Jennie & Julie: Attack of the Giant Women


Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Light Bond, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Foot Fetish, Violent, Transformation, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Jennie & Julie transform into bikini-wearing 100-foot tall women and toy with the city's inhabitants. Think Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson as sexy giants acting like Godzilla, talking dirty and mocking ordinary people while they pamper themselves.


"Ring Ring"..."Hello," Jennie Rotman-Ramirez groggily answered the phone in a sleepy stupor. It was 2PM, but Jennie hadn't gotten to bed until the wee hours of the morning due to a hectic photo shoot the night before that lasted some eight hours. "Yup, those are the latest photos on my website. They're current as of yesterday," Jennie assured as she rubbed her eyes and searched for a pad of paper and a pen on her nightstand. "Yes, I could do that. Right now I'm home here in Philadelphia, but I could easily get on a plane and be in Centertown as soon as you'd like. That would be great if you could book my travel arrangements for me," Jennie said with delightful surprise.

The 27-year-old Latina cutie could hardly catch her breath from the excitement as she hung up the phone. The petite professional model had just accepted an invitation to shoot for Ms. Glamour Magazine, one of the most sought after fashion magazine shoots in the country. Only the prestige of Cosmo rivaled it. Excitement and anticipation overcame exhaustion as she speed-dialed her close friend, Julie. "Omigod!" Jennie belted through the phone to her friend. "I can't believe it! I just got the most incredible phone call! Ms. Glamour wants me for a shoot tomorrow in Centertown. I've never done a body painting gig before, so this should be really fun. This is like the most incredible opportunity a girl could ask for!" Jennie declared. She could hardly contain herself. "That is totally cool!" Julie beamed with glee and congratulated her long time friend. "I've been on a roll ... my bookings just keep coming..."

Julie bestowed more congrats and inquired more about a video shoot the following week. "I'm so proud of you. But what I'd like to hear more about is that video you're shooting next week where you become a giant in a city. That sounds so awesomely fun!" Julie marveled. "Yeah, I'm shooting for a guy at a video website called Giantesszone. His videos are all about the giantess fetish, where girls act out being giants in these model cities. I just love the concept and the thought of walking around the set with all the miniature buildings, cars and people seemed so cool to me. I just have to try it at least once." Jennie confessed. "Hmm, may be I'll try it next," Julie mused, almost seriously.

The rest of the day, Jennie spent her time doing routine chores; laundry, paying bills and packing her bags. She capped off the evening with a relaxing bath, her iPhone caressing her ears with her favorite tunes as she soaked in the tub, aromatic candles wafting soft scents in the air. The next morning, Ms. Glamour's arranged car service met the lovely Jennie at her home at 4:30AM for a one-hour flight at 6AM to Centertown. Being glamorous wasn't all fun and games, the photo shoot began at 11 AM and it would take several hours for hair, make-up and, of course, the body-painting.

Jennie proceeded to the airport, through security and aboard a first-class flight in an emotional haze; no doubt she was pooped from the whirlwind of activity. Arriving in Centertown, the limo driver greeted the young woman at the exit, took her bags and escorted her to the waiting sleek black Lincoln Town Car. Jennie had been to Centertown only a couple of times; the city had a massive population, a large and bustling city center and a beautiful river that snaked through it all, but never quite caught on like New York City. "Why couldn't Ms. Glamour have been headquartered in New York? It would've been great to see a Broadway show, Times Square 'n shit." Jennie pondered to herself.

Within 20 minutes, Jennie was being dropped off at the Ms. Glamour photo studio, a small one-story warehouse just outside downtown and only three miles from their worldwide headquarters. Jennie wasn't impressed with the exterior. "Looks like my friend's apartment building in Brooklyn," Jennie mused. However, when the beautiful woman entered the studio's frosted-glass doors, she was floored. The cool air smelled of a hint of exotic flowers, quickly soothing Jennie's soft skin on this steamy hot summer day; natural light courtesy of numerous skylights livened her mood and gave the studio an ultra modern/minimalist feel.

"Ah, I see you made it. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Brian Erton with Ms. Glamour. I'll be guiding you through the whole process today," Mr. Erton comforted. "I am so excited and flattered to be here. You don't know how much I appreciate the opportunity," Jennie countered. "Please, the honor is all ours. You've got just the 'look' we want. Impress us today and you'll be cover girl material," Brian hinted melodiously with a smile.

Jennie was escorted into her changing room. Ordinarily, Jennie did her own make-up and hair, but this was the Big Time and Jennie was moving up; Brian introduced Jennie's hair and make-up people. "Also, I want you to meet Joanne Gair who will be your body paint artist today. "I'm so excited to meet you. I've seen your work for the Sports Illustrated models," Jennie gushed shyly. "I'm glad you're so enthusiastic because we're gonna be doing a rather simple painting; a little number inspired by La Isla Couture Swimwear. It's a sexy two-piece. A very pretty red, yellow, and pink floral pattern with some black trim that I think will complement your natural beauty."

It was now 9:30 AM and hair and make-up were just finishing, her black hair shined and flowed gracefully, soft lips radiating in pink. Jennie's pretty brown eyes widened in satisfaction as they captured the artists' work in the mirror, pupils brightening. Next, Brian escorted Jennie to the dressing room where Joanne and her team were standing by to paint. "OK, Jennie, I want you to stand right here on this white tarp over here. I've adjusted the thermostat for comfort, so whenever you're ready, please remove your robe," Joanne instructed. Jennie disrobed without much fuss, her years of modeling experience allowing her an air of confidence and maturity.

The staff was running a little behind schedule, but managed to complete the body paint job in a relatively short period of time; two-and-a-half hours. "Wow! It looks beautiful!" Jennie gasped. "It's waterproof, no one would ever know it was painted on," Joanne bragged. "What is that smell?" Jennie inquired. While striking, the painted bikini let out a hint of toxic-like odor. "Here, let me help" Joanne sprayed a light fragrance to counter the remnant fumes.

"Just look at you!" Brian exclaimed as he entered the room. "Simply stunning! Now, we're gonna be doing the shoot outside on our gorgeous patio overlooking the Center River, the cityscape in the background." As Brian talked, an assistant placed a robe back on the model and guided Jennie outside. The bright noontime sun beamed down from above, highlighting a breathtaking view, a magnificent backdrop to a dream photo shoot.

"That's it, now I need more grit ... give me some more fire ... perfect!" the photographer coaxed. It was twenty minutes into the shoot and things were going swimmingly. "I think we have a cover for next month's mag," Brian suggested aloud to the editors nearby.

Jennie was lovin' the moment. All her dreams seemed to be coming true. Then, out of the sudden, that noxious odor, combined with the baking sun, it was enough to make a girl faint. "Hey, I'm feelin' a little woozy. Can I get a drink? I may need to sit down" Jennie begged. The bikini-clad beauty felt more disappointed than sick. "I hope I don't blow this opportunity?" Jennie worried to herself. Just then, the young woman felt a warm sensation reverberate through her body, then a pulsating pressure. People around her gasped as Jennie's limbs appeared to lengthen. "Are you OK?" Brian asked in a panic. Jennie was too stunned to reply as her body outgrew the chair she sat in, opting instead to sit on the patio floor.

The chatter and banter picked up as Jennie moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure; her body now spanned 25 feet as she lifted herself up onto her bare feet, standing above all the people. Cameras, pens and clipboards were dropped simultaneously as people screamed and headed away from the increasingly towering woman. "Please ... help ... me" Jennie pleaded as her body climbed to 75 feet, the patio collapsing in an ugly roar, wood and steel crashing down with a thunderous applause, seemingly impressed by the growth spurt. The pain subsided and Jennie could see over the photo studio where employees were quickly driving off, car horns blasting as they beckoned other vehicles for the right of way. Jennie was in shock as she felt her body continue to grow; 100 feet, then finally topping off at approximately 125 feet.

Jennie stood high above it all, taking in the newly tiny world around her as she examined her arms, hands, fingers, feet, legs to be sure this wasn't a dream. HOLY SHIT, Jennie laughed. I ... AM ... A ... FREAKIN' ... GIANT. Jennie's smile could barely fit on her gorgeous face. HEY, WHERE'S EVERYONE GOING? Jennie teased good-naturedly as she watched people in neighboring buildings head for their cars, quietly opening car doors in the hopes of not stirring the attention of a giant woman. Jennie just couldn't help but address the fleeing office workers. BE REAL QUIET NOW. THE GIANT WOMAN WON'T NOTICE THE FLEEING PEOPLE, she uttered softly. Her comment registered menacingly as several people screamed. "Looks like I need to cancel that Giantesszone shoot for next week. Got the real thing here," Jennie thought to herself as she snorted a laugh to herself.

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