The Forfeit

by Rhino9784

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Hairy, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Having lost a bet, a man finds himself at the mercy of his girlfriend and two of her friends. A stripping game with rules loaded against him begins...

So I lost the bet. Payback time had been set for the following Saturday and, knowing Kelly and her sense of humour, it was going to involve nudity - it always did, whichever of us lost. I remember the time when her forfeit was running to the end of the garden and back naked with me and my mates watching her. She'd gone bright red, especially when she realised the guy next door had seen her - but what a fuck we'd had later ... she always got wild afterwards. And she'd given me similar forfeits too - handing over my swimming trunks in the sea and having to run back to our things to cover up ... Thing was, both of us had this exhibitionist streak which really got off on that kinda thing.

Saturday evening came and I went round to Kelly's. She had two of her friends with her, Janet and Linda. After we'd had a few drinks watching TV, Kelly told me what my forfeit was going to be.

"I'm giving you a better chance than usual not to end up completely naked," she explained, but if you DO end up naked, there's a catch this time." I wondered what the chance might be and was a bit worried about the catch, especially with Janet and Linda being there. Janet, I should explain, never really liked me and I knew she'd be there mainly to see me being humiliated. Linda on the other hand I knew quite fancied me ... so whatever happened could be interesting.

"It's like this," Kelly went on, "We toss a coin. If it lands heads, you take off an item of clothing. If it lands tails, one of us has to take off an item - only one of us, OK? So there's a lot more chance of you ending up naked than one of us."

Well, looked like I was going to end up naked in front of her friends... "That's not good odds - I thought you said you were giving me more of a chance this time?" I said,

"Well, the odds are better than me just telling you to strip, arent' they?" Kelly countered, "And there is a small chance of us ending up naked before you, and if that happens, you win and the game stops."

"Well OK," I said, "but for you three stripping, I want you to do it one at a time, not taking turns. That way there's a better chance of at least one of you having to flash me your stuff!"

Kelly laughed... "OK, that'll make it interesting. How do we decide which of us goes first though?"

"Doesn't matter to me," I said, "you girls decide among yourselves. Hey though, what about the catch? You said you were giving me a better chance this time, but there was a catch if I lost?"

"Ah yes," said Kelly with a smirk, "when ... sorry, IF you lose, we want to see your cock hard this time. So, we get to watch you jerk yourself off."

Janet laughed out loud, "Oh yes! I want to watch that little cock of yours twitching, mister! hehe...". Linda blushed, "Hey, I reckon it's not so little Janet ... can we help him cum too, Kelly?"

Kelly chuckled, "Oh, I reckon he'll not need any help Linda, I know how turned on he's gonna get here ... but if you're good I'll let you touch him up a bit hehe..."

Kelly took out a coin. "Ready?" she asked...

She tossed the coin ... it spun and landed heads up, meaning my turn to strip off one item. I took off a shoe.

Spin ... heads again ... Janet chuckled ... I removed the other shoe. I wondered which of them would be first to strip?

Spin ... tails. "OK, who's it gonna be?" I asked. Kelly said, "Hold on a minute..." and disappeared into the kitchen. She reappeared very quickly, three straws in one hand. "Shortest straw strips first, ladies".

Janet pulled out a straw. "Is this the short one or what?" she asked. "Wait and see ... said Kelly.

Linda picked one out. It was longer than Janet's "Hey," she said to Janet, looks like he's gonna get an eyeful of you before he wanks, Janet hehe..." Janet didn't look that happy. Kelly held up the last straw - it was the longest of all. "Never mind," Kelly said, "he's seen me in all my glory before. So it's Janet first, and if she runs out of clothes, it's Linda".

Janet removed a shoe.

The coin spun again and again. I was down to my boxers and shirt - two heads away from being naked in front of my girlfriend and two of her friends, and three heads away from having to wank in front of them. My cock was already hardening in anticipation, especially as Janet as down to her knickers and bra. She had a great body ... such a shame she was such a cow!

Spin ... tails. Hah! Well at least I'd get to see her breasts ... Janet flushed bright red as her friends laughed their heads off... "C'mon Janet, let the puppies out to play!" shouted Kelly. Janet unclipped her bra and revealed a delightful, small pair of perky breasts on her petite, slim body. "Very nice, Janet!" I said, "Small but perfectly formed, eh?" She smiled and posed a bit, preening herself and sticking her tits out a little. "Let's get him naked!" said Linda.

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