steven's pending divorce leads him to meet new friends. After he does, he finds out just how little he actually knew about himself.

I'd only been married a little over two years when I found myself staring at a pending divorce. I'd just turned thirty a few months before, five years older than my wife at the time. For unknown reasons (which I learned later) Christy my soon to be ex-wife had started seeing another man. I had no idea at the time that he was actually her boss. Naturally, when I found out, I moved out. The problem with that was, I really had no place to go. I spent the first couple of nights at a motel, looking at apartments during my free time for a place to live. The reality there was, I didn't really want to live in an apartment either, though I certainly couldn't afford a house all by myself. The compromise quite unexpectedly was finding one half of a duplex that was available for rent, and well within my financial means.

I had taken a few days off from work to collect myself emotionally, as well as use the time to relocate into a new place to live. I had met with Jim and Sherry earlier that morning as they gave me a run down on my half of the duplex. We shared a common back yard, and I was then informed I was welcome to use their barbeque any time that I wished, and in fact could join them (and was actually expected and invited to) whenever they were using it, or ... had friends over for a party. Such was duplex living as I was soon to discover.

Jim and Sherry where a very attractive looking couple in their early forties. They'd even gotten married fairly early on, and had somehow managed to beat the odds staying married, and quite happily as it appeared afterwards. Jim and I were both similar in height around five foot ten, give or take an inch either way, we both had brown hair, though mine was slightly darker. Jim had bright blue eyes, and mine were hazel, appearing either green or blue dependant a lot upon what I happened to be wearing at the time. Physically, I was perhaps a bit thinner, though Jim likewise appeared to be in pretty good shape. As for Sherry, she looked more my age at least. Only an inch or two shorter, she had reddish brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. But her most noticeable attributes where her long gorgeous legs and a full voluptuous chest that wasn't overly large for her frame, but certainly not medium sized by any means in that department either.

I had spent the better part of the afternoon getting to know them, looking over the duplex and getting a feel for things. It was perfect as far as the location too, only a fifteen minute drive to work, and centrally located close to several grocery and department stores. It truly was the ideal set up for me, and within minutes, I was signing a six-month lease that I could extend at any time I wanted to.

I didn't have a whole lot of furniture. Luckily for me, they had an entire storage shed with all sorts of things, including a spare couch, bed, dresser drawers and a few end tables, all of which I could use. We spent the rest of that afternoon moving me in, and then was pleased and surprised when I was invited to join the two of them for dinner later on that evening.

"Steven, I don't mind telling you, Sherry's a hell of a cook, which in time you'll eventually find out. But when it comes to barbequing, that's when I'm the chef in this family!" Jim boasted, telling me about the steaks and corn on the cob he'd be cooking for us for dinner straight off the grill. As I stood watching him cook the steaks, sharing a beer with them both that I had bought as a way to sort of pay my way through being invited to dinner, Jim surprised me with a real unexpected teaser.

"I know we've already signed the lease agreement and all that," he began. "But there's something else you should probably know that we didn't mention to you earlier, and perhaps should have. So ... if you decide it's not something you're comfortable with, we'll certainly not hold you to the lease if you decide you have a problem with it," he then told me. I wasn't sure what to say, so I didn't, just waiting on him expectantly, wondering now if I hadn't made some sort of a mistake in not checking them out a little better myself before signing the lease.

"We're nudists," he informed me. I have to admit, I was a little surprised in hearing that, but it wasn't earth shattering news either, not like he'd just told me he was a convicted mass murderer or something strange like that. Though the image of Sherry running around the back yard in the altogether did suddenly come to mind.

"Nudists? You mean the go away to summer camp and lounge around in the nude all day playing volleyball, that kind of nudists?" I asked.

He laughed at that. "No, not that kind. We're the stay at home, hardly ever wear any clothes kind of nudists, right here in our own back yard sort of day camp," he said grinning at me.

"But ... you're wearing clothes now," I said pointing out the obvious, to which again he laughed.

"Yes, which we do if we're having people over who actually might be offended by that, even though they're aware that we are. But we also have friends who come over, who are like-minded, so don't find it too terribly surprising if two or three times a year we have barbeques here, where everyone IS naked."

Now I had even more vivid images running around inside my head. I wasn't sure I could exactly do that myself, even though they'd made it crystal clear I was always welcome. But I figured I could always close the blinds in my windows if they were having one of those get togethers with friends, though I also knew I'd probably be considered some sort of a hypocrite by standing on the other side of those closed blinds looking out at them too.

"Ok, maybe that's not something I would have expected, but ... I don't see it as being any sort of a deal breaker either," I informed him. "Like I've always said ... to each their own!"

"Glad to hear you say that," Jim said giving me a warm and friendly smile, "though there is just one more small little thing," he now added. It was at this point I was half expecting him to tell me he also had three other wives or something.

"In addition to being nudists, sort of exhibitionists if you will, Sherry and I love being watched whenever we're fooling around, which we tend to do a lot of outside. So ... just so you know, if we are, and if you happen to see us, and decide to either come out and watch us, or just watch us in secret if that's what you prefer to do, that's ok too. Just thought you should know, we rather enjoy doing that, really heightens our arousal and pleasure, especially for Sherry. She really enjoys putting on a good show, which I'm sure at some point in time, you'll eventually discover!"

We managed to get through a very nice dinner together. And never once did they strip off their clothes, or start fucking on the back lawn either. But those thoughts remained with me over the course of the next several days, and then weeks as time went on.

Amazingly enough, I really grew to like the two of them, and we'd begun spending more and more time together as not only neighbors, but as friends. The first real test to everything Jim had told me came about quite unexpectedly, and in the most profound sort of ways.

Although I was in the process of getting a divorce, it wasn't as yet final, which was the primary reason I hadn't started dating again yet, let alone even looking. That didn't take away from the fact however, I was now damn fucking horny too. It had been a while since I'd even been with a woman, and aside from the pleasure of my own hand, that had been my one and only release.

With it being early summer now, the days had become comfortably hot, with the evenings even more comfortable to look forward to as they cooled down a bit. I'd once again been informed that they'd be barbequing some chicken later, and had of course been invited to join them. The things that Jim had told me when I'd first met them, all but forgotten now, though I had wondered from time to time if he'd been joking with me, or actually serious when he'd mentioned them. I realized the truth of it however when I saw Sherry come outside to begin setting up the patio table were we'd often sat down to eat together. I actually had to look twice, only realizing upon the second much longer glance in her direction, that she was in fact, entirely nude!

"Fuck!" I said to myself, for a number of reasons. One, she looked damn hot! Actually seeing those gorgeous bare breasts of hers, though I'd gotten one or two hints of them previously by some of the blouses she'd worn, but never a full on, no clothes review before. Secondly, having been invited to join them, what was the protocol? Would I now likewise be expected to remove my own clothing? Should I? Would I? Could I? And three ... even if I was somehow able to screw up enough courage to do so, how could I in any way possible, keep from having a massive erection? Just looking at her for the few brief moments that I had. I had one already!

What I decided to do was a semi compromise. I wore a loose fitting pair of shorts and nothing else. When I finally screwed up enough courage to step outside my own back door and join the two of them there on our shared patio, Jim likewise met me in the buff, handing me a bottle of beer, but said nothing whatsoever about my current state of dress, one way or the other. If anything, they were just as friendly as they had always been, clothes or no clothes, and made no issue out of the fact I was having a very difficult time not simply sitting there and staring at the two of them. The oddest difference once again being, all through Jim's cooking the chicken, he was totally and completely flaccid, whereas I on the other hand, once again had to sit and hide my too obvious erection.

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