The Delayed Fantasy

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: She just dumped it on him.

It was almost seven years ago when I told my wife that my biggest fantasy was to watch her have sex with another man. As you might expect she was outraged, disgusted, disbelieving and in general pretty much told me not only no, but fuck no! It was the response I had expected and so I put it out of my mind (the part about her actually doing it anyway) and kept my fantasy alive by reading magazines that catered to the idea. I would read the letters and stories and in my mind I would always picture my wife as the woman in the story. The increase in sexual activity following my reading of the latest issue always pleased Mary even if she never knew what caused it.

So imagine my surprise lo these many years later when she said to me, "How come you've never mentioned your fantasies to me again?"

I replied that given the reception I got the last time and the week of icy silence that followed more or less led me to believe that it would be in my best interest to keep my mouth shut.

"Why are you bringing it up now?" I asked.

She looked at me with her cool gray eyes and said matter of factly, "Because now I have one."

"And?" I asked.

"And I have a chance to live it out."

"So why tell me?" I said, "As I recall you were pretty straight forward about your opinion of fantasies.

She continued to look at me as she said, " That was then, this is now."

I smiled at her, "What you mean is that was your fantasy, this is mine, right?"

She flinched at that one and said, "I guess I deserved that." I just sat there and watched her. "Look" she said, "You sprang that fantasy on me when we had only been married three years. I'd just had Gina, I thought I looked fat and unappealing, and I was sure that the only reason you brought it up was so you would have an excuse to go after other women if I would have said yes. After I got my figure and confidence back I wondered why you never brought it up again. When I was working out at the gym I used to look at the guys there and wonder if any of them would be interested in me or what they might be like in bed. But you never brought it up again. The problem was that you had planted the idea in my mind so I ended up with a fantasy of my own - having sex with other men! So for the past several years every time I saw a guy that appealed to me I would wonder what it would be like to fuck him. I've waited for you to bring up your fantasies again, but you haven't, so I'm bringing them up. Do you still dream about me in bed with other men?"

What can you say to a question like that when it is all you have thought about for the last seven years?

"All the time lover, all the fucking time!"

"Well" Franny said, "There is a guy at work who has been hitting on me for the last six months or so and I've decided to let him fuck me."

My eye brows went up at that one, and Franny continued, "I was going to take my time and approach you slowly on it, but the situation just took a rather quick turn and now I need to hit you head on with it. The company is sending me and two others to Denver next week for a three-day seminar and it just so happens that one of the other two going is Kenny. It's the perfect opportunity for me. We will be out of town and away from anyone who could see us and gossip about it. I can arrange for adjoining rooms, and I'll have three nights to seduce him or let him seduce me. Everything has fallen into place and all that's left is to let you know about it."

I gave her an amused grin, "Letting me know about it? By that do you mean you are asking for my approval - my blessing? Or are you telling me what you are going to do, live with it?"

Again I got the cool look from her gray eyes, "Baby, I'm sorry that you never tried to bring your fantasy up again. I've been waiting for you to do it, but you planted the seed and I've carried it for over five years now. I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and regardless of what happens with Kenny I'm yours for as long as you want me, but I'm going to do it. When I get home I'll give you your fantasy if you still want it, but I'm going to do mine."

"It doesn't look as though I have any choice then, does it?"

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