Brianna: Boyfriends and Girlfriends

by Dapper Dan

Copyright© 2009 by Dapper Dan

Incest Sex Story: Young lady casts her spell for the newly returned son of the next door neighbors. Her net brings in far more than she origninally bargained for. But hey, the more the merrier, right? Apology: Sorry, after hours of proofreading & editng, I still missed a number of places where Ted failed to get changed to Jed. Aside from that distraction, I hope you enjoy the story

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

I guess you could call me "the girl next door" type, though as you'll see, that was only a facade. My name is Brianna. I turned eighteen in April and graduated from high school in May. that was a month ago. And I'm still a virgin, technically. That's what was about to change.

People in my neighborhood, at school, and at work, have called me: outgoing, cute, vivacious, sweet, cuddly, bubbly, helpful, courteous, kind, a good scout, and on and on and on. You get the picture. No hint of a negative comment could be found.

I have two older brothers and one younger sister. The brothers were a pair of hellions, always into some kind of mischief. My sister was a tomboy and loved it. So did the neighborhood boys her age.

Some people have likened me, in looks, to the movie star, Kelly Preston (wife of John Travolta) as she looked in the mid 1980s. Some even went so far as to say I could be her twin. For those who do not know, Ms. Preston played the part of that gorgeous blonde in the 1985 movie "Mischief." She also played a minor role as the wanna be girl friend of one of the main characters in "Christine."

Well, as a matter of fact, I too think that I look a lot like Kelly.

One incongruity about me is the butterfly tattoo on my left ankle. There are others, Incongruities as well as tattoos, that is. But more about them later. What you see isn't always what you get!

So, my family has lived in our house since before I was born. We live in a gated community of upscale housing where the houses are widely spaced with large yards and most with in ground pools. The family next door to the east, named Jefferson, has lived there even longer than we've been around.

The one boy in the family, Jed, was two years older than I and had just graduated and returned from five years at a military academy in Virginia. I wasn't quite yet thirteen when he left and Jed was just fifteen. He was rarely home except for a brief furlough once a year and then his family occupied most of his leave time.

Jed and I grew up and went through grade school together and we played together as kids of the neighborhood, but we never had a boy/girl, personal relationship. Oh, we had a little of that curiosity, "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" kind of thing, but nothing more. And even that didn't involve any touching, just looking.

Jed has been home about a week. I really took notice of him from his first day back. He was now tall, athletically fit and toned, with a swarthy, dark complexion and jet black hair. He has turned into just a sexy, stud hunk with that ramrod straight military posture thrown in for good measure. I've been aware over the last week that Jed has also taken notice of me, though we have spoken very little to each other as yet.

Yesterday, I dropped in at the local hangout for young people for a sandwich and Coke. A pair of my girlfriends, Julie and Janet, were in a booth and motioned for me to join them. I waved and walked over to their booth.

After I ordered, Julie asked me, "Who's that stud over there playing pool?"

I had to turn partially around to see to whom she was referring. "Oh. That's my next door neighbor who just graduated from military school. He got home last week."

"Well," Julie said, "he got my pussy wet just looking at him. Why don't you introduce us?"

Jed was just knocking balls (pool balls, of course) around by himself, he was alone at the table. So, I said, "Ok, come on and I'll introduce you."

We three got up and trooped over to the pool table and I said, "Jed, two of my friends want to meet you. This is Julie and Janet. Julie, Janet, this is Jed. Jed Jefferson."

After all the "How do you do's" were done, Jed asked, "Would any of you be interested in a game of rotation?"

Julie and I answered, "Yes," but Janet said her break was about over and she had to get back to work in the shop next door. She gave shy, demure smile and left.

I went to get my sandwich and drink while Jed racked the balls. Julie was trying to figure out how to rack Jed's balls! She got first shot, I got second, and Jed third, so Julie broke and the game was on.

Now it so happens that dad has a pool table in the basement and I got to be a very good player, playing against him. Julie knew I played and that I was pretty good, but not just how good because I usually let her win when we played. Jed, on the other hand, had no idea of my billiards abilities or the fact that my playing had matured in the years he was gone.

As the game progressed, Julie got inventive finding ways to brush against Jed with various parts of her body. She even managed to poke Jed, all be it gently, in the groin with the butt end of her cue stick on one occasion, with her hand conveniently wrapped around the end of the cue, of course. And, being the all male stud that he is, Jed's response, involuntary or not, was becoming obvious as his trousers tented up.

Oddly, Jed's eyes were not on Julie, but were on me. Julie also noticed this and didn't look kindly at me as a consequence. I was trying to let both of them drop some balls, while at the same time, Jed was trying to let we two girls drop some balls.

I soon tired of this charity round robin, so when my turn came around again, I proceeded to clear the table of the remaining eight balls without a miss. Jed and Julie just stared, awestruck, as I went through those balls to win.

Well now, Jed stood there with his mouth open and Julie stood there red faced in frustration and maybe anger with me because of Jed. It was by now obvious he was interested in me, not Julie. So, she irritably said she had some errands to run and had to go. She left in a bit of a huff.

Jed challenged me to a match, warning me that he got pretty good at the rec hall at military school. I had two secret weapons. One, I was very good at pool, as I've already noted, and something that Jed now suspected from my preceding demonstration. And two, I had a diversionary attack of my own in mind.

I was dressed in short shorts and a fairly skimpy top with no bra. (another of my incongruities). So, I did plenty of teasing during our game, leaning over showing as much cleavage as often as I could and bending over in my shots allowing a fair amount of ass cheeks to poke out. I beat Jed, and soundly so. I like to think my skill was two-thirds responsible and my display one-third or less.

We sat down with a cold drink and chatted for a bit.

'Brianna th..."

"Call me, Bree, please. All my friends do."

"Ok, Bree, that's a pretty butterfly tat on your ankle. Do you have any others?"

"Could be."

"No others are visible so they must be in private places."

"Could be."
"Hmm. The mysterious femme fatale, are you?"

"Could be."

"So, Brianna, uh, Bree, I also notice you like to lay in the sun and use your backyard pool. Maybe I could drop over some time for a swim, too."

"Could be,"

I giggled before I continued, "Actually, anytime, Jed, but right now I have to go. I've a doctor appointment in fifteen minutes. I will see you later."

With an alluring smile, I blew him a kiss and walked out to my car.

I decided that I really was interested in him and that I was going to get even more of his attention. I knew from our growing up days that his upstairs bedroom window overlooked our back yard, with its in ground swimming pool and terrace. The entire yard was enclosed in a ten foot tall, basket weave fence for added privacy.

No other neighbor's houses had any view into our back yard as they were either too far away or were only a single story. Jed must've been watching from time to time from his bedroom window. It was the only way he could see into the back yard. But to see much of anything in any detail, he'd have to use a telescope or something since his house was a fair distance from ours.

The calendar showed it was the middle of July with the hot and humid days so common in the midwest at that time of year. I'd been sunbathing all summer in my bikini, one with a conservative bra top that didn't reveal overmuch skin. The bottoms were also very conservative, covering my pussy and butt cheeks, more or less--mostly more. My father was quite conservative and insistent about this. This was the outfit that Jed had seen me wear--at least so far. That too, was about to change.

Well, it so happened that Mom and Dad had to be gone for a week to one of Dad's conventions, leaving my oldest brother, twenty-two year old Todd, to look after me and my younger sister. My other brother, nineteen year old Philip, was away at a summer job.

Now, it so happens that I had a different bikini that I wore, if I dared, when I was away from home or when everyone else was gone and I was alone at home. I went to my bedroom to get it. Standing in front of my full length mirror, I stripped naked and admired my nude body.

Thinking about that suit and what I had in mind of doing to seduce Jed (more incongruities), I started rubbing my boobs with my left hand. My nipples immediately popped out stiff and erect. A warm glow began building in my chest, radiating downward in my core.

My right hand dropped to my clean shaven pussy and slowly caressed up and down my labia. Much more than just a glow was building there and working upwards.

I wonder if Jed can see my pussy tattoo now?

My middle finger quickly found its way into my slit as I worked it up and down. My thumb and first finger found my clit and began to work on it. My middle finger suddenly found my love canal opening and plunged in.

A second, then a third finger found similar refuge. With electricity sparking outward and upward from my steaming pussy, I abruptly withdrew my hand and ran to my secret hiding place to fetch Festus, my dildo! If Mom or Dad ever found out about this little toy, I'd be dead!

Well, Festus suddenly found himself sliding up and down my gash, getting himself thoroughly wet in my abundant pussy juice. The head of that fake man stick then went all the way into my pussy for play time.

In and out, in and out, in rapid thrusts that left me panting like a steam engine, until I shuddered into a big climax. I came so hard I shot that rubber prick right out of my pussy. I was left gasping for breath, my chest heaving.

That's why I say I'm technically still a virgin. No real cock has ever found a home inside my pussy--not yet. But physically, obviously such a big dildo long ago took care of my maidenhead. I wonder if the first real dick will care?

When I recovered, I looked at the bikini laying on the bed. It was a very skimpy thong bikini, really more of a wild weasel. Just the tiniest piece of cloth covered my pussy, or tried to. A fair amount of labia was left exposed on either side of the little, thin, and very narrow strip of cloth. And that's not to mention that all the cloth was transparent, even dry.

The thin string running up my pussy/butt crack exposed one-hundred percent of my ass cheeks. Talk about an incongruity with my "good girl" image!

The top part was little more than a tiny, very tiny, triangle that covered my nipples and little else. At that, a fair amount of aureola was left exposed. A thin string around my neck and another around my back kept the little triangles more or less in place, but only if I stood still as a statue. Ninety-eight per cent of my breasts were on display. It is not a suit for the timid--or for my parents to see me in--they really could see ME.

I went into the bathroom and wiped my pussy clean and then strapped into the wild weasel. My feet slipped into a pair of flip flops as I picked up a towel and sun blocker and headed down to the pool. I sure hoped Jed was up there looking. I was about to give him a show, a show just for him.

When I got to the back yard, I laid my large beach towel on the wood deck at the house end of the pool, as the concrete pool apron was too hot to lay on for tanning. I positioned my self so that I wasn't quite full face to Jed's bedroom window and proceeded to slowly apply the sun blocker to my body. I did my arms and shoulders and then started paying a lot of attention to my chest.

My nipples tented up into the tiny bikini squares so hard that I might as well not have had a top on at all. In fact, they had no trouble pushing the tiny strip of cloth off to the side to stand proudly erect and on display. my horniness quickly turned to downright lustful, raging, arousal.

My pussy got wet again, rapidly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the curtain in Jed's window move. I went back to work and spread the blocker on my legs. When I got to the top of my thighs each time, I left my pussy strictly alone in fear of climaxing too fast. The little triangle bottom had now disappeared into my crevice, thanks to the pussy juice soaking it and my now puffy labia.

I returned to my belly. As I went lower and lower with the sun blocker, my pussy tingled more and more. I finally got to my mound. I couldn't help it anymore, I slid my fingers down more and did my full pussy lips with a swipe or two into my slit with my middle finger.

My tiny bottom triangle of cloth was now visible only as the tiny string exiting my pussy slit beside my large, fully erect clit. This left my entire pussy fully exposed. The orgasm I'd felt building couldn't be staved off any longer and I shuddered with a quaking climax. Before the shuddering had quite fully abated, I heard soft footsteps behind me!

It couldn't be my younger sister, she was staying with our grandma for two weeks. And Tad, the brother that stayed at the house with me, was at his day job for another five hours.

Before I could turn around to look, the voice said, "Could you use some help on your back, Bree?"

I finally turned my head enough to see Jed standing there in a tiny and skin tight speedo swim brief with pure, unadulterated lust in his eyes. My embarrassment at getting caught in the throws of orgasm only added to the sexual flush all over my body, especially the flush on my face.

He said, with a slight chuckle, "You told me, anytime, if I wanted to drop over for a swim, so, here I am!"

The outline of his erection was plain as day and it was huge, not monstrously so, but huge none-the-less. His bulge ran at an angle along his hip line. I didn't yet know if it was because the speedo was so little or because his cock was so huge, but nearly his whole cock head was poking out above the briefs, and he knew it!

God, and I thought I was going to be the one doing the seducing.

At least I thought it had to be his cockhead. Held tight against his belly by the waistband of his suit, I could only see the tip end and the underside of the helmet. It was huge and multicolored. It was the multicolored part that had me guessing. There was also the bottom end of a silver stud that ran horizontally through the helmet.

That had me drooling saliva and licking my lips.

Then there was also a green, snakelike tattoo running from his navel in a sinuous angle to disappear under his suit. I didn't say anything and hoped my surprise didn't show on my face.

"Lay on your stomach, Bree, and I'll do your backside."

I reluctantly took my eyes off his cock and did as he bid. Jed straddled me on his knees and spread the sun blocker all over my back. He nonchalantly untied my top, which fell away to the sides, and continued coolly on with his sensual massage application of blocker.

He moved to my legs. He started with my feet and worked his way up to my inner thighs. He did this gently and very sensuously. He stopped short of my pussy. It was driving me mad. He took his time to do the other leg the same way as the first. There was simply no hiding the pussy juice that was dripping from my embedded wet string and dripping onto the deck.

"Now, turn over and I'll do your front," Jed ordered. "Besides, I want to get a close up look at that tattoo you are sporting on your pussy mound. I also want to feel those gorgeous tits as I put blocker on them."

SO! He did have a telescope or binoculars.

I slowly rolled over onto my back, my top sliding over and trailing behind me. That ended up leaving my boobs fully exposed with nipples extending a full inch in complete, hard, erection. Not turned on too damned much, was I! Jed groaned, and looked me over, head to pussy.

I shuddered in both embarrassment and in anticipation.

"That's some tattoo," he said as he stared at my mons.

There was a tiny red rose next to the crease of my left leg and a tiny violet next to the crease on my right leg. In between was tattooed the words, "welcome to my garden of love."

"Exquisite," he whispered.

Jed leaned forward and gently kissed between the flowers. I shuddered some more as he did so.

He tore himself away from my garden and moved up to apply sun blocker lotion on my neck and shoulders. I stared at his fascinating cockhead.

"Wait a minute, Jed," I sat up. "Help me out of this thing so it's out of the way completely."

In a flash, my skimpy suit was off and tossed to the side, leaving me as bare assed naked as the day I was born. Jed sure didn't mind.

He resumed his job, working down to my boobs. He almost sent me over the edge with his sensuous rubbing of my generous orbs of flesh with the sun blocker. The electricity generated in my boobs followed his hands down my chest to my stomach and then to my pussy.

Jed returned to my garden and I felt my pussy juice really increase its flow down my crack onto the wood decking. He kissed me there again. But, with a gentle caress first, he bypassed my labia and did both legs with the sun blocker.

"Now, Bree, there's one spot left to do."

He returned at last to my pussy garden where his rubbing of sun blocker on my labia finally did send me over the edge into a shuddering and squealing climax. God, did I ever get off, really hard. I even felt myself squirt a little, a rarity for me. I only did that once before, the first time I used Festus.

Jed paused. "Bree, it's time for you to put blocker on me. I already feel like I'm frying although the sun's not the only reason I feel that way."

YESSS! I was very anxious to get my hands on Jed's body.

He lay on his stomach and I did his neck, back, and the backs of his legs, taking my time, rubbing him just as sensuously as he had rubbed me. He also had a lot of butt cheeks showing and I took my sweet time doing those.

Then, oh God, then he turned over! And there was that cock with even more of it exposed. I could see the multi-colors continued down the underside portion of the exposed shaft. A pattern of overlapping plates or scales of alternating pale rose and pale yellow became evident.

I trembled, both from sexual excitement and from the unusual tattoo. I straddled his legs at his ankles and leaned down to lick what I wanted. My tongue was millimeters from touching his helmet. I hesitated.

"It's ok, Bree, it won't bite you.

"Oh I know. I just wanted to look at it more first."

Jed allowed me two licks and then said, "That's enough for starters, let's get the sun blocker on, please. Do the legs first, starting with the feet."

Well I did the legs, but I never took my eyes off that protruding cock. That big dong was leaking precum, too. My pussy juices continued to run as well.

"Now do my arms, then start at my neck and work down my chest."

Pussy juice was now running down my inner thighs in a river, and he knew it. As I scooted up to get to his neck, I let my pussy rest on that stiff dick and slide a little bit. That got a low growl of a moan from him!

Ah-ha! Not so much iron control after all, eh?

As I worked down his chest with the sun blocker, I made little mewling sounds of lust and anticipation. Both of us were breathing harder and harder. Finally, I reached that engorged and protruding cockhead and then some. I rubbed around the head with my fingers dipped in sun blocker. That big fuck stick now pulsed and throbbed with real momentum.

I pulled the swim briefs down out of the way as Jed lifted his butt to help and gasped in disbelief. His entire penis was tattooed, er, uh, painted--whatever.

"Meet 'Puff, the Magic Dragon, Bree."

I could see his whole cock then. The scales pattern went all the way down the underside of his shaft and onto his ball sack to the bottom. The top side of the shaft had a pattern of pale green and pale rose stripes that went all the way to the base of his shaft, onto his pubic bone and covered his ball sack, top and sides to form the body of the dragon. Wings fanned out from the pubic "dragon body" in a colorful pattern of their own.

With a hand drenched in sun blocker, I stroked that man meat up and down in slow motion. groaning almost continuously. I was moaning like I was ill, and I nearly was, with lust. I had a good seven or eight inches of cock to play with! My mouth descended on his cock head and, with gusto, I engulfed it in my mouth to licked all around it.

Jed suddenly yelled, "Enough! I don't want to come yet. It'll take some time for me to recover after I blow."

With that, Jed sat up and pushed me down on my back. He then buried his face in my cleavage, licking and kissing to the right and left. It didn't take long for me to climax again as he devoured my nipples and half a very ample tit at the same time, first one and then the other. Oh my God, did that ever feel good. My chest was nearly on fire. My pussy had been for some time.

Jed kissed down to my navel even as I was still climaxing. Then, without warning, he dived into my pussy, giving it a tongue washing like it never had before.

"God, I can't hold off any longer, Bree. Get up on your hands and knees."

As soon as I did so, Jed got behind me, did a wipe or two with his cock up and down my slit, and then lined it up on my opening. Without further ado, he plunged that long flesh pole into my pussy all the way, balls to the wall while he hunched over my back. His ball sack slapped into my pussy with each stroke.

"Ohhhhh, ShiiiiiiT," we both blurted out in unison.

Puff the Magic Dragon has found his new home cave!

In just two more full strokes, and with a deep arch of his back, Jed shot his first load of cum into me, a very great deal of it. My third climax had come simultaneously with his. I shuddered and-- squirted again as well.

Jed all but collapsed on top of me, nuzzling my neck, face, and hair, quietly whispering, "Oh Gooood, Oh Gooood, Oh Gooood," over and over again. I think I can safely say that I'd gotten his full attention.

While we still lay naked and coupled together in the afterglow of our first fuck, I again heard footsteps behind us. I craned my neck and head far enough to look back, and there stood a very shocked Julie and Janet, eyes wide open and mouths open with their chins nearly hitting the deck!


"Oh my God! They're naked. And, uh, they're doing it. They're s-sc-screing!"

That was just me, shy, introverted Janet yelling that out. Amazing. Bree lay there in shocked disbelief with Jed's big stick still hard and parked in her sex, her eyes bugging and her mouth almost as wide open as Julie's. My mouth hung open way too far as well after I quit talking. Julie reacted first.

Rebounding quickly, she asked, "Well, Bree, are you going to be greedy and hog him all to yourself?"

Bree finally came to her senses and just giggled with a smile.

"I sorta thought I'd try, Julie."

"Huh, in your dreams, girl, in your dreams."

Jed looked a little abashed but smiled and said, "Welcome to the party."

"With pleasure," cried Julie.

I just stood rooted to the spot with my shocked and horrified look, my hand covering my mouth. I couldn't move. I wanted to, my innate shyness screamed at me to, but I simply couldn't move. But neither could I look away.

Allow me to back track just a bit. Earlier, Julie and I had decided to go over to Bree's house for an afternoon of girl talk. So, when we got there, we opened the gate in the tall basket weave fence that surrounded the side and large rear area of Bree's back yard and in ground pool.

As we exited the side yard and entered the back, we stumbled on the scene of Bree and the next door neighbor boy, Jed, on their hands and knees, fucking doggie style. I say boy, but Jed was twenty, one year older than me and two years older than Bree and Julie.

I continued to watch in fascinated horror but with an irresistible and growing itch in my nether regions as well as a tingling in my nipples.

As Julie quickly stripped down to just her thong with her boobs bouncing naked and free, Bree asked, "Well, Janet, are you going to continue to just stand there and stare or are you going to join us?"

I spluttered incoherently as I just couldn't find my voice. Ted answered for me.

"Janet, you just join in whenever you're ready--or not, as you choose."

With a muted, pop, Jed pulled free of Bree's body and it flopped out still semi-hard. I couldn't take my eyes off it. His man flesh was fat, long, and dripping their combined juices. Oh, God, oh God.

Bree chided me, "Like what you see, Janet? I know I certainly do. Looks like a no-brainer for Julie."

"Yeah, I sure do. Let me at it," Julie retorted as she whipped off her thong.

Julie quickly dropped down in front of Ted and immediately went to work with her mouth, cleaning up his phallus. Bree was still on her hands and knees, facing Ted and Julie with her butt pointed directly at me. I kept looking from Bree's oozing pussy to Julie's penis filled mouth.

I was wearing a halter top and shorts over a thong and bra, of course. Before I realized what I was doing, my hand slipped inside my waist bands and was rubbing my own sex, with some vigor. My other hand was over top of my halter, rubbing my boobs. In all my nineteen years I'd barely done anything like that in private, let alone in public.

My first realization of what I was doing came when Bree looked my way over her shoulder and said, "That a girl, Janet, we'll get you involved yet, despite yourself."

I froze in place, one hand on my pussy and the other now inside my halter and bra. And then I turned beet red. At that point, my shy nature won out and I fled around to the side of the house out of sight.

Bree called out after me, "I'm sorry, Janet. Please, don't go, come back."

For the moment, I just leaned my forehead against the house and let out one choking sob and then another. I could hear the sounds of sex coming from the others by the pool. New moans and squeals of renewed activity. Oh God, how I wanted to join them and yet, at the same time, flee as fast as my legs would carry me. I was at war with myself.

I was desperately horny but could barely admit that to myself. I was a virgin. Nothing other than tampons had been in my vagina. Well, maybe my finger a rare time or two. My dates were few and far between. A good night kiss at my door was the most I had ever done with a boy. But the spreading wet spot in my crotch was trying to tell me something. Jeeze, my sex felt like it was on fire.

Tentatively, I gathered my courage and peeked around the corner. Julie was on her back, legs raised with knees on either side of her head. Jed was stroking into her sex with long, slow thrusts. Julie was all squeals and moans.

Bree was underneath Ted between his legs. She was alternately licking Julie's labia and Jed's uh, thing when he stroked out of Julie. God, I can barely use those words. I for sure had difficulty with the more gutter terms of cock and cunt. I'm a "good girl," not a gutter slut, or so I thought.

My sudden climax and release of sex fluid to soak my crotch made me wonder. The three sex fiends completely ignored me in their sensual frenzy. God! My body was crying for sexual release. My mind kept saying no, no, no!

Almost against my will, I found myself slowly shuffling back toward the trio by the pool. Just as I got close, Jed sharply arched his back, shoved his pelvis hard forward, and growled. I assume he just climaxed. Julie screamed and shuddered as if an earthquake had just rattled her. Her climax, I assumed.

Involuntarily, I soaked myself a second time. Now my thong and shorts were really drenched for all to see. I turned beet red again. But nobody was noticing me yet.

Finally, Bree noticed when she'd calmed down some. "Hey girl, welcome to the game. I see you're finally ready, and then some."

I nearly died on the spot.

Jed and Julie, coming down from their highs, turned and grinned at me like a pair of Cheshire cats. God, but I was sorely embarrassed. I half turned to flee again but...

With another loud pop, Julie pulled off Jed's stick. I had to turn back to look. His thing didn't look very deflated to me.

"Oh, God, that was such ecstasy, Jed."

Jed just grunted. Ugh! Bree took his penis, there I said it, and licked it clean. Julie had come over to me and hugged me in a tight embrace. I tried but failed to stifle a sob. Her hands rubbed my back.

"It's ok, Janet, it's ok. This is what we were made for, honey. You should try it. I guarantee you'll not be sorry. The pleasure's so intense, it nearly knocks a body out."

Bree came over to us and put her arms around the both of us.

"Julie's right, Janet. Sex is a natural part of human nature. It's ok. Let go for once and join us. You'll wonder why you waited so long."

Both girls were rubbing my back and cooing to me. A hand of one of them was suddenly rubbing on my boobs under my bra and in moments another hand was down the front of my shorts and panties, rubbing my crotch. And, to my red faced embarrassment, I was releasing more, lots more, sex fluids. Without warning, Bree and Julie suddenly released me and stepped back, thus allowing a different pair of arms to encircle me from behind.

I felt a naked and hard penis rub my buns and settle in the crack of my ass over my soaked shorts. Jed's face nuzzled my jaw and neck as he breathed into my ear.

"Relax, Janet, go with the flow. Let your feelings loose. Feel your skin tingle. Let the spark ignite in you core."

His hands cupped my breasts and the fire inside me was stoked in an instant into roaring flames. My halter top seemed to float away and I barely noticed. My bra was pulled up to my neck. My bare boobs were cupped in gentle caresses. My nipples sprang erect and each quickly found a forefinger and thumb tweaking on them.

I let loose a guttural, feral moan, almost a wail.

But still, I tried to squirm loose. However, my moans betrayed me and the arms around me stayed locked with hands still caressing my boobs. God, I was lost. God help me, I loved what was happening to me. I loved it with every fiber of my being. It felt heavenly. I just wilted; I never wanted it to stop.

The hard cock on my ass moved harder and faster. Yeah, I slipped suddenly and easily into slutty language. Much more easily than I ever thought possible. I also started pressing back into that cock. I was theirs now and they knew it.

My bra disappeared entirely as Bree pulled my shorts and panties down and helped me step out of them. The action on my boobs never stopped. My pussy was smeared in my own juices by that fleshy wand that never ceased moving.

An electric shock jolted through me as Bree, dropping to her knees, put her mouth between my naked legs in front of me and used her tongue. Without thinking, I responded by spreading my legs wider to give her easier access to what she wanted.

I was truly now defeated. I never wanted them to stop what they were doing to me. I limply but joyously allowed them to have their way with me--to do whatever they wanted with my body. I'd kept the lid on my sexual drive so long and so hard that it just burst out now in an insatiable desire for sex. Sex, sex, sex. Bring it on!

Bree had my cunt on fire. Oh God yes--cunt, cunt, cunt. My outer lips swelled with desire. My inner lips dropped and opened like a flower in the morning light. My clit was growing quickly in painful throbs. My pussy opened a flood of juice all over her face.

Jed released my boobs and took hold of his tool with one hand, rubbing it between my legs and along my now naked and aching gash. My God, did that feel like heaven. He also got liberally coated with my pussy juice.

I suddenly found myself turned right around to face Jed. He lifted me up by my ass and Bree crossed my ankles behind is back. She helped guide his cock to my gate of heaven and I sank slowly down the length of that long shaft. I lost my cherry on the downward plunge. Believe it or not, I barely noticed that happening except to note that now there was some blood mixed in the wet slickness of Jed's cock.

Jed, however, did notice.

"My God, she's a virgin, or was. She sure doesn't fuck like one."

My arms were around Jed's neck and I pulled myself tightly against his body with arms and legs as I bottomed out balls deep on his cock. I clamped tight, not allowing Jed to move, my naked boobs crushed against his naked chest.

"Jesus, she's even a snapper! Will wonders never cease?"

"I want to feel full of you for a little bit. Just hold me. Kiss me then fuck me some more. Fuck me damned hard." My God, was that me saying that?

"Ah, Janet. I've wanted to get to know you better ever since I first saw you the other day at lunch with Bree and Julie. You took off right away."

"Not anymore, I won't, Jed. You can bet your cock on that."

"And believe me when I say I'll do just that, Janet."

God, but he was fit and strong. He slowly dropped to his knees and gently lowered me onto my back on a nearby futon. He carefully placed my legs on his shoulders, all of this without ever uncoupling from me. Then the real bliss came.

Jed moved his cock gently and slowly out and back into my pussy with loving strokes. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, it felt so good. He picked up the pace until he was slamming in and out of me in a blur. I thrust up into his stokes and we managed a mutual rhythm of pleasure.

I just thought I'd died an gone to heaven before compared to what happened next. I climaxed. But what a climax. Not just once, but continuous climaxes, rolling one after the other into each other. One climax never quite died before another hit with full force. And I screamed. Oh, God did I ever scream.

Julie, who'd been watching all this while she frigged herself said, "God, Janet, don't wake the whole neighborhood to what's going on over here. They might call the cops thinking somebody's getting killed."

And then Jed shot off his load. In the middle of my climaxes, he unloaded his juice. I actually blacked out from the intenseness of it all, scaring the shit out of all of them for a moment. I was a limp, wet noodle when I revived. My God, what a ride that had been.

"C-can w-we d-do that a-again?"

The three of them had been right. To think what all I'd been missing for so long. Not any more, by God, not any more.

"C-can we d-do t-that a-again," I repeated.

They barely heard me, my whisper was so low and hoarse. But their laughter, huge belly laughs, then drowned out all other sounds.

When I'd further recovered my senses somewhat, I looked around to what Bree and Julie were up to. They'd dropped into a frenzied girl-on-girl thing as Ted withdrew his cock from my pussy. They were now oblivious to anyone else.

Ted pulled me backwards between his spread legs and we just watched the girls go at it. He cupped my tits with one hand while his other hand probed the depths of my wet pussy folds again.

When Julie and Bree finally came around again, Ted had my motor running at high speed again as his cock recharged and grew in size up my backbone. They both look our way again.

"Jesus, Janet," cried Julie, "where've you been keeping all that sex hidden? I didn't know you had it in you!"

"Neither did I until now, Julie, but it'll not be hidden any longer. I've a lot of lost time to make up for. Come on Jed, do me from behind this time. I like the looks of that position."

"That's called, doggie style," Julie chirped.

And so, I dropped to my hands and knees and stuck my butt up in the air in front of Jed. My, God, was this really me? Was I really shaking my naked ass and pussy in the face of a naked cock? I could hardly believe the near instant transformation I'd undergone in the last thirty minutes or so.

Jed had just sunk his pole balls deep into my pussy for the second time with Bree underneath once again as well with Julie behind her. Julie was giving Bree's pussy a tongue lashing. Clicking footsteps sounded once more on the concrete apron behind us.

"God, Bree, you're going to have to put a lock on that damned gate."

Christ, when I looked up, there stood Bree's twenty-two year old brother, Todd! Damn, did he ever look surprised. He also looked like a stud hunk that I wanted to fuck. Shame on me.

"Well, well, well," he said, "What have we here? A case of 'the mice will play while the cat's away?'"

"Todd," Bree screeched in all her naked glory, "what the hell're you doing home so early?"

"We got the job done early and the foreman gave us the rest of the day off as reward. Looks as if I've been missing quite a party."


My God, there I was naked in front of yet another man. Not only that, but I was being royally fucked by a naked man and part of a naked daisy chain of sex. I was swearing, talking gutter talk--and I loved all of it!

Action resumed in our daisy chain, but not before I saw Todd shedding clothes in a slow, sensual strip. My face lay turned in his direction as Jed fucked me from behind again, so I got to watch Todd's entire strip. When Todd's cock sprang free and rigidly erect, I saw that it was no porno monster but I wanted to try it out anyway.

Climaxes erupted up and down the line of our daisy chain.

"God, I'm coming," I panted to Jed.

And I did. I nearly buck him off with the strength of my climax.

"Hold on, Janet, I'm going to blow."

And he did, with a big squirt and some dribbles, deep into my pussy. Our combined cum spilled back onto Bree.

"Oh, I-oh-can't breathe," was Bree's response.

Julie cried, "Hey, what about me? Somebody has to get me off too, you know."

Ted, Julie, and I collapsed into a long line of naked and satiated bodies. None of the three of us responded to Julie's plea.

But Todd did.

"I'm coming Julie. I've wanted to get my dick in you for a long time. Now's the time."

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