Mary Christmas

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Christmas being one of the more erotic times of year for our protagonist, it provides the catalyst for his feelings growing a certain direction towards a coworker. He learns that inviting a coworker out to dinner can become more than just a fantasy.

I've always loved Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of the year. Unlike many, I like the crowds and the excitement that comes with everyone out shopping and trying to find gifts for others. The idea that we're out there trying to make others' lives better, trying to make them happy, lifts my spirits. I also like to watch people and learn about them by observing their behavior. Christmas shopping is a great excuse to be out there among crowds and gives me ample opportunity to observe people. They are generally so caught up in shopping for others that they don't have time or energy to put up their emotional walls and their behavior becomes a reflection of their true selves, not hidden for society. It's real, raw emotion and personality.

Another reason I enjoy Christmas so much is that I find it to be an erotic time of year. I've tried to figure out what, exactly, it is about this time of year that turns me on and have been unsuccessful, thus far. I like the Christmas outfits. Red, velvety fabric with white ruffles or fluff is exciting for me. The cold encourages women to wrap themselves up in layers, which just teases me and makes my mind attempt to determine their body types under those layers. Even under layers, a woman's sexuality can be very apparent. The way she moves speaks volumes about how she'll behave when I can finally remove those layers of clothing. I love photos of nude or partially nude women in snow. I love the thought of being snow-bound with a woman in a mountain cabin. The nature of the cabin suggests incredible intimacy to me.

As Christmas approached this year, I started getting turned on regularly. More and more, I found myself fantasizing about women in my life, imagining different scenarios in which I could explore our sexuality. It seemed that every morning, I would awaken excited and would stroke myself to thoughts of women in Christmas-related situations.

I did my best not to let my feelings out too much. It wouldn't do to end my career with a sexual harassment suit. I'd only been in the field for about 10 years, so I definitely wasn't ready to retire and call it a life. Therefore, I didn't let my coworkers know what I was thinking about them, in spite of the fact that I seemed to spend about half of every day wondering about what the administrative staff looked like in lingerie or if they'd give me an amazing night.

When Mary stopped by my cubicle to chat, all thoughts of work instantly disappeared. She always had that effect on me. Not only was she physically attractive, but she's one of the sexiest women I know. Her personality exudes sensuality, promising not only a night of intense pleasure, but a lifetime of pure happiness. I just knew that any guy lucky enough to be with her would have an eternal grin plastered to his face. She was an amazing woman.

I'd worked with Mary off and on over the past few years. She and I didn't work for the same firm, but because we worked on the same projects, we found ourselves often seeking each other out for assistance on any particular task. My heart always beat a little faster when the caller ID told me it was her voice I'd hear when I answered the phone.

I looked up at her twinkling eyes and grinned.

"Hey, you," I greeted her. "How are you doing?"

"Great," she said. "I just wanted to stop by and chat for a bit. We've got that meeting in a few minutes, but I wanted to say, 'hi.'"

She sat down and gave me her killer smile. I tend to resort to small-talk when we're together, just a little unsure how far I could take things with coworkers in nearby cubicles, so I started asking about her meeting. I could see by the look in her eye that she wanted to talk about stuff that's a bit deeper, but she was always a little uncomfortable talking too loudly in my cubicle about personal things, fearing that my nearby coworkers would overhear us.

Finally, I said, "this is crazy. We want to talk about more important things and we're just not doing it. Will you have dinner with me tonight so we can be away from the office and can talk like we really want?"

"You know I can't," she said. "We agreed to keep things in the office and more casual."

"It's just dinner," I said. "It's not like I'm asking you to strip and slide into my bed, though that would be fun, too."

I often teased about that kind of thing with her. She knew I liked her and I knew she knew, so I decided I'd take advantage of that knowledge and let her know regularly how attracted I was to her. I figured there's a better chance she'd take me seriously if I made it a regular thing for her to hear me joking about it.

"I know," she said, "it is just dinner."

She thought about it a bit more and then said, "where do you want to go?"

She'd never taken me up on that before, so it was a bit of a surprise when she seemed to agree. I knew she liked Italian food and I suggested we hit her favorite Italian restaurant. We agreed to meet there at 6 o'clock, which would give us time to finish up at work and to get to the restaurant without having to rush. She had to leave after that to get to her meeting, which left me to imagine any number of possibilities for the night.

In spite of my intentions to keep things casual between us and to make sure it was just dinner that night, I couldn't help but fantasize about what would happen should she indicate that she was willing to make it more than that. I'd used thoughts of her in a number of fantasies and my creative mind started flashing through them and expanding on a few. Needless to say, I wasn't going to get up and walk around the office for a while, my erection likely obvious.

The rest of the day luckily went by rather quickly. My tasks involved my mind enough to keep the clock from dragging. However, as people started to leave the office, my mind turned more and more to dinner with Mary. That last hour slowed down, but my mind took full advantage of that time to explore my fantasies again.

I suppose that's why I was so horny when I pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant. Having the air be so crisp and cool and the Christmas decorations around the restaurant just helped keep my feelings at a heightened state.

Dinner went great. We were able to finally relax and be ourselves together. I hadn't realized how much I was missing at work until I got out with Mary and we were able to open up and flirt and laugh with each other. I was reminded just how much I liked this woman. I had been able to control my attraction to her while we were in the office, but it blossomed fully when she opened up again. She really is an amazing woman.

At one point, we started talking about things that excite us. For some reason, I decided to mention my Christmas feelings. I explained some of the things about Christmas that turn me on and how it seemed like I was always excited during this time of year. To my pleasant surprise, she mirrored my sentiment, sharing that though she didn't like Christmas as much as I did, there was something about this time of year that always seemed to turn her on.

"As a matter of fact," she said with that twinkle in her eye, "I always wear something Christmassy this time of year."

I looked at what she was wearing again and noted that she didn't seem to be wearing anything like that right now. When I mentioned that to her, she winked and said, "sometimes, you can't see it unless we're all alone and getting intimate."

"Oh my," I breathed. "You've no idea how hot that makes me."

She reached over with her foot and caressed my leg, saying, "I love that. It's exciting for me to hear that what I say and do heats you up."

I was getting really turned on at that point. Feeling her leg caress mine and hearing her words of excitement had me about as hard as I'd been in a long time. I tried to arrange my pants a little so that my erection wasn't as uncomfortable and she noticed.

"I didn't realize it made you quite that hot," she laughed. "That is so awesome. Are you really getting hard right here and now?"

"You've no idea," I said. "You just turn me on so much."

"I know we said we'd keep this in the office and that this would be just dinner, but I want you. Will you come over to my place?"

I could see by the look in her eye that she was really unsure about this. This was taking our friendship to another level that we'd agreed we wouldn't explore except through teasing words. This was huge.

"I'd love to," I said. "Just make sure it's a step you really want to take."

"I'm sure," she said. "I want to feel you lying with me."

I paid our bill and we headed out to our cars. She'd parked next to me when she arrived so it was easy to find her car and we didn't have to separate. I walked her to her door and waited for her to get it open. I then leaned in and said, "I'll follow you," then kissed her softly on the lips.

That was our first kiss. The electric jolt that shot through me was highly invigorating.

However, it was not nearly as invigorating as what she did next. She reached down and caressed the bulge in my pants, smiling at me and looking deep in my eyes.

"You'd better," she said. "I want to see and feel this soon."

I gulped. This was a fantasy-come-true. This just doesn't happen in real life!

I grinned at her, "oh, I'll be there. Just lead the way."

Running around my car to my door, I heard her laughing at my rushing and I flashed my grin at her. I started up my car and waited until she'd backed out to do so, myself. She led me from the parking lot and down the road.

On the drive to her house, I was flashing through all of my fantasies and wondered which of them was about to come true. Of course, at least parts of most of them were imminent, but I wasn't sure just how it was going to happen. My cock was well prepared to explore whatever we were going to throw its way.

Pulling into her driveway, she turned off her engine and got out of her car. I pulled up in front of the house and got out of my own car, then walked up to where she was waiting for me. As I approached, she turned to walk towards the house, but I reached out and grabbed her, turning her towards me for a sensuous kiss. I cradled her face in my right hand while my left reached around her waist to pull her towards me. I kissed her softly, my lips melding with hers easily. After kissing for a little while, I parted my lips a bit and let my tongue out to touch her lips. She moaned softly and opened her own lips, allowing my tongue to begin exploring her mouth. She was so soft and tasted so delightful. She darted her own tongue out to lightly tease mine and urge me deeper inside of her mouth. Our kiss grew more passionate with that, our lips pressing more tightly together.

After a few minutes, we broke the kiss and she said, "let's get inside!"

We got inside the door and returned to our kiss. This time, however, our hands were busy removing each other's clothes. Our jackets quickly fell to the floor followed by our shoes. I reached up to undo her blouse and heard a tearing sound as I undid the second button. When she moaned at the sound, it spurred me on further and I just ripped the rest of the buttons from her blouse. The moan that accompanied that rip was deep and passionate and her hands started to really move quickly to undo my pants. I reached down and grabbed her pants, undoing the clasp and quickly pushing them down her body. She wiggled enough to get the pants from her legs and then slid her leg up the side of my body, wrapping it around me. I reached down to cup her ass in my hands and lift her a bit. My fingers slid inward and under her panties where I found her pussy soaked with her juices. When my fingers touched her pussy lips, she cried out in pleasure and bit down lightly on my lower lip.

I lifted her up and pressed her against her wall, just inside her doorway. I moved her panties over to the side and then eased my throbbing cock from my underwear, lining myself up against her pussy. With one thrust, I slid inside of her, burying my cock to the hilt. She cried out then and ground her hips against me.

"Yes," she cried, "I want you to fuck me hard!"

I was already in that mindset and started to thrust within her, driving my cock as deep as possible each time we ground together. She was already so excited that within seconds she was mewing out her first orgasm of the night, her pussy convulsing on my cock. I had no stamina, whatsoever, having imagined this so many times that being with her pushed me quickly to my own orgasm. Within two minutes after entering her home, we were panting through our orgasms pressed against the wall in her foyer.

As embarrassed as I was to cum so quickly, I was consoled by the look of satisfaction on her face and how she kissed me as we came down from our orgasms.

"That," she said, "was amazing! I know it went fast for both of us, but it was so intense, so passionate. Thank you."

I grinned at her, "we'll just have to make sure that the next several times are as fast or as slow as we need."

Easing her to her feet, I asked, "how do you feel?"

"I feel terrific," she gushed. "Why don't you come in and I'll show you around."

We laughed and walked into her front room. We carried our clothes, which we set down on the couch. She gave me the tour of her house, which gave me an opportunity to watch her body move. She was wearing her bra and panties, her blouse still on her shoulders but not covering too much. It was then that I noticed her Christmas clothing.

"Nice panties," I said, smiling.

"See? I always wear something Christmassy this time of year."

I couldn't seem to keep my hands from her body. She looked so luscious as she walked. Occasionally, I'd pull her to me for another kiss, which she returned pleasantly, occasionally nibbling on my lips. She seemed to heat me up more and more each time our lips met.

After showing me around, she pulled a blanket from her closet and walked with me back to the living room.

"Why don't you start a fire and I'll go get freshened up," she suggested, placing the blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace.

"I'd love to," I said, giving her another kiss.

Watching her walk back towards her room, I grinned as my cock leapt, anxious to experience her body again.

Turning to the task at hand, I knelt down in front of the fireplace and started to build a nice lean-to of wood, tinder and kindling. I found the matches nearby and started up the kindling. It caught quickly and spread to the tinder. As the fire built, I watched closely, adjusting wood or adding more tinder as needed. Soon, we had a roaring blaze going in the fireplace. The heat billowed out in waves, washing over me and keeping me very warm. I sat back on the blanket, my eyes mesmerized by the wavering flames. I've always been a fan of fire and this time was no different.

Being so caught up in the fire, I didn't notice Mary walk back into the room. She cleared her throat to catch my attention and I looked over at her, my jaw dropping in astonishment. She was a vision! She'd put on some Christmas lingerie, her breasts and crotch covered in red, velvet, lined with white fur. There was a lace portion extending down from the bra, clinging to her stomach. She even had a Santa hat on her head.

"Well," she asked, "what do you think?"

"You're stunning," I managed to reply. "You are absolutely beautiful!"

She smiled warmly at that and walked over next to me on the blanket. She had a bottle and two glasses in her hand, which she set down next to us. She leaned in for another kiss, again heating me up on the inside.

When our kiss broke, I reached over to open the bottle and pour us a drink. We toasted one another and then drank from our glasses, easing our throats.

Mary then did something that surprised me. She took a deep drink from her glass and then leaned over and took my hardening cock into her mouth. She still had some of the cool, sweet wine in her mouth and the feeling of that cool liquid and hot mouth around my cock was amazing. She swallowed her drink, causing her mouth to move in such a way on my cock that it felt like she was milking it, pulling it even further into her. I groaned in appreciation, my hand reaching over to run through her hair and hold her head, letting her know just how pleasurable I found her mouth.

She continued to suck on my cock, causing incredible sensations to shoot through my body each time her mouth pulsed on my cock. She had a way of plunging her mouth down over my cock that felt terrific. It was as if her mouth was perfectly molded to my cock, treasuring it, enveloping it with velvet heat. I was overwhelmed and couldn't seem to come up with a coherent thought, just lost in the feelings she was creating in my cock. She seemed to worship my pulsing cock, treating it like it was the perfect thing for her.

It didn't take long before I could feel the stirrings of an orgasm begin deep inside my groin. Her mouth urged me on, seeming to want me to shoot my come in her mouth. It was like she was longing to taste my pleasure. My testicles began to tighten and she knew that I was getting closer and, to my surprise, she just increased the speed and pressure with which she sucked on me.

"Oh my ... I'm going to come," I groaned.

That spurred her on and the growl she let loose in her throat sent me shooting up the path towards orgasm.

"Ooohhh..." I moaned as the orgasm reached the peak and I rushed over into blissful release. I could hear her make a sound of pleasure deep in her throat as the first spurt flew into her mouth. She started to really suck then, swallowing every jet I released. She stroked the base of my cock as her mouth tightened on the end, milking me for all I had to offer.

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