Catch a Rising Star

by akarge

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Harem, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Swarm Cycle story. A celebrity diva has her photo shoot disturbed by the Space Marines.

Any resemblance between the content of this story or any of the characters depicted herein and real persons or events is highly unlikely and purely coincidental

"Jared. We aren't going to make our dinner reservations." Penny didn't seem surprised, just a little frustrated.

"Yeah, I know. We'll leave in an hour even if Sophia fires me. Can you ask Alicia if she would put together a little snack for us? It'll probably be better than anything we would have gotten. Not quite the romantic getaway we planned though, is it?"

Jared turned his good eye away from Penny and towards the private beach where Sophia was still actively slowing down and screwing up the photo shoot. One fashion photographer, three assistants, four hunky male models, six security personnel, one PR rep and six makeup, hair and clothing people, all of these people were waiting on Sophia. The shoot had started over an hour late, and was now over two hours late in finishing. The neighbors that shared the beach had agreed to not intrude, but now they were getting irritated at the time over run as well. "I guess it's time to get yelled at." Jared walked to the shoot where Sophia was asking for yet another change.

"Sophia, it's over. Let these people go home now or I'm walking. You agreed to be done by three. It's running late because of you and only because of you. I have no idea why that agent put in that control clause."

"I told him to. HE listens to my requests. Unlike my Personal Assistant." Sophia looked much like the star of an earlier generation, Sophia Loren. Shorter, with a voluptuous figure, light olive skin, long dark hair, although hers was the darkest shade of red imaginable, a somewhat exotic face and just a trace of an east European accent. Her backstory was still publicly up for speculation, but Jared knew that she was American born of Romanian parents. The rumor that she was actually of Gypsy blood was just that. Rumor. She had hit the tabloids and the Internet four years ago and was now in the top portion of the A list. She had only made three movies so far, and only one had made it to the big screen, but currently she was almost as big a draw for the paparazzi as Britney.

"Well, it's still too late. Even the light is goin ... Oh, Damn! Why here?" Jared turned away from Sophia, looking around at the gray wall going up.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Confederacy. We are here for a pickup.

"Jared Baker, Monica Grant, Dwayne King. Please come over here."

Jared joined the other two sponsors. He noticed as he did that the Marines had laid their fields down to collect people from all of the houses on this secluded beach. There were ten houses, most with only two residents and one or two staff. Maybe a dozen family or friends for guests, as it was still early even if it was a Friday. Even with the mess of people here, he doubted that there were fifty people in range, unless the Marines knew something that he didn't. Another look and he knew that was the case. There were an even dozen coming from one of the other houses. Most were men, not too fit, youngish, and geeky looking. The few women were the same, except for the trophy wife of the house owner, CEO of a big electronics firm, if Jared remembered correctly.

"OK, listen up. Here are your card readers. There are fourteen more sponsors joining us here. We also sealed off a ladies' bowling league in New Jersey and we are transporting the volunteers and those willing to try for concubine status here, to California. Jared Baker, Ex-army, NCO, Purple Heart. CAP is 8.0. You get six concubines. Monica Grant. You have a 6.7 so you get two. Dwayne King. You also have a 6.7 and you get two. I suggest that you start working on any of these that you want right away. Those nerdy types all get either four or six."

"Penny love, are you still willing to go with me? You know the rules."

Penny just nodded. She was smiling and her eyes were watering at the same time. At thirty she looked like a brunette version of the girl next door. Jared had complained recently when she lost ten pounds that she had planned as the first of twenty. A week later, at his request, she was gaining it back, but she was also exercising more to reapportion the pounds.

"And you still agree with our other plans?" Jared glanced at the house, where, at the window, Alicia was looking out in wonder at the people taking their clothes off on the beach.

"Yeah. I can't wait. I'll go tell Alicia and Tiffany." She practically bounced into the house.

"I'll be right with you." Jared called. Then he turned and walked to Sophia who was watching the growing crowd of men and a few women staring at her with growing lust and near hunger in their eyes. She had taken off her wrap when the others started stripping but then stopped, as the crowd grew thick around her. Two of the Security people were trying to keep them back. Two more were part of the crowd. They weren't volunteers, but most of the crowd wasn't either. Everyone knew there was going to be an orgy, and they all wanted to bang the Superstar, or at least get a hand on her.

"Sophia! Inside. NOW! Unless you want to do thirty men, that is." Jared looked at the Marine and received a nod. The crowd would not get in the house. Sophia fled on Jared's arm.

Inside, Penny, Alicia and Tiffany were waiting. Penny was in her bra and panties. They were a white lacy set that she had meant to unveil tonight. She had expected Jared to propose tonight and she was planning on making the weekend a mini honeymoon. Tiffany was already nude except for her sandals. As Sophia's personal trainer, masseuse, and oftime sexual release partner, she had little body modesty. At twenty-eight, she looked like the stereotypical blonde beach bunny. Her four-year-old boy had made almost no lasting impression on her body, and even less on her ex-boyfriend. Alicia was the most conservative and was still dressed in a blouse and slacks. At forty, she was cute, petite, half Filipino, and half Mexican. She was the most pleasant person that Jared knew. If she got riled though, as Sophia managed about six times a year, she turned into a spitfire that even Sophia backed down from. Her husband had tried to overrule her one too many times and she had dumped him.

"Penny, Alicia, Tiffany, I would like to ask you to be in my Harem. Penny and I have already settled on how things will work out. I intend to treat you as wives, not slaves. Tiffany, Alicia, I'll take your kids as well. Tomas will be fourteen in a few months. Is that correct?"

"Si, Senor' Jared. In three months." Alicia was studying Jared as if she was choosing a nice piece of meat for a roast.

"Well, the other ladies might need some relief when I'm not around, so if he can stay with us, it will be nice to have another man around the house. Tiffany, I don't think there will be a problem for you with this, but Penny would like to have girls in her bed as well as me." He looked at Tiffany who just smiled and pulled Penny into a hug and kiss. "Alicia? How about you?" Jared had been getting closer and closer to Alicia and when he asked that, he had an arm half around her waist. He leaned in and whispered into her ear, "I have seen you, you know. When Tiffany is giving Sophia those private massages that end up in Sophia screaming in joy, you are rubbing up against corners of the table, or running off to the bathroom. You are a highly sexed woman." He was caressing one hand against her hip, and the other had slipped up to her small breast. Through the thin bra, he could feel her hard nipple.

"I have never ... with a woman, but ... Oh, Sophia, may I please touch you?"

"Let's all slip into the den. Away from eyes and cameras." Jared motioned the women into another room furnished with couches and a soft, thick rug and with thick draperies covering the windows.

Sophia had been startled, first by the crowd, and then a bit by Alicia, but she was recovering. "Jared, you didn't invite me."

"No, I didn't. I will, but I want you to think about it. If you say yes, you are mine, forever. I want you to wait until we finish our little test drives."

Sophia moved easily into Alicia's arms and gave her a warm kiss. Jared was still behind her and Alicia's clothes started to melt away, button by button, piece by piece. Tiffany and Penny were already locked in a sixty-nine on the couch when Jared pulled Alicia's panties down to her ankles. Sophia had slipped her mouth onto Alicia's breast and was teasing it with her tongue. Sophia had untied her own suit top and was only in the bottoms. Alicia had her eyes closed, but each of her hands was on one of Sophia's breasts, slowly caressing them. Jared slowly, gently pulled Alicia down onto the carpet and Sophia followed. Sophia was much more aggressive in this type of thing, so Alicia found herself reacting to hands on her, breasts touching her, lips and a tongue against her skin. The fingers between her legs were pleasant, invasive, but gentle. She barely noticed the feel of a naked Jared against her back. She moaned in protest when Sophia moved away from her face and breasts, then she gasped in shock when the fingers were replaced with lips and a tongue. Jared moved away and Sophia rolled Alicia onto her back. She opened her eyes at one point to see Sophia with her rump in the air, with Jared pumping away from behind. Alicia had one small orgasm, another, then one big one, and for a while, she was not really aware of what was going on.

Jared pulled Sophia into a spooned cuddle. They were lying next to the nearly comatose Alicia. "Sophia, I want you to think of a couple of things. Penny and I both like you and we would love to have you with us, but would you really want to be my slave?"

"I thought you were going to treat us like wives?"

"Yeah, I said that. I mean that, but you know that you will really be my Harem, with no real rights. Think of that mob out on the beach. What if from now on, all of the other sponsors around you act like that. 'Hey, buddy, is that really Sophia? Think I could borrow her for a night? You can have my two.' Or let's say my sergeant says 'Baker! We're having a squad party tonight, bring that superslut of yours for entertainment!' I don't plan on letting those kinds of thing happen, but I don't actually know what the rules are.

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