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Sex Story: All I was looking for was some tools that my father-in-law had borrowed.

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Blonde, blue-eyed, 4ft 11inches at 100 pounds, 34-21-35 and legs to die for. My wife? Hell no - my mother-in-law, and for the last year she has been doing her absolute best to fuck my brains out. And three years ago this same woman hated my guts because I was going to marry her daughter and she did not consider me good enough for her baby. Why the change of heart? Well, that's the story.

It was a dismal day in October, one of those days when the weather can't make up its mind whether it wants to rain or snow. My wife was at work and I was at home trying to fix the washing machine. After spending an hour looking for the tools I needed and not finding them, I remembered that my father-in-law had borrowed them and, apparently, not brought them back. Ordinarily I would have called him and had him bring them back, but he was out of town. Since my wife had the car I was going to have to walk the three blocks to the in-laws place and get them. I was not looking forward to it. Three blocks in a drizzling rain with the prospect of seeing Madeline at the end of it was something I could do without. Madeline had taken an instant dislike to me the first time we met and in the three years since had not warmed to me one little bit.

Nearing her house I saw two young guys come out the front door, obviously in a good mood and giving each other high-fives. Curious I thought, but put it out of my mind as I walked around to the back of the garage and let myself in. Turning on the light I went through Sam's (my father-in-law) toolbox, searched the workbench, and even looked under Madeline's car, but I couldn't locate my missing tools. They must be in the basement, I thought, and I wondered if I could get in and out of the house without Madeline even knowing I'd been there. The door from the garage opened onto a landing and stairs went up to the kitchen and down into the basement. If no one was in the kitchen I would have it made. I eased open the door and peeked into the kitchen - no one there, so far so good. I was on the landing and easing the door closed behind me when a loud scream echoed through the house, "Fuck me. Oh Jesus fuck me!"

It scared the hell out of me. I stood still on the landing and listened and I could make out a woman's voice, "oh god oh god oh yes do it do it fuck me baby fuck me." I should have turned around and got the hell out of there, but curiosity got the better of common sense and I tip toed up the stairs and slowly made my way toward the sounds. The kitchen was off the dining room, which was, in turn, off the living room and from the kitchen you could look through the dining room and see most of the living room. I took a cautious peek around the doorjamb and saw a sight that gave me an instant erection. Madeline, clad in only high heels, was bent forward over the back of the sofa sucking the cock of a man who lay on it while another guy was fucking her from the rear.

Now I knew why those two guys had left the house in such a good mood. The man lying on the sofa reached up and grabbed the back of Madeline's head and pulled her tight into his crotch and in seconds I saw white fluid leaking out of the corner of Madeline's mouth. The guy held her in place until he was limp, then he released her, got up and got dressed.

"See you guys back at work" he said as he headed for the front door.

Another man appeared from the right side of the living room (he must have been sitting in the armchair) and dropped his pants. He lay down on the sofa and Madeline immediately went for his erect cock. I watched for five minutes as the guy behind kept pounding into her; each forward thrust would take her feet off the floor and when he pulled back they would touch the floor again. Finally the man behind her pumped his load into her pussy (I found out later that it wasn't her pussy - she was taking it up the old Hershey Highway) pulled out and started to get dressed. He too said:

"See you at work" and left.

The guy lying on the sofa pulled her over the back of the sofa, moved between her legs and started to fuck her. Madeline was tossing her head from side to side and I heard, "oh god fuck me fuck me fuck me." She reached up and grabbed the man's ass cheeks and pulled him to her and then let out a guttural cry as an orgasm rocked her body, then she fell back and the tenseness left her body and she let her lover finish. Her head turned to the right and her eyes locked on mine; at first I did not think she saw me, but then I saw the sneer form on her face.

Why she did not say something I don't know, but she kept her eyes on me until the guy fucking her was finished. She turned her gaze away from me when she walked her lover to the door and I heard her tell him:

"Anytime baby. You know where to find me."

I heard the front door close and Madeline walked back into sight; she stopped and looked at me:

"You're a fucking peeping tom too?"

I looked at her standing there with cum running down the insides of her thighs. She had a clean shaven crotch and I could see the lips of her cunt, red and swollen.

I was acutely aware of my throbbing cock and without thinking about it I unbuckled my Levi's and let them and my boxers fall to the floor. As I stepped out of them Madelines eyes dropped to my swollen cock head:

"You can't be serious! No way I'd let an asshole like you fuck me" but by then I had my hands on her shoulders and was pushing her to the floor.

"You don't have a choice 'Mom" (and I put all the sarcasm I could muster into the word 'Mom"). Who you going to bitch to? You tell on me and I'll tell on you."

She was on her knees in front of me now and I put my hands on the back of her head and pulled her toward my cock. She tried to pull away, but I had a good grip and I was stronger than she was so she bowed to the inevitable. Her mouth was so hot on my cock that I came in less than a minute and I held her in place so she had to swallow it all. When I let her go and she pulled away from me she sneeringly said:

"Some man you are. I've had teenagers getting their first fuck last longer than that!"

"Maybe so" I replied, "but I'm still hard so you ain't through yet."

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