How Much Do You Really Love Me?

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: Dan's wife approaches him with a very big favor.

I guess the first clue should have been coming home from work to discover that Jackie my wife was fixing one of my favorite meals. Something I normally only got on the weekend when she had plenty of time to prepare it without feeling rushed.

The second and even more obvious clue should have been finding a glass of my favorite scotch waiting for me on the table next to my easy chair after I'd gotten undressed and comfortable ready to sit down, relax and wait on the dinner that I was now ravenous to eat.

The reason perhaps that I didn't, was that Jackie was the kind of wife that any man would be envious of. Not just because of her looks or features either. She was a wild little brunette with a reddish tint to her hair that gave her a real sultry look. A beautiful friendly smile, added to her gorgeous face, and of course a pair of incredible breasts that I got a lot of satisfaction and pride from in having other men looking at her, drooling over them whenever we went anywhere together.

In addition to being a fabulous cook in the kitchen, she was more uninhibited in the bedroom that anyone I had ever known. Jackie had never told me "no," if I was interested, and even if she maybe was tired, immediately fired up the reserves, enjoying herself just as much as I did whenever we made love, initially tired or not. And she never, ever held anything back after that either. Jackie simply was the best thing, the best wife that any man could ever hope for.

Doing special, intimate loving little things for me out of the blue was just another one of those things about her that I loved. She did things like that often enough that there never was any sort of ulterior motive attached to them. Not even when it came to sex, Jackie never used sex as a tool to coax something out of me that she might want, nor did she ever use it as a reward system either. The only time I knew she honestly wanted something special or important from me, was when she would teasingly say, "Daniel?" when she always otherwise called me "Dan" which everyone did, and then followed that up with..."How much do you really love me?"

We had just started eating dinner. My taste buds in seventh heaven as I began devouring one of my favorite pasta dishes that took her a while to prepare, especially from scratch the way she did it. It was at that moment that I suddenly heard her say as I took a second bite, "Daniel? How much do you really love me?"

I laughed, waiting for the punch line, still savoring the delicious meal she'd prepared for me. Even when I'd heard her use this particular phrase, it was usually something that still wasn't all that bad, or that I wouldn't have gladly and readily done for her. Especially with as much as she had done for me since the day we had gotten married. Still, I chuckled once again, wondering, and waiting to hear what it was. The only thing that came to mind was the discussion we'd had several days ago about repainting the bathroom. She wanted to switch it to a sort of Mauve color, and I hadn't been too excited about doing that. Even as we discussed it, I figured I'd eventually give in, I mean after all, it's only a bathroom, and not like I stay in there for hours at a time either. I'd just about decided she was going to hit me up about coming to agreement on it, which I'd already decided to do, when she tossed me a curve ball.

"Darla is going off to college soon," she began, confusing the hell out of me as to where any of this was going. Darla was our next door neighbor's daughter, I had seen her grow up over the years, and had come to think of her as my own daughter, especially as Jackie and I were incapable of having any kids of our own. Brad and Darlene, her parents where our best friends, and felt more like family than friends in many ways. Which of course included Darla, as we'd often looked out for her during times when her own parents had been out for the evening. And I also knew and appreciated the fact that Darla had come to look upon us as family too. Especially Jackie, looking at her more like an older sister, someone she could confide in, where she wasn't as yet comfortable in doing so with her own mother. Over time, Darla came to trust Jackie implicitly, and they'd grown very close, sharing and holding several confidences that Jackie never in a million years would have shared with me. So, when she said that, I knew that this time, she was actually being serious about something.

"Does she need our financial help?" I asked wondering. Because I knew in an instant we'd help her out if that was the case, but I was still confused by the premise of what she'd said. Brad had told me a long time ago they had started a college fund for her early on when she was a baby. So I knew that unless they'd suddenly gone through some unexpected hard times that we weren't aware of, there should be plenty of money in her account for that.

"Nothing like that," Jackie said obviously nervous as she now more toyed with her plate of food rather than eating it. Which told me immediately, whatever it was, really was serious. I put my fork down, took a drink of my wine, and sat back. Whatever it was she had to tell me, to ask me ... dinner, no matter how delicious it might be, and no matter how hungry I had been, still was ... was going to have to wait. It was then of course Jackie looked at me with a straight face, took a deep breath and said, "Darla wants you to take her virginity."

"What did you just say?" I asked incredulously. Out of all the things I might have expected to hear, that wouldn't have been one of them on the list. Not even on the bottom of the backside of the paper. I even wondered for a moment if I'd heard her wrong, but nothing else came to mind.

"You heard me," Jackie said again, now eating, which she knew was one of the few irritants she did have that drove me nuts. Saying something, and then pretending it was no big deal, especially when it was. "She wants you to be the one to take her virginity. She doesn't want to go off to college being one, and she has no intention, or no desire of saving herself for marriage or anything stupid like that either. But the last thing she wants is for some college guy to take it that doesn't know what he's doing, and make that moment for her less than memorable. I already told her ... you would."

"You did?" I sat staring at my wife as she continued to eat without looking back up at me. "She actually came to you with this? When ... and why me?"

Jackie swallowed putting her fork down, taking a sip of wine, taking her time before responding. "A few weeks ago, and because she trusts and loves us, that's why. I told her I'd think about it, but I also told her that if we did agree, this wasn't one of those things I couldn't not discuss with her mother either."

"Oh my God! You mean Brad and Darlene know about it too?" I asked no longer hungry, but certainly curious.

"Well of course they do silly, I wouldn't have mentioned it to you at all if they weren't. This isn't exactly something I would want either one of us to go around our best friend's backs about, so they had to be brought into it long before I ever mentioned it to you."

"What the hell did they have to say or think about that?" I asked still somewhat stupefied.

"Well obviously at first, Brad was reluctant to go along with it."

"No shit!" I said in agreement. "But he agreed?"

"Eventually, yes ... after they discussed it at length, and then eventually with Darla directly. After they had heard her side, and reasoning, then yes ... they did see the value in you're being the one."

"Oh my God!" I said once again sitting back in my chair. "When?"

"Oh ... tomorrow night?" Jackie suddenly tossed out at me. "Think you'll be up for it?" she said grinning like a Cheshire cat, as I caught the double meaning.

"This is serious, you're serious, about all of this."

"Like I said before honey ... how much do you really love me?"

Since the following day was a Saturday, I spent most of it fidgeting about the house like a nervous Magpie. Jackie had already informed me that she and Darla were going to spend the day shopping, taking in a spa together, relaxing, talking, and preparing for the night.

"So what the hell am I supposed to do in preparation for it myself in the meantime?" I asked.

"Well ... not that you'll need it, but I left something a little special for you in the bedroom," she told me. "Just make sure you're all showered and shaved by seven," she then added. "So relax, try to enjoy yourself and think about tonight," she grinned almost wickedly. "We certainly will be."


"Well hell yes ... I promised her I would be there too you know, to help her through it, she actually asked me if I would be."

Once again I shook my head in disbelief. Not only would I be taking the virginity of a woman half my age, and my best friend's daughter on top of all that, but my wife would be there to not only witness it, but coach her through it when I did.

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