The Bosses Wife

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: David learns he has to deal with on the job politics, in a whole new way.

I had just started working for a small little publishing firm. Being a part-time writer myself, it was enjoyable work reading other writers manuscripts, all hopeful of getting their works printed in book form. It was a relatively small office too, something else that I quite liked as it was a fairly laid back and comfortable atmosphere. My job was basically to read the manuscripts, critique them and then pass on my recommendations to Larry Somers my boss, or on to his wife Christine who partnered the business with him. Based on their acceptance and approvals on those recommendations, the manuscript was then handed off to one of two editors we had on staff.

I guess about the only real downside to my job, was the fact that my office, if you even want to call it that, was located downstairs in what used to be a storage area. And though it had been remodeled and was certainly comfortable enough, there were no outside windows, hence given the name as the "Dungeon", where Rebecca, Brenda the two first class editors and myself worked. A small office staff, receptionist, and then Larry and Christine's offices were on the main floor, a well lit, somewhat extravagant looking area that was meant to impress our would be clients whenever they were invited in to begin the final spit and polish of their works prior to release or publication.

Almost from the onset, Rebecca, Brenda and I got along famously. Even to the point that only after a week after I had started there, we had flirted, teased one another and gotten a lot closer as a tight little group, especially working in the area together where we were. It was rare that anyone else came down stairs to bother us, usually an intercom invitation was all it took in summoning one of us upstairs to see the bosses or attend an approval or acceptance meeting held weekly on Mondays. And that was about the only time we ever saw Christine with the exception of Fridays when she spent most of the day running the office herself. Larry pretty much took a three day weekend, or spent the better part of the day outside the office wining and dining the new author's we'd signed on.

Rebecca was a tall (easily two inches taller than I at six feet) brunette with long dark hair she usually wore in a ponytail. She had an amazing chest which she didn't mind showing off, though she usually wore denim shirts or blouses that hinted at the fabulous cleavage she had without giving everything away. Amongst the three of us, Rebecca had worked there the longest, almost five years, and had been the one to share the "inside" poop as it where on some of the shenanigans she knew about Larry. He'd made a brief attempt to come onto her very early on, but she'd scoffed any advances, making it very clear to him that she had no intention of fooling around at the office, especially with his wife working there as well.

Brenda was nearly the opposite. Much shorter at barely over five feet, she had a pixyish face that was framed by a much shorter hairstyle. And though blonde, it wasn't all that unusual to see her come into work with streaks of red, pink, or blue highlighting in her hair. Much smaller breasted, she had little if any need for a bra, and very often didn't bother wearing one. Which made the sudden appearance of her twin hard pressed nubbins not all that unusual to see either as the "Dungeon" always tended to be on the cooler side from the rest of the office. For whatever reason, Rebecca seemed to enjoy pointing them out whenever they where, which had given me some reason to suspect that she was very possibly attracted to Brenda. It was evident they were close friends even away from work, very often going out to enjoy a drink, or even spending time together during the weekends. Whether there was anything actually sexual going on between them, I didn't know. But their playful banter during the course of the day certainly hinted at it at times, and very often left me mildly aroused because of it.

The bottom line for me was, I loved my job and enjoyed coming into work though in the short time I had been there, I still didn't know how to quite take Larry's wife Christine. Not that she wasn't friendly, she was. But when she wanted to appear business like, she was all that, and more. She did seem to enjoy directing the staff, particularly on Fridays when Larry wasn't around, though that was usually when a prospective author, client, or possible vendor had come into see her. Beyond that, she could joke, smile and laugh right along with everyone else, though she could change directions on you in a heartbeat which tended to keep everyone just a little weary of her, including myself. And Christine was a very attractive middle-aged woman too. She always dressed nicely, somewhat reserved perhaps in the way she did dress, but there was always a hint of a smoldering sultriness beneath her light brown shoulder length hair, green eyes, and full lips. And like Rebecca, she too had a rather nice looking pair of breasts, though she certainly didn't display her attributes quite as well as Rebecca very often did. Still, you knew they were there as she quite often sat behind her desk wearing a fairly lacy bra through what was most often a somewhat sheer blouse, always dawning her jacket however whenever she met with anyone, or on those rare occasions to come down to see one of us in the dungeon. I think she did that purposely in order to keep her own "head lights" from coming on as Brenda often referred to her own hard stiff nipples whenever hers did.

It was a Friday evening, I'd actually been invited earlier by Rebecca and Brenda to join them at a local nearby bar for an after work drink, unfortunately, this was one of those times when I had a bit of an unexpected deadline being given me to review and critique a particular manuscript. Normally, I was given plenty of time to do so and could plan my time around those I had to do. But this one, Larry had given me just the day before, and I'd been asked as a "personal" favor to him to give it a quick read and then get back to him on it as soon as possible. Though I hadn't personally met the author of it yet, I knew by the name she was female. Almost immediately after I'd begun reading it, I'd begun to wonder. Since I'd first started working there, this was one of the worst manuscripts I'd ever been given to read. I was having trouble enough even getting through it as it was written so poorly, just glad I wouldn't be the one to edit it, if in fact Larry decided to pursue doing it after my less than enthusiastic recommendation. At least he hadn't asked me to do anything more than honestly evaluate it, which is what I was seriously going to do. But the urgency of getting back to him on it, meant I'd be staying much later on Friday than I had initially planned on doing, not to mention turning down the invitation for a drink with my two sexy co-workers.

I was a little more than halfway through the manuscript when I stood, needing a stretch and something to drink, not to mention needing to take a pee before getting back to it. I glanced up at the clock on the wall and saw it was already nearing seven o'clock. I knew everyone else had no doubt already gone home for the weekend. But it wasn't the first time I'd been the last one to leave, or required to lock up either. Heading up the stairs to the main office and the restrooms, I noticed almost immediately that there was still light coming from beneath the door in Christine's office as well as through her windows, though her blinds had been drawn shut.

She and Larry both had windows facing into the main working area, allowing them to monitor the daily operations, though very often when either one of them entertained a client, vendor or potential author they would close them giving them a bit more privacy. So it wasn't so odd to see them closed as I passed by headed towards the bathrooms so much, as it was to see them closed, knowing Christine was still here this late in the day. I wasn't aware she would be for one, but I also couldn't imagine her meeting anyone after business hours either since I'd never seen her do that before. Still being relatively new here however, I then decided there was always a first time for that, though I was also now curious as to whom she might be visiting with in her office. Quietly, I approached, not at all intending to knock or certainly let her know I was even there. But I was curious. And though the blinds to her windows had been closed, it was still easy enough to stand off to one side and peer in. When I did, I was totally unprepared for what I had expected to see.

Christine was actually lying down on the nice-sized, comfortable looking couch in her office. Again, not something I would normally consider too unusual for her to do, had it not been for the fact, she was partially undressed! And even then, it took a moment longer for me to realize what was going on. She still wore her once again fairly sheer white blouse, but it was unbuttoned completely, one hand obviously having slipped inside the confines of a delicate looking white lacy bra. She held a book in her other hand, and was obviously reading it. I noticed that it was one that had been recently published, and one I had rather enjoyed reading as it was fairly steamy with several very erotic short stories having been compiled into one book. Interesting enough to see Christine reading it, obviously fondling her breast as she did, but she had also removed the skirt she'd been wearing earlier, now folded over the back of her chair, her legs spread, though I couldn't see anything. I stood there for a moment longer until she released her breast, that same hand suddenly traveling down between her legs. And though as decadently erotic as this was, seeing Christine obviously masturbating, the last thing I wanted to happen was to be caught watching her doing so.

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