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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He takes his time and makes sure she's highly aroused by his use of cuffs, a scarf, and a blade before he lets her get to the point of no return.

There's something exciting about having control over her and making her feel what I want her to feel when I want her to feel it.

That was the thought going through my mind as we collected our tickets from the counter outside the theater. I had received two passes for movies and knew that she was the one I wanted to accompany me. I wanted hers to be the hand that touched mine as we ate popcorn from the same bucket and hers to the be thigh that mine touched when my leg wandered over to the side.

We walked into the theater and found the seats we liked best. We sat and started to watch the pre-preview messages passing on the screen, laughing at the quips and guessing the answers to the trivia questions. It was a very relaxed feeling, sitting with her and laughing away the final minutes to the movie's beginning.

As is common, we became movie critics while the previews passed. After each one, we'd turn to one another and comment on how good it looked or how unsure we were about that particular movie. The actors or actresses came under scrutiny with each preview as well, our learned minds coming to the fore to debate the merits of the upcoming movies.

Finally, the movie started. I'd been wanting to see this one and was rather pleased to finally be able to get to the theater to watch it. It caught me into the plot almost immediately, which is a sign of a good movie. I watched with rapt attention until we got to a slower part.

It was then that I got the desire to have some popcorn and reached to the bucket to grab a bit. My hand pressed against hers and thoughts of her flooded my mind, overriding everything the movie had created within me. I slid my hand to the side to grab hers and squeeze it lightly. She responded with a squeeze of her own then looked over at me. The light from the screen shown in her eyes and my heart gave a little leap of joy. She really is one of the most attractive women I know.

"I'm glad you're here," I whispered, smiling at her.

"Mmmm," she said, "me, too."

We turned back to the movie, but my mind wasn't quite as caught up in the action on the screen any more. It had some terrific action, but my mind just wouldn't leave thoughts of her far enough behind to concentrate on it.

I started eating the popcorn, but made sure that regular contact with her hand was made. My leg moved sideways to press against hers and I delighted in the fact that she pressed her leg back towards me.

After watching for a while longer, I slowly licked the butter from my fingers, knowing that she was watching me and knowing how that would make her feel to see me sliding my fingers slowly, one by one, between my lips to suck them clean. I could hear her breathing increase and knew I had her attention. Once my fingers were clean, I slid my hand slowly towards her. Her eyes were riveted to my hand and her breathing let me know that I was exciting her with my movements. My hand reached her thigh, where I pressed it against her. Her breath caught in her throat and she swallowed. Then I began running my hand in circles, caressing her thigh. Her legs parted slightly as my hand slid towards her inner thigh, letting me know that she was ready for me. The circles my hand were lazily tracing got larger and larger, approaching the junction between her legs, getting closer and closer to providing the pressure that she ached to feel. Each time, however, I let my hand trace away, towards her knee, so that she was being teased.

She started to moan a little and her hips started to move as my hand slid further up her thigh. She was anxious to feel me touch her and yet I still kept back, wanting her desire to build to a crescendo of yearning. Finally, when I knew she was about to burst, I slid my hand up and pressed it against the crotch of her pants. She couldn't keep the moan from escaping her lips at that point and I looked around to see just how many people were around us. Luckily, we were fairly alone in this section of the theater, the closest person being about four rows away.

The heat I felt between her legs was intense. She could have melted a popsicle in no time, flat, which made me consider possible outcomes of the evening.

I began to caress her, letting her feel my fingers dance lightly over her jeans. I knew that each movement of my fingers sent a jolt of sensation up her spine to dance along her nerves, increasing the intensity of her feeling. I could feel her hips gyrating softly, urging my fingers to press harder and in those certain places that she longed to have touched.

Occasionally, I would press against her, touching her where I knew her clit was hidden beneath those layers as well as where her vaginal opening was, making her imagine me sliding between her lips to enter her. Each time I pressed there, her mind would shoot to thoughts of me penetrating deeply within her.

Looking over at her, I was pleased to see that her face was flushed, her eyes were closed, her lips were parted and her head was tilted up in pleasure. She looked absolutely amazing, lost in the rapture of the moment.

Very casually, I slid my hand up the front of her jeans and easily undid the button at the top. Her eyes flew open as she realized that I was about to slide beneath her clothes and that she was about to feel that touch she'd craved. She must have realized we were in public because her eyes shot around to see, just as mine had earlier, just how alone we were. She then looked at me with a wild look in her eye, half hoping I was serious and half worried that we'd get caught.

I looked at her and smiled, letting her know that I was going to do what I wanted and that she was going to feel pleasure at my fingertips, whether we were in a public place or not.

Her eyes flashed as she realized that I was going to go through with it and the naughtiness of it all filled her mind. I saw the twinkle in her eyes grow as she considered what I was about to do. Her accompanying smile dared me to continue, regardless of her previous worries.

Sliding my hand into her pants, I felt the top of her panties and realized she was wearing a thong, the fabric very thin and held by small straps. I grinned at her as my fingers began to work their way under the fabric. She was intently staring into my eyes, her breathing shallow but rapid.

As my hand slid even further into her pants, she reached down and unzipped the zipper, easing my passage and giving me the green light to further explore her. I glanced down and noticed, in the dim light of the movie, that she had a Christmas theme to her thong and that made me smile. She knows how much I enjoy Christmas lingerie and that made me wonder just how much she was planning on doing with me when she accepted my invitation to the movie.

Before long, my fingers felt the top of her pubic hair and began to explore it. It felt as if she had it trimmed in a thin strip, a cut I rather enjoy. I caressed the soft skin on either side of the strip, occasionally working back to tease her thin hairs. Then I slid my hand further down, the heat increasing with each quarter inch I moved. I felt the top of her slit, knowing that her clit was probably already exposed, craving touch. I parted my fingers and slid them down either side of her slit, trying to avoid contact with her clit. I didn't want her to have that much right away, but wanted to tease her some more, first, to build up the anticipation.

Accompanying the incredible heat I found was a considerable amount of fluid. She was very wet, very ready for penetration. I slid my fingers inward, lightly pinching her labia between them, then slid my fingers up and down on the outer edges. At the bottom of her slit, I slid my fingers together then ran them up between her lips, diving slightly into her vagina then further up, teasing the insides of her lips. I began to run my fingers up and down, spreading them slightly at times to provide feeling to her lips, then together to press towards her heated opening.

She was really starting to grind her hips the more I moved and was making soft mewing sounds. Every time my fingers approached her opening, she'd push her hips towards my hand, as if trying to get me inside of her. She was really trying to push herself against me as my hand slid back up towards the top, the feelings in her clit intensifying the closer I got, but not quite being satisfied.

After sliding just under her clit for the fifth time, I caused her to give a little cry of protest, her frustration about not getting total satisfaction causing her to forget that we were in public.

"Shhh... ," I whispered. "You don't want to awake the natives."

"Then touch me where I need it, damn it!"

I laughed softly and continued sliding my fingers around her wet lips, teasing her even more. Finally, when I could tell that the anticipation had built to the level I wanted, I slid my fingers down and deep inside of her in one movement. At the same time, I pressed part of my palm against her clit. She gasped, then held her breath. Her hand quickly grabbed my arm and I could feel her quivering, her hips moving very rapidly against my hand. I curved my fingers, pressing them just lightly against her g-spot and she started to cum. She was doing her best to stay quiet, but her breath shot from her with a huge gust then came in quick, short bursts. Every now and again, a soft cry of pleasure would escape her lips, her orgasm too intense to hold it all in.

After about 30 seconds of powerful waves of pleasure coursing through her body, she finally started to calm, the last vestiges of her orgasm still pulsing through her, occasionally causing her to buck softly against my hand. She let her head fall back against the headrest and her arms go slack.

I couldn't believe the amount of moisture I found around my hand at that point. She had really cum hard and my hand was covered in her juices. I continued to slide my fingers in and out of her, but softly, as if I were caressing her, just keeping the memories of the orgasm at the forefront of her mind and not quite letting her all the way down from her peak of ecstasy.

It took a while, but she finally got her breathing back to normal and she opened her eyes. She looked over at me, her eyelids half closed in relaxed satisfaction and she smiled at me.

"That," she whispered, "was incredible! I can't believe you did that to me so fast ... and in public!"

I flashed my grin at her and said, "I'm glad you liked stage one."

"Stage one? You mean there's more to come?"

"I like your choice of words. Yes, there's definitely more to come."

I winked at her as I pulled my hand from her pants. I looked at the moisture and pulled it to my mouth, sliding my fingers inside one at a time to lick them clean. I could tell by her breathing that I was turning her on again and I loved it. She tasted so good and I couldn't wait to taste her directly.

We held hands the rest of the movie, lightly caressing each other with our fingers. Though we did get back into the movie, our minds never fully left what we'd just done and how good it had felt.

We filed out with the other theater patrons after the movie had finished. Unlike when we'd walked in, this time we were holding hands and rubbing our shoulders together as we walked.

"I think you're going to like what's coming next," I said.

"You're not going to tell me what it is, though, are you?"

"Nope, but you'll see what it is soon enough."

I led her to my car and opened the passenger door for her. Once she was in, I walked around and hopped in behind the wheel. I drove out of the parking lot and headed towards my house. We weren't more than a block away from the theater when she reached over to caress my crotch.

"I feel like I owe you a little something," she said.

With that, she undid my pants and slid the zipper down. Reaching inside, she freed my cock from its cloth prison and cooed her pleasure at the sight of it. My cock quickly responded to her soft touch by hardening and starting to pulse with the beat of my heart. She started to softly stroke it, caressing its length and then teasing the head.

She reached down with her other hand and undid her seatbelt then leaned over my lap. I could feel the heat of her breath as her mouth got closer to my cock. My hand left the steering wheel to run my fingers through her hair, urging her onward. She very slowly slid her mouth down over my cock, inching further and further down until she had me fully engulfed. Her mouth felt absolutely incredible! I'd not felt something so nice on me in such a long time.

She pulled her head back, sucking hard on me, which seemed to mold the skin of her mouth and tongue to every ridge of my cock. The sensation was overwhelming and I had to fight to remember that I was driving and that I needed to pay attention to the road.

Actually, it was lucky that I did remember the road because a car was entering up ahead and was going much slower than we were. I would have plowed right into the back of them had I not snapped my attention back to my task.

She then started to bob her head on my erection and I knew this wasn't going to last long. I was still so incredibly aroused by her orgasm in the theater and the feeling of her amazing mouth on my cock was sending my mind reeling. She then thrust her mouth over my cock again and started to flutter her tongue along the side of it.

That was too much for me. I grabbed her hair in my fist and called out that I was going to cum. Rather than pull back from me, she just started to suck really hard on me. I held her head down and felt my cock flex within the hot, wet confines of her mouth. My orgasm exploded within me, shooting throughout my body. My eyes threatened to close, but I fought to keep them open so I could still see the road. My body started to quiver as my cum burst forth from my throbbing cock, shooting to the back of her mouth. She quickly swallowed everything I had to offer, increasing the sensations shooting through me. Each time she swallowed, her mouth and tongue would squeeze my cock, as if milking me. I was in heaven.

When my orgasm subsided, she pulled back a little, but continued to lightly suck me, urging every last drop of my cum from me. She eased me down from my orgasmic high then sat back up. With a very satisfied smile, she buckled her seatbelt again and then started to put my pants back together.

"That was amazing ... absolutely amazing," I said.

"You're very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much," she said.

"Oh, 'enjoyed it' doesn't even come close to describing how that felt," I laughed, pleased at the light blush she showed.

When we got to my house, I parked in the garage and walked around to open her door for her.

"Welcome to my home," I said.

I led her inside and gave her the nickel tour. As I'd planned, the tour ended in the bedroom.

"I like this," she said. "You've done a wonderful job decorating."

I looked into her eyes and moved closer, then leaned down to give her a soft kiss. Our lips met and she sort of melted into me, moaning softly. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her close, my mouth moving even tighter against hers. Our lips parted and the intensity of the kiss increased. My tongue slipped out between my lips to lightly touch hers. She groaned at the intimate contact and darted her tongue out to touch mine, teasing it, coaxing it further inside of her mouth.

When we finally broke to catch our breath, I led her over to the bed. I sat her down and sat next to her, moving in for another kiss. Our kissing became quite passionate and our hands started to wander, caressing each other. She was rubbing my shoulders, my back, my sides, down to my thighs, around to cup my ass and pull me towards her. I, too, was caressing her back and sides, occasionally running my hands down her thighs then back up. Occasionally, my hands would caress the sides of her breasts, eliciting cries of pleasure from her.

I then moved my hands to her front, starting to undo the buttons of her blouse. She started to kiss me harder, letting me know that she was definitely getting turned on and was more than happy to have me undoing her top. When I undid the last button, I slid my hand up and eased the cloth from her shoulders, baring them to my view. She let me slide the blouse off her arms then wrapped them around me again, holding me tightly. I caressed her smooth skin, enjoying the warmth and softness.

After a bit more, I moved my hands to her back to undo her bra, which easily popped open. I slid my hands up and forward along her shoulders, moving the fabric from her. Her breasts sagged lightly from their weight as the bra left her. I grinned and kissed her newly exposed flesh. Guiding her back to lie down on my bed, I kissed around her breasts. I kissed and nibbled her flesh, enjoying her cries and how her skin responded. She was quickly covered in goose bumps, but they weren't from cold. She was obviously excited, her nipples hardening. The closer I got to her nipples with my mouth, the shallower her breathing became. I could tell she loved the feelings I was creating within her and she wanted more.

That was just as I wanted her. I wanted to control her feelings, to make her feel things she hadn't felt in quite some time. I wanted her to ache for me to do things to her, wanted her to be so excited that she would have a mind-blowing orgasm that just took her away to paradise. I was going to do that.

With that goal in mind, I slowly worked my way around her breasts, constantly getting close to her nipple, but never quite touching it. Occasionally, she would feel my hot breath over the top of her nipple while I was passing nearby, but never my touch. Each time I would approach her nipple, she would turn towards my face, trying to get me to touch her, to take her nipple in my mouth, but I refused. She even tried to grab my hair and pull me to her, but I didn't give in to her demands. This was my show.

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