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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple tattoo changes his life forever

At 41 Brian Somers was considered by everyone who knew him to be a Teddy Bear. He stood well over six feet, athletic almost to a fault, and appeared as though he could wrestle a Grizzly Bear, taking it two out of three falls. In addition to that, Brian was ruggedly handsome looking and was considered "quite the catch" by many of the women who worked at his office.

Which was one of the reasons everyone had been so surprised when Brian and his wife of over 15 years were suddenly divorcing. Brian had come home from work to find a note waiting for him on the coffee table. His wife had fallen in love with her boss. Just like that, it was over. They had not had any children. Gayle had been incapable of having any, which was just as well under the circumstances. Even so, the divorce had been hard on Brian. He became a bit of a recluse away from work, refusing to go out and socialize though his best friend Larry, who'd also been his best man at his wedding, tried every trick in the book to get him to start dating again.

The day a sweet spirited young woman half his size, if that, came to work at his office all that changed. Christy was five years younger than Brian, not exactly petite by any means she stood barely over five feet with long blonde hair that hung well down to the middle of her back. Larry, also single, began hitting on her immediately. But was quickly, though courteously, informed that she was not interested in him, nor interested in any office romance for that matter.

As was usually the case, Larry and Brian had taken in one of their favorite spots for lunch, which was close to the office. The place was packed as it usually was during the lunch hour, but they were fortunate enough to secure one of the few tables available. They had just begun to eat when Christy and another woman that worked at their office walked into the dining area with their lunch looking for a place to sit. Spotting them, Larry stood up and waved them over. Christy was hesitant at first, but Dianne, the other woman who was with her, knew Brian and Larry very well through their long association together at work. Immediately she smiled, nodded her head and then made her way over to the table with Christy in tow.

"Busy today,." Dianne said sitting her tray down at the table. "Brian? Larry? Have either of you met Christy? She just started working with us a week ago."

Brian had not met her yet of course, though he had already gotten an earful regarding her from Larry. Brian stood and offered her his hand, which she accepted and shook a little shyly when she did.

"Yes, we've met," Larry said simply, smiling at her but refusing to stand up.

"Figured you had," Dianne said flippantly at him.

That had been the way they had met, and though it had taken a considerable amount of time, a couple of office party's and get together's, to everyone's surprise, Brian and Christy had begun dating. Nearly a year later they were still together and the office gossip had it that they would eventually one day get married.

Brian was the regional manger for the company's product distribution, and from time to time had to travel and meet with the supply centers that handled his company's product line. On this trip, Larry would be going with him as he worked in sales, and was also going to be presenting and introducing some new products. Their trip would keep them holed up in the hotel over the weekend. But with Larry along as company, Brian was actually looking forward to the time he would be spending with him. Although, Larry was prone to drag him to one bar after another in his constant pursuit of "pussy-happiness" as he called it, so Brian was not really looking forward to that.

Brian enjoyed a leisurely dinner with Larry in the hotel restaurant, then true to his word, tagged along with him to a nearby "titty" bar as Larry referred to them. Several beers later, along with a fist full of one dollar bills that he and Larry had stuffed into several of the women's g-strings, they moved away from the dance floor and took seats in a booth.

"Not as close to the dancers," Larry said none too happy about moving back.

"True ... but not as expensive either!" Brian stated.

Larry had struck up an'eye-contact' relationship with one of the dancers earlier, aided by a considerable amount of cash. As the same dancer came out on stage once again, she immediately looked along the front row for him and seemed disappointed when she found he was no longer sitting there. Spotting him finally where he and Brian sat back in the darker recess of the bar, she waved at him and actually blew him a long distance kiss.

"Doesn't she have great tits?" Larry asked Brian, watching as the tall dark haired woman on stage went through her paces, arousing and teasing the clientele who'd immediately moved in taking their vacated places.

Though Brian had been looking towards the stage he had not really been looking at her. He had spotted a blonde haired beauty that reminded him a lot of Christy. She had obviously just arrived for her shift and was preparing to perform on stage next.

"Of course ... probably not as good looking as Christy's must be," Larry said off handedly.

"I wouldn't know," Brian responded without thinking.


Realizing what he had just told Larry in three simple words, Brian waited for the litany of questions he knew was sure to come.

"You mean to tell me that in all these month's you've been seeing each other that the two of you haven't done anything?"

Brian shook his head "No", draining the last of his draft, immediately signaling to one of the dancer/waitresses to bring them over another.

"You've gotta be shitting me!" Larry exclaimed honestly surprised by Brian's revelation. "Come on buddy ... tell me, what gives?"

The truth was Brian had been dying to talk to somebody, even Larry, though he expected more recrimination than understanding if and when he did. "We've never done it," he began simply. "We've kissed a lot, and sometimes it can get pretty passionate. But it's never gone beyond that."

"How come?" Larry asked with a real hint of concern in his voice.

"Wish I knew. Just when things start to get pretty heavy, either she breaks it off ... or I do."

"What? Why?" Larry pressed.

"Well ... we talked about it early on in our relationship. Christy didn't want whatever was happening between us, if it was meant to happen to be based merely on sex. We agreed that we'd give ourselves a year, and then see."

"You're a fool!" Larry told him. "Nobody in their right mind would ever agree to do something like that, especially with someone as attractive as Christy is." Larry sat back contemplating what Brian had just told him. "Maybe she's frigid," he said as though suddenly everything made perfect sense. "The last thing you want is to get into another relationship with a woman who's flaky..."

Brian shot his friend a warning look.

"Brian, listen to me. I actually like Christy. I think she's probably the best thing that's happened to you in a long time ... but you've got to get laid my friend ... it's just not natural!" Once again he sat back, as realization dawned on him. "You're telling me you haven't been with a woman in all this time, aren't you?" he said.

Once again Brian nodded his head saying "Yes, I haven't."

"Shit dude! We've got to do something about that!"

Brian rolled his eyes, he should have known better than to try to confide in Larry, even if he was his best friend. "You don't understand Larry, I think I may be falling in love with her, and I'm not about to try to force myself on her until she's ready."

"So ... don't. But meantime, there's nothing that say's you can't find a little pleasure elsewhere!" he said grinning.

The dancer with whom Larry had been flirting with all night finally finished her set, redressed, and headed over towards them. "I just got a great idea!" Larry said watching her approach. "We're gonna get laid tonight my friend!" But before Brian could say anything to him about it, the dark haired woman reached their table and slid in beside them.

Although the brunette had put most of her costume back on, she was more out of it than in it as she sat down next to Larry. "I missed you." she said dropping her hand down into his lap. "Oh ... and I see you must have missed me a little bit too!" she winked.

Larry laughed huskily. "It missed you a lot more than you think." he responded back, emphasizing the word so there was no mistaking his meaning. And then the brunette laughed lustily.

She introduced herself as Marlene, brushing herself coquettishly against Larry's arm ensuring he was well aware of her oversized breasts pressing against him. "Do you guys feel like having a party later?" she asked. "I get off at midnight..."

Larry was grinning from ear to ear. "Sorta like Cinderella huh?" he asked, but the brunette must have missed it.


"Yeah ... you know, the fairy tale? Midnight? Cinderella met her handsome prince and she got off around midnight?"

"Oh yeah... !" Marlene said laughing, finally getting it.

"That's the story where she turns into a pumpkin at midnight ... and her prince gets the nickname of Peter, Peter, Pumpkin eater ... right?" Marlene added

"Ah yeah ... right." Larry said shaking his head in wonder."

"Anyway ... so do you want to?" she asked him once again, and in her next breath, " ... you two aren't cops or anything are you?" she asked.

Brian realized suddenly where this was going, and what she was asking. "Larry ... I don't think..."

"Nope ... not cops, and we'd love to party." he said cutting Brian off.

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