by Thesandman

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Sex Story: Rick and Mieke travel to Amsterdam and meet up with a very unusual... woman?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Note: This story evolves around a "shemale" so there is some bi-sexuality in the telling of this tale. If that's not your cup of tea, then please, don't bother reading it. Thank you.

My wife and I had flown over from the states to visit with her parents who lived there. I had been there once before, for a quick brief visit so I knew a little of the touristy area. On this trip however, I got to see a lot more of the wilder side of Amsterdam, which for me was an eye opening experience.

Mieke, my wife was a fiery redhead. Great tits, the kind you could get lost in, and play with for hours. Something she didn't at all mind my doing either. Self assured, confident and certainly friendly, she made it a lot easier for me to feel comfortable in a strange place, obviously knowing her way around, and fluent in the language.

We'd decided to first stop in to what's called a "coffee shop", though to be honest, I don't remember if they even served coffee there. We'd found a comfortable booth, enjoyed a nice mellow smoke together which soon had my head buzzing in delight, and then set off to browse the red-light district just for the fun of it. Walking down row after row, peering into windows were the local girls stood letting you get a good look at them was an interesting experience. Most of whom I actually did find reasonably attractive. Several of which were flirtatious and at times even funny as they tried wooing both my wife and I into their rooms for some adventure. Eventually however, having done a considerable amount of so called window-shopping, I was reasonably aroused, as was my wife. We then decided to take in one of several live sex shows that were dotted here and there within the district. I had never been to one of course, and was now curious about it. Actually watching performers engage in real sex on stage was a pretty fucking erotic experience. I'd always been a bit of a voyeur anyway, not to mention somewhat of an exhibitionist, so the opportunity to sit down in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and actually watch someone else having sex, was right up my alley.

By the time we came out from the theatre, I was about ready to bust a nut, my erection almost painfully pressed within my jeans making it not only awkward, but very difficult to walk. When Mieke suggested we go inside to a nearby pub for a pint, I was all for it. Just sitting down, giving my prick some time to get flaccid again seemed like a really good idea at the time.

The place was pretty well packed and it was still early yet. But we eventually managed to slip into the only remaining booth available, ordered our drinks, and then sat back to enjoy the typical Dutch atmosphere and amusements from the average working populace that came in here at the end of the day for a good stiff drink after work. We'd just ordered our second drinks, my cock finally softening enough that I felt like we could go out, walk about again though our next intended stop was to be the world famous sex museum they had there. I knew by the end of the evening, especially after having taken that in, I'd be randy enough to fuck a mule. Luckily for me however, I had a hot sexy wife that was more than willing to do just that so that I wouldn't have to.

It was at that particular moment that I glanced up as the door to the pub opened and a rather attractive woman came walking in.

"Mieke? Doesn't she look familiar?" I asked. I knew I had seen her somewhere before, and then it hit me, just as Mieke laughed, already knowing where we had.

"Yes honey, she's the one we stood looking at the longest, remember?" Now in fact, I did. She had long dark hair that fell well down to the middle of her back, long natural eyelashes, and a full set of very sensual looking lips. The thing that had perhaps attracted us both about her the most was that she didn't look typically slutty, even in the window as she attempted to entice us into coming in. Now, here in the pub, she looked even more natural, like any typical attractive looking woman just on her way home from work.

As busy as the place was, she stood looking around for a place to sit. At that moment, she spotted Mieke and I sitting alone in a booth meant to seat four, and came walking over. By the smile on her face, she had recognized us as well.

"Mind if I join you?" She asked. We didn't mind it at all, inviting her to sit as she ordered her drink, and then spoke with us unlike before. Through the window, all we'd been able to do was basically smile at one another, make hand gestures, and basically flirt and tease one another. Mieke and I had even briefly discussed the possibility of going in and negotiating with her for some quick fun amongst the three of us. But as we didn't have a whole lot of available cash on us at the time, we decided that thirty minutes of naughty pleasure would have cut our evening far shorter than either one of us would have preferred. Now we sat actually conversing with her without hand signals or smiles, though there were still plenty of those to go around too as she found out only then we'd come over from the States, though as I'd said, Mieke had herself grown up there in the Nederland's.

She had soon after introduced herself as Kim. I had taken in the fact that she was dressed somewhat demurely, not at all in the typical way one might expect for a girl working the red light district. She wore a lightweight pullover sweater. And though it was semi low cut in front, showing off an ample amount of cleavage, along with a short skirt that wasn't obscenely too short even for Amsterdam, she looked like any other normal working class person you might run into there on the streets. The fact she had teased Mieke and I both with a peek at her full breasts, which looked a lot like my wife's had been an enticing invitation, which had been the catalyst for standing there discussing the possibility of actually going in before we took accounting of our current finances and decided otherwise.

Kim was fun and interesting to talk to, telling us about her work and some of the more amusing situations she had been in while working there. At one point, she had even dropped her hand down on my upper thigh briefly as we sat there together in the booth, chatting away amiably about how Mieke and I had first met, eventually her coming over to join me in the States, getting married, and a little about herself growing up here. We decided to stay and have one more glass of beer with her before moving on to the museum, but I also knew I needed to use the toilet before I could, which quickly became the consensus for all of us. As crowed as the place still was however, we knew we needed someone to guard our table while we took turns peeing. As Kim now sat on one end, she excused herself first. I figured Mieke would slide out the other way and go with her, but she sat waiting until after Kim had left.

"Interesting character isn't she?" I stated, having thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with her up to that point.

"You might could say that," Mieke mused smiling with her eyes at me. "You do know ... she's a shemale don't you?"

You could have seriously knocked me over with a feather. The reason for that was, I wasn't exactly a novice when it came to knowing, or having seen so called shemales before in my lifetime. I'd seen a few in photos and magazines, and had on occasion actually watched a few porn movies. But there had always been something about each of them that had been a dead giveaway. Not that I hadn't found a few of them actually attractive even realizing what they were. But this was the first time I'd honestly been fooled. Not only had her breasts looked very natural, which even Mieke told me she'd found to be as well, but her voice hadn't hinted at any sort of masculinity in it whatsoever. There was no high pitched falsetto, from a man trying to sound like a woman, nor was there a deeper than normal voice coming out of her as a woman either. Even her facial features were all woman, and like I said, attractive as hell. Had we not seen her in the window earlier, I wouldn't have given it another thought.

"Are you sure?" I asked still having difficulty believing it. Mieke laughed.

"Well for one thing Rick, she has an Adams apple. And for another, she went into the men's room ... not the women's!"

I hadn't watched her do that for one thing, but I certainly hadn't spotted any Adam's apple either, though I now realized, that's not what I'd been looking at most of the time we'd been sitting there. Curious, I stood and made my way towards the toilet just as Kim came out, smiling as she did passing me on her way back to our table. I smiled back, though now feeling a bit foolish obviously surprised by this revelation. By the time I returned, Mieke had gotten up and was using the women's toilet, leaving Kim and I to sit there alone together.

"So, what are your plans for the rest of the evening?" She asked. I then told her how Mieke and I had planned to next walk down the street and take in the sex museum. Kim proceeded to fill me in on some of the wilder things we would find there when we did, and gave me some directions on some of the best areas to take a look at, especially as there was so much to see, and it was easy to overlook a great many of them. She then said she had a flat just around the corner from there, and as we'd now all finished our drinks, she'd walk with us towards the museum as it was on her way home.

When Mieke returned, we were already standing preparing to leave. I quickly informed her that Kim was heading that way as well, and then we left. Once again we fell into easy comfortable chatter, made even more so, and even more interesting with the knowledge I now had, that Kim was in fact a shemale. I continued to observe, trying to discover any traits I had somehow managed to miss. But aside from the hardly noticeable Adam's apple, there simply weren't any I could find. We were laughing about one of the sex museums current exhibits as we walked along heading in that direction when Kim told us that she had a pretty interesting collection of antique toys, vibrators and whatnot herself. To our surprise, she invited us up to her flat for another drink, and a look-see at what she had.

The one thing about my wife, she could read me like a book. I was curious about Kim to be sure, and the fact we actually had had a delightful evening talking to her made the acceptance of her offer far easier to make.

"We'd love to!" Mieke answered for us both. "I'd love to see what you've got!"

She had said the very words I was thinking, though I couldn't help wondering if she'd meant them the way I was now thinking them. And don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I was so much interested in seeing if Kim actually had a cock, by now I obviously knew that she did. But her demeanor, her friendliness, and the fact I was still hearing her, and seeing her as an attractive woman, even though she obviously wasn't, was now more than a simple curiosity for me. Perhaps with all the previous evening's festivities we'd been enjoying, the arousal that had initially caused us to go in and sit down in the pub in the first place came roaring back. Suddenly my mind was filled with the image of seeing Kim and my wife together. On the one hand, it was the idea of two women together that always had been an erotic thrill for me in the first place. You know, tit to tit ... that sort of thing. But now ... there was obviously an interesting twist to that, which also knowing my wife as well as she knew me, included what could very possibly be another nice hard stiff cock to look at. And not that either one of us had any real expectations of that actually happening, there was nothing being said that it wouldn't either.

Moments later we were following Kim up a very narrow flight of stairs forcing us to climb them in single file until reaching her apartment. When we entered, I was somewhat surprised, and yet pleased to see how tastefully clean and well decorated it was. I had half expected to find it a dump, but Kim obviously kept a very neat and tidy place. And though obviously small, it was yet spacious enough at the same time as she'd incorporated the use of the space she did have to its best advantage.

"Help yourselves to a drink," she informed us after entering, and then adding, "And if you don't mind, I'd like to change into something a bit more comfortable," she told us, soon after disappearing into what was obviously her bedroom. Kim had a small, but nicely stocked bar. Pouring the three of us a glass of wine, we stood there waiting for Kim to reemerge which she soon did minutes later. "Come on in ... come see my collection," she called out to us. Obviously, it was in her bedroom.

Grabbing her wine, I followed Mieke into the room. Kim stood waiting for us, accepting her wine from me as we entered. She had indeed changed, now wearing a rather short, though sensual looking Japanese Kimono. I couldn't help but notice her smooth shapely legs, once again nearly shaking my head in disbelief that she was, at least to some extent, part male. She simply didn't look like it, or act the part.

Above her bed in a glass case was a collection of what were obviously antique looking sex toys, which she began showing and explaining to us. All of which surprisingly still worked too. As she leaned over her bed, her silk short robe rode up just high enough to reveal the fact she was wearing the briefest of tiny thongs as her twin cheeks, smooth, bare and invitingly revealed peeked out at us both. Even Mieke gave them an appreciative look just as I did.

We soon after sauntered back into her cozy sized sitting room and sat down on the small couch, Kim taking a seat in another comfortable looking chair across from us. As she sat, daintily crossing her legs, I couldn't help but glance in that direction as she did so, catching briefly what I felt to be was a rather prominent looking bulge between her legs. To my surprise, I felt my own renewed bulge growing, once again making it somewhat difficult for me to simply sit there in the position that I was without making some sort of an adjustment. Feeling very comfortable, and without too much embarrassment, I did, but I didn't really have any choice either. It was that, or sit there and be miserable.

Needless to say, my adjustment didn't go without notice. Kim smiled watching me, as Mieke actually giggled.

"What's a matter honey? Something come up?"

I laughed trying to make light of the subject. "Must have been the sex show," I said simply. That made Kim laugh.

"Oh? So you went to a sex show huh?" she asked. "Before ... or after you window shopped me?" Though she continued before either Mieke and I could answer. "You know ... I'd be more than happy to put on a show for you myself ... free of charge in fact," she continued saying. "I'm quite a bit of an exhibitionist myself, and let's face it, being who I am, and what I am, tends to generate a bit of curious interest in that regard. Would you two enjoy seeing something like that?" She asked.

Admittedly, we both did, smiling at her by way of an answer. "Then consider this as our own private little sex show," she told us. "Though feel free to make yourselves even more comfortable in order to enjoy it," she added. Initially, neither Mieke nor I made any attempt at doing anything more than merely sit there, watching Kim however as she undid the sash on her Kimono as she walked over to a CD player she had nearby and put on some music. As it began playing, she began dancing, swaying to it, slowly and teasingly revealing bits of herself as she did so. Eventually she tossed the robe she'd been wearing onto the back of her chair, now cupping, toying with her magnificent looking breasts as she teased us by playing with them. It wasn't long for me at least, when I could no longer tolerate the hard stiff erection in my pants, though Mieke had already decided she wanted something to play with herself while the two of us sat watching Kim seductively dance around for us.

Mieke had released my enormously stiff prick, sitting beside me as she fondled it, and then waggling it playfully as Kim smiled, noticing the erotic display.

"Why don't you get comfortable too?" she suggested at my wife. I sat watching as Mieke then stood, slowly stripping out of her clothing as both Kim and I looked on while she did. I soon joined her, taking the rest of my own clothing off as well, until ironically, Kim now wore more than we were. All that remained was the tightly stretched thong that bulged quite obscenely, the bulbous tip of Kim's prick suddenly making an appearance over the rim at the top. Stretching it out, she then yanked it down, freeing her cock, which sprang like a tightly coiled spring actually slapping back against her abdomen as she did that.

I was certainly no slouch in that particular department myself, but Mieke and I both stood there staring at Kim's extremely hard, extremely thick, and extremely long cock. If I'd thought at one point, or expected to find that she had some delicate, almost effeminate sort of a member between her legs, I was sadly mistaken. This was a prick of enormous proportions. And like I said, certainly on the upper end of the average side of things myself, Kim's dick made mine look almost disproportionate.

It was oddly weird in a way for me, perhaps for us both. Kim standing there before us, magnificent full, natural looking breasts, each one capped with a lovely dark pink, very hard thick nipple that just invited two mouths to be sucking them, and then this very rigid, extremely long thick prick standing up between her legs as she soon took a seat, fondling it, along with one of her breasts as she did so.

"We can do as much ... or as little as you'd like," Kim said standing up once again, walking over towards us as we sat there on the couch. I turned looking at my wife, smiling at her as I did, letting her know in that moment that she was a free to take this as she wanted to. Likewise, she winked at me, saying the same, and then turned, her hand automatically reaching out as it wrapped itself around Kim's enormous phallus.

"There's plenty there for two," Kim said looking down, enjoying the feel of my wife's hand as she fondled her, now looking over towards me. "If you'd like ... nothing to be afraid of, I promise ... I won't bite, unless you want me to," she giggled. Even her laugh sounded like a woman's, and regardless of the fact she had one giant assed cock sticking up between her legs, I just couldn't see her as a man, even with that thing proving that at least a part of her still was. But it was ... the only part.

I can freely and openly admit, we'd watched enough porn together, and perhaps even more to the point, when we'd hot-tubbed with friends, I'd enjoyed watching the hard stiff cocks throbbing between the men's legs, enjoyed seeing them spurt, throb, and shoot their cream. It had always added to the erotic sensuality of whatever it was we were experiencing together. But this ... this was indeed uniquely different than any of that. I reached out, placing my hand next to my wife's as the two of us sat there stroking this magnificent prick, hearing the pleasured sighs coming from Kim as we did so. As one, we now stood, each of us leaning to capture one of Kim's sweet nipples within our lips, sucking on them simultaneously, all the while continuing to tease, fondle and stroke her hard cock.

"Why don't we ... go into the bedroom," Kris moaned pleasurably. Happily, excitedly, Mieke and I followed.

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