Getting Better

by Harddaysknight

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Humor Sex Story: His wife claims she wants a trial separation, to find herself. Husband knows what she really wants to find, and works to prevent it.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   .

It was apparent as soon as I stepped through the doorway. Something had Darla agitated. She was standing in the living room wringing her hands and shifting her weight from foot to foot. I had seen her do it often enough in the 24 years or our marriage to recognize it immediately.

Darla gets home from her job at a dental office half an hour before me. Usually she uses that time to start dinner and change her clothes. Today she was wearing her work outfit and there were no pleasant smells wafting from the vicinity of the kitchen. When Darla changes her routine, something is wrong.

"Dick, we have to talk," she began nervously.

"Sure, Sweetheart," I replied smoothly as I dropped into my recliner, keeping the ball in her court. "What is it?"

"There's no easy way for me to tell you this, Dick, so I'm just going to blurt it out. I want a separation, and possibly a divorce," she bravely declared. "I think a trial separation will be best, but with the understanding that it could lead to us getting a divorce down the road."

"Okay, Darling," I calmly responded. "I'll move out immediately."

As I rose and started for our bedroom, I saw Darla's jaw almost strike the floor. I guess she had anticipated more discussion, and questions on my part. As long as we had been married, I never stopped enjoying the pleasure I received when I reacted to a situation differently than Darla expected. To this day, she never failed to be surprised. She was the predictable one, not me.

If my immediate acceptance of her desire for a separation caught her off guard, my return to the living room in a less than a minute with two large and fully packed suitcases had her reeling. I put the luggage down by the doorway, removed a sheet of paper from my pocket, and handed it to Darla.

"Here's my new address and phone number. You can still call me on my cell, too. I have only one requirement about this separation. If you have sex with anyone other than me, we will immediately proceed with the divorce. If you're just trying to find yourself, as the saying goes, we may get back together when you do. I'm not agreeing to this just so you can get laid a few times with no harm and no foul, and then let you decide that you want me back," I cautioned. "One strike and you're out!"

Before Darla could speak, I pulled my cell phone out and punched in a number.

"Hello, Becky? It's Dick. I was wondering if you'd care to meet me at Friday's for dinner in half an hour?" I asked.

"You know it, Dick!" laughed Becky. "I'll be there with bells on, but I may forget my underwear!"

I chuckled as I closed the phone, opened the door, and picked up my suitcases. I left a stunned and speechless Darla standing in the living room as I strolled nonchalantly down the walk to my car.

While it hadn't been elegant dining, both Becky and I enjoyed a good steak dinner before we retired to my apartment. She had just ridden me to her third orgasm when the phone by the bed rang. While keeping me firmly lodged in her rather snug love nest, Becky leaned over and picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" she answered, somewhat breathlessly. "Darla? Can he call you back in a few minutes? He's in a tight spot at the moment and needs some release. I think I can hurry him along, though. Be a sweetheart and give him half an hour, just in case the train stays in the station longer than I expect, okay?"

With that, Becky hung up the phone and began to ride me with renewed vigor. I resumed squeezing her firm tits and pinching her swollen nipples as she worked to get me where I needed to go.

"Damn!" she exclaimed. "I never guessed how hot it would make me to talk to a woman while I had her husband's hard cock in my pussy! I think I'm going to cum again!"

This time I joined Becky in the grand finale. I waited several minutes for my heartbeat to return to normal, and for Becky to dismount. Then I leaned over to the phone and dialed what had been until a few shorts hours ago, my home number.

"Hello!" Darla almost screamed as she answered before the first ring had ended. "Is that you, Dick?"

"Yeah, it's me, Darla. Sorry I couldn't get to the phone when you called, but I got back to you as soon as I was free," I replied more than a little smugly.

"What the hell is going on, Dick?" demanded Darla. "You already had a place to stay and your bags packed before I even told you that I wanted a separation. Then I call your number to discuss our situation and that slut answers the phone. She all but admitted she was fucking your brains out!"

"Let's just say that I didn't want to be caught with my pants down this afternoon when you decided to tell me about wanting a separation. Getting caught with my pants down a few minutes ago was far less upsetting. Becky isn't really a slut. At least I don't think she is," I chuckled as I patted Becky's smooth ass. "I guess I could ask her about it if it's important in deciding if we're going to reconcile or not."

"You Bastard!" blurted Darla. "You told me that we weren't going to have sex with anyone while we were separated. This is only a trial!"

"That isn't exactly what I said, Darla," I countered. "I told you that if you had sex with anyone else, we would proceed with the divorce. I never said anything about me not having sex."

"You're a real piece of work!" snapped Darla. "Why do you think you can play by different rules, or that you can even dictate them? If you can go out and fuck some slut, I sure as hell have the right to get laid. Sauce for the gander and all that, Dick."

"Of course you can, Darla. I'm just telling you that it will absolutely result in our divorce. I will not be a cuckold," I asserted.

"Then we should get a divorce because you fucked that bitch, wouldn't you say?" demanded Darla. "I guess we should file Monday morning. That seems fair, doesn't it?"

"Not quite, Darla. Here's my reasoning. You are the one that decided we should separate. That meant that I was being removed from my sexual partner against my wishes. You were doing it of your own volition. That is a huge difference. Then there is the fact that I told you up front that I would divorce you if you had sex with anyone other than me. You never said anything like that to me. Finally, and with all that being said, you still have every right to file for divorce. If you want one, go ahead and file. It's that simple," I concluded.

"But I'm not sure I want a divorce, Dick! I just want a separation so I can think about things," insisted Darla.

"Then there's no problem, is there. We're separated. You have what you want," I concluded.

"But you're fucking that whore and I'm not allowed any sex or you'll divorce me. That isn't fair!" Darla lamented.

"Darla, I didn't ask for a separation. I don't want one. I want my life, and my wife the way they were, almost. You have taken that from me. Perhaps you have reason to feel you need a separation. My point is that I am not going to go without sex because you have some bug up your ass. If it would make you happy, you can come over here three or four nights a week and I'll fuck you silly. That way, I won't be nailing every woman I can coax into bed," I reasoned.

"What kind of a separation would that be, Dick? I've never heard of a couple separating and the woman still letting the man screw her all the time to keep him faithful! That wouldn't even be a separation then, would it?" demanded Darla.

"I haven't read the separation handbook yet, Darla. I see that I need to be more precise here. If you do decide to come over and have me fuck your ass off, be prepared for just that. One thing I've determined is that I 'm not going to have this separation idea of yours limit my sexual appetite, like marriage did! I realize now and freely admit that I like every sort of sexual position and activity possible. I won't have you lie still for a few minutes as if you're making a great personal sacrifice, and then expect me to stop fucking real women. If you want show up at my door to sate my sexual appetite, bring lube, lip gloss, and whipped cream, because I'll fuck you in every opening, over and over again," I promised.

"What's wrong with you, Dick? All I wanted was a simple separation to see if we should remain married. In a couple hours you've turned into a sex fiend! You're rude, crude, coarse, and vulgar! You picked up and apparently fucked the shit out of that slut. You've probably been fucking behind my back for years!"

"Bullshit! I've never been unfaithful and I didn't ask for a separation. I'm just trying to find myself. Right now I find myself with a big titted woman that's trying to swallow my cock! We can talk again tomorrow!" I quipped as I replaced the receiver.

"Wow!" laughed Becky as she pulled off my cock to take a few quick breaths. "That talk really made me horny. You sure laid down the law to your wife! Did I hear her call me a slut?"

I had always been an observant man. It came natural and was useful in many ways. It prevented many of the surprises that blindside most people all the time. My wife, Darla, on the other hand, noticed almost nothing unless it bit her in the ass.

Darla had been speaking in very glowing terms about a new dentist that had joined the practice that employed her. He was in the last stages of a divorce from a wife that had been an unfaithful, cheating slut. At the same time, he had been nominated for sainthood. Such was the character of this new dentist at Darla's work.

Then a few weeks ago, Darla had stopped talking about him. Any questions I asked were deflected. It was as if the new guy had fallen off the planet. Darla's silence on this subject concerned me more than her incessant chatter. I had our phone tapped, conversations recorded, and her emails forwarded to me. I hired a private dick to find out what he could about the situation. From all the evidence, a clearer picture of the seduction emerged.

Dr. Burns, as he was known professionally, was trying to get into Darla's pants. He was being divorced because he had done the same thing at his previous dental group. There were even a couple of his old patients that had come close to charging him with ethics violations. The guy was a sleaze.

To her credit, Darla had managed to resist thus far. She refused to cheat on her marriage and her husband. That was when Burns had started pushing her to get a separation. He argued that Darla would not be cheating if she were separated when she had sex with him. Hence, my strongly stated warning to Darla about having sex with anyone other than me. If she even entertained the thought of remaining married to me, she had to keep that prick out of her pants.

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