The Bosses Wife

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2009 by Thesandman

Sex Story: David learns he has to deal with on the job politics, in a whole new way.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I had just started working for a small little publishing firm. Being a part-time writer myself, it was enjoyable work reading other writers manuscripts, all hopeful of getting their works printed in book form. It was a relatively small office too, something else that I quite liked as it was a fairly laid back and comfortable atmosphere. My job was basically to read the manuscripts, critique them and then pass on my recommendations to Larry Somers my boss, or on to his wife Christine who partnered the business with him. Based on their acceptance and approvals on those recommendations, the manuscript was then handed off to one of two editors we had on staff.

I guess about the only real downside to my job, was the fact that my office, if you even want to call it that, was located downstairs in what used to be a storage area. And though it had been remodeled and was certainly comfortable enough, there were no outside windows, hence given the name as the "Dungeon", where Rebecca, Brenda the two first class editors and myself worked. A small office staff, receptionist, and then Larry and Christine's offices were on the main floor, a well lit, somewhat extravagant looking area that was meant to impress our would be clients whenever they were invited in to begin the final spit and polish of their works prior to release or publication.

Almost from the onset, Rebecca, Brenda and I got along famously. Even to the point that only after a week after I had started there, we had flirted, teased one another and gotten a lot closer as a tight little group, especially working in the area together where we were. It was rare that anyone else came down stairs to bother us, usually an intercom invitation was all it took in summoning one of us upstairs to see the bosses or attend an approval or acceptance meeting held weekly on Mondays. And that was about the only time we ever saw Christine with the exception of Fridays when she spent most of the day running the office herself. Larry pretty much took a three day weekend, or spent the better part of the day outside the office wining and dining the new author's we'd signed on.

Rebecca was a tall (easily two inches taller than I at six feet) brunette with long dark hair she usually wore in a ponytail. She had an amazing chest which she didn't mind showing off, though she usually wore denim shirts or blouses that hinted at the fabulous cleavage she had without giving everything away. Amongst the three of us, Rebecca had worked there the longest, almost five years, and had been the one to share the "inside" poop as it where on some of the shenanigans she knew about Larry. He'd made a brief attempt to come onto her very early on, but she'd scoffed any advances, making it very clear to him that she had no intention of fooling around at the office, especially with his wife working there as well.

Brenda was nearly the opposite. Much shorter at barely over five feet, she had a pixyish face that was framed by a much shorter hairstyle. And though blonde, it wasn't all that unusual to see her come into work with streaks of red, pink, or blue highlighting in her hair. Much smaller breasted, she had little if any need for a bra, and very often didn't bother wearing one. Which made the sudden appearance of her twin hard pressed nubbins not all that unusual to see either as the "Dungeon" always tended to be on the cooler side from the rest of the office. For whatever reason, Rebecca seemed to enjoy pointing them out whenever they where, which had given me some reason to suspect that she was very possibly attracted to Brenda. It was evident they were close friends even away from work, very often going out to enjoy a drink, or even spending time together during the weekends. Whether there was anything actually sexual going on between them, I didn't know. But their playful banter during the course of the day certainly hinted at it at times, and very often left me mildly aroused because of it.

The bottom line for me was, I loved my job and enjoyed coming into work though in the short time I had been there, I still didn't know how to quite take Larry's wife Christine. Not that she wasn't friendly, she was. But when she wanted to appear business like, she was all that, and more. She did seem to enjoy directing the staff, particularly on Fridays when Larry wasn't around, though that was usually when a prospective author, client, or possible vendor had come into see her. Beyond that, she could joke, smile and laugh right along with everyone else, though she could change directions on you in a heartbeat which tended to keep everyone just a little weary of her, including myself. And Christine was a very attractive middle-aged woman too. She always dressed nicely, somewhat reserved perhaps in the way she did dress, but there was always a hint of a smoldering sultriness beneath her light brown shoulder length hair, green eyes, and full lips. And like Rebecca, she too had a rather nice looking pair of breasts, though she certainly didn't display her attributes quite as well as Rebecca very often did. Still, you knew they were there as she quite often sat behind her desk wearing a fairly lacy bra through what was most often a somewhat sheer blouse, always dawning her jacket however whenever she met with anyone, or on those rare occasions to come down to see one of us in the dungeon. I think she did that purposely in order to keep her own "head lights" from coming on as Brenda often referred to her own hard stiff nipples whenever hers did.

It was a Friday evening, I'd actually been invited earlier by Rebecca and Brenda to join them at a local nearby bar for an after work drink, unfortunately, this was one of those times when I had a bit of an unexpected deadline being given me to review and critique a particular manuscript. Normally, I was given plenty of time to do so and could plan my time around those I had to do. But this one, Larry had given me just the day before, and I'd been asked as a "personal" favor to him to give it a quick read and then get back to him on it as soon as possible. Though I hadn't personally met the author of it yet, I knew by the name she was female. Almost immediately after I'd begun reading it, I'd begun to wonder. Since I'd first started working there, this was one of the worst manuscripts I'd ever been given to read. I was having trouble enough even getting through it as it was written so poorly, just glad I wouldn't be the one to edit it, if in fact Larry decided to pursue doing it after my less than enthusiastic recommendation. At least he hadn't asked me to do anything more than honestly evaluate it, which is what I was seriously going to do. But the urgency of getting back to him on it, meant I'd be staying much later on Friday than I had initially planned on doing, not to mention turning down the invitation for a drink with my two sexy co-workers.

I was a little more than halfway through the manuscript when I stood, needing a stretch and something to drink, not to mention needing to take a pee before getting back to it. I glanced up at the clock on the wall and saw it was already nearing seven o'clock. I knew everyone else had no doubt already gone home for the weekend. But it wasn't the first time I'd been the last one to leave, or required to lock up either. Heading up the stairs to the main office and the restrooms, I noticed almost immediately that there was still light coming from beneath the door in Christine's office as well as through her windows, though her blinds had been drawn shut.

She and Larry both had windows facing into the main working area, allowing them to monitor the daily operations, though very often when either one of them entertained a client, vendor or potential author they would close them giving them a bit more privacy. So it wasn't so odd to see them closed as I passed by headed towards the bathrooms so much, as it was to see them closed, knowing Christine was still here this late in the day. I wasn't aware she would be for one, but I also couldn't imagine her meeting anyone after business hours either since I'd never seen her do that before. Still being relatively new here however, I then decided there was always a first time for that, though I was also now curious as to whom she might be visiting with in her office. Quietly, I approached, not at all intending to knock or certainly let her know I was even there. But I was curious. And though the blinds to her windows had been closed, it was still easy enough to stand off to one side and peer in. When I did, I was totally unprepared for what I had expected to see.

Christine was actually lying down on the nice-sized, comfortable looking couch in her office. Again, not something I would normally consider too unusual for her to do, had it not been for the fact, she was partially undressed! And even then, it took a moment longer for me to realize what was going on. She still wore her once again fairly sheer white blouse, but it was unbuttoned completely, one hand obviously having slipped inside the confines of a delicate looking white lacy bra. She held a book in her other hand, and was obviously reading it. I noticed that it was one that had been recently published, and one I had rather enjoyed reading as it was fairly steamy with several very erotic short stories having been compiled into one book. Interesting enough to see Christine reading it, obviously fondling her breast as she did, but she had also removed the skirt she'd been wearing earlier, now folded over the back of her chair, her legs spread, though I couldn't see anything. I stood there for a moment longer until she released her breast, that same hand suddenly traveling down between her legs. And though as decadently erotic as this was, seeing Christine obviously masturbating, the last thing I wanted to happen was to be caught watching her doing so.

As quiet as a mouse, I backed away from her curtained window and crept down the hallway towards the bathrooms. I had felt the beginning of an erection from having stood there secretly watching her, but even that hadn't taken away the urge I'd had earlier of needing to pee, I still did.

I stood in the men's room at the urinal for several minutes finally willing my prick to grow flaccid enough to pee, which I finally did, though it managed to still stay somewhat erect as I did so. Finally finishing, I flushed ... and then stood there listening to the sounds of the water running through the pipes in the building.

Normally during the day, it would have very possibly gone unnoticed, especially as up until this very moment, I hadn't noticed it myself. Now, it was obvious to me as quiet as the office was, it was in fact very noticeable. I couldn't help but wonder if Christine had heard it as I crossed over towards the sink and stood there washing my hands. I waited a moment or two more, and then opened the door and walked out. Sure enough, Christine stood in the middle of the main office waiting for me as I emerged. She'd obviously gotten redressed, though there was perhaps one more button still undone on her blouse than what might have normally been done up during the day. But regardless of that, there was no telltale signs of her being nearly undressed the first time I had actually seen her.

"David! I had no idea you were still here!" She stated as I came out of the bathroom. "I thought everyone had gone home for the day already," she told me somewhat flustered and surprised that I was.

"Yeah, have a manuscript I need to finish reading for Larry before Monday," I informed her, wondering if I should have even mentioned that by the curious expression on her face. Overtime wasn't exactly something that was needed or required around here very often, so to be working late the way I was, obviously had raised a few curious questions.

"What is it?" She asked inquisitively. Once again, I found myself feeling fairly uncomfortable, but I wasn't about to hide anything from her either. Once Christine got that determined look in her eyes, there was no swaying her one way or the other.

"Well, it was meant to be an erotic work of some sort," I began. "Sort of like reading a personal diary with a story built around the telling of it. But to be perfectly honest, I'm having a great deal of trouble trying to get through it, it's really written fairly poorly."

Wanting to see it herself, Christine soon followed me back downstairs to the dungeon, leading me into my own office where the manuscript still sat on my desk where I'd left it. Picking it up, she crossed over to the much smaller couch I had and sat down, beginning to read.

She did so quietly for a moment, and then laughed out loud. "Oh my God! This is ridiculous," she said. "Listen to this! His prick reminded me of a baseball bat as it sat dangling between his legs. Seconds later, it had risen like a drawbridge over the moat of distance separating the two of us, wanting to connect itself to the fortress of my pleasure." Christine glanced up looking at me, laughing. "Who the hell would write something like this anyway?" she said flipping back the manuscript to have a look at the name on it. When she did, I saw another look, this time a somewhat disgusted one come into her face. "No wonder," she mused aloud. "Frankly, I'm not at all surprised. I hope he didn't ask you to stamp this approved if it wasn't any good," she asked me.

"No, he didn't!" I assured her, "And I have ... as you can see, written several fairly negative comments down on my critique with regards to it too," I said pointing them out to her. She smiled at that, flipped open the manuscript once again and sat back down on the couch making herself comfortable. All I could do was sit down at my desk trying to do the same as she continued on, reading and flipping through it.

"This part isn't too bad," she said smiling, once again reading. "His lips then circled my hard swollen clitoris, his tongue lashing out at it repeatedly, driving me nearly insane as his hands now likewise pinched and tweaked the hard aroused nipples of my breasts driving me to distraction." Once again she looked up in my direction. "Ok, so maybe it really isn't," she laughed, though I now couldn't help but notice that Christine's nipples had suddenly appeared, pressing delicately, though quite noticeably against the sheer lacy material of her bra. Perhaps it was the noticeably different temperature change down here as opposed to upstairs in the main office which could account for that, but the fact Christine had obviously been pleasuring herself earlier in her office, made me wonder if she still wasn't a bit aroused from having been reading the book she had been when I first saw her.

"Always wondered," she said finally laying the manuscript down on the couch turning towards me though she continued to lie there. "We do tend to get quite a few romance, or erotic novels in here to read," she began. "Does reading these day in and day out arouse or excite you? Or do you tend to get so used to it that you don't really think about it, and actually just look at the written words as nothing more than being a part of the job?"

I couldn't help but notice that a fairly good portion of her soft breasts were now peeking out at me as she lay there on the couch, that single undone button just enough to reveal a bit more cleavage than I think Christine realized she was showing me. I quickly tore my eyes away from that however, not wanting her to realize I'd been looking at her.

"It depends on how well it's written," I suppose, I answered honestly. "Some stories are indeed erotic, or sensual, so it's a bit hard not to."

My choice of words made Christine laugh. "I'm sure," she said smiling. "Which is why I bet you stay pretty much sitting there at your desk whenever they are more sensual or erotic then huh?"

I didn't have a response to that, so I didn't, though awkwardly sharing a smile with her over her curiosity.

"And especially with two very attractive looking females working beside you in addition to that," she continued on. "There must be times when things can get a bit steamy working down here just because of that."

Once again I said nothing, still smiling awkwardly, though I did make some attempt at brushing off any suspicions she might have had with regards to that. "We keep things professional down here, I assure you," I offered back.

"Oh, I'm not saying you don't," Christine grinned, "but it doesn't change the simple, normal fact, that reading erotica all day, has to arouse you ... doesn't it? I mean I have to read it very often myself, prior to signing off on approval, and it certainly does that to me, if it's well written enough. In fact ... I was just upstairs reading through a book we've just recently published, something I think is in fact very well done, and very erotic. I don't mind admitting to you either, that it's left me aroused, and extremely horny!"

Stupefied, somewhat in a state of shock, Christine rolled off of the couch, the manuscript landing unceremoniously on the floor beside her. But I wasn't looking or worried about that. As she stood, her hands immediately came up to her blouse slowly undoing the remaining buttons as she stood there in front of me.

"Ah, Christine, Ms. Somers," I amended trying desperately to put this back on a professional level, but she laughed it off, removing her blouse so that she now stood there, her full firm breasts, though still confined within her sexy lace bra, stood peering out towards me.

"Don't be nervous," she half purred now walking over to actually sit down on the top of my desk as she reached around behind herself, unclasping the bra. I could only sit there tongue-tied as it slid down her arms, revealing two very lovely, very exquisite looking breasts. Her nipples looked like wonderfully ripe strawberries, dark pink, thick and deliciously erect. But as nice as they looked, as she looked, she was after all the bosses' wife. Which is when she said, "If you're worried about Larry, don't be. We rarely if ever, sleep together any more. He has his amusements," she said kicking the manuscript, which had fallen to the floor half way across the room, "and I ... have mine."

With that she had stood, now unzipping the side of her skirt as it now fell to the floor. She wore what appeared to be thigh high stockings and the briefest of thongs. "Come here," she said wiggling her finger at me. Like a zombie, still totally unsure of where I stood in any of this, or if this was in fact a very wise career move on my part, I did. She motioned me to come around behind her as she leaned over the edge of my desk, wiggling her very exposed ass towards me seductively.

"Come on now David, show me. Do you have a nice hard baseball bat between your legs? Would you like to lower your own drawbridge and slip it inside my waiting moist dripping gate?"

I don't know about it being anywhere's near the size of a baseball bat, but it certainly felt as hard and as stiff as one as I walked around behind her. Not even taking my pants off, I simply unzipped, reached in and withdrew what was now a very hard stiff prick. Placing it at the opening of her cunt, I felt the seepage of her desire wet the tip as I stood there rubbing it and running it up and down that very slick furrow.

"Don't fucking stand there and just tease me," she said nearly spitting at me as she looked back over her shoulder towards me. "Shove it in ... and fuck me!"

I'd heard the specifics in her tone of voice. Having worked with her, and for her, I knew without any doubt this wasn't one of those times for soft slow preliminaries. I did as she asked and thrust into her as hard and as deep as I possibly could all at once. As I did, she gasped, her deep-throated moan of delight telling me in an instant that that was exactly what she had wanted me to do.

"Again! All the way out ... all the way out," she said twice looking at me. And then shove it ... shove it deep and hard!"

I did as she asked, slipping out of her completely, just positioning the tip of my prick within the folds of her hot wanton cunt, and then slammed into her again, hilting myself all at once, nearly knocking her flat onto the desk.

"Yes! Fuck me again! Harder!"

Once again I thrust into her, and then kept thrusting into her, harder and harder as the slap of flesh upon flesh filled the room. Christine as I came to find out was very vocal in her desires, literally screaming at me to fuck her each time that I did, yelling the one word obscenity over and over, occasionally spicing that up with hot spiced sentences as she described the thoughts her lust filled mind must have been experiencing.

"Fuck my hot nasty cunt!" she continued to scream out. "That's it! That's it! Fuck it you sweet bastard, slam that hard stiff fucking cock inside my pussy ... fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!"

I had never before in my entire life ever been with a woman that could out cuss, or out swear any guy I'd ever known, but Christine certainly appeared that she could. The hotter she got, and the wilder our frenzied coupling became, the more outlandish and vulgar she became as well.

"I want to feel your hot nasty spunk filling my cunt!" She said grinding back against me. "I want to suck it from your prick, spit it back on it, and then have to fucking fuck it back inside my fucking cunt hole!" she cried out really getting carried away with herself now, as I soon realized she was in fact hovering on the edge of climax. Uncunting me, quite unexpectedly in fact, she spun away, climbing up to actually sit on my desk, reaching out to once again locate my cock as she lay back knocking off and scattering several of the documents and papers that had at one time been neatly stacked while waiting to be worked on.

"Come on you beautiful fucking prick!" she said glaring at me with a wantonness that almost scared me, "Come get your rocks off, come fuck this pussy and then let me see you squirt all over these hot fucking tits of mine!" She said holding them both within her hands.

She was in fact the perfect height as she lay there on my desk as I stepped back up between her legs, once again slipping back inside her, pounding against and into her cunt with a rapidity now that soon had me shuddering with the same obscene desires she was screaming.

"You like this hard fucking cock huh? You like my stiff hard prick fucking that hot cunt of yours yes?" I said holding still briefly, waiting for it.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!"

I fucked, held still looking at her.

"Fuck me!" I fucked, in ... out, waiting.

"Fuck me!" In ... out.

She smiled, though it was again more of an almost viscous looking leer. "Fuck me..." she said determinedly. "Fuck me hard ... and don't you fucking stop until it's spurting out of your cock ... when it does ... give it to me!"

I slammed into her once again, and then continued to do so until I felt the surge of my spunk finally readying my balls for its release. Just before it did, Christine suddenly bucked, biting her lips, squeezing her breasts within her hands and then shrieked with a long drawn out ear-piercing scream that alerted me to the fact she was deep in the throes of orgasm. I continued to fuck, but long before she'd even half way begun to come down from her pleasure, the cum began to slingshot out of the head of my prick. I allowed the first squirt to hit the back of her cunt before pulling out. As I did however, she immediately sat up, reaching out, grabbing my dick, and then jerking it, yanking it almost painfully so as I finished the last several hard felt squirts directly against her soft lovely tits.

It had been a long, long time since I had cum that hard, or even that much. I had quite literally given her breasts, both of them, quite a cum bath, which she had obviously taken a great deal of delight in receiving. With it still running, and then dripping down between her breasts, she finally stood, leaving me to stand there hanging onto the side of my own desk, still breathless and weak in the knees. I turned, watching as she slipped back into her skirt, her shoes, and then finally slipping her blouse back on, though she'd not included her bra. Turning towards me, her blouse still open, cum still glistening, running in little rivulets down between her tits, she leaned over kissing me quickly and briefly on the lips.

"That was fun, I look forward to the drive home, the feel of your still hot runny cum on my tits while I drive," she said smiling at me, obviously having no intent on closing her blouse as she motioned for me to follow her back up the stairs.

I had somewhat regained my senses, though my mind and head was now a blur with what sort of Pandora's Box I'd just opened.

Slinging her jacket over her shoulder as she put her hand on the door preparing to exit, she once again turned towards me. "Oh, and by the way ... If you ever do manage to get into the pants of either one of them ... I want to know. I wouldn't like it if you tried keeping any secrets from me..." she warned with what I took to be a very serious expression on her face. Only then did she smile again, opening the door and walked out. I stood there watching her as she crossed over to her car, which was parked in front of the offices. It was a sporty red little MG3 convertible. Slinging her jacket off her shoulder onto the passenger seat, she slid in, her bare breasts clearly evident within the blouse she was only half wearing. I watched as she sat there turning over the engine, and then ran a finger up between her breasts, onto her mouth where she licked it, sucked it, and once again smiled at me. Moments later she backed out of the lot, and then drove away into the night.

I stood there for long moments afterwards, watching the taillights of her car as they got smaller and smaller, reminding me of demon's eyes as they soon after faded away in the distance.

I had finished my critique of the manuscript and took it up to Larry's office first thing Monday morning. Though disappointed by what I had written, he didn't seem too terribly surprised by it either. In fact, there was almost a look of relief in his eyes as he read what I'd written.

"Thanks," he said almost apologetically. "It'll be a lot easier on her reading this in someone else's words and not hearing it from me," he stated. Then he laughed. "At least, even if she does get upset by this, I managed to enjoy it before she does," he added letting me know in no uncertain terms that he had indeed already fucked her, perhaps for the first and last time.

I soon after left Larry's office returning to my own, finding that Rebecca and Brenda had just arrived.

"Hey, so how'd it go? Sorry you couldn't have joined us for that drink on Friday," Brenda told me.

"Yeah me too," I answered back meaning it. As wild as that night had ended up being, I was in a real quandary now as to how I actually felt about it however. Christine had warned me about keeping any secrets from her, but I was just as worried and concerned about keeping any secrets from my two dear friends and co-workers either. One thing I didn't want to do was give them any reason to distrust me. But would my telling them about what happened caused either one of them to hate me? That was just as bad ... if not worse. Rebecca however the more observant of the two, knew that something was troubling me however, and so asked me.

"Anything happen this weekend you'd like to tell us about?" she suddenly asked. It really was obvious. I hadn't come into work my same old jovial self, teasing, and flirting with them almost immediately after arriving the way I had been doing.

"You might could say that," I began, walking over to take a chair next to their desks sitting down with a cup of coffee. "But what I hope is, is that neither one of you hate me for what I'm about to tell you," I now began having gathered both of their attentions.

I told them everything from beginning to end. As I did, I caught what appeared to be a look of obvious disappointment in Rebecca's eyes, though she never really let on she was disappointed in me after I'd finished. "Frankly, I'm surprised it took her this long to get to you," she told me moments later. "We've both been expecting it, haven't we Brenda?" she asked.

The only thing I hadn't mentioned to either one of them was her parting comment. I enjoyed flirting with both girls, but I'd already promised myself that I wasn't going to approach either one of them unless they clearly expressed an interest in my doing so. At the moment, especially after what I'd just told them, the likelihood of that ever happening, especially now, seemed pretty remote.

"You know, it really is too bad she's such a stuck up conniving bitch, she really is pretty attractive, and frankly, I wouldn't mind getting a piece of her myself. And I'm even willing to bet, she'd enjoy that too, but not at the cost of becoming her slave because of it afterwards," Brenda added, now worriedly looking towards me. "So don't let her turn you into her own personal slave either!" Brenda said concernedly. "As much as I know you enjoy your job, and as much as we both enjoy working with you, it wouldn't be fair to any one of us if you ended up becoming her boy-toy, or abusing your relationship with us just because she wants or needs a good fuck every once in a while!"

"So you tell me ... what do I do now?" I honestly asked my two friends. "I mean, I obviously can't try and duck her, she's the boss, hell, she's the bosses' wife for hells sakes! I shouldn't have allowed what happened to even happen, but looking back on that, I can't even see how I'd have stopped it from happening even then!" I let out a very heavy sigh. "Shit! I'm fucked!" I said in pure and total exasperation.

"Look, there's no sense getting all hot and bothered over it now," Rebecca tried reassuring me. "Maybe all she wanted from you was what she got, maybe ... that'll be it. What I think she'll be hoping for is that you'll now try sucking up to her in the hopes of getting something more out of her. But ... if you don't, if you maintain and keep the relationship professional between you after this, maybe she'll just smile and file it away as a fun experience and let it go at that."

I looked at her. "You two really believe that?" I asked.

"No," Brenda said simply. "But maybe it will help if you do."

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly, it was busy around the office, though I was happy at least that Christine didn't surprise us with a midweek visit to the office. When Friday finally came however, I was expecting it, especially as Larry had had gone out of town for a business trip, though we all had our suspicions about that one too.

Thankfully, neither one of the girls had been treating me any differently, so at least they held no animosity against me for having fucked the boss's wife. If anything, it was almost the opposite. The flirtatiousness we'd all shared together previously had seemed to escalate, though even then I wasn't trying to read anything into that.

On Wednesday of that week, I had gone out to pick us all up something from the delicatessen around the corner from where we worked. I'd returned to find the two of them sitting side by side on my desk waiting for me. As I entered my office with our lunch, they had smiled, giggled, and then said "Batters up!" as I stood there staring at the two of them. Even then it took me a minute to get the joke, but once I had, I had turned beet red in the face chasing the two of them out of my office and back into their end of our little dungeon.

Thursday, it had gotten even worse. I'd just come back from a meeting with Larry where I'd been going over one of the critiques I'd just finished for the new author he was meeting with during his business trip. As I came downstairs, heading towards my office, I saw Rebecca bent over the edge of my desk with Brenda standing behind her, humping away wildly. They were both dressed, and obviously not really doing anything, but it had taken me off guard and by surprise as I walked in and found them like that. Truth be told, it was a bit of a turn on, even though they were just fucking around, not actually fucking. And of course they both pretended extreme embarrassment at being discovered, let alone hearing them as I worriedly turned back around to see if anyone else might have. And though not nearly as loud as I remembered Christine being, with Rebecca bent over my desk yelling out, "Oh baby, baby ... fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I was nevertheless worried someone might have.

"All right you two, now I wish to hell I hadn't told you anything!" I stated once again shooing the two of them out of my office. Giggling, whispering, and later on talking in hushed tones which I couldn't over hear, I looked out the door where they were both sitting, everything seemed to be business as usual, so I went back to reading the manuscript I'd been working on. Minutes later once again looking up towards them, I had to take a double take. They were still sitting there just as they had been, but now ... the two of them were sitting there topless with their boobs hanging out.

"Holy shit! Are you two nuts?" I said stepping out of my office taking in the two of them as they looked up innocently towards me.

"What? We're only trying to make it a little more comfortable on you," Brenda teased me. "Or is this having just the opposite effect?" she asked a little too demurely.

I was actually very surprised they had done that. On the one hand, I guess I should have actually expected it, but on the other, it was still a bit of a delightful surprise to see them actually sitting there with their boobs hanging out.

"Yeah, and besides," Rebecca said now joining in. "Maybe this Friday after seeing the two of us, you'll be more inclined to come and have that drink with us rather than staying here and wait for Christine to corner you unexpectedly again ... unless of course, you're hoping she might?"

Luckily for me, there was nothing I'd been given or asked to do that would keep me here, though I was admittedly not looking forward to Friday, especially with Larry heading out of town. There was no telling what might happen around the office when Christine finally did come in, which we all knew she would. And especially after what had happened between us. I'd even considered taking the day off, but I in fact did have two manuscripts that had to be gone through before Monday, so I couldn't.

But it was seeing the two of them sitting there like that, which prompted me to tell them about the one thing I hadn't. And so I did.

It was oddly interesting to sit down and talk to them, neither one of the girls bothering to cover themselves while I did either. They both seemed as comfortable around me with their shirts off as on, though we all nervously looked up towards the stairs on occasion at even the slightest sound. They would have both had plenty of time to duck back into their shirts if the upstairs door opened. It usually made a lot of noise whenever it did for one thing, the sudden sounds of the office above coming in first, along with a substantial brightness in light filling the stairway. But even then, it was weird glancing over at two differing pairs of breasts, entirely bare, which neither woman seemed to care I was very much enjoying looking at.

"So ... if you were to start fooling around with either one of us, the boss lady wants you to tell her about it does she?" Rebecca asked looking determined.

"Yeah, and I bet she'd probably get off on that too!" Brenda said joining in. "I told you I've always thought she had a curious sort of side to her, bet she's just itching to hear from David if he's seen the two of us ever doing anything," she said turning towards me. "Maybe ... you should tell her you caught me humping Rebecca on your desk Wednesday, see what she has to say about that!"

"Except that you really weren't," I reminded her. "Though perhaps, if you'd care to do it for real, since you're already half undressed now anyway, I wouldn't at least be lying when I told her about that." I said grinning back teasingly.

The girls both laughed over that one, though it was Rebecca who actually stood up. I had no idea as to what she was doing, or where she was headed, until she walked over towards my office, reaching the door way where she suddenly unzipped the jeans she was wearing and stepped out of them, whipping them up and over onto her shoulder as though tossing a jacket, a point that wasn't lost on me either. Even Brenda giggled over that one. But the reality for me was, this gorgeous tall, good looking brunette was now standing just inside my office, entirely naked.

"Well? So which one of you is actually going to come in here and fuck me?" she asked.

Brenda and I turned looking at one another incredulously for a moment. Then she spoke up, grinning from ear to ear.

"Race you!"

Like a shot, she stood, just as I did, and we both tore off towards the door of my office reaching it at exactly the same instant.

Rebecca had stepped away from the door as we did, entering, and now closing it behind us, locking it. "Just in case," she said with a smile on her face. "We're in a meeting," she then added.

"Ok, the jokes on me," I said laughing, expecting her to unlock and reopen the door. But she didn't. Instead, she nodded over towards Brenda.

"Why don't you take the couch honey?" she said smiling. "David can take me from behind while I'm doing you."

I still thought she was joking, teasing me, going perhaps a bit too far with all of this, until Brenda stood, likewise slipping out of her jeans. "Sounds like a wonderful beginning," she stated, and then promptly positioned herself down on the couch. Almost immediately Rebecca wandered off over towards her, leaned over, and promptly began licking Brenda's widely displayed pussy much to my immediate surprise.

"You're not joking!" I said continuing to stand there just looking at the two of them, Rebecca's beautiful heart shaped ass just beckoning to me.

She finally turned around looking over her shoulder in my direction. "Well? You going to join us or not?" she asked quite seriously.

I was already walking towards them, my hand on my belt preparing to undo it when the phone on my desk rang.

"Fuck!" I spat, staring at it, knowing I'd have to answer it, though I then saw Rebecca turn back around and immediately went back to tonguing Brenda's sweet wide open split as she literally balanced herself on her head and shoulders, her pussy sticking straight up in the air. It was almost surreal as I walked around my desk in order to reach the phone, my hard cock pressing up against the front of my pants, looking over towards the two very naked women in my office as I answered.

"Yes? David Anderson speaking."

"David? Christine. Have you got a moment? I need to see you about a manuscript I need you to look at before you go home this evening. Would it be more convenient for me to come down to your office, or would you prefer coming up to mine?" she asked a bit more hopefully when she'd mentioned my office.

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