by Hambone Jones

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, Size, Slow, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Shorty's adventure with one of his fat girls.

Shorty and his friends hung out on the corners in the neighborhood. They would check out the girls and women who walked by going to or coming from the store, the bus stop or work, or those just looking for something or someone to do. The boys as they called themselves were always looking to hook up. They commented on the weaves, the Jeri curls, the fine looking mamas and most of all the bodacious asses that passed by. They were always courteous to elderly women and church going ladies. All others got the once over and usually more then one comment or offer except for one group. The fat gang as they called them. They were not cruel and did not make mean comments about them they just greeted them with silence. Except Shorty.

Shorty liked big women. Not just big women but big fat women. None of his friends could understand why and told him he had to start looking for more normal sized women to go out with. No one said anything about them being beautiful or having Playboy figures, just that they should not be so fat. Shorty acknowledged his weakness and swore that he would start trying to hook up with "regular" women.

Changing his preferences was all well and good as far as talking about it was concerned. Shorty's brain could say yes to svelte women but his hormones only reacted to fat women and the first time a fat gal walked by, Shorty's eyes would lit up like a Christmas tree. He got that familiar feeling in his groin, his knees went weak and his mouth started to water. He could not keep his eyes off of her and he positively drooled when he looked at her big ass as she passed by.

Shorty was about 5'5" and weighted no more than 135 pounds soaking wet. His women used to toss him around like a doll. They would pick him up and squeeze his face between their breasts until sometimes he thought that he would pass out from a lack of oxygen. They would sit him on their laps and it would look like a ventriloquist and her dummy getting ready for her act. For the most part these were big women not just fat women. Once in a while Shorty would take up with a short fat woman but usually they were 5'9" and above and when they dressed to go out they all seemed to wear 4" heels which made them tower over Shorty even more.

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