A Friend From the Past

by DG Hear

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I went home to visit my parents and saw an old friend who was in trouble. I knew I had to help her. Many different categories.

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Wow! Where do I begin when talking about Earth Day? When I think about the earth, I visualize that big round ball in the universe shown in the movies or the pictures from our astronauts.

Here on the ground, I think about the Earth Day groups picketing against the coal companies and lumber businesses. It always bothered me because the bottom line was that while men and women were working their asses off to earn a living, a bunch of hopped up, too much time on their hands college kids were busy trying to get these places shut down.

I want a clean earth as much as the next guy, but sometimes I think they go too far. I do love going through the country looking at the fields of golden grain, or corn stalks as far as the eye can see. What about beautiful places like the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains? I love watching the tides come in from the rivers and oceans. It is always peaceful yet eerie when sitting on a dock as the sun sets.

My name is John Jones and I want to tell you about a childhood sweetheart of mine. To tell you about Aliana, I must go back twenty years ago to when I was a kid of eight years old.

I come from a middle-income family where my parents both worked. I had one sister Marie who was two years older than I was. We had a decent relationship even though she used to say I always got on her nerves.

We lived in a rather divided area of town. On one side of the tracks, it was normal housing, but on the other side of the tracks was the projects, for very low or no income families. We still all attended the same school so many of the kids from there were my friends. They couldn't help it that their parents were out of work. My parents brought me up to treat all people the same as long as they treated me right.

Aliana was seven when I first saw her, and a year behind me in school. Most people called her black but I never liked that word. To me, she was a light colored chocolate; she was of mixed race and had the most beautiful green eyes.

I remember one day on the playground that a couple of white guys were teasing her. It pissed me off and I went over, jumped the biggest one, and started beating the shit out of him. A few seconds later, his buddy jumped on my back. I elbowed him and caught his nose. Blood went everywhere. The teachers showed up and we all got detention for a week.

I got grounded at home even longer by my parents, even though deep down I know that my dad was proud of me.

It was funny but those guys never teased Aliana again while I was around. I found out she lived in the projects and went to visit her whenever I could. I brought her over to our house and my parents were surprised she was of mixed race. I guess I didn't really have many black friends especially girls. She was so darn cute and nice they had to like her.

We were pals; we didn't spend all our time together but when we did, we always had fun. My parents invited her go to the zoo with us and even once to the beach. As I mentioned, she was my pal. I never thought of her as a girl.

When I was about ten years old, my parents bought a home in the suburbs. I was really happy in our new house. The only problem was I missed my pal. My dad explained that was how life went. People we cared for would come and go in our life.

I remember when we said goodbye. Aliana had tears coming down her cheeks and it made me cry. I told her to stop it because I was a guy and we weren't supposed to cry. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I had never ever kissed any girl on the lips. "I'll never forget you John," she said as she ran home.

I was glad that Marie was there to give me a big hug. "Life sucks sometimes little brother," she said.

All of that happened over twenty years ago.

Life went on and my memories of Aliana were just part of my past. After graduation from high school, I entered the service, where I spent two years overseas. It was rough but I felt I was there for the right reason.

It wasn't bad in the sexual department either. Some of the ladies had their own way of saying thank you. I've been with women from every race I can think of. When you're a young guy having sex in a strange world, it doesn't matter who's under you. The result would always be the same, one full condom. Some didn't even speak English but 'Oh god" or "Fuck me" sounded the same in every language. Damn, I was one horny bastard back then.

I moved down to the Miami Florida area after I got out of the service and went to college for a couple of years. I wanted to manage my own business and knew I needed to learn the fundamentals.

After graduation, I started my business as a tour guide of the Everglades. It's one of the nicest places I have ever been to, tranquil, yet a bit scary because of the alligators and such.

The appeal of this nearly untouched wilderness and its plentiful wildlife is what attracted me to the area. I figured the ways to experience it were by boat, airplane, van, airboat, bicycle and even walking tours. Of course, the best would be by boat where you could go deep into the swamp.

Contrary to what the average visitor might expect, the Everglades isn't a huge swamp inhabited only by large snakes and alligators. To me it is a masterpiece of nature's beauty in a mysterious forest containing many forms of wildlife and birds in their natural habitat.

My business took off like a bat out of hell. So many people wanted to tour the Everglades. I owned three boats that were out every morning until it started to become dark. We didn't want to take chances with tourists after dark. Too many alligators, snakes and other swamp creatures were hard to keep track of after nightfall.

Two buddies that were in the service with me were both great friends, and they started working for me after they received their discharges. I also had two great gals in the office that did all of the scheduling.

I did hire a couple of local college students part-time so we could all have time off. I figured that within the year I would be adding at least two if not three more boats. The kind of boats I'm talking about are the kind you see in the movies with the big fans on the back. A lot of the waterways are very shallow and you would ruin your motors if they hit rock bottom or dragged through the sand.

After working non-stop since leaving the service, going to college, and starting a business, I decided to take some time off and go see my family back in Ohio. My two cohorts, Jim and Bob were very capable of running the business for me.

I drove so I would have a way of getting around when I got there. It was so good to see my parents. My sister Marie, her husband, and two kids came by for a big cookout, where we talked over old times.

Marie was a doctor and married one. They had a nice practice in our little town. Dad was still working at the local plant and mom was a full time volunteer. She was a woman who just had to help people. I was ready to oblige her and eat all the homemade meals she made.

One day I was driving through our old neighborhood; it sure changed. Half the buildings were either empty or torn down. The houses looked like drug-infested rattraps. I felt bad. After all, I used to live there and it was part of my early childhood.

After leaving there, I went to visit a few friends from my school days. My old friend Matt was glad to see me. He told me he was recently divorced, blaming it on himself for spending too much time at the bars. His wife left him for another guy. He told me they just got married too early. They both needed to spread their wings.

We decided to go to one of the local bars and have a couple of drinks.

"John, there is a waitress there that will take your breath away. She's either black or of mixed race and has the most beautiful green eyes."

It made me think back when I was a kid how everyone used to say that about Aliana. Of course, she was just a kid too but I remembered her being my gal pal. Matt asked me why I was smiling and I told him I was just thinking about an old friend.

We went in and found an empty booth. It was then that this beautiful chocolate skinned, green-eyed waitress came to our table. We stared at each other for a few seconds and I saw her mouth open in surprise. I looked at her nametag and it said Aliana.

"John! It's really you; I can't believe you're here, it's so good to see you."

Somehow, she'd recognized me. I quickly stood up and gave her a big hug.

"Aliana, I can't tell you how many times I thought about you over the last twenty years. How are you? How have you been?" I asked.

"Hey John, do you know her?" asked Matt.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Matt, this is Aliana, my childhood sweetheart. She was my gal pal till my family moved away when I was ten. Aliana, this is my friend Matt. He was my best friend in high school."

They said hello and we ordered a couple of beers.

"I can't believe you know her," said Matt after Aliana left to get our order.

"I hate to tell you John, but you better stay away from her."

"What are you talking about, Matt? She's just an old friend and a great looking one at that."

"Exactly! She's married to DJ, a real mean black dude. He had one guy put in the hospital just for flirting with her. He'd have you killed if he saw the way you hugged her."

"You're crazy man; no guy is going to put me in a hospital for hugging an old friend. What's the DJ stand for anyway?"

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