Big Sex (Paili, Darissa & Jay)


Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A hot day and a crowded intersection.

"My god, where did they come from?" "Is this some kind of joke?," fleeing people asked of each other as the sounds of cars careening to a stop or crashing filled the air. Darissa, Paili and Jay stood silently, confidently in the large intersection, staring off in different directions as they scanned the city, from top to bottom, absorbing the mass of humanity as it wondered what to expect next. "Remember the script we rehearsed last week," Paili whispered into Darissa's soft ear. Darissa smiled as both girls nestled against Jay, Paili lightly caressing Jay's muscular chest as she tilted her head on his shoulder (though Jay's normal height was 5'10" and Paili's and Darissa's 5'5" and 5'6", respectively, all three were now the same 115 feet tall) curling her left leg as she eyed the population so far below them.

ATTENTION, EARTHLINGS, Paili began as she fingered Jay's left nipple. WE COME IN PEACE. PLEASE ALLOW MY B-F-F DARISSA TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES. Darissa fixed her hair as a strange silence blanketed a five block radius. M-I-H-A-P?, Darissa began as people milled about like ants. M-I-H-A-P! People stared up at the giants confused. COME ON, PEOPLE! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE? I HAVE A LOT TO SAY, SO I MAY USE TXT IM TO GET MY POINT ACROSS, the normally astute text-messaging titan pleaded. MY GIANT B-F-F'S ARE HERE FROM THE PLANT JUPITER ON A MISSION TO FIX THIS CITY'S MESSES. THE GOVERNMENT IS F-U-B-B AND PP ARE P-O'D. S0 LET ME...

Darissa took a gasp of air as wave of desire took hold throughout her body. OH! OOOH!, Darissa moaned as she placed a hand on her chest, calming her breathing. Jay, too, felt something. Paili's eyes bulged with jubilation as her line of sight plunged to between Jay's legs. Darissa's breathing turned to panting when Paili whispered into Dari's ear. "Go with the feeling, I told you I put a surprise in the formula," Paili soothed as she licked Darissa's ear and made eyes at Jay, whose cock was a hardened 12 foot long specimen. Darissa descended to the intersection, now on her hands and knees, oblivious to the cars, trucks and traffic lights her limbs made short work of. Still panting like a dog in heat, Darissa reached behind and peeled back her bikini, the bottom emblazoned with the wording, "Park In Rear" as Jay positioned himself behind her, the two going at it doggie-style as Paili looked on amusingly.

Paili watched her two giant friends' passion out of one eye as she picked up where Darissa left off, finding a reluctant audience, a crowd of thirty-or-so people piling on top of each other to find cover in a nearby building. Others were trapped in vehicles no more than yards from the frolicking titans. P-M-J-I, Paili continued as she reached down menacingly and picked a Ford Explorer in her massive right hand, people still inside. WE COME FROM JUPITER WHERE PEOPLE ARE SIGNIFICANTLY TALLER THAN PEEPS ON THIS PUNY PLANET. I'M SORRY WE'RE NOT TINY GREEN MEN, BUT S-H-A-G-Gy, THAT'S SUPER HOT ALIEN GIANT GIRLS, THOUGH DAR IS WEARING THAT SEXY GREEN BIKINI.

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