Who's the Boss?

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dave and Rob finally pull one over on their female boss

I had just gotten back to my cubicle after taking a much shorter than normal lunch. But that was typical for most Fridays, especially lately. I still had a lot of work remaining to do for the weekly reports that "Beth" expected to have turned in before end of day. I had barely sat down when I heard her voice as she reprimanded one of my best friends and co-workers in the cubicle next to me, though thankfully I wasn't able to see her as she did so. Bad enough I could hear it.

Rob hadn't even gone to lunch with me because he was so far behind. Something that I knew wasn't honestly his fault either. Just like me, Rob couldn't complete his portion of those reports until all the documentation had been compiled from several other departments. The last of which had been delayed from the department head, an asshole that very few liked, save for Beth herself, a guy named Mason. Everyone called him "Jar" behind his back, which he was just dumb enough not to figure out why. The fact that Beth seemed to tolerate his lateness in gathering the information the rest of us needed was a mystery. Even more so when she then got after everyone else for not compiling it, and getting it back to her by Friday afternoon in what she considered a professional and timely manner.

I knew Rob was going to be pissed. Having to sit there while Beth went off on him for struggling to get his portion of the report completed when we both knew it was due to Mason's laziness wasn't very easy to take. And trying to blame him for the delay only seemed to make things worse when either he or I had tried doing that before, so we gave up trying. I sat looking busy because I was busy as Beth passed by my cubicle a moment later, taking an extra moment to peer in looking at me, though I didn't bother looking up to even acknowledge her presence. I wondered briefly if she was going to say something, but managed to see her decide not to for whatever reason, turning and then walking off back to her own spacious private little office.

Not too surprisingly, Rob entered my cube only moments after she'd left.

"You hear what that cunt said to me?" he stated. I told Rob to tone it down, even though I agreed with him. There were too many spies around the office the way I saw it. Too many people trying to brown nose their way up the corporate ladder, and willing to do whatever was necessary to anyone else in order to achieve that.

"I don't give a shit!" He continued more angry and frustrated than I'd seen him in quite some time. "It's not my fucking fault that it's going to be late before I can get my portion of the report finished, and you know it. If I didn't know better, I'd swear Betty Boobs was banging the fucking prick!"

Once again, I cautioned Rob into lowering his voice, though grateful that most everyone else around us was still out to lunch. We'd given Beth the nickname of "Betty Boobs", evil or not, she was one hell of an attractive looking woman with a great pair of tits. She could even look beautiful and sincerely attractive when she smiled, laughed, or sometimes joked around with all of us. Provided she wasn't in one of her pissed off moods of course. Tits or no tits, when she was like that, no one wanted to have anything to do with her.

I only had about an hour's worth of work remaining to do and told Rob I'd give him a hand with his end of it once I was done. With luck, between the two of us, we wouldn't have to end up working too late on it, getting it finished so that Beth would have it in hand first thing Monday morning for the weekly review with the other department managers.

We were doing just that, when I looked up and noticed Beth leaving her office heading our way. She had her coat in hand along with her purse, and I glanced up at the clock over her head near the wall as she approached. It was just then four-forty five. Beth had obviously called it a day fifteen minutes early and was going home. As expected, she stopped by Rob's cubicle.

"I have plans this evening," she announced haughtily, "when you're finished with it ... if you even get finished with it tonight," she added with even more obvious disdain, "Fax it to me at home ... you have my number. Just slide the completed report under the door of my office before you leave. If I find anything wrong with what you fax over, you can fix it first thing Monday morning before the meeting." She then smiled, tossing her coat back over her arm, turning and headed off towards the fourth floor elevators. "Have a nice weekend," she added without looking back at us, though even that sounded sarcastic when she said it.

"Bitch!" Rob said just under his breath not loud enough for Beth to have overheard him, though I quickly glanced up and about wondering if anyone else had.

Not once in the two years that Rob and I had been working here had either one of us had to revise the finalized report once we had finished it. Beth's comment about it being correct was nothing more than a reminder that she enjoyed throwing her weight around.

"Yeah, but you do have to admit, she's an attractive Bitch," I said trying to ease the sudden tension.

At least Rob did smile at that. "Yeah, she is ... but I'd still have to probably gag her before fucking her," he told me. "I couldn't even expect her to give me a decent blowjob, she'd no doubt be yapping at me the entire time she was sucking my prick! Hell Dave, she's the kind of cunt that would give you a written list of instructions before allowing you to stick your dick in her. And even then, she'd still tell you what the hell you were doing wrong, even if you weren't."

That made me laugh, because he was right about that. And I could just see her doing it to. Handing you a big bulky print out, laying it on the bed while she lay next to you all nice and naked, and then going over what she expected from you step by step.

It was then that we both noticed Mason Jar heading towards her office. Rob laughed, "He's going to be disappointed to find she's left early," he stated. "I bet he was hoping to cop a feel or something before going home." I nearly responded to that, but then watched as Mason looked nervously around before pulling something out of his coat pocket and sliding it beneath the door of her office.

"What the fuck's he doing?" I wondered aloud for the both of us. We both ducked back down behind the wall not willing to risk being seen.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Rob asked. I grinned. Obviously I was.

"Is he gone?"

Rob peeked over the top of the cubicle wall once again. "Yeah, looks like he went out through the other door." Rob stated. "Come on ... let's go see if we can see what he left."

Not at all surprisingly, the moment Beth had left, five minutes after that, so did most of everyone else who could do so. That meant that the office was pretty well empty except for Rob and myself, along with one or two others though they were well off and away from where we were. We nonchalantly walked over towards Beth's office, Rob holding onto a steel ruler, which he'd brought along with him, that and a fairly large sized paper clip.

"You keep an eye out," he told me unnecessarily, and then got down onto the floor attaching the paper clip to one end of the ruler. "Saw them do this in a movie once," he explained.

I nervously stood waiting while Rob fished beneath the door, he looked up towards me smiling, and then began to cautiously remove the steel ruler he was holding onto. Low and behold, the paperclip had indeed snagged whatever it was that Mason had slid underneath for her to read.

Unfortunately, it was a sealed envelope. "Not to worry," he added. "That's what exacto knives are for!"

Taking our mysterious envelope with us, we quickly headed back to Rob's cubicle. I watched as he gingerly peeled away the flap of the envelope with the expertise of a skilled surgeon. Luckily for us, Mason Jar must not have worried too much, or perhaps cared too much for the glue. He'd only licked the very tip of it when sealing it. Seconds later, we had it open.

"What's it say?" I asked as Rob first read it to himself, twice ... before handing it to me. He was grinning when he did. "Pretty much what we've suspected all the time, though obviously Betty Boob's husband certainly doesn't know anything about it," he added.

I began reading Mason's note to Beth.

"Oh baby, I am so fucking horny for you..." The letter began. "I loved jerking off into the panties you left for me earlier today. It was so hot imagining you wearing them, and then taking them off, leaving them for me so that I could do so. And you might enjoy knowing this too, I was in the men's room, pleasuring myself with your soiled, dirty panties when someone came in just when I was cumming into them. I think it was that shit-head Michael, the one you said is constantly flirting with you, even though he used to be your boss, and is now only your mere equal. I so wanted to tell him right then and there that I was doing something he'd never be able to do, tempted ... yes, but of course you know I would never jeopardize anything so foolish as that even though I wanted to.

Anyway my love, I will be jealous of you being home with your husband this weekend, wondering if he's fucking you, filling you with his sperm, wishing it were mine instead. I have left your now cum-filled panties in my bottom drawer of the desk, just where they always are. And am looking forward to your note telling me where we're to meet next week when you cum to get them," I read seeing that Mason had purposely emphasized the word "cum" in his written wording to her.

"Fucking idiot," I thought, continuing to read.

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