An Unnamed Tale
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Tear Jerker, Slow,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A psychological drama regarding a pack of friends whom try to cope with what life throws at their feet. What's the worth of love or friendship, when your path of life is nothing but steep climbs and hard corners. This a a slow-build story still under progress. Sex will come, but it might take some time. It is also based on real life events.

Luc folds. He should, he's French, those never win. Yin reraises my bet. Scary. He is the math-guy after all. Davy looks at me, trying to read my mind, as usual. He looks at his own cards again, as usual. Then he folds. You guess it: as usual. For a folder, he sure can cook though. Actually, for a Brit, he is truly amazing.

Well, there you have it, our cast of this tale. Well, besides myself, and some others to be later introduced. But we don't want to spoil that surprise, now do we? It would be plain reckless, and stupid to tell you at this point about Amanda, or Lucy, or Alice. Well, besides the names I have inserted here as a joke. I doubt these will come up somewhere. Y'see, I don't like to spoil a good twist. But back to the story again, shall we?

I called. It was a heads-on between the chip leader and native homeboy from Chicago. Well, actually third generation, but that's close enough for me. And for Wiki too. Right. Story. Sorry.

The flop turned out some diamonds, both ace and king. Well, maybe diamonds are a girl's best friend, I had more for the jack of diamonds. So the flop flopped for me. (Sorry, really didn't have to say it like that.) We both checked. Still no ten o'clock. Then we both checked on our cards. I guess he didn't have that much with the diamonds either. That, or he was trying to make me think he had nothing. Don't you just love poker?

Well, either way, he raised on the turn, after a six of clubs. I called. The river made the last card on the table another jack, this one diamonds. That just gave me a two pair, jacks over sixes. I had the game in my reach. All-in, baby. Please God, love me.

"It's ten."

"Yup. Means she is -..." The bell intervened. Either I would be saved by it, or it just ruined my-...

The voice of a female interrupted my stream of thoughts. Thank God, 'cause it wouldn't have ended right. Or nice. Exit thoughts, enter Alice. Yup. Sorry. I broke a promise within ... within ... Ah, you know. Whatever.

"Hey Alice! Welcome to our humble, yet very dirty residence!" Luc, charmer as he is, opened the door with his normal behavior. That wouldn't end even with Alice. Luc is still trying to get into Alice's pants. He's been trying that ever since she started to develop certain ... womanly features. Unfortunately for him, yet lucky for us and Alice, she hold him off like only she can.

Now, we've been friends since kindergarten, Alice and I. At least, that's what our dear old folks claim. I really don't recall those days, so I'll take their word for it. They've never lied to me as far as I know (Oooh ... Do you see that line? That's a build to a twist if ever I saw one!). My earliest memories do go back to time spent with Alice, though. Something with an attic, some dolls and her. Don't know the why, where or when, but I do remember her hugging me.

Memory is a funny thing. Davy we met along Yin, at one of our finest Chicago elementary schools. Luc entered the picture a little later, at high school, after he had moved to our fine home city. (Owh, I really should have told this earlier, but I've changed all the names in this story for reasons that might get clearer as this tale progresses. So if I do a bad job describing Chicago or New York, please remember I have hereby warned you. On an irrelevant side note, English is not my native tongue).

Luc fitted in perfectly. So now our little gang had five members. We finished elementary together, went to the same high school, had the luck, or bad luck, to end up in the same classes and graduate simultaneously. Us guys got into Columbia, Alice however got into Harvard. That was the break of our gang and we knew we would be going to miss our sweet angel Alice. So here we are, killing time on a Friday night until Alice shows up 'around ten'.

"Alice, baby! It's been to long!"

"Yes, well, you could have visited me, y'know."

"Anyway, why don't you freshen up, if you want, while we fetch your luggage and store it away somewhere." I said.

"Sure. Though I think you mean that you'll let me see your place while you send them to do the hard work."

"You know me to well, you."

I showed her where she would stay, Davy's room, and told her that the usual occupant would spend his nights at my room. Then I showed her the bathroom, with it's luxury, yet hardly used, bath and it's more often abused shower. Ah well, we're guys, ain't we?

"So, were we going, Jase? Something classy? Or something Luc picked? Please tell we aren't going to that place Yin told me about, I still can't believe you went there."

"Hey, I've got nothing against guys, y'know, even if they don't share my ... err ... interests."

She laughed. You know the kind. "Nice way putting that. Yin had some other words for that. You've always been the careful one, you."

I cracked a smile. "Here I was, thinking Davy was the careful one." My attempt at a joke, I really need improvement in that section.

"Honey, Davy may be shy, but he's got more backbone than you. You would be gone like the wind when you'd find yourself alone with a nice girl. Davy would at the very least try not to fall apart." I could just about see her grin, right through the bathroom door. Alice, she'd never miss a chance to make a joke out of me. She could be worse then Yin and Luc combined. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who'd every now and then got to be in reach of her playful moods.

"Anyway," I changed the subject. "I found this Jazzy place a little while ago. It's nice. Good music, they got my whisky there."

The door opened. And surely, at the right moment, Luc had showed up. I had wanted to make a nice remark, but he spoiled it by showing up at the time he usually does. "Wow, baby ... If I knew you'd wear thát, I would have made sure it would be just you and me."

Just my luck: Luc.

"So, I say to the girl, whom is all but happy with me: What do you want from me? I'm nothing but me and if you can't deal with that, to bad for you." Luc concludes his tale of his latest victory, "I mean, it's not like you didn't enjoy me last night."

"What did she say?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, just the same old ... More or like. She didn't really say anything, but instead grabbed me in the crotch, looked me in the eyes and grinned."

"How you do it, I don't know. But you can't leave those girls alone, can you?" Davy intervened. His usual verdict.

"You are just a softy, Dave. Some girls just want something different every now and then."

"Alice, you got something to tell us here?" Luc asked. "Living the wild side now you haven't got these three following your every footstep?"

She gave us a knowing look. "I know. You don't."

"If you had the backbone to go along with that boner of yours, you'd do the same, Davy." Yin remarked.

"Hey, you leave the backbone with Jase-boy, won't you? He's got enough trouble with that without you stealing that from him." Alice replied. "Our little Davy here has more backbone then Jase. Besides, a backbone-boner joke? Please, you can do better than that!"

What does one do when cornered? Right, change the subject. I had no luck there. "So, Al, Harvard, how is it?"

"Nice, hard. Long hours. But don't you change the subject, Jase-boy. Please tell us the story of your latest crush."

I groaned. "It's not a crush, it's ... it's hard to explain."

"Yeah, we know," Yin stopped me. "It's complicated and we are fortunate enough never to be able to experience it ourselves. Now give Alice what she asked for." Really, his sarcasm is beyond words.

"All right, all right ... I'll tell you. It's this girl I recently met. She's nice."

"She got a name?"


"Aww ... our boy's got a crush on poor little Shirley ... Have you spoken to her yet? She knows you exist?" Long live Luc. Asshole.

"Yes, she even knows my name. Now quit bugging me about her and let me order you some new drinks." Sorry, I get a little ... touchy ... when people make fun of my incapability to grow a spine.

"Sure ... Sure ... Relax, Jase-boy." Alice knows me. She knows what buttons to push to get me red and to get me down to earth within a few seconds. Within minutes, a waitress was around to take our orders.

"What's your name, sweety?" Luc asked. He can't resist that urge even if his life depended on it. Either that, or he was just out to annoy me.

"Shirley. Why? Want to ask me out? Your twentieth in line, honey. At least, if I'd date regulars here. Besides, weren't you here with that redhead just yesterday?" Man, did she know how to return fire. "Y'know, the one that first grabbed you where it hurts and then slapped you in your face?"

Luckily, Luc can take a hit. "Wow, easy darling. You are a babe, but it's not for me, it's for Jason here, he just admitted he has a crush on you."

Damn it, Luc! To hell with you and your ... your ... Just damn you! I wished the floor would open up and let me in, or that God would intervene at that time by sending us a nice little natural disaster. But no, Luc is the lucky one who gets lucky. Me? I'm stuck with me.

"Yeah. Err ... I'm kinda ... Err ... You ... Well..." Oh God, please let me grow a backbone.

"You're cute. At least you're better than him. Unless you are a serial-dater to?"

"Err ... God, no. No, I'm not..." Picture a tomato and use your imagination.

"You really got some charm there, Jason. Don't waste it. You got a phone?"

"Well, yeah. Of course. Why?"

"Not to fast, now are we. I am asking you for your phone number. I'd give you mine, but I think I'd have to wait a while b'for you'd call me, I guess."

"Sure. Sure, it's ... It's a..." Some times, one can be lucky one has got friends. Well, friends besides the ones almost passing out from laughter while you try to not fuck up and failing miserably at it. Thank God for Alice and her photographic memory.

Then it came. The punchline. "You do threesomes, dear?"

Kay. Davy, Yin and Luc are so far gone any word anyone would say could right about kill them. Alice just ... She just plainly looks at me. Here goes talking without a safety net. I'm really not good at that. Really.

"Err ... Depends?"

You see that? That's me really screwing up. First there is the obvious doubt, to whom did she ask the question? Why is Alice looking at me like that? What in anyone's name do I say now? Then there is the 'depends'. Which should go without saying. And last, but certainly not least, the question mark. As in, I made the sentence, pardon, the word, a question dependable on whatever comes at me now. Y'see, I'm a screw-up.

"Jase-boy, we really need to work on your social intellect." To quote someone way more famous than me: 'Whoops, there goes gravity.'

Luc groaned. "Oww, I thought you were killing me. I was wrong, now you're really killing me."

All I managed to get out was a feeble 'sure'. I also managed to not look desperate. At least, not that much. Shirley took it well, I think. At least, she laughed and walked away with my phone number.

"Jason, really, loosen up. It may be cute at some times, but most women like a more confident guy." I love Alice. I really do. She makes me feel better. We all love Alice. She, however, holds us at bay.

I forgot something, sorry. It's what this chapter is named after. My name is Jason, Jase for friends, occasionally Jase-boy for Alice. I'm studying the beautiful Art of Theatre and I am legally old enough to drink, (which we all five are, actually). My favorite drink: Dalwhinnie. That's a classic malt Scottish whisky. Don't worry, you don't have to know what that is, besides that it's got a lot of alcohol, to be able to follow this story.

The four of us moved together to New York, Yin's dad has got a bit of money and owns some property near the university. He found it no problem to 'lend' us a place for the four of us. We just payed a small fee to him and managed all problems with the place ourselves. In return, we had four bedrooms, a living room, a large open kitchen and a gigantic bathroom. We played poker to find out who got which room.

Yin won, he decided on the room with balcony, the nicest room, Davy got second and got the biggest room, I got the room nearest to the bathroom and Luc got the smallest of the set and for some reason the one closest to the front door.

What's more to tell? We're seniors? We study law, journalism, arts and applied science?

I woke up the next day with the smell of scrambled eggs fondling my nostrils. That and a headache that wasn't there yet the day before. Seriously, if those would come the instant you drank a little to much, no one would get drunk anymore. I groaned. Closed my eyes again. This hangover was getting to me. Shit, I never get hangovers. What on earth did I do last night?

I remembered. Alice! She is one of those fortunate people who can drink whatever she wants, how much she wants, get three hours of sleep and not feel a thing. Not even fatigue. Some people ... I'd hate her if she wasn't so beautiful. I got up and decided a shower might be the best remedy for what I was suffering from.

With my head still full of blissful sleep I walked to the bathroom. I opened the door and to my surprise, it was already occupied. Nope, not by Alice. I wish I would have been that lucky. No, I had the luck to see a very naked black guy. "Damn it, Davy, close the god damned door if you're god damned naked in here!" In a house full of guys, one is bound to walk in on a guy at some point. With us, we all managed to walk in on Davy on a regular basis. He shouted something back as I closed the door.

Breakfast then.

Alice was there, though, wearing a pink bathrobe. Good thing I wore underwear at night. Though by the look on her face something was wrong with my outfit, that or she was admiring my six pack in a very strange manner. I let it slide and walked towards the cornflakes.

"Aren't you a tight bit under dressed, Jase-boy?" She remarked.

"Nah, you've seen me in my swimming trunks, 'bout the same, this."

"Yes, about the same indeed."

As I sat at the kitchen table, pouring myself a bowl of milk and flakes, Luc entered the picture. He'd looked like about as I felt. Only ten times better. He raised an eyebrow when he entered, then asked to Alice: "You talked him into this, A?"

She shook her head. "Nope, all his own doing."

He shrugged and went for the fridge. "Not my thing, but if he's fine with it, I'm okay."

My very sleepy and painful brain failed to notice the meaning of all this. I guess you however must have found out by now and I say: You're right. I was sitting there butt-ass naked, eating cereal. Just guess what Davy shouted at me when I slammed the bathroom door shut. He repeated it when he entered the kitchen, he however was dressed.

"As I said, Jase, look who's talking."

I'm not that stupid, but I guess my head was still at a place that wasn't on my shoulders. "What d'ya mean?"

"Jase-boy, it ain't your equipment that's the cause of your lack of a backbone." Alice said.

Me, I was still somewhere else. Yes, I heard what they were saying, but I just didn't get it. "What?"

Luckily, freshly arrived Yin came to my rescue. Or something. "Jase, why are you sitting here naked like that? Trying to impress Alice with your bold behavior?"

I guess I needed it to be spelled out for me to be able to understand the situation. I stared at Yin with a look on my face that couldn't quite be indicated as 'smart'. I looked at Luc, who nodded in agreement, trying to hold his laughter, then at Davy, who was just shaking his head, and lastly I traded to evade Alice. For that look on her face, I might had done this knowingly. And that look gave me the courage to think of a second option I could do with this, instead of running away like a naked man caught naked.

I sat there, shrugged my shoulders, and ate my cereal.

"Jase?" It was Davy.

"That's me."

"You're naked."

"I know."

"Yet you're still here, instead of running of like a little girl."

"Correct, though I wouldn't have said it like that."

"Why?" Alice asked.

"'Cause I'm sitting here proving I'm not a little girl."

"No, not thát ... Why are you still here?"

"Ain't no point in hiding. You've all seen it now," I commented.

"Fine by me, as long as you don't expect us to follow your lead of suddenly becoming a nudist," Luc said.

"Why not? You ashamed of your body?"

That stirred the three guys. They certainly didn't expect Alice to say something like that. Actually, it rather looked shocked. Luc, finally managing to get something out, muttered: "Who are you and what on earth happened to you at Harvard?"

"Nothing you wouldn't do, Luky. Nothing you wouldn't do."

"That's what I'm afraid of, A."

"Oh, just sit down and eat your breakfast," I said. "Just don't write about this in your college paper blog, you'd just about destroy the entire image you've been trying to build up these last few years."

"One does not become known as 'he without fear' without some proof backing that up, Jase," Yin remarked. "Even if Luc here is scared shitless right now about the recent development of your backbone."

"Meh, I think he doesn't last a single day."

"Dare to bet on that, Davy?" Alice asked in a sweet voice. "I bet you that Jase-boy can keep you surprised every single day for a week."

"Hold your horses there, Al, I don't think I want to be surprised like this, at all. Let alone every day."

"What's the matter, Davy, you scared?" She prowled.

"No, but..."

"I'll take it. What are the stakes?" Fuck you, Luc. You did not just say that. Tell me you did not just say-...

"Well, if I win, you three get naked next Sunday. But not just at breakfast, but all day long." Fuck me. Fuck you, Alice. Fuck you, Luc. Damned fuck all of you. This is so not happening right now.

"And if we win?" Luc ... fucker...

"Same thing, same rules, but then for me. Or us, if you'd rather have that."

"Don't I have a say in this?" I tried to not make it sound like a plea, yet failed miserably. And sorry for that line. It being a cliché does not make it any less true. Perhaps because it is such a cliché I said it. Perhaps if the cliché would have been 'Sure, why not. Now go away.' I would have said that. Deal with it.

"Don't worry. I'll help you. One week might just be enough." Oh, Christ, please don't use that tone ... Please don't look at me like that, you know I can't resist that ... Please just...

"Fuck me." I's got's ze brains of ze family...

And so, breakfast Sunday morning, us five made the bet that would change our lives. Not to spoil anything, but it also ruined life as we knew it. But perhaps that was bound to happen regardless.

"I'd better get dressed now," I said. "I- ... I just don't know, y'know?"

"Hey, you chose walking around naked in the first place. And you chose not to get dressed when you noticed what choice you'd made the first time. So, really, sit your ass down and eat breakfast."

I swallowed. Comfort is something highly underrated. Certainly when you're still feeling what's left of the good old night before. "So," I managed to get out. "What's the plan?" Do I get points for asking? Y'know? Trying to change the subject at hand with the same damned subject? I get some credit for that, don't I?

"The plan, Jase-boy, we will discuss when these lovely chaps aren't around. We don't want to spoil their surprises, do we?

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