A Fresh New Start

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Steven's pending divorce leads him to meet new friends. After he does, he finds out just how little he actually knew about himself.

I'd only been married a little over two years when I found myself staring at a pending divorce. I'd just turned thirty a few months before, five years older than my wife at the time. For unknown reasons (which I learned later) Christy my soon to be ex-wife had started seeing another man. I had no idea at the time that he was actually her boss. Naturally, when I found out, I moved out. The problem with that was, I really had no place to go. I spent the first couple of nights at a motel, looking at apartments during my free time for a place to live. The reality there was, I didn't really want to live in an apartment either, though I certainly couldn't afford a house all by myself. The compromise quite unexpectedly was finding one half of a duplex that was available for rent, and well within my financial means.

I had taken a few days off from work to collect myself emotionally, as well as use the time to relocate into a new place to live. I had met with Jim and Sherry earlier that morning as they gave me a run down on my half of the duplex. We shared a common back yard, and I was then informed I was welcome to use their barbeque any time that I wished, and in fact could join them (and was actually expected and invited to) whenever they were using it, or ... had friends over for a party. Such was duplex living as I was soon to discover.

Jim and Sherry where a very attractive looking couple in their early forties. They'd even gotten married fairly early on, and had somehow managed to beat the odds staying married, and quite happily as it appeared afterwards. Jim and I were both similar in height around five foot ten, give or take an inch either way, we both had brown hair, though mine was slightly darker. Jim had bright blue eyes, and mine were hazel, appearing either green or blue dependant a lot upon what I happened to be wearing at the time. Physically, I was perhaps a bit thinner, though Jim likewise appeared to be in pretty good shape. As for Sherry, she looked more my age at least. Only an inch or two shorter, she had reddish brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. But her most noticeable attributes where her long gorgeous legs and a full voluptuous chest that wasn't overly large for her frame, but certainly not medium sized by any means in that department either.

I had spent the better part of the afternoon getting to know them, looking over the duplex and getting a feel for things. It was perfect as far as the location too, only a fifteen minute drive to work, and centrally located close to several grocery and department stores. It truly was the ideal set up for me, and within minutes, I was signing a six-month lease that I could extend at any time I wanted to.

I didn't have a whole lot of furniture. Luckily for me, they had an entire storage shed with all sorts of things, including a spare couch, bed, dresser drawers and a few end tables, all of which I could use. We spent the rest of that afternoon moving me in, and then was pleased and surprised when I was invited to join the two of them for dinner later on that evening.

"Steven, I don't mind telling you, Sherry's a hell of a cook, which in time you'll eventually find out. But when it comes to barbequing, that's when I'm the chef in this family!" Jim boasted, telling me about the steaks and corn on the cob he'd be cooking for us for dinner straight off the grill. As I stood watching him cook the steaks, sharing a beer with them both that I had bought as a way to sort of pay my way through being invited to dinner, Jim surprised me with a real unexpected teaser.

"I know we've already signed the lease agreement and all that," he began. "But there's something else you should probably know that we didn't mention to you earlier, and perhaps should have. So ... if you decide it's not something you're comfortable with, we'll certainly not hold you to the lease if you decide you have a problem with it," he then told me. I wasn't sure what to say, so I didn't, just waiting on him expectantly, wondering now if I hadn't made some sort of a mistake in not checking them out a little better myself before signing the lease.

"We're nudists," he informed me. I have to admit, I was a little surprised in hearing that, but it wasn't earth shattering news either, not like he'd just told me he was a convicted mass murderer or something strange like that. Though the image of Sherry running around the back yard in the altogether did suddenly come to mind.

"Nudists? You mean the go away to summer camp and lounge around in the nude all day playing volleyball, that kind of nudists?" I asked.

He laughed at that. "No, not that kind. We're the stay at home, hardly ever wear any clothes kind of nudists, right here in our own back yard sort of day camp," he said grinning at me.

"But ... you're wearing clothes now," I said pointing out the obvious, to which again he laughed.

"Yes, which we do if we're having people over who actually might be offended by that, even though they're aware that we are. But we also have friends who come over, who are like-minded, so don't find it too terribly surprising if two or three times a year we have barbeques here, where everyone IS naked."

Now I had even more vivid images running around inside my head. I wasn't sure I could exactly do that myself, even though they'd made it crystal clear I was always welcome. But I figured I could always close the blinds in my windows if they were having one of those get togethers with friends, though I also knew I'd probably be considered some sort of a hypocrite by standing on the other side of those closed blinds looking out at them too.

"Ok, maybe that's not something I would have expected, but ... I don't see it as being any sort of a deal breaker either," I informed him. "Like I've always said ... to each their own!"

"Glad to hear you say that," Jim said giving me a warm and friendly smile, "though there is just one more small little thing," he now added. It was at this point I was half expecting him to tell me he also had three other wives or something.

"In addition to being nudists, sort of exhibitionists if you will, Sherry and I love being watched whenever we're fooling around, which we tend to do a lot of outside. So ... just so you know, if we are, and if you happen to see us, and decide to either come out and watch us, or just watch us in secret if that's what you prefer to do, that's ok too. Just thought you should know, we rather enjoy doing that, really heightens our arousal and pleasure, especially for Sherry. She really enjoys putting on a good show, which I'm sure at some point in time, you'll eventually discover!"

We managed to get through a very nice dinner together. And never once did they strip off their clothes, or start fucking on the back lawn either. But those thoughts remained with me over the course of the next several days, and then weeks as time went on.

Amazingly enough, I really grew to like the two of them, and we'd begun spending more and more time together as not only neighbors, but as friends. The first real test to everything Jim had told me came about quite unexpectedly, and in the most profound sort of ways.

Although I was in the process of getting a divorce, it wasn't as yet final, which was the primary reason I hadn't started dating again yet, let alone even looking. That didn't take away from the fact however, I was now damn fucking horny too. It had been a while since I'd even been with a woman, and aside from the pleasure of my own hand, that had been my one and only release.

With it being early summer now, the days had become comfortably hot, with the evenings even more comfortable to look forward to as they cooled down a bit. I'd once again been informed that they'd be barbequing some chicken later, and had of course been invited to join them. The things that Jim had told me when I'd first met them, all but forgotten now, though I had wondered from time to time if he'd been joking with me, or actually serious when he'd mentioned them. I realized the truth of it however when I saw Sherry come outside to begin setting up the patio table were we'd often sat down to eat together. I actually had to look twice, only realizing upon the second much longer glance in her direction, that she was in fact, entirely nude!

"Fuck!" I said to myself, for a number of reasons. One, she looked damn hot! Actually seeing those gorgeous bare breasts of hers, though I'd gotten one or two hints of them previously by some of the blouses she'd worn, but never a full on, no clothes review before. Secondly, having been invited to join them, what was the protocol? Would I now likewise be expected to remove my own clothing? Should I? Would I? Could I? And three ... even if I was somehow able to screw up enough courage to do so, how could I in any way possible, keep from having a massive erection? Just looking at her for the few brief moments that I had. I had one already!

What I decided to do was a semi compromise. I wore a loose fitting pair of shorts and nothing else. When I finally screwed up enough courage to step outside my own back door and join the two of them there on our shared patio, Jim likewise met me in the buff, handing me a bottle of beer, but said nothing whatsoever about my current state of dress, one way or the other. If anything, they were just as friendly as they had always been, clothes or no clothes, and made no issue out of the fact I was having a very difficult time not simply sitting there and staring at the two of them. The oddest difference once again being, all through Jim's cooking the chicken, he was totally and completely flaccid, whereas I on the other hand, once again had to sit and hide my too obvious erection.

I had never really been homophobic either. I'd seen more than my fair share of porn, and had quite often taken some interest in the obvious differences amongst men, not excluding the way that they came at the climatic conclusion of more than one sex scene. And not that I had a particular fascination with Jim's dick, though I had found myself actually staring at it on more than one occasion throughout the evening, actually wondering what it might look like when erect. Though the moment I realized I was thinking that, I figuratively, and sometimes literally, shook those particular thoughts out of my head. What was far more difficult to deal with however, was looking across the table at Sherry as we spoke. Her very beautiful very hard tipped breasts were always staring at me, and I at them, whenever I could get away with doing it, and not appearing like that's all I ever was doing whenever we talked about something during the course of the evening.

Eventually, I got more and more comfortable however, and in time, my almost painful erection had finally gone down. I'd almost begun to think I'd made it through my first very curious evening when I was again taken by surprise and at a real serious loss for words when I was.

It was just starting to get dark, though there was still plenty of light to see by as Sherry carried in the left overs from dinner. Watching her now without feeling shy or embarrassed about it, Jim once again drew my attention back towards him.

"So ... you feeling a little more comfortable about everything, so far?" He asked.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to that last part..."So far," but I didn't. "Yeah, surprisingly so," I freely admitted. "Though I don't mind telling you, in the beginning when you first told me, I wasn't sure how I'd react!"

Jim laughed at that, "No surprise there, I think for a lot of people, most in fact, it still takes a little getting used to, especially around a good looking woman like Sherry."

"You can say that again," I told him as I watched her coming back out to rejoin us, but this time I noticed her carrying a very large comforter along with a couple of pillows as she did so. Curiously, I then sat watching her as she unfolded it and spread it out on the lawn in front of where Jim and I were sitting.

"Now comes, the best part!" he said grinning and then looking over towards me. When I looked back over in Sherry's direction, she had already laid down, her legs spread ... widely, her head propped up comfortably on a pillow, with another she had placed beneath her ass, comfortably laying there now looking back at the two of us. As I sat there with what I knew had to be a look of disbelief, she placed one hand down between her legs and began to masturbate!

The fact that I'd been told about this early on still came as a big surprise to me even then. We'd obviously come to know one another well, becoming good friends since that time. But today was a significant milestone in a number of firsts. Seeing them both wandering about entirely in the nude had taken some getting used to. But now this! Watching Sherry, so uninhibitedly enjoying herself, pleasuring herself, and obviously taking pleasure in having the two of us watching her while she did was still a bit unnerving for me.

But I was getting very aroused seeing it too! And so was Jim.

Seeing Jim's flaccid, but still fairly sizeable cock swinging to and fro as he walked about was one thing, that was weird enough in getting used to. But now ... sitting next to me, actually stroking it, watching it grow harder and harder was something else entirely. It was an interesting situation that I now found myself in. A jumble of emotions, most of which I don't think I remembered having had before. It was very unnerving. Admittedly, seeing Sherry as she playfully pleasured herself was extremely arousing. Even my soon to be ex-wife had never done that for me before, and seeing Sherry as she wantonly masturbated, all the while locking her eyes with ours as she did so, showed the intensity and delight of her doing so.

But she wasn't the only one I found myself periodically glancing at. It was virtually impossible not to sense, and see the hand movements taking place next to me well within my peripheral vision. The fact that Jim too was now doing so unabashedly, and without any sort or form of embarrassment whatsoever, had surprisingly added to the erotic sensuality of the moment. Something I was totally unprepared for. This was another first for me. I had never been around another man as he sat jerking off his hard stiff cock. Porn movies was again one thing, actually being there around another man who happened to be naked, and had a hard cock, was yet again another first in what was becoming for me a long day of firsts. And I couldn't help but wonder, how many more I might experience before the evening was over.

I was however still apprehensive, horny or not. My own cock was painfully swollen, but remained comfortably, or rather uncomfortably tucked away inside my shorts. Twice I had found my hand dropping down towards my crotch, actually rubbing the hard stiff bulge that I found there, though twice upon realizing that I was, I'd removed my hand, wrapping it around my beer bottle instead. Perhaps Sherry realized my dilemma, understanding my uncertainty and nervousness as she watched me, speaking.

"Let's keep this simple, naughty fun tonight," she half whispered, giving a little pleasured sigh to her statement as she said it, directing her comment more towards her husband than to me. "We don't want to chase Steven into the house now do we?" She grinned. She then turned to me however, and added in a still very lusty, pleasured tone of voice. "But I would love seeing you stroking your obviously hard cock for me too," she then stated. "But only ... if you want to. You are amongst friends here you know."

There it was out in the open now. A specific invitation had been given. I could sit there and continue to enjoy myself, uncomfortably. Or ... I could simply excuse myself and head back inside the house. That option no doubt leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable if I were to do so. But I immediately discounted doing that. It was too fucking exciting to actually sit there watching my next door neighbor fingering her pussy.

There was but one additional option, I could in fact do as she suggested. It must have seemed like an eternity as I sat there considering it. Though I know only a few moments had actually passed. I had always considered myself to be fairly open-minded, though lately that self-assumption had been thoroughly tested. I had become quite comfortable in a reasonably short period of time, being around my new friends and neighbors as they bustled about in the nude. It took a bit more of course, quite naturally to actually sit there watching Jim's very attractive wife as she fingered herself, which I'd found myself enjoying. And of course seeing Jim, a guy I had quite come to know and like, as he likewise sat there manhandling his now very erect prick.

Before I realized what I was actually doing, I had stood, unzipping my baggy shorts and felt the nights cooler air suddenly introduce my very stiff cock as it sprang free moments later, my shorts now down around my ankles on the ground.

Neither one of them said a word, which helped, though Sherry smiled broadly, her eyes obviously locked on my very erect member as I retook my seat. It now felt more awkward for me to sit there and not touch it, though in a curious way, by wrapping my hand around it, I was in a sense shielding it as well. Not that I didn't mind either one of them seeing me now, but I was still struggling with that "sizing things up" sort of mentality. Looking down at myself, I nearly smiled. Jim was as I said fairly good-sized, and obviously had no inhibitions when it came to stroking himself off in front of me. Looking down at my own hard prick now, I was actually quite pleased to see it about as hard and as swollen as it had ever been. Maybe it wasn't quite as long as Jim's was, but it was every bit as thick if not more so, and certainly every bit as hard and stiff as his was too. I noticed again out of the corner of my eye that Jim was actually looking over towards me.

"Nice hard dick," he commented smiling, "isn't it honey?" he then asked turning back towards his wife.

"Oh yes ... very nice, and very hard. I'm so glad you felt comfortable enough to take it out and play with it for us," she then added, including Jim in her comment. "I so enjoy watching a man who's comfortable in stroking his dick off for me, I can hardly wait to finally watch it when it spurts," she finished.

I hadn't really thought that far ahead yet, though it certainly seemed a natural conclusion to a series of events here. At the moment however, I decided to take a few moments in just dealing with this new found freedom of playing with my dick in front of someone, once again ... another first.

I don't mind saying, everyone masturbates. And I'd certainly been doing a lot of that lately myself. But what we don't realize or think about, is the sheer intimacy of such an act when doing it in front of someone else. The way we pleasure ourselves so vulnerably, can be under the right circumstances, an intensely erotic experience. For me, at this very moment ... it truly was.

Even more surprisingly now, I was getting even more aroused watching Jim as he continued to sit there fondling his cock. Watching the way he stroked himself, or even playfully fingered it, twisting the head of his prick, squeezing it in order to produce a bit of precum, which I was myself now doing, just seemed to add a bit of spice to the lusty delight I was feeling as I likewise watched Sherry stroking and fingering her own pussy. She seemed to take some delight in spreading her lips, holding herself apart, giving both Jim and I an in-depth look into that sweet glistening furrow of hers. She had what I also guessed to be a slightly larger than average sized clit. Not that I'd seen a hell of a lot of women's clits, but from those few I actually had seen, it was one of the largest I ever had.

As Jim and I sat side by side playing with our own, Sherry too sat, or rather lay there, likewise holding that hard little nubbin between her fingers, basically jacking it off. It was the first time I'd ever seen a woman doing it that way, not just simply fingering herself, or even rubbing the head of her clit with the tip of her finger. She was literally in every sense of the word, doing to herself what Jim and I were. It was fascinating, not to mention extremely exciting to watch.

I was also surprised, though in a way relieved, that my nervousness, or sense of it anyway, had kept me from splurging all over the place far too soon. The tickling pleasure and sensitivity of the act was certainly there, and I knew that eventually in time, so would the climatic, needful one be too. But for now at least, I could simply sit there and enjoy this unbelievable moment as we all sat watching one another as friends, getting ourselves off.

It was about this time that Sherry reached beneath the pillow her ass was currently propped up on. Unbeknownst to me at least, she had brought out with her in addition to the comforter and pillows, a rather interesting, somewhat complicated looking vibrating device. She grinned with what almost appeared to be a look of shy embarrassment, briefly holding this obvious toy up in her hand momentarily for us to see as she turned it on. I watched, mesmerized as the tip of it seemed to circle in one direction, a section just beneath it now vibrating and circling in yet the opposite direction, along with what was obviously a couple of additional stimulators, each of them doing their own thing as well.

"That's one of her favorite toys," Jim informed me. "Except for oral stimulation, Sherry has some of her hardest, strongest orgasms whenever she uses that." He then turned towards me, still speaking, though his eyes were looking down at my prick as I sat there, no longer stroking it, though still yet holding onto it. Seeing Sherry, as she made ready to pleasure herself with the toy had completely stolen my attention. "Ever see a woman squirt before?" he now asked.

"Ah what?" I said not quite hearing him, forcing myself to look away from Sherry momentarily and back towards Jim, though his hand continued to slowly move up and down his shaft as he spoke, and as I questioned him back.

He laughed, appreciating the fact his wife's pussy had my undivided attention at the moment. "I asked if you'd ever seen a woman squirt before. She doesn't do it every time, but usually whenever she uses that particular toy of hers, she does."

"Ah no ... I haven't," I said honestly, though my attention now was once again back on Jim's stiff dick, especially as he sort of yanked it off to one side, letting it go, watching it come back to slap against his stomach, where he then pulled on it, yanking it off to one side letting it go again, hearing and seeing it do the same thing.

I had seen, again in a few movie clips, women who "squirted", and had in fact found it quite fascinating, though it was still all too new to me, and I didn't fully understand nor appreciate the mechanics of it. But to now be told I might actually see it first hand, I couldn't help but find myself even more aroused, excited, than I had been only moments before. Suddenly the "control" factor I thought I was doing so well with earlier, seemed to jump up a notch, threatening my cock into spurting its semen long before I wanted it to.

As entertaining as it was, seeing Jim as he playfully slapped at his prick, bending it and now twisting the head of it with his hand, I was drawn once again back to Sherry as she'd at last inserted that rather oversized looking fuck toy into herself. She was well beyond the simple pleasure, teasing stage she'd been enjoying earlier. Now she lay, her head comfortably resting against the pillow, eyes closed, and thrusting this magnificent looking toy in and out of her gapingly wide cunt with a great deal of vigorous rapidity.

It was at that moment that Jim stood, urging me to do the same. "Come on, let's go over and stand over her and watch this, she really enjoys that," he informed me. "It doesn't take her long once she starts fucking herself with the toy the way that she is," he'd added.

Jim and I stood over her, looking down, still stroking ourselves off as we watched her pleasuring herself with the toy. Jim's face had grown redder than it was, obviously flushed, and I could see he was straining with the intensity of his pending release. About that time, I heard Sherry as she suddenly seemed to quit breathing, looking back towards her just as she jammed the toy as deeply inside herself as she could, holding it still for a moment, and then yanking it out. The moment she did that, I stood in abject pure fascination and surprise as a long, arching streamer of nearly clear liquid fluid suddenly erupted from somewhere inside her cunt.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed not even realizing I'd spoken. It was almost as though someone had turned on the garden hose. Sherry lay, holding the toy just inches away from herself, her pussy stream a continuous spray of orgasmic delight, her cry of pleasure filling the night air. For the briefest of moments, I glanced up and around, wondering if the neighbors on either side of us had heard, or were even perhaps watching the spectacle Jim and I now witnessed. Thankfully, I took note of the rather high walled privacy fence encircling our yards. Had anyone in fact been watching, they'd had to do so from stepladders overlooking the fence. Though in hindsight, had I been to either side of them, I might very well have been.

Even as I looked back, seeing the squirt from her pussy only then falling, stopping, she immediately displayed another, though this one in far shorter duration. As I watched that, I then saw out of the corner of my eye movement, Jim stepping forward slightly, his hand jack-hammering his prick. He cried out, his head tossed back in pure bliss as the first thick rope of his creamy white semen suddenly exploded from the head of his dick. Like Sherry's own little bridge of clear juice, Jim too managed to arch one a great distance. I watched the first splatter hit her on her upper left breast, the trail of his spunking then landing in a long line of cum from there all the way to her naval. It certainly wasn't the last one either. As fascinating as it was for me to see Sherry squirt, especially the way that she had, it was just as exciting and fascinating for me to watch Jim as he continued to pummel his cock, spray after spray of his own joy juice squirting out to land upon his wife as she continued to writhe there below us.

I hadn't actually noticed until that precise moment, that I'd actually started cuming too! I had felt it of course, but I was so caught up in watching the two of them, that at first, it didn't quite register. Looking down, I then saw the cascade of my own flying spunk suddenly being added to those, which Jim had already so voluminously deposited on his wife. Once again, I was at a loss as to the possible etiquette involved here, "Should I have asked first before simply squirting my load on Sherry?" Though looking down at her as I did so, she seemed to take delight in receiving the additional thick rich load I'd produced. An odd thought striking me as I did that, as I'd only that morning jerked myself off in the shower. So I was somewhat surprised at the copious amount of my own sperming that I was currently bathing my neighbor with.

Still covered and sticky with our juices, Sherry lay back quite pleasurably so, her hand palming her mound, though calmingly so as her breath fought to catch up with her. Stumbling back to our chairs, Jim and I sat down, each of us immediately reaching for our beers as we did so. He smiled, held it up towards me by way of a toast.

"To erotic fun times, may there be many more of them," he offered.

I clinked my bottle against his and smiled back, though no words came beyond those he'd already mentioned. But I knew then as we sat there, two very satisfied now flaccid dicks enjoying a beer together, hoping indeed that it wouldn't be the last time.

After the fairly wild and crazy evening we'd spent together, the rest of the following workweek started out typically enough. On Wednesday, I had an afternoon appointment with my attorney to go over a few remaining terms of the divorce prior to finalizing everything. As such, I had taken the afternoon off, arriving home far earlier than expected as Christy upon the advice of her attorney, had given up some of the more ridicules demands she had made much to my delight. I'd returned home in a pretty good mood all things considered. As I passed by the window in my kitchen, I happened to glance out. Not normally home at this time of day, I was only slightly surprised, yet delighted to see Sherry laying out in the back yard in a lounge chair. By now, it wasn't much of a surprise to find her in her chair entirely naked, I'd actually come to expect seeing more and more of that now with the weather as warm as it was. As I stood there looking out, not really spying on her as I saw it, I realized she was reading a book. She had a pitcher of what looked like to be freshly squeezed lemonade sitting on the table beside her. I decided to step outside, say hello, and hope that she might in fact offer me a glass. The fact she was nude, no longer a concern after everything we'd been through together as I made my way towards the back door.

I pushed on my screen door stepping out, just in time to look up and see Sherry's hand suddenly disappearing down between her legs. My sudden emergence from inside surprised her as she glanced up in my direction, though her hand remained where she'd placed it, a smile suddenly lighting up her face. I walked over to stand next to her, the sun at my back as she now removed her hand, not because of what she'd been doing, but to shield her eyes even though she was wearing sunglasses as she looked up towards me.

"Had an appointment, came home early," I said trying to keep my shortened breath from giving me away. I was still amazed that I could have seen her the way I had the other night, and then again now, in a much more subdued posture, and yet ... still find myself quickly becoming aroused by such a simple almost innocent gesture of her hand briefly slipping down between her legs.

"Want some lemonade?" She asked looking over towards the table, realizing she'd only brought out a single glass. "There's another clean glass sitting on the kitchen counter," she then informed me. "Help yourself."

I guess I could have gone back inside and brought out one of my own, but I headed inside their place instead, quickly locating it, and then turning to head back outside and rejoin her. As I did that, I noticed she had set the book she'd been reading down on the table, one hand once again down between her legs, the other now cupping her breast, fondling her exposed nipple. Even as I came out, empty glass in hand, she continued to do so, smiling at me the entire time.

"What're you reading?" I asked as I stood pouring myself some lemonade from the pitcher, taking a seat beside her.

"Oh, just a few erotic naughty little stories," she said continuing to grin. "I like getting myself all aroused and horny just before getting to my house work, seems to make the time go by a lot easier whenever I do that," she informed me.

"I know what you mean," I laughed back with her. "There've been a few times at work that I've found myself aroused for one reason or another, and it does indeed tend to make the mundane work a bit more bearable, though I very often find myself daydreaming about whatever it was that got me excited."

She smiled at my admission. "So what do you do then?" she asked pointedly. "Do you ever run off into the men's room and jerk yourself off?"

I felt my face turning red. "Once or twice," I actually admitted, "I have yes, but it's been a while since I was in any sort of mood or frame of mind to do that," I then added.

"What about now?" She asked me again. "Your mood ... frame of mind any better? Especially after the other night?"

Visions, images, memory of her laying not much further away from where she was now, suddenly filling my head. "That was ... rather interesting," I grinned seeing it clearly. "I don't mind telling you Sherry, watching you ... and Jim, really was fucking hot! I've never done anything like that before, shit, I've never seen a woman do that before, including my very own wife, or rather ... soon to be ex-wife," I amended.

"How's that all going anyway?" she asked suddenly changing the subject, though oddly, she continued to sit there fondling and caressing her breast as we spoke as though it was the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing. I found myself having trouble trying to concentrate as we spoke of the silliness of my divorce, and the few still remaining frustrations I had because of it.

I'd almost forgotten she was still fingering her slit too, though the way she was sitting partially hid the fact that she was.

"Anyway, just a few more weeks and it should finally be over, perhaps after that I can actually get on with my life again and put all this behind me."

"Sounds like ... you could use a nice long pleasurable blowjob," she stated, making me laugh at her candor, though I took it as being said jokingly. "No really! Would you like one?" she then asked.

Sherry had caught me completely off guard here. And even though she was naked, once again touching and fondling herself in front of me, it hadn't felt like the obvious, and purposeful way she'd done for both Jim and I the other night. Added to that, the fact Jim wasn't here with us, left me with a sense of uneasiness. The reality and hurtful thoughts of Christy doing the same to me behind my back suddenly coming to mind.

"Not sure that's such a good idea," I said easily. "You know ... with Jim not being here and all," I said wanting to make my concerns perfectly clear here. I wasn't about to step on any toes, especially Jims.

Once again, Sherry laughed. "You know Steven, you're very sweet, and it's nice to know you're concerned about that, something I'll have to be sure and tell Jim about after he comes home. But ... I can assure you, that's not something he'd get angry over. We're friend's now ... good friends, and I can also assure you, he'd have no problem with that. He trusts you now, what happened the other night wouldn't have, if we hadn't. But ... I'd be more than happy to call him and tell him what I'm about to do to you if you'd prefer!" Sherry actually picked up her cell phone and prepared to dial his work number.

"No, really ... don't uh ... bother him at work over something like that," I said a bit nervously, only then realizing she really was about to actually call him. I could almost hear the conversation had she done that.

"Hey baby ... Steven's here, he wanted me to call you and ask if it was ok with you if I was to suck his dick off! (Laughing) yeah ... that's what I told him too. Ok honey ... have the rest of a nice day, see you later on this evening then, and yes ... I love you too baby!" I could see her then putting the phone down looking over towards me. "Like I said, he's fine with me sucking you off ... so, shall we?"

Ok, so that actually didn't happen except inside my head. Instead, I just sat there looking at her with a now throbbing erection. It had been a very ... very long time since I'd had my dick sucked.

"Would you rather talk to him and ask him yourself?" she asked handing me the phone. "Just press send if you do," she told me as she sat up expectantly waiting for my answer.

I now had no doubt in my mind that Jim would have been perfectly fine with Sherry doing exactly what she'd just offered to do. I was still speechless however, on the one hand, hoping she'd now do just exactly that, yet still too shy and embarrassed to just come right out and ask her to do that for me either. Apparently, Sherry took my shy silence as a form of acceptance and slid off her lounge chair, now kneeling on the grass between my legs, reaching up, and unzipping the fly on my shorts. Once again, I was glad that I hadn't worn any underwear beneath them, though now wondering if I'd subconsciously refrained from doing so in hopes that something like this might actually happen when I first stepped outside.

Sherry had just freed my rapidly stiffening penis when the phone rang. She picked up her cell flipping it open, and smiled upon seeing whoever it was that was calling. "Just be a moment," she said softly, though one hand remained on my cock, holding it as she held the phone with the other and began speaking.

"Hi Diane! What's up?" She asked obviously pleased, and somewhat excited at talking to whomever it was that had called her. Oddly, I found it a little arousing that she was as she continued to kneel there between my legs, still fondling and softly caressing my very hard, stiff cock. I heard her pause, listening, still stroking, smiling. "No ... matter of fact, I was just about to give Steven a blowjob. Yes ... that's him, our new tenant," she said grinning at me, though I'm sure the look on my face was one of shock as she spoke. Which had to have increased even more a moment later. "Sure kiddo ... come on over, let yourself in the front, we'll be out back, like always," she said saying goodbye and then hanging up. "That was my best friend Diane," she said explaining herself, though I continued to sit there with my mouth open in what I knew had to be a wild-eyed look of surprise.

"She's ... ah, coming over?" I just managed to say.

"Oh yeah, asked if it would be ok if she came over and watched, didn't figure you'd mind ... she's damn fucking hot herself," Sherry continued on further. "Been divorced for a couple of years now herself, though she started dating this guy a few months back. Not sure it's working out between them though, they've been fighting a lot lately. He thinks we're a bad influence on her, so we haven't seen her around much for a while. I'm just thrilled that she's actually coming over!"

"Maybe we should ah ... you know, do this another time or something," I half stammered, almost getting up, but Sherry's hand quickly clasped around my still stiff member, forcing me to remain in my seat.

"Oh no you don't!" she warned jokingly. "Especially not after I told her what I'd be doing to you when she got here, she'll be expecting to see it!" I couldn't believe my ears.

"You're serious?"

"Oh yeah! She should be here in less than ten minutes, she doesn't live all that far away, and knowing her as well as I do, she headed straight out the door the moment we hung up. Don't worry Steven, like I said, you'll like her. She's a real knock out, great tits, and beautiful, beautiful gorgeous red hair!"

Before I knew it, Sherry leaned over, her lips wrapping around my stiff prick, and suddenly ... I was in heaven!

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