Snow White

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Humor, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Snow meets seven male friends out in the woods.

Ever since she was a little girl she'd gone by the nickname of Snow. That wasn't her real name of course, her real name was Jessica. Jessica Whit. She'd been borne a blonde, but by the age of three, her blonde hair had literally turned bright white, and had remained so ever since. A rare genetic trait which she'd come to appreciate more and more the longer her hair grew. And with a last name of Whit, it soon followed that not only her parents, but soon all of her friends simply called her Snow. Snow Whit without the e.

And just like her name, she came to love the outdoors, especially during the wintertime. The beauty of the mountain snows, the smell of the fresh crisp air, the almost fairy like atmosphere after a particularly heavy snow when the trees, meadows and everything about was carpeted and hidden away beneath the splendor of it all, beneath all that pure white crispness.

Her parents had built a fairly nice cabin on a rather large piece of property high in the mountains, a place they very often came to stay at during the summer for long extended periods of time. And as much as she enjoyed the beauty of the summer months when being there, Snow actually preferred coming during the winter, either just before the first major snow fall, or shortly thereafter when everything was undisturbed. The only real problem with that at the time was that Snow's father wouldn't allow her to go up there alone, not until she had turned of legal age, had moved out and gotten a place of her own. Even then she had to promise them to call, using the old style ham radio her father had insisted on putting up in the cabin whenever she went for a visit, especially during the winter months.

At times, days would go by while Snow was up there where she couldn't go or do much of anything, the blizzards could be fierce, intense and last for hours at a time, often nearly snowing her in. Another reason that there were several snow mobiles kept there in the event that she might have to use one in order to get back down to the main road just outside the property where she usually parked her car in the event of inclement or bad weather, and where yet another small garage had been built where they kept yet another snow mobile if one was needed in order to reach the cabin that way.

Snow loved her time alone. She enjoyed the simple pleasures of life for one thing, but she also had another joy that she didn't share much with very many others. She enjoyed writing. She had even written a few children's books, which she'd sold, and even made a little money from, which allowed her to begin doing that for a living. Quite often Snow used the excuse in coming up to her parent's cabin where she could be left alone to write, concentrate without being disturbed. Which she in fact enjoyed, but there were other reasons for doing that as well. As much as Snow enjoyed writing the books she had done, she preferred and enjoyed writing erotica even more.

She had in fact sold several of those stories too, though all under her Pen name of Snow White as opposed to Jessica Whit for the others. And quite often as she would then do, getting a nice warm fire going in the cabin, she would sit naked at her desk, her lab top open and begin to fantasize. Snow would create story after erotic story, one after the other until she had gotten herself so worked up and aroused from writing, she'd have to pause and take a break. She would then pleasure herself in a myriad of ways, enjoying her body, the explorations and arousals, some even new ones as she so uninhibitedly enjoyed herself.

Not that she didn't enjoy men, she did. But so far, each of her relationships had ended badly. Snow wanted to settle down with someone one day, get married, and have kids. But surprisingly, at the moment at least, that wasn't where she was at in her life. And ironically, all of the men she'd met so far, wanted to do just that. Something she wasn't ready for, so had given up trying to have the kind of uninhibited, no ties kind of relationship with anyone she'd prefer having. So for the moment at least, Snow was content to be by herself. And if that meant pleasuring herself rather than being with anyone, then so be it.

She knew she was reasonably attractive of course, though most men had said she was strikingly beautiful, though again she didn't see herself that way. Her long pure white hair falling well down her back, nearly reaching her ass was only one of her attributes that most men, and even a few women found alluring. Her others quite naturally, her firm well rounded medium sized breasts, larger than normal pink colored nipples, which when hard looked like thumb-sized little gum drops, and were extremely sensitive on top of all that. Additionally, Snow had always had a tight firm ass, which she personally thought of as her best feature, long legged, nearly six feet tall herself, giving her an even more Amazon woman like appearance. Something, which most men again found challenging, if not at times almost threatening. This too had led to a number of problems for her whenever she began seeing anyone. Most men simply assumed that Snow preferred the more dominant role, as she tended to look like she would. The simple truth of it all was, it was almost exactly the opposite. Snow found far more attraction in a man who quite naturally took control, though not in a demanding, really abusive sort of way, but one in more of a protected, though authoritative way.

She'd been watching the news and weather for weeks. It had already snowed of course, so she knew there'd be a few inches on the ground around the cabin, but the first major snowfall of the year hadn't as yet happened. When the evening news came on, and then the weather, forecasting what would finally be the first major snowstorm of the year, Snow immediately made plans to be at the cabin just in time for it. She had packed enough provisions to last herself a week, though her father had insisted on having enough canned and dried goods stored there to last a month beyond that. And every year they had gone up, chopped wood, and had a month's supply of dried wood set aside inside a special wood bin close to the main fire place which nearly filled an entire wall itself.

Parking her Jeep close to the road just inside her parent's property, even though she could have easily driven it all the way up to the cabin, she unloaded everything she had brought with her into the small sled trailer her father had also made, which she then attached to the snow mobile hauling up everything that way. Snow settled in shortly after that, venturing outside for a brief walk about the property after having gotten a nice warm fire going first. Primarily, because she enjoyed doing so while naked. There was just something about walking around out of doors in the nude, even when it was cold with snow on the ground. Snow had built up a tolerance for doing so, and could do so for longer than normal periods of time before she needed to warm up again. Doing so, made her feel even more alive, but even more importantly, very, very aroused, which is when she would then sit down and begin to write.

She had already finished the first of many new stories she'd planned on doing. Sufficiently aroused enough as it was, Snow had gone over to the window looking out, the skies already hinting at the snowstorm expected in the following day. As she stood there, she then heard the sounds of several other snowmobiles growing louder and louder. Though her parents owned a great deal of property up here, not a lot of it had been fenced, though they'd never had any problems with anyone crossing through it either, especially as a small lake sat less than five miles away from the road at this point. Many had often driven through the area on their way up to visit it, which wasn't on their property. And some had come up during the winter in order to ice fish, though few really did so as it was so remote in getting too during the winter without the use of snowmobiles.

Snow stood in the window looking out, eventually saw a half dozen or so men passing by a few hundred yards away heading towards the lake. She knew at this distance, no one could possibly see her standing in the window the way she was, though she half wished that they could. She could almost imagine the startled, surprised looks on their faces if they had, seeing her standing there naked, aroused, her hand even then buried between her legs as she stood there.

She smiled knowingly. Stepping out onto the porch of her parent's cabin, it was still highly unlikely that anyone would be able to see her, especially at this distance. But it was just the simple thought of that possibility that she now found exciting. She could just make out the small group of snow mobiles as they passed by, though unable to determine if any of them looked her way, or could have seen her standing there in the nude as she was. Her nipples long ago having hardened, both from the cold as well as her arousal, her fingers busily toying with one, enjoying the tautness of it as it puckered pleasurably. Her freehand, likewise twirling, teasing and gently caressing her very swollen little clit.

Snow felt the goose bumps as they carpeted her body. The chilly cold of the mountain air no doubt adding to that as well, but she knew from previous experience, it was truly caused by her arousal, her naughty, decadent side coming out in her at that moment. It would be a quick one, less than earth shattering to be sure, but a nice tingly little cum that would soon after send her back inside the cabin to begin writing again. After another story perhaps, she would do so again, taking longer this time, using something wickedly devilish to use upon herself. She had used and enjoyed toys several times of course, but never ever brought any of them with her here. It was almost blasphemic the way she saw it, everything here was so natural, so pure, and Snow in keeping with that, preferred keeping her arousal almost as natural pure too. She'd discovered the oddest of joys, finding other things, which she'd most often use to stimulate herself with, many in ways, she no doubt thought no one else ever had.

Seconds later, Snow felt the delicious tingle between her legs, working her hard little clit until the gentle, almost too gentle spasms ended before heading back inside. She stood warming herself by the fire, and then sat and began writing, already her imagination leading her off into another series of erotic adventures.

"Hey Pete! What're you doing?"

He had stopped momentarily, taking a double look back towards the cabin. They had noticed coming up that there was smoke coming from the chimney, so it was obvious someone was actually staying there. Perhaps with the intention of doing some ice fishing as well since the small lake was now frozen over. They had been coming up here and doing this for years now, something which Pete and his six other buddies loved doing. And in all that time, they'd never been given any grief in crossing through what they all knew to be the owner's property. No signs had ever been posted as to there being no trespassing, but they'd also ensured they'd never left anything after their coming here that might one day require that either. The cabin sat a good three football fields distance away, but he swore he had seen something out of the corner of his eye, pulling up as the snow swirled about, briefly obscuring his vision. Pulling off his goggles, and then looking, he saw nothing however, and decided it had been nothing more than a trick of the eye.

"What was it? What'd you see?" His best friend Steven had asked him now looking over in the direction of the cabin himself.

"You'd never believe me if I told you," he smiled, shaking his head. "But obviously, I probably shouldn't believe myself either. What I thought I saw, I obviously didn't. Must be the fact it's been a while since I've been with anyone."

"What?" Steven again pressed curiously. "What did you think you saw?"

"I thought I saw, a nude woman, with bright white hair standing out on that porch there."

Steven looked back once again, more closely this time, straining his eyes. He laughed. "No fucking way. So that must be the reason," he chided his friend. "Come on, we're falling behind the others," he then added kicking his snow mobile back into gear hurrying on. Pete glanced back one more time himself, and then settled his goggles back down over his eyes, shaking his head, and soon followed.

Pete and his friends had come up a few weeks before, hauling up their gear along with the readymade fit easily together panels that would provide them a small amount of shelter as they sat on the lake. They even had a small heater that would provide them with some additional warmth as they took turns fishing, heating coffee which they'd supplement with some hot rum as they sat there, though there was plenty of whisky to go along with that too. And it wasn't even so much about the fishing itself they all looked forward to, more so the simple getting together as friends, something their wives for those who were married, allowed them to get together and do once a year. It was something they had always looked forward to, whether they had much luck fishing or not. And though they had planned on spending three days here this year, one of the other guys having a cabin less than five miles in the opposite direction, the concern of a fairly major storm moving in might threaten to cut their actual fishing time short. They had brought just enough supplies with them to spend a single night here out on the lake. Plenty of fuel for the small portable heater, their sleeping bags and portable cots that would keep them up off the cold ice. It wouldn't be the most comfortable of evenings perhaps, but one that was always talked about as being adventurous after they had.

It was a sturdy enough shelter, and large enough to support all of them and leave space to move around in. They had managed to cut two holes in the ice, set up their cots for the night, fired up the heaters, and sat back to relax and enjoy their time up there. Even the wind, which began howling later on that evening, bringing along with it the threat of the approaching storm, didn't worry or concern them. No one caught any fish that first night there either. But that wasn't all that important anyway. The dirty jokes, the confessed liaisons, whether real or imagined, were always the primary reason for being there in the first place. They exchanged stories, drank their hot rum and coffee liberally, and then settled in for the night as the storm finally arrived, though doing so with barely a hint of what was actually to come.

It had snowed all night long with the storm gradually intensifying. By morning, there was easily a good two to three feet of fresh snow covering the ground. Snow knew it wasn't the last of it either, with an even bigger storm expected to arrive later on that afternoon. At the moment however, the morning sun was well up, the fresh blinding-white snow blanketing everything, and she decided to ride out in it, possibly towards the lake, curious to some degree to find out how the others she'd seen go by the day before had weathered it.

Dawning her heavy parka and boots, Snow didn't figure to be gone all that long. The lake was less than five miles away, though a good hours ride out and then back. Just enough time to enjoy the fresh fallen snow, check on those she'd seen the day before, and then head back. She enjoyed the break, time to think through her thoughts before writing them down. Snow enjoyed this intimate time with herself, running through her most private of thoughts, fantasies and desires, and perhaps with luck, she might even stop somewhere along the way, take a few moments time out to again pleasure herself before heading back. Something she quite often did, and obviously enjoyed doing. Perhaps she might even do so within sight of the men she'd seen coming up here, though careful of course not to reveal herself while she did. Though she might again strip herself naked when doing so, heightening the chance of discovery at least. Adding that dangerous little element to her pleasures which she so thoroughly enjoyed doing.

Snow had traveled nearly three-quarters of the way when she noticed the sky beginning to darken. It was obvious that the second storm would arrive far earlier than she'd been led to believe. She considered turning around, heading back, but the skies were still clear over the lake, and she figured she could still easily make it before the storm actually hit. She'd been out in worse before. Knowing these mountains like the back of her hand, she'd been in worse blizzards, and had always found her way back. Even in a blizzard Snow had an uncanny sense of direction, though she always kept her handy compass with her, another gift from her father which she'd come to treasure perhaps more than anything else. Pressing on then, she arrived at the edge of the lake just as it once again started to snow.

She knew the wind had muffled the sound of her snow mobile, especially after arriving, parking it just within the edge line of the trees near the shore. Out near the middle of the small lake, some two hundred yards or more perhaps, sat the shelter they'd built. A small fire burning inside, one or two of the men outside sitting in summer lawn chairs actually enjoying the sun just before it began snowing and blowing again.

Snow's private thoughts immediately fast-forwarding to an intimate fantasy she'd been working on earlier. She'd imagined herself with them, however many they might actually be. A situation not so farfetched from the reality of this one as she stood there imagining it. And as she did, she was again aroused, the thought of her standing there, naked, pleasuring herself while looking on, though cautious of course, and highly doubtful anyone would look over in her direction, spotting her as she stood there. Yet even that was a part of it, a part of the fantasy, in being found, in being seen while she did.

And though the skies were darkening rapidly now, the winds already beginning to pick up with the snow beginning to fall already, Snow felt her arousal likewise intensify.

"Just a quick naughty little cum," she told herself, stripping out of her clothing, tossing them onto the back of her snow mobile where she could quickly and easily find them again. Already her nipples were rock hard, both from the cold as well as her ever escalating desire. Two, and now three of the men stood out on the ice, though none looking over in her direction. Still, it was enough to fuel the flames of her exhibitionistic desires and needs. Snow stepped away a few feet from her snow mobile, fully revealing herself now should anyone look. One hand again toying and cupping her exposed breasts, her nipples screaming with the intensity of their firmness. She likewise again reached down between her legs, quickly locating, and then teasing her supersensitive spot between her legs, her clit swollen, on fire as she touched herself, momentarily lost in the pleasure of it as she fantasized and imagined her lusty liaison with the men there on the lake.

She felt herself finally nearing orgasm, even as the winds began whipping about her, the temperature dropping easily several degrees within the span of mere moments. But the fire between her legs kept her warm, unfeeling and uncaring at the moment as she slowly brought herself ever closer to the edge of ecstasy.

"Fuck Pete! That storms going to be here sooner than we expected, maybe we'd better haul the rest of this stuff back inside, if not actually think about heading back before it gets any worse. What do you think?" Greg asked, another one of Pete's good and dear friends.

Pete had stood intending to do just that, actually having had to chase down one of the flimsy camp chairs, which had collapsed and nearly blown itself away across the ice before reaching it. He had looked up then, his eyes once again seeing something he thought he'd seen earlier the day before. Was he in fact actually hallucinating? Was there some sort of spiritual Ghost on the lake that he was seeing, and that no one else could?"

"Pete?" Greg questioned once again, forcing him to look away momentarily, though the snow began to swirl, picking itself up off the lake, clouding and distorting his vision as he looked up trying to see through it.

"Yeah, grab what you can, take it inside. Maybe we should think about heading back," he then offered and once again, tried looking back.

The wind blew nearly knocking her over, but Snow held on, already the beginnings of her orgasm claiming her, so she fought through it until prudence and reason said otherwise. Weak in the knees, her pussy still throbbing pleasurably even as she turned, her intent to dress and head back. She gasped looking back towards where she'd left the snow mobile, more importantly, her clothing. They were gone! Frantic, Snow stepped back behind the rocks where she'd parked it looking all about as she did so, only then feeling the cold which began nipping at her exposed skin. She knew her clothes couldn't have gone too far, her Parka for one, way too heavy for that. But the rest of her things could have easily been carried away, and then deposited a short distance away, now buried beneath the snow wherever they had fallen. Sure enough, she did spot her coat, which was already beginning to become covered as the snow fell, once again intensifying. With nothing more than that to cover herself with, beyond the boots she had on, she slipped into it. Taking another brief look around, she spotted nothing else, even if it was close by, it was now buried, hidden beneath the blowing and drifting snow. She looked back in the direction of the cabin though she certainly couldn't see it, merely wondering if she dared make the attempt in riding back. It was a good hour away however, and even in the best of conditions, she'd not make it back dressed the way that she was, coat or no coat. There was only one other option.

Pete and Greg had gone back inside their enclosure, the guys already having decided to pack it up and get out of there before it got any worse.

"Hey Steve!" Pete said to his friend once he'd gotten back inside. "You'll never believe this, but remember yesterday when I told you what I saw?"

Steve looked up smiling. "Don't tell me ... you saw her again? Out here? And naked I assume?"

That got everyone else's attention as well. "Who? What? Who's naked?" Most everyone asked. "Where? Out there?"

"Yeah, I know..." Pete said shaking his head. "I must be seeing things, but that's twice now. Honest to God you guys, I swear I saw something yesterday on the way up here, at that cabin. And then again, just a few minutes ago, only she was standing there right out in the open, not a stitch on, except for her boots, and I know you'll never believe this, but I also swear, she was playing with herself!"

"Yeah ... right!" Steve once again chided him. "Out in the middle of a blizzard, you see a beautiful woman with long pure white hair masturbating. What I think, is that you need glasses, you've obviously been masturbating a little too much yourself!" He laughed looking over at the other guys as Pete stood there foolishly, and actually blushing. "Maybe there really IS something about doing it too much and going blind after all!" he then added much to everyone else's amusement.

"Well, think whatever you'd like, but I honest to God thought I really did see something."

"Yeah, well what you probably saw was a tree," Tom stated, the tallest of the bunch at well over six feet, with long blonde hair that he kept in a ponytail. "And it probably had a shapely bend in it, making it look somewhat like the shape of a woman or something," he added.

"A tree, with tits," someone else joked. "Leave it up to Pete to see wood winter Nymphs in the forest."

"Yeah, and that white hair? Was probably nothing more than a snow covered branch bobbing up and down, something like that," Greg said joining in trying to add some measure of credence to Pete's obvious hallucination.

They were still laughing when they all heard the knock.

"Did someone just knock on the door?" Mike Anderson asked, another one of Pete's friends and buddies.

"Nah, must be the wind," Tom said, "Unless of course its Pete's wood Nymph come asking for him." That comment was followed by another knock on the door, effectively shutting everyone up. Though it was Greg who walked over, undoing the secured latch, opening it.

"Holy fucking shit!" He exclaimed, and stood there for a brief moment, his mouth wide open. He stepped back inside looking as though he'd seen a ghost, wild-eyed and in disbelief as he now glanced over towards Pete.

Snow ... walked in, shivering now from the cold, wearing only the Parka she'd managed to somehow retrieve.

"Thank God," she said looking up into the bewildered faces of the seven men who stood there. "If someone wouldn't mind giving me something warm to drink, I'll try and explain why it is I'm standing here like this," she then told them. Even after saying that, it took a moment longer for anyone to really move, as though she were somehow a real apparition, about to simply disappear once again at any moment.

"Here," Pete said the first to find his voice, pouring her a hot cup of coffee, handing it to her, and then inviting her to sit down as the six other friends all gathered around her in curious wonder.

Since there was no point in denying the fact she was indeed naked beneath her coat, Snow candidly explained everything to them, even though she felt herself blushing while doing so. She told them all why she was there at the cabin in the first place, that she was a writer and enjoyed writing erotic stories, hoping that would be explanation enough. And to a point, it was.

"Why don't you let me take a quick look at you?" Mike then asked her. "I'm a practicing resident," he then offered, "the guys in fact call me Doc. So if you'd allow me, I'll check you out for any major frost bite."

Snow laughed at hearing that. "Doc?" she again giggled "Well, you're certainly not Dwarves, but there ARE seven of you," she then added, though slipping her coat off much to everyone's surprise, exposing herself without any sort of obvious embarrassment whatsoever as Doc quickly began looking her over, along with everyone else of course.

"So who's Grumpy then?" she said gathering everyone's eyes back towards her, and away from her body, though it was Tom who was standing there frowning. "That must be you," she said trying to smile, trying to make him smile as she said it. When he realized she was, he did smile, briefly.

"Shit, my wife's never going to believe any of this," he told everyone.

"So why tell her?" Greg asked simply. "Because she probably won't for one, and if she does ... it'll probably be the last fucking time she lets you come here with us again either!"

Everyone agreed with that, deciding right then and there to not share this crazy experience with anyone, his or her wives or girlfriends at least.

"So now what?" Chris said, another one of the guys who'd up until now had remained silent, still too stunned to believe he was actually seeing any of this. "The storm outside is getting worse and worse by the minute, if we don't start heading back soon, we're all going to be in for it!"

Doc finished examining Snow and determined that she wasn't the worse for wear, though getting there when she had, had probably kept her from truly being frost-bitten, let alone being found dead in the Spring.

"Might I make a suggestion?" Snow questioned. "My cabin is about five miles from here, I'm assuming wherever it is you guys are heading back to is even further away than that."

"Yeah, at least eight, maybe even nine miles," Steve stated worriedly.

"In that case, I don't think we have any other options then. If someone can give me anything to wrap myself up a little better in, like one of your blankets, and then help me get back to my snow mobile, I can get us all back to the safety of my place where we can ride out the rest of this incoming storm."

It was not only the best solution, it was the only real one. Packing up only the things they would have to take with them, leaving everything else to the mercy of the storm, they headed out back across the lake to where they'd left the other snow mobiles, soon after making their way around to where Snow had left hers. After securing everything, Snow led the way, though everyone else worried about the direction they were heading as blizzard conditions soon obscured nearly every recognizable landmark they had seen. But to their obvious surprise, Snow led them off into it, sure of herself as she did so. And though even she had to stop periodically in order to check her bearings, in less than two hours, she had led them straight back to her own cabin.

Hot glowing embers still burned in the enormous sized hearth. It took only a few moments to stoke up the fire and get it going again. Everyone was soaked through and through by now as well, and Doc immediately told everyone to strip everything off, hang it up and start getting themselves warm by the fire as soon as possible. At first everyone was a bit reluctant to get naked, though Doc and Steve both had already stripped out of most of their clothing already.

"Oh for hells sakes," Snow giggled seeing the uncertainty in most of the other men's faces. Having peeled off her own coat, wrapped in nothing more than a couple of blankets, she soon stood there removing them as well. Snow could have very easily gone upstairs to her bedroom and slipped in to something else. But under the circumstances, she decided to remain naked, as though that might in some way make it easier on the boys while doing the same.

One by one, they all began to slowly, though somewhat awkwardly remove their clothing as Snow sat entirely naked, warming her hands in front of the fire. The only one who hadn't done anything was Brad. He stood, his face beet red still fully dressed while everyone else around him undressed.

"Don't tell me," Snow said looking over towards him. "You ... must be Bashful!"

If Brad wasn't truly blushing before, he was now. Even the guys all burst out laughing, most of them entirely naked themselves now, standing close to the fire, getting warm.

"Really, come on ... there's nothing to be shy about," she urged him seriously, "after all ... look at me!" Snow stood, her tall voluptuous frame clearly evident with all eyes looking on her. "Want me to help you ... personally?" she asked, seeing him blush even deeper as he took a step back.

"He's a bit ... ah, self conscious," Pete said leaning over to whisper to her, taking a moment to enjoy the view of her breasts as he did so however. And though Snow felt Pete leering at her, she smiled, enjoying that, but likewise wanting to help poor Brad out of his wet clothing.

"Nothing to be self conscious about," she began. "It's a common known thing, that the cold, tends to effect men in a particular way, so just because..."

Snow never finished as the guys all burst out laughing at that.


"It's not that so much ... and actually, just the opposite," Greg told her still laughing. "You wouldn't know it just to look at him, but Brad there, is probably better equipped than any two of us put together."

Snow turned her head back towards Brad, looking at him with an entirely different interest now. "Oh really!" She grinned from ear to ear as she approached him. "In that case ... all the more reason to get you out of those wet clothes you're wearing!"

With some prompting from the rest of his friends, Brad finally did, and as he expected, Snow stood there wide-eyed looking down at his still very flaccid penis once he was. Even flaccid, it hung a good ten inches or so, looking almost like a third leg as he sauntered over to stand in front of the fire, reaching down to grab it himself in order to keep it from swinging to and fro as he did so.

"Hi ho ... Hi ho," Snow smiled singing to herself as she watched him walk across the room, something that wasn't lost on anyone.

It was at that moment Steve stretched and then yawned. Snow pointed at him. "And you're now officially, Sleepy," she grinned. "So ... we now have Doc, Grumpy, Bashful..." she smiled at Brad while saying it, "And now ... Sleepy. That leaves..." She looked over at Pete first. He'd been standing there trying to hide the fact that he had somewhat of an erection. He had turned with his back partially towards her, his hands clearly trying to conceal his ever-worsening condition.

Once again Snow stood, walking over towards him as everyone else parted, as though she'd suddenly just turned into Moses, parting the red sea.

"Having a small problem are we?" she asked, now looking down, or rather should I say, a big problem?"

It had indeed been a while, and the fact he'd been thinking about her ever since he'd seen her the first time hadn't helped much, nor had it when he'd finally seen her entirely naked. He'd been aroused ever since, only now ... it was becoming clearly obvious that he was. All Pete could think to do was stand there and grin at her.

"Well now, you look Happy, and IT certainly looks happy, so I guess, that's what we'll call you now," she smiled looking at him, and then surprised everyone when she reached down, wrapping her hand around Pete's rapidly stiffening cock, shaking it hello. "Though maybe, instead of calling you Happy, we should just call you Horny instead. I really don't think the Dwarves would mind it too much if we changed things up just a little bit now do you?"

At that moment someone sneezed, and everyone, including Brad burst out laughing.

"I guess that solves that problem," she said turning back to face the other six men, though she still continued to hold onto Pete's cock as she stood there fondling it. "So ... who was that?" she asked.

Greg slowly raised his hand, though looking down, Snow immediately saw it wasn't the only thing that was raising either. "Come here Sneezy," she told him. "I still have another free hand."

In the space of only a few minutes, Snow had made it perfectly clear to all of them, that she was totally and completely uninhibited, though they should have all guessed that a bit earlier when she'd admitted to them all at the lake what she'd been doing out there in the first place. And the fact she had likewise told them she enjoyed writing, reading erotica, should have confirmed that. Still ... seeing her as she stood there, now fondling both Pete and Greg's pricks which had risen to full staff, the five friends all stood in wonderment as to where any of this might actually be going. Sensing that, Snow turned towards them all.

"Since we're all stuck here together anyway, and have to wait out the storm, I don't see any reason why we can't all have a little fun and enjoy ourselves either. So, unless the rest of you aren't interested in doing that, then I say lets drop all this shyness and uncertainty flying around, and get straight to the point. Who'd like to fuck me first?" she asked.

"What did she just say?" Chris asked in disbelief. "Did she just say what I think she said?" He asked once again. Greg sneezed, looked at Chris and laughed. "Welcome to the party Dopey," he told his friend. "Welcome to the party."

"Well, like I said before, who'd like to fuck me first?" she said once again. Though no one seemed to be willing to admit to wanting to go first, though it was apparent they all did. "Well, in that case, I guess I'll just have to choose then. Let's see, Ene, Mene, Mini, Mo is out..." she grinned. "And I dare say, Rock Paper Scissors wouldn't work either. So that just leaves ... picking a number from one to seven. I'll pick the number, and the rest of you then pick a number. The person picking the correct one will go first."

Snow looked at Doc first.


She then turned to look at Pete whose cock she still held and was still playing with.

"Seven," he smiled hopefully, still Happy and Horny. "Five," Greg then said equally as hopeful as she turned to look at Chris.

"Eight?" he said asking.

"Eight?" she said looking at him and then laughed as did everyone else.

"Ah Chris? She said one to seven, not one to ten," Tom said shaking his head irritatedly.

"It's ok," Snow said smiling. "He's obviously a little nervous, she said looking down at his very likewise nervous cock. "But I think ... eight was in fact the number I was thinking of anyway," she smiled looking at him, and then took his hand, leading him over towards the couch. Chris looked up at his friends as she did so."

"What happens here stays here right?" he asked them nervously.

"He thinks we're in Vegas," Steve chided him.

"More like wonderland, especially if you look outside at the moment," Pete said glancing out the window. "I think we're going to be here a while, so like Snow said, we might as well enjoy ourselves while we are."

"And like in Wonderland," Snow continued, "Here gentlemen, is where dreams are made of, so ... let's have some fun shall we?" she said as she knelt down on the couch, looking behind herself towards Chris, his cock suddenly risen as she reached back, helping him as she guided him into herself. Snow moaned pleasurably as Chris slowly slid his now very hard cock inside her. "Very nice ... very, very nice," she said. "Now ... hold still for a moment," she told him looking about. "So ... who'd like to get sucked off by Snow White?" she then asked. This time, six cocks rose their heads in attention to that. But it was of course Brad's whose cock she now laid her eyes on, the monstrous tool no longer merely swinging between his legs, but now swinging to and fro, upwards pointing towards his own naval looking more like a Metronome now as he did. She smiled wickedly towards him, waving him over towards her with her finger. "I don't know how much of that I can swallow, but I'm sure as hell going to try," she then told him. "And by the way, in case anyone's worried, I can't get pregnant no way, no how. But I also have some condoms in my purse in case anyone would prefer using one of those anyway," she explained to everyone.

With Chris buried deep inside her pussy, she began lavishing hot wet sucks on bashful Brad's prick, the enormity of it intriguing as she found she could wrap both of her hands around it and still not entirely cover the length of his shaft as she sucked it.

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