Love Gone Wrong

by Agena

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Tragedy and love.

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It had all gone wrong. We had been so happy. I knew when I first met her that she was for me. She was 5' 7" to my 5' 10", slim, with a nice figure (34", 28", 33") with lovely, long legs and a fabulous ass that made me drool when I looked at her. With her shoulder length, auburn hair and her vivacious, friendly personality she was my dream girl. She wasn't the prettiest girl but she was the type of girl that you looked at and knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Her name was Anne and we'd met in college at a dance. My name is Dan. I know, it rhymes; Anne and Dan. Easy to remember.

I don't know what she saw in me, but after we were introduced it was just her and I from then on. We were both juniors when we met and both virgins. Our first sex came after two months of dating and some heavy petting. Our lust was consummated in my dorm room. We were both shy and a little scared as our kissing and fondling through our clothes moved on into removing them. When I first saw her body lying naked before me in the dim light of a reading lamp on the desk near the bed I was almost overwhelmed and close to cumming. She was so beautiful that I bent down, softly kissed her lips and then each of her nipples on the firm breasts that she offered to me. She sighed and grasped my head; pulling me against her breast and I began to lightly suck on it. I wasn't a complete novice at pleasing a woman. As a young twenty year old I'd spent a lot of time on the net reading How To stories on Literotica. It was a great learning tool and helped me establish a technique for making love to a woman without having to go through years of experimentation. The secret was love, patience and giving of yourself to please your partner.

She wasn't on birth control pills so I had to use a condom. She giggled nervously as she watched me struggle to get my first one on. When I finally succeeded I bent over and kissed her again and our tongues dueled inside her mouth. I was so hot I hoped I could last until I had it inside her. My tongue slipped away from her mouth and continued down to her breasts again where I suckled each of her sensitive nipples in turn. She placed her hands lightly on th back of my head and moaned a little as my lips worked on her hard little nubs then I slipped my mouth over the soft cones of flesh in an attempt to suck it all inside. I felt like I wanted to swallow them whole.

"Oh, Dan! That feels so good," she told me as she pressed down slightly on my head.

My tongue continued down her body as I knelt between her legs that were spread wide to receive me. When I reached her navel I gently swabbed out the little cavity then moved my tongue further down across her taut belly toward my ultimate goal.

Anne was breathing hard and her hands still rested on the back of my head as I encountered the first pubic hairs of her lower regions. The odor of her arousal assailed my nostrils and I felt her hands tighten on me.

"Dan, you don't have to do that."

I raised my head and looked at her. "I want to do this for you more than anything in this world."

She looked at me and smiled than threw her head back and pushed my face down to her sex and thrust up her hips. I could feel my cock throbbing in the confines of the condom as I pushed mt tongue inside the folds of her sex and reveled at her response.

"Oh! Oh! OOOHHHHOOOOOO!" She moaned loudly as I found her clitty protruding from her labia. Her hips bucked against my face as she began to orgasm under my ministrations.

"Oh god! Oh god! OH GOD!" She cried as she mashed my face into her crotch trying to make the sensations that were being produced in her groin last forever. As she slowly began to come down from her high I felt so happy that I had pleased her our first time.

"Oh thank you Dan. That was glorious. Get on me now and put your penis inside me. I want to feel you there."

I hurried to comply and I was pleased she didn't appear embarrassed as she took my cock and brought it to the entrance of her vagina. Her total wetness allowed me easy access and I slowly pressed into her and she guided me with her hands on my hips. I felt a sudden resistance and she murmured.

"Do it Dan. Make me a woman."

Her hands grasped my ass and gave a sharp pull even as I thrust forward. She gave a small moan and then I was deep inside her with our pubic hairs pressed together. I barely got past her torn hymen when my cock began spurting its load into the condom and I groaned in relief. I was immediately embarrassed at my lack of staying power and she seemed to know it.

"It's all right Dan. We have all night my love."

"Thank you my darling."

The words of endearment were new to our lips but they seemed so right as I moved my weight onto my elbows and lowered my head to kiss her tenderly. She put her arms about my neck and returned my kiss.

"This means forever, doesn't it?" I asked.

"Forever and ever." she responded and with those words we were one.

We spent the night together expressing our love and deep commitment to one another. When summer came we went back to our homes that were 80 miles apart but we overcame that distance every weekend. Our parents understood, thankfully, and gave us the time alone together we needed. When we started into our senior year that fall we shared a small off campus apartment that was one of the happiest times of our lives. We also began to plan for our wedding immediately after graduation.

After graduation we were both lucky to find jobs in a nearby city and we rented an apartment there. The wedding was a large family affair held in Anne's church with a reception at the country club afterward. Our honeymoon was a brief weekend affair since we had just started to work and hadn't accumulated any vacation time yet. I promised her that someday we would have our honeymoon. Our sex life continued to improve with the help of Literotica and she learned to like cock sucking. She even began to swallow it. We decided neither one of us was interested in anal sex. Maybe we were missing something but we seemed to have a fulfilling sex life without it.

Settling down we began to save money toward a house and in a couple of years we'd accumulated enough for a down payment on our dream house in the suburbs. She was on birth control pills and went off them after we moved into our new home. Within three months she announced one evening that she was pregnant and our cup seemed to overflow with love and accomplishment. We were living the dream life.

Our son, Justin, was born at 3 AM in the local hospital almost seven months later. Anne had a routine birth without complications and we were able to take him home within a couple of days. Anne took maternity leave to be with the baby and then planned to take off a year from work.

Our life settled down into a routine revolving around my work and the baby. Of course we were aware of Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS) and took what precautions we could to reduce the risks associated with it. Our pediatrician told us that even by doing all the things necessary to reduce the risk that it could still occur but the chances it would happen were small. So we weren't too concerned.

I was working late one night trying to get a presentation prepared when I got a call from Anne. She was hysterical.


"Did you call 911?"

"No, I just found him. I was doing the laundry and when I left he was fine."

"Hang up Anne and call 911."

The phone slammed down and I ran to the exit to try to get home as soon as possible. I worked on the other side of the city from our home and it took almost twenty minutes to get there. When I arrived an ambulance was parked in our driveway with lights flashing and neighbors were standing around outside. I rushed past them and into our house. Anne was standing looking down on the floor in our bedroom as EMTs were in the process of trying to revive our four month old son. I grabbed her and held her in my arms and we watched as they worked but to no avail. It soon became apparent that he was gone. What followed was a time of extreme grief and pain.

Anne was in a state of shock through the subsequent funeral and for a week afterward. I was devastated but able to function to make the funeral arrangements and handle our families. Except for the funeral service Anne spent the time in bed crying, only getting up to eat occasionally or go to the toilet. I tried to comfort her and to get her involved but she just wanted to be left alone. Even her mother and sister couldn't get through to her.

The week after the funeral was very quiet at our house. At night I tried to cuddle with her but she just pushed me away. I stayed home a few days after the funeral to keep her company but she wouldn't communicate with me and I realized she had some issues with me that she wouldn't discuss or enlighten me about. Finally, I had to go back to work, but before I did I asked if she wanted me to set up an appointment with someone who could talk with her about what was bothering her. I suggested our pastor or a councelor, but she adamantly refused. When I suggested she might want to consider going back to work she screamed at me to leave her alone.

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