Brianna: Boyfriends and Girlfriends

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young lady casts her spell for the newly returned son of the next door neighbors. Her net brings in far more than she origninally bargained for. But hey, the more the merrier, right? Apology: Sorry, after hours of proofreading & editng, I still missed a number of places where Ted failed to get changed to Jed. Aside from that distraction, I hope you enjoy the story

I guess you could call me "the girl next door" type, though as you'll see, that was only a facade. My name is Brianna. I turned eighteen in April and graduated from high school in May. that was a month ago. And I'm still a virgin, technically. That's what was about to change.

People in my neighborhood, at school, and at work, have called me: outgoing, cute, vivacious, sweet, cuddly, bubbly, helpful, courteous, kind, a good scout, and on and on and on. You get the picture. No hint of a negative comment could be found.

I have two older brothers and one younger sister. The brothers were a pair of hellions, always into some kind of mischief. My sister was a tomboy and loved it. So did the neighborhood boys her age.

Some people have likened me, in looks, to the movie star, Kelly Preston (wife of John Travolta) as she looked in the mid 1980s. Some even went so far as to say I could be her twin. For those who do not know, Ms. Preston played the part of that gorgeous blonde in the 1985 movie "Mischief." She also played a minor role as the wanna be girl friend of one of the main characters in "Christine."

Well, as a matter of fact, I too think that I look a lot like Kelly.

One incongruity about me is the butterfly tattoo on my left ankle. There are others, Incongruities as well as tattoos, that is. But more about them later. What you see isn't always what you get!

So, my family has lived in our house since before I was born. We live in a gated community of upscale housing where the houses are widely spaced with large yards and most with in ground pools. The family next door to the east, named Jefferson, has lived there even longer than we've been around.

The one boy in the family, Jed, was two years older than I and had just graduated and returned from five years at a military academy in Virginia. I wasn't quite yet thirteen when he left and Jed was just fifteen. He was rarely home except for a brief furlough once a year and then his family occupied most of his leave time.

Jed and I grew up and went through grade school together and we played together as kids of the neighborhood, but we never had a boy/girl, personal relationship. Oh, we had a little of that curiosity, "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" kind of thing, but nothing more. And even that didn't involve any touching, just looking.

Jed has been home about a week. I really took notice of him from his first day back. He was now tall, athletically fit and toned, with a swarthy, dark complexion and jet black hair. He has turned into just a sexy, stud hunk with that ramrod straight military posture thrown in for good measure. I've been aware over the last week that Jed has also taken notice of me, though we have spoken very little to each other as yet.

Yesterday, I dropped in at the local hangout for young people for a sandwich and Coke. A pair of my girlfriends, Julie and Janet, were in a booth and motioned for me to join them. I waved and walked over to their booth.

After I ordered, Julie asked me, "Who's that stud over there playing pool?"

I had to turn partially around to see to whom she was referring. "Oh. That's my next door neighbor who just graduated from military school. He got home last week."

"Well," Julie said, "he got my pussy wet just looking at him. Why don't you introduce us?"

Jed was just knocking balls (pool balls, of course) around by himself, he was alone at the table. So, I said, "Ok, come on and I'll introduce you."

We three got up and trooped over to the pool table and I said, "Jed, two of my friends want to meet you. This is Julie and Janet. Julie, Janet, this is Jed. Jed Jefferson."

After all the "How do you do's" were done, Jed asked, "Would any of you be interested in a game of rotation?"

Julie and I answered, "Yes," but Janet said her break was about over and she had to get back to work in the shop next door. She gave shy, demure smile and left.

I went to get my sandwich and drink while Jed racked the balls. Julie was trying to figure out how to rack Jed's balls! She got first shot, I got second, and Jed third, so Julie broke and the game was on.

Now it so happens that dad has a pool table in the basement and I got to be a very good player, playing against him. Julie knew I played and that I was pretty good, but not just how good because I usually let her win when we played. Jed, on the other hand, had no idea of my billiards abilities or the fact that my playing had matured in the years he was gone.

As the game progressed, Julie got inventive finding ways to brush against Jed with various parts of her body. She even managed to poke Jed, all be it gently, in the groin with the butt end of her cue stick on one occasion, with her hand conveniently wrapped around the end of the cue, of course. And, being the all male stud that he is, Jed's response, involuntary or not, was becoming obvious as his trousers tented up.

Oddly, Jed's eyes were not on Julie, but were on me. Julie also noticed this and didn't look kindly at me as a consequence. I was trying to let both of them drop some balls, while at the same time, Jed was trying to let we two girls drop some balls.

I soon tired of this charity round robin, so when my turn came around again, I proceeded to clear the table of the remaining eight balls without a miss. Jed and Julie just stared, awestruck, as I went through those balls to win.

Well now, Jed stood there with his mouth open and Julie stood there red faced in frustration and maybe anger with me because of Jed. It was by now obvious he was interested in me, not Julie. So, she irritably said she had some errands to run and had to go. She left in a bit of a huff.

Jed challenged me to a match, warning me that he got pretty good at the rec hall at military school. I had two secret weapons. One, I was very good at pool, as I've already noted, and something that Jed now suspected from my preceding demonstration. And two, I had a diversionary attack of my own in mind.

I was dressed in short shorts and a fairly skimpy top with no bra. (another of my incongruities). So, I did plenty of teasing during our game, leaning over showing as much cleavage as often as I could and bending over in my shots allowing a fair amount of ass cheeks to poke out. I beat Jed, and soundly so. I like to think my skill was two-thirds responsible and my display one-third or less.

We sat down with a cold drink and chatted for a bit.

'Brianna th..."

"Call me, Bree, please. All my friends do."

"Ok, Bree, that's a pretty butterfly tat on your ankle. Do you have any others?"

"Could be."

"No others are visible so they must be in private places."

"Could be."
"Hmm. The mysterious femme fatale, are you?"

"Could be."

"So, Brianna, uh, Bree, I also notice you like to lay in the sun and use your backyard pool. Maybe I could drop over some time for a swim, too."

"Could be,"

I giggled before I continued, "Actually, anytime, Jed, but right now I have to go. I've a doctor appointment in fifteen minutes. I will see you later."

With an alluring smile, I blew him a kiss and walked out to my car.

I decided that I really was interested in him and that I was going to get even more of his attention. I knew from our growing up days that his upstairs bedroom window overlooked our back yard, with its in ground swimming pool and terrace. The entire yard was enclosed in a ten foot tall, basket weave fence for added privacy.

No other neighbor's houses had any view into our back yard as they were either too far away or were only a single story. Jed must've been watching from time to time from his bedroom window. It was the only way he could see into the back yard. But to see much of anything in any detail, he'd have to use a telescope or something since his house was a fair distance from ours.

The calendar showed it was the middle of July with the hot and humid days so common in the midwest at that time of year. I'd been sunbathing all summer in my bikini, one with a conservative bra top that didn't reveal overmuch skin. The bottoms were also very conservative, covering my pussy and butt cheeks, more or less--mostly more. My father was quite conservative and insistent about this. This was the outfit that Jed had seen me wear--at least so far. That too, was about to change.

Well, it so happened that Mom and Dad had to be gone for a week to one of Dad's conventions, leaving my oldest brother, twenty-two year old Todd, to look after me and my younger sister. My other brother, nineteen year old Philip, was away at a summer job.

Now, it so happens that I had a different bikini that I wore, if I dared, when I was away from home or when everyone else was gone and I was alone at home. I went to my bedroom to get it. Standing in front of my full length mirror, I stripped naked and admired my nude body.

Thinking about that suit and what I had in mind of doing to seduce Jed (more incongruities), I started rubbing my boobs with my left hand. My nipples immediately popped out stiff and erect. A warm glow began building in my chest, radiating downward in my core.

My right hand dropped to my clean shaven pussy and slowly caressed up and down my labia. Much more than just a glow was building there and working upwards.

I wonder if Jed can see my pussy tattoo now?

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