Stacy's Second Show

by Jake Marlow

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a sequel to my earlier story, Stacy's New Hobby. Stacy's first striptease fired up her sex life, so when the opportunity arises again she does not shy away, even though this time she has a dance partner, her naughty friend Caryn. With Caryn there to spice things up will things go too far?

A few months had passed since that Saturday night when my wife, Stacy, tested out the new stripper pole in our basement in front of our friend Bobby. He helped me install it after Stacy told me she had been taking strip aerobics and pole dancing class with her friend Caryn. I knew Stacy was going to the gym, and was rather pleased with the results, but I had not known about her racy classes. No real stripping went on at the gym, of course, but just the idea of her learning how to strut herself was sexy and I wanted a show. Although I own a construction firm, installing the pole by myself was more work than I anticipated, so I asked Bobby for help because he was one of my oldest friends and I knew he wouldn't tell the other guys at work. Bobby is my best foreman. He made a few cracks about seeing Stacy use the pole, but he was cool about it. We were having a few beers when Stacy came home early and saw her new toy. She was embarrassed that Bobby knew about the pole, but she hid it with bravado, which turned into a showdown between me and my wife. In the end Stacy felt dared to put on a show with Bobby there, and I told her to go ahead if she wanted.

Now I did not anticipate company when I watched her use the pole and did not think she would follow through, but Stacy is full of surprises and gave us the hottest pole dance performance I've ever seen. She teased poor Bobby mercilessly, but stopped short of giving him a lap dance. We kicked him out afterward and had the most incredible sex of our marriage. I know showing off for Bobby made her horny and I'll admit I got off on seeing her perform for him. I'm not sure I would have stopped her if she wanted to give him a lap dance. Bobby was sworn to secrecy and being the good friend he is he kept his word. Every once in a while when we were drinking he'd make some comment about getting another show, but I took it in the spirit of fun he intended. I knew I did not have to worry about him going after Stacy. I trusted my best friend and my wife implicitly.

What Bobby didn't know was that Stacy and had relived that night several times in the bedroom. We'd used the removable pole in the basement several times since then, but it was never quite as hot as when Bobby was with us. We used that memory in the bedroom and even fantasized about Stacy having gone further and giving him that lap dance. She loved to think about making him cum in his pants. We tossed around the idea of inviting him down to the basement for another striptease, but never got serious about it. I really didn't think it would happen again, but then things got crazy at a barbeque.

Every summer we host a big barbeque in our backyard for friends and some of my employees. It takes days to prepare for it, but Stacy loves to play the hostess and she always does a fantastic job with it. She enlisted a couple friends to make all the salads and sides and desserts while it always falls to me to be the grill master. Bobby enjoys bartending every year. It's a ton of work, but it's worth it to see the people we care about enjoy themselves. Stacy and I don't really get to have fun ourselves until the night begins to wind down. Usually by that time most of the guests have left and it's all down to our small core of close friends.

I knew Stacy was eager to show off all the work she'd put into sculpting her body at the gym so I wasn't surprised when she put on a little floral print sundress that ended far above the knee and was low-cut enough that anyone could see she was wearing her bikini beneath it. She looked amazing. I'm so proud at the discipline she's shown going to the gym. She was an athlete all through high school and college with a lean body, but after our daughter was born she just could not find the time to get herself back into prime shape and I knew it drove her crazy. Personally, I liked her new curves. I'd always thought she was a little too skinny when she was a runner. When it finally bothered her enough she enlisted a friend from her teaching days, Caryn, and started working out. Caryn is a gym teacher and acted as Stacy's personal trainer. Caryn is also trouble and I always thought she was a bad influence on my sweet wife. But Caryn got the job done and Stacy was now in great shape again, even better shape than before, in my opinion, because she's kept the curves that pregnancy gave her. Her breasts grew a full cup size to a 36C and her butt really filled out after the baby. Stacy kept those curves, but just tightened everything up. I always thought she was beautiful, but now she was hot! Those striptease classes she took with Caryn gave her a confidence she'd never had before and now my sweet, reserved wife looks forward to any chance to strut herself. As long as she doesn't get too crazy I'm not going to complain. Her new confidence has done wonders for our sex life!

There were just a handful of people remaining by the time the tiki torches were illuminating the patio. Dishes had been cleared and left in the sink for the morning and we were just relaxing. Our daughter was spending the night with the grandparents so there was no reason to end the party early. I was sitting at a table with my feet up talking to our neighbor Phil, while his wife was huddled up with Stacy and Caryn over by our outdoor bar. Bobby was floating in the pool, lost in his own world. It's nights like this that make life good, I thought, sipping my beer.

"Great party, man," Phil said. "But I can't believe I'm so tired so early. There's nothing fun about getting older."

"Speak for yourself, old man," I replied. I'm in my early thirties and he's about forty. I was tired from working on the barbeque all day, but I wasn't ready for bed. Stacy and Caryn are still in their late twenties and I could tell they weren't close to slowing down yet. "Youth is all about attitude."

"I have a kid who's a freshman in college. He's playing this beer pong. I don't even know what that is."

"I've played beer pong. It's fun. We can play right now."

"Hell, why not?"

Phil cleared off the table while I went and filled a bunch of big plastic cups with beer. We did not have a ping pong table, but the picnic table on the patio was good enough. I set up the cups in a triangular pattern at my end and Phil copied me and did the same at his end. But we were missing something.

"Honey, do we have any ping pong balls," I called out to Stacy.

"Are you seriously going to play beer pong?" She laughed.

"If we have a ball."

"I'll go look in the junk drawer."

Stacy went into the house and the other girls drifted over. We chit chatted for a few minutes until Stacy returned. "I found one in the garage and had to wash it off. It's a little crushed, but it should do."

I tested the ball on the table and the bounce wasn't great, but I thought we could manage. I explained the rules to Phil and after a few test shots we got under way. The girls cheered us on and neither of us could sink a ball to start. Phil actually took an early lead, sinking the ball into two of my cups, but all that beer just seemed to make my aim better. Once I got the bounce right I ran the table. Phil was pretty wobbly after drinking the ten half-filled cups. Clearly his wife did not approve and she ushered him out of there as soon as we finished.

I was feeling confident after my victory and shouted over to Bobby, who seemed to be napping on the raft. I asked if he was game and he replied, "Why not?"

"What about us?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah, let's do boys versus girls," Caryn said.

"That's fine with me. Do you have any objection?"

"It's cool with me, man," Bobby said. He was dripping wet from the pool. "It will be easy to beat them."

"Ha, that will be the day. We're going to smoke you guys," Caryn said.

"If you're so confident why don't you put your money where your mouth is," I said, getting into the spirit. It annoys the hell out of me when she gets all cocky like that."

"What are the stakes? I know we'll take you boys down," Stacy taunted.

"I've got it," Caryn announced triumphantly. "If you win, we will do a little show on the pole in the basement. If you we win, you have to do the same."

Stacy was not so drunk that she wasn't embarrassed by the mention of our private stripper pole. She turned bright red and stared down at the patio. I know my anger must have shown as well, because Caryn added, "C'mon, I know Bobby already knows about it. Stacy told me he helped you put it in." I wondered what else Stacy told her about that day. Something told me my wife had confessed all. So why was she embarrassed? I guess it was just because it was the first time in all these months that it came up around Bobby. It was nice to know Stacy still had some shame.

"I don't know," I replied, coming to my wife's defense. I didn't think she was up for another striptease. "Let's wager something else."

"No, let's do it. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the pole," Stacy said. And this was my problem with Caryn's attitude. I could just tell by her tone and body language that Stacy was going for the bet because she did not want to look like a coward in front of her forward friend. Stacy's stubbornness is one of the reasons I love her so much, but it can be incredibly frustrating too. I wasn't worried about having to use the pole myself so I decided to let Stacy do this if that's what she wanted. Of course last time that led to my wife doing a sexy striptease in front of my best friend, but the upside was the great sex we've been having ever since. And as a bonus I'd get to see Caryn do a dance. Caryn may annoy me, but I'm not going to lie, she's sexy as hell.

"Okay, then. I'll have to make sure I've got some singles in my wallet," I said.

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