by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Cindy and Brad embark on a brand new adventure with their best friends and neighbors

It was a typical Saturday morning. My husband Brad and I had lived next door to our best friends and neighbors for over five years now. We had just moved into our new home, young in love and excited to begin our journey in life together. Jack and Doreen had moved in just two weeks later, and we'd been the closest and best of friends ever since.

Like us, Jack and Doreen had decided to hold off on having kids for a while, especially as Jack got his new business started. Brad, my husband was a carpenter by trade, and it naturally worked into the two of them going into business. They now designed and made deluxe beautifully styled wooden lawn furniture. Jack more or less ran the business end of things, while Brad entertained himself with designing new pieces, or improving those they had already placed into production. You'd have thought they'd grow tired of working together, but inevitably, they'd end up out in Brad's workshop most Saturday's, tinkering around with a new product, spending a goodly portion of the day together amidst sawdust and varnish. But just as their friendship had bloomed, so had Doreen's, and mine we were now virtually inseparable.

A year earlier Brad and I had put in a new hot tub, Jack and Brad had laid in the new beautiful redwood deck as well, and then just continued on with the project, building another out back of our friends place. Though our backyards were fenced of course with an eight-foot privacy fence, we had kept the two back yards between our homes together. That made it a lot easier for larger gatherings for one, with each of us invited to the others regardless of who was coming. In a way, we had seriously become family. And that made it a lot easier to hot tub as well, which we did often. We had let Jack and Doreen know that they could come over any time to use it, or entertain in it even if we weren't there. Such was the level of trust and friendship we had all gained for one another. So when the time came to put the tub in, and when Brad announced it would be a "skins" only tub, neither Jack or Doreen had any qualms about doing that whatsoever.

I was surprised at how comfortable we all were when we got naked in front of one another for the first time. There was no real awkwardness associated with it aside from the initial embarrassment, but that soon melted away the more we got together. Just sitting in the tub late at night relaxing, having a few drinks and busily chatting away soon overcame whatever inhibitions about being naked in front of one another anyone of us might have had. I'd never really had nor entertained thoughts of being with another woman, though after the second night of sitting out in the hot tub together, Brad and I had enjoyed a rather wild passionate night together. Part of which had come out of our confessions at being aroused at the sight of our friends. Doreen had slightly larger breasts than my own, and had even confided to me a while back how sensitive her nipples were. Apparently she could just about climax simply by having them played with. Mine too were very sensitive, something that Brad certainly appreciated as just feeling his hands on me would very often arouse me to the point of uninhibited, wild abandoned sex, though normally, I would blush at the mere thought of anything outside of the norm.

Secretly, I had of course enjoyed and gotten admittedly aroused over seeing Jack naked too. And though I certainly hadn't seen him in an aroused state, even flaccid, his penis looked to be more than adequate, and I had found myself wondering, even fantasizing about what it might look like when erect. Doreen had likewise confessed to me the same thing about Brad several days later as we sat over coffee discussing how much fun we had all had together, and how comfortable with our being nude in front of one another we had all become.

To pretend there wasn't an air of sexual tension whenever we got together would be lying. There was, though so far we'd only suggestively flirted in front of one another, while all were present, and never done anything behind one another's backs. Our friendship was too important and precious for any of us to even consider doing anything outside of that. But ... we had the last time actually fucked in front of one another while out in the tub. It had been a very erotic and enjoyable evening for all of us. And though I still hadn't seen Jack's hard cock even in doing that, it was exciting enough to watch them doing it there in the water beside us as we did. We had later, discussed the possibility, though at the time I treated it as more fantasy of thought than anything really serious, each of us wondering what it might be like to extend that erotic naughty coupling we'd enjoyed together, into some mutual touching perhaps.

We'd discussed it, ended up getting aroused by it, and had fucked one another silly. But we hadn't pursued it any further after that either. I had soon learned that Jack and Doreen had been having very similar thoughts and discussions, and it was slowly starting to look like that could become a very real possibility. The following weekend, we'd indeed taken it one more step, though not necessarily a big one. Though for me at the time, it was. I had never done or experienced anything like that before.

We had started out flirting, teasing one another just as we'd done before, but to my surprise, this time when the boys suggested we touch one another's boobs, we actually did! I think the fact that we actually did surprised them both, and they then of course urged us to do more. But neither Doreen or I went beyond that, though we had in fact kissed, enjoyed the kissing along with some additional booby grabbing, much to Jack and Brad's delight. That had led to Jack caressing my breasts to some extent, and Brad playing with Doreen's. It was again all in fun, though it had left us all fully aroused and very excited, once again ending up with us all fucking in front of one another. And this time, I had finally seen Jack's hard cock as he shoved it in and out of his wife, as she had turned around there in the hot-tub as he stood behind her fucking her doggy style. Needless to say, Brad soon urged me to do the same, which we did. Sitting there side by side with Doreen as she and I looked over at one another, occasionally even kissing while our husbands fucked us simultaneously together was one of the most erotic experiences of my entire life.

I was already looking forward to the following morning, Saturday, when as was usually the case, I'd end up spending the morning with Doreen over coffee. It was then that the two of us would usually compare notes, talk and candidly share what we were thinking with one another without much if any reservation in doing so.

"Cindy?" I heard my husband calling out to me. "You have any plans I'm not aware of for today?" he'd asked.

I knew where this was going, as was also usual, he was anxious to tinker around out in the shop. He'd recently been fooling around with a brand new design for a lounge chair, and Jack in fact had mentioned coming over the night before in helping him with it.

"Not until later on this evening," I responded back," Just the barbeque we spoke about having last night," I reminded him. "You promised to pick up the steaks remember? Doreen and I are putting together the potato salad this morning to go with it. So as long as you're still planning on doing that for me, I don't really have anything else that needs doing."

I could see the excitement in his eyes, it was evident he was anxious to get working on it, promising he'd pick up the steaks long before getting together. I had laughed, passing Jack on the way over to their house as he came out the back door of theirs heading over to join Brad out in the workshop. Doreen and I immediately got to work cutting up potatoes along with several other things, and then took a break, sitting down at her kitchen table in order to enjoy a cup of coffee together and have a bit of a chat.

"That was damn naughty fun last night wasn't it?" Doreen began. "I don't think that Jack and I have ever been that aroused, or as horny before," she told me. I was surprised at her candid revelation, though Brad and I had pretty much said the same things ourselves. "In fact..." Doreen paused looking at me, and I could see she was trying to gage my reaction before speaking her thoughts. "Jack told me how erotic it would be to see Brad fucking me while he fucked you side by side the way we did it last night." Doreen let that hang for a moment, waiting for my response. At first, I was caught a little off guard by it. Talking about it, even fantasizing about it was one thing, actually doing it ... was another.

"Yeah, we've obviously discussed that a little too," I told her without coming out and saying it was something we would do, or wouldn't do. "But yes, it really was a rather naughty night wasn't it?" I tossed back at her remembering the way her hands had felt on my breasts as she played with them, and the way mine had when I'd first touched hers.

"You ever done anything with another woman before?" She asked.

"No, not really, have you?"

Doreen laughed. "A couple of times yes. Once way back in high school, and another just before I met and married Jack. One of those girls night out things, not quite a bachelorette party really, as he hadn't officially asked me to marry him yet, though I knew then he was soon going to. But I'd gone out with a group of friends, one of which was an old high school friend I hadn't seen in years. I had always known of course that she had a thing for women, but she'd never approached me in all the time I had known her. Until that night."

I was intrigued, admittedly getting a little aroused hearing this. "Go on ... don't leave me hanging!" I urged her, once again hearing her laugh and smile. She actually reached over, giving my breast a quick cop and a feel before standing up to pour us both some more coffee. I was pleasantly surprised to feel my nipple respond to her touch, quick as it was, and through the material of my bra when she did it. "You're nasty you know that?" I teased her. Doreen looked over the rim of her glasses towards me as she poured our fresh coffee.

"If you only knew," she half murmured, just loud enough that I overheard her.

"Knew what?" I asked taking the bait.

"Can you keep a secret?" she asked.

"Of course I can! But you of all people should know that!" I said honestly intrigued now.

Doreen studied me for a moment silently as though weighing if she should in fact share with me whatever secret it was. I could see however that whatever it was, she was worried about telling me. Obviously even as close as we were, she was unsure of my response, or how I might actually react to whatever it was.

"I enjoy being with women as much as I enjoy being with men," she said softly, only then looking at me directly. "Though obviously, it's not like I'm out there running around doing that or anything, especially since I haven't been with another woman since Jack and I got married. But I certainly think about it, a lot. And then after last night, just touching you as briefly as I had, I knew then and there, I wanted to do more with you. A lot more! Does that shock you? Surprise you?" she asked.

It did, and I told her so. We were too good of friends for me not to. But I didn't tell her in such a way as to have been offended by her revelation. For one thing, I had gotten pretty aroused myself when she had. Added to that, Brad had gotten obviously aroused as well, so much so that we had not only fucked outside in the hot-tub next to our friends, but had done so again after going into the house to bed. We had a pretty good sex-life, always had had, but it was still rare that Brad ever got it up more than once during the same night.

"So that it does surprise me a little on the one hand," I then began offering, "It doesn't really surprise me all that much on the other, after all, I was certainly aroused myself as you well knew Doreen. And I will honestly admit, I enjoyed playing with you too," I told her. She smiled at that, obviously relieved.

"I hoped that you were," she told me. "Touching you, kissing you, turned both Jack and I on tremendously too," she informed me. "Even after we went back inside the house, Jack attacked me again even before we got upstairs to the bedroom!"

I laughed at that, sharing with her our very similar experience. "Obviously, seeing the two of us doing even the little we did do had quite an impact on the boys didn't it?"

"Obviously," Doreen said smiling back at me. "And not only that, but Jack really was horny just thinking about Brad's hard stiff cock fucking me too, and he you as well," she then added. "One of my biggest fantasies in fact, and Jack's, is to have another man fucking me from behind while he goes down on me at the same time."

"Holy shit! Seriously? He'd do that?" I said in surprised wonder. She'd just painted a very vivid image in my own head, wondering what that would actually feel like, let alone look like. But I couldn't imagine for a moment Brad doing something like that himself. Doing the fucking maybe, but certainly not the pussy licking with another man's cock in such close proximity.

"Yeah, he would," Doreen said seriously once again. "Jack's not at all homophobic, he's in fact admitted to me on more than one occasion that he enjoys seeing other men's cocks squirt, things like that. And that as a young boy, he had in fact had a few encounters with other guys his age, circle jerks, things like that."

I couldn't remember Brad saying anything one way or the other that would indicate his thoughts on that either way. I knew he in fact worked with one guy who was actually gay, and said he really like the guy, that he was a natural with woodworking and had hired him on. But beyond that, he hadn't mentioned or said another thing about it. And we'd certainly seen more than one x-rated movie together, and I had recalled him asking me if I liked the way one guys cock looked as opposed to someone else's, but I'd always assumed he was just trying to get me to express myself openly to him, getting me even hotter than I already was, which it had. Still, there really hadn't been anything said one way or the other that might lead me to believe he'd still be ok with doing something like that himself.

"Anyway," Doreen went on standing up. "I enjoyed last night, and I'd enjoy doing that again, and even more if you and Brad would be ok with that," she now openly confessed laughing. "Even Brad told me to go for it afterwards," she said which did surprise me.

"Brad told you to go for it?"

"Yeah, he did," Doreen chuckled walking over to stand in front of me. I looked down just as my dear friends hands came up, resting easily, lightly upon my breasts. At first I didn't know what to think, or even how to react, so I basically did nothing, which Doreen took as a sign to continue. She began to softly caress me then, even beginning to undo the buttons on my blouse, which I allowed her to do as she opened it. And even though I still had my bra on, the touch of her hands through it had rapidly hardened my nipples, enough so that they soon pressed fully, quite needfully through the material of my bra. I felt light headed as she thumbed them, teasing each, soon after lifting my own hands and then placing them on hers as well. We stood there, caressing and touching one another, the heat and moisture between my legs swiftly coming to a boil. I began to wonder where all this was heading, if I'd even allow it to head there, when the phone rang, giving me a much needed breather to think all this through.

But the reality was, my panties were now soaked, seriously so. And I made a hand signal to Doreen as she stood talking on the phone to her sister that I was heading back over to the house, but would be right back. I didn't tell her the reason why, or that I needed to change my panties, which I seriously needed to do. But I was also semi-grateful for the "cool down" opportunity, which had presented itself in order to have a moment to think about what had just happened between us.

Doreen nodded her head knowingly, and apologetically for needing to talk to her sister who had called her at such an inopportune time. Just before l walked out the back door heading home, I saw Doreen undo the last remaining buttons on her blouse, taking it off as she talked, wondering as I saw her do that what she might be expecting, even wanting after I had returned.

Normally, it was a pretty straight shot across the yard door to door. Brad's small little workshop had been set up off in the far corner of the yard, far enough away from the house that it wasn't too noisy whenever he was outside working for me to hear him. And in doing it that way, it hadn't at all detracted from the deck or any of the other landscaping either, something I had insisted on. I couldn't hear either the sander or the power saw being used, and decided to take a quick side trip, check on how the boys were doing with their latest project before heading back inside the house in order to change my now very wet panties. My nipples still tingling with excitement from recently having felt Doreen's hands playing with them. To be honest, I think I was just trying to give myself some time to think about what had just happened, and what I was honestly dealing with here. Arousal yes, but confusion too. Doreen was after all my best friend, and Jack now Brads. The last thing I wanted to do, attracted or not, was fuck up our friendship. I needed time to think.

I crossed the yard, heading towards Brad's workshop. Passing along side of the building, I happened to glance into the small window just before reaching the door. I nearly tripped over myself when I did, glancing, and then more purposely looking in. At first my eyes refused to believe what they were seeing, and I even tried to convince myself that they weren't. And then I looked again and stood there with my mouth agape at what I saw.

Initially, it looked as though the two of them were just standing there talking with one another. But I realized upon seeing them, that didn't look exactly right either. They were standing awfully damn close together if they were. And then I saw movement, just enough to refocus my eyes in that direction. Even then, it took a moment more for me to accept what I saw was in fact what I was standing there watching! Each had the other's cock in their hand, and was standing there jerking one another off!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was no doubt about it either, and though I had quickly ducked down beneath the window, I had slowly stood once again, this time being even more careful before looking in. Sure enough, they really were. The expression on my husband's face was simply put, orgasmic. It was evident he was enjoying Jack's hand on his dick as he stood there fondling it. And likewise, Jack too held a lusty pleasure in it, my husband's hand obviously working his shaft in much the same way. I ducked down, and then walked back across the yard back into Doreen's house.

My heart was beating wildly. I had been confused enough as it was before, and I was even more so now. The emotions that were swirling around inside my head had made me dizzy, so much so that I actually thought I might collapse. I felt a twinge of what..."Jealousy?" I wondered, and then shook that off. I wasn't really jealous, not really ... more like in shock. The thought of Brad of all people being fondled by another man wasn't something I would have ever imagined in a million years. I entered our friend's house, Doreen just then remerging into the kitchen from having come from upstairs. She had changed shirts, instead of the blouse she'd been wearing, she now had on a tight fighting light blue tee shirt, and she was obviously no longer wearing a bra. Stenciled lettering across the front read, "These tits are his." Her twin hard little points were almost obscenely pressing against the front of her shirt, and though my eyes found them immediately, I looked up at her face. My expression showing her when I did, that I was indeed in somewhat of a state of shock.

"Cindy? What's wrong?"

I was seriously at a loss for words, and I basically collapsed down into the kitchen chair I'd been standing there holding onto.

"Cindy?" she said again, now worriedly so.

"The boys..." I barely managed trying to catch my breath not to mention my thoughts.

"What about them? Is something wrong? Something happen?" she now asked with a great deal of fear and concern in her tone of voice.

"Nothing wrong," I managed then seeing the relief in her eyes when I said that. "But they were ... they were..."

"What?" They were what?"

I looked at her and simply blurted it out. "They were standing there jerking one another off!"

She laughed, "What?"

That's when I stood up, finding my legs again. "Follow me," I said simply, and then headed back outside the house, Doreen following behind me. I reached the side of the shop in seconds, and then stood, once again ducking beneath the window, motioning for Doreen to do the same. She hesitated only for a moment, and then did so. The two of us now crouched down beneath the window.

"Just peek over the edge," I cautioned her. "Maybe they're still doing it," It had been less than a minute or two since all this had happened, so maybe they still were. As she stood up, I did, each of us looking inside, literally just in time as we did so.

We were just in time to see my husband's prick exploding. Neither one of them looking our way, too engrossed in one another to be too terribly worried about that. And though Brad no longer held Jack's cock, his was still poking straight out of his pants as he had turned off to one side, his hand however still jacking my husband's prick as Doreen and I stood there watching it spurt. Ribbon after ribbon of his spunk leaping from his prick, landing within the sawdust covered floor of the shop as the two of them stood there watching it.

"Holy fuck shit!" Doreen moaned. I glanced over at her, wondering if she was as shocked in seeing this as I was ... and then was surprised again as she lowered her hand down between her legs, between the Kulots she was wearing. I stood there watching her hand as it slipped up between her legs, Doreen actually now standing there fingering herself openly. I looked back inside the window, Jack was just then giving my husband's prick a final little sperm shake. Having done that, Brad once again reached over, taking Jack's prick in hand, and now began pumping it just as furiously as Jack had been doing to his. To my own amazement, I found myself erotically charged, suddenly aroused at actually seeing this, though I was still a bit dazed by all of it. But with Doreen having thrown caution to the wind now entirely, she'd even gone so far as to lift her tee shirt up and over her breasts. In exposing them, one hand playing with and pulling on one of her gorgeous pink nipples, the other still obviously buried between her legs, I could now hear in addition to everything else, the wet slippery sounds that her fingers were making as she fucked herself with them.

"Fuck!" I now moaned openly, my own sudden arousal consuming me. Whatever emotions, fears, anxiety or concerns I might have had earlier at seeing this, had suddenly evaporated. Now ... the realization my husband, and Doreen's had felt comfortable enough to even do this much had seized me like a vice around my clit. I too began rubbing myself, unbuttoning my shorts, my hand quickly slipping beneath the waistband of my thoroughly now soaked panties, which had I changed, would have been even wetter now than before. It was only a few brief moments longer when Jack's cock suddenly began discharging his spunk. And as he had done to Brad, so now did Brad do for Jack. Aiming his prick downwards, Doreen and I both stood there watching, fingering ourselves as Jack's prick suddenly lurched, he ... tossing his head back in obvious ecstasy though neither of us could hear him. And just as Brad had done, Jack too now shot wad after wad of his white sticky cream into the sawdust of the floor in the workshop.

"Come on," Doreen whispered once again ducking down, and then ran across the yard back into her house with me following closely behind. The moment we got inside, Doreen turned to me, grinning from ear to ear. "Was that the fucking hottest thing you've ever seen before?" she asked.

Admittedly, it had been. But with the rush of excitement gradually diminishing, so too did the previous thoughts I'd had begin to return.

"Should we say anything?" I asked. Doreen could see the look on my face was one of worry, even fear about all this rather than excitement which I had clearly shown only moments ago.

"Why?" She asked. "Are you upset? Angry? Is what we saw them doing upsetting to you?"

"I don't know," I said truthfully. On the one hand, I sort of was. On the other however, I had found it highly erotic, admittedly. I mean after all, I had stood there fingering myself alongside Doreen while she did, each of us watching our husband's jerking one another off! "No ... not really I guess," I then added. "Just surprised is all. Never in a million years would I ever think Brad would actually do something like that, I mean he's never even hinted or mentioned the fact he might be interested or aroused by doing something like that before now."

"Sounds like the two of you need to talk about this," Doreen told me, though she again smiled. "And I will say this, because I DO know and trust Jack, I know that he certainly will. Maybe not today, or even tonight, but I know that he will. And because he will, I'm willing to bet, he's already telling Brad even as we speak, that he should probably tell you about it too."

"Really? You think he will?" I asked. And suddenly for some odd reason, I actually felt better about that.

"Trust me ... he will," Doreen encouraged me. "But ... until he does, you need to make me a promise," she then ventured. "Don't approach him about it first, let him come to you about it. And ... I also think there's a way we can make it a hell of a lot easier for them both to do so."

"How?" I wondered.

"Tonight, after the barbeque, after we've all had a chance to relax and digest our food ... you and I are going to put on a little show for the boys."

"We are?"

"Oh yes honey ... we are. We are indeed!"

As promised Brad picked up some delicious steaks along with a couple of bottles of really nice wine. We as usual had enjoyed a really nice dinner together outside on one of the picnic tables that Brad and Jack had made. As we sat digesting our food, opening the second bottle of wine, my mind was already spinning in wonder at what Doreen had mentioned earlier. She hadn't really gone into specifics, telling me only that she had something in mind, and told me to follow her lead when she felt it was the best time to tease them a little.

Doreen was still wearing her "These tits are his" tee shirt, which Jack had noticed early on, coming up to her, placing his hands squarely around her boobs when he did. He had smiled at the two of us as he stood fondling his wife's breasts. "My favorite tee shirt!" he announced jovially, even going so far as to lift the front of it, baring them briefly, teasingly as he did so before Doreen had slapped his hands away.

"Not at the moment they're not," she laughed, half seriously.

We had cleared away the dishes, the guys sitting out on the patio discussing one of the new lounge chair designs. Doreen walked over to me with a black erasable marker. "X out the word his on my shirt," she told me. "And then write the word hers on it instead."

I looked quizzically towards her, but took the pen and did as she'd asked me to do. "Now what?"

"As soon as they even notice the change, that'll be our cue," she told me. "That's when you come over, lift up my blouse, and start playing with my tits."


"Seriously. After a few moments of that, expect me to start doing the same thing for you too."

"Ok, then what?"

"Just go with the flow," Doreen said her eyes suddenly looking sultry as she smiled at me. "Just pretend that they're not even there," she then added. "Let's see how far we can actually take this, and see if we'll get them to fess up about this morning's activity out in the shop. I'm sure if we tease them enough, and imply that we might do more than just titty-tease one another, if they're willing to do something for us too, we might just get them to spill everything."

I wasn't honestly sure that would really work, but it was worth a try. And surprisingly, the thought of Doreen playing with my breasts again, and me hers while the guys watched, not at all expecting us to do so, was rather arousing as I stood there thinking about it.

"As a matter of fact," Doreen said grinning. "Play with them a little right now, make sure my nipples are all nice and hard before we walk out there, so they'll be sticking nice and straight against the tee shirt. That way, neither one of them should fail to see the change on the tee shirt I'm wearing."

We stood inside the kitchen, the guy's just outside through the sliding glass door on the patio. If either one of them would have looked back inside the house, they'd have seen me standing there in front of Doreen, her now exposed tits in my hands as I stood thumbing her twin points into nice-sized little gum drops.

"Fuck that feels good!" Doreen moaned as we stood there. "I'm half tempted to blow the two of them off and just lay you right down on the table here and dive into that sweet looking pussy of yours!"

"Doreen!" I exclaimed, surprised at her forwardness, yet turned on by it as well. The image of her suddenly doing so, not at all a turn off, or suddenly out of the question either. Already, I could feel the moisture of my arousal beginning to gather between my legs. Doreen laughed, finally stepping back, forcing me to reluctantly release her breasts as she settled her tee shirt back down, now covering her breasts once again. Sure enough however, her nipples were easily seen as they pressed against the tightly stretched material of her shirt.

"Let's go give them something to think about," she told me. And with that, we carried out a pitcher of Margarita's we'd made up for after dinner along with the glasses, and some fresh limes. "Hmm, I have another idea," she said winking. But before I could ask her what that was, she had opened the sliding glass door, stepping out onto the patio.

It took all of two seconds for the boys to notice Doreen's hard stiff nipples, and only a second more for Jack to comment on her shirt, seeing the change we had written on it.

"Hey! What do you mean her tits?" He feigned displeasure in reading, though he was smiling a mile wide as he said that.

Doreen smiled back. "Oh like you wouldn't mind seeing that," she teased him, getting an immediate nod of the head from both our husbands. Doreen then reached down pulling her shirt entirely up and over her head, now standing there topless as she turned towards me. "Like the shirt says Cindy, tonight ... they're all yours!"

The look on the boy's faces was priceless, especially as I stepped towards her, once again taking her firm full breasts within my hands, cupping them, and then just as I'd done inside the kitchen, fingering and playfully flipping those two twin little pointed peaks. The boys continued to sit there staring at this, grinning as though they were two kids who'd just been given Cart Blanche to take anything they wanted from the candy store. Which was especially the case as I surprised Doreen, along with myself as I leaned over, suddenly capturing one of those hard little nubbins between my lips and began sucking on it.

"Holy fuck!" Brad moaned audibly, appreciatively as I did so.

"Ditto that!" Jack now added, actually reaching down into his shorts, forced to suddenly reposition himself. "More! More!" he called out as Brad too quickly joined him, urging us both to continue.

"I bet you'd really enjoy seeing that wouldn't you?" Doreen now teased, seeing an opening here. She quickly looked towards me, but I'm sure the look in my own eyes told her I was game for whatever here, especially if we managed to get the boys to open up to us about their own naughty little escapades in the shop earlier.

"You fucking know it!" He stated, his hand still buried beneath the waistband of his bushman's shorts.

"I dunno Cindy, what do you think? Tit for tat maybe?" I took the cue from her, smiling.

"Sounds fair to me," I replied looking over at the two boys, one hand dropping to run sensually downwards between Doreen's legs, feeling her spread them slightly as she stood there. "I guess it depends on how badly they really want to see it."

"You want me to show you how badly I'd love to see something like that?" Jack mused, threatening to expose himself fully as he undid his zipper pulling it down.

"I've seen it before," Doreen said shooting him down, letting him know as she said that, that it wasn't quite good enough. "But I wouldn't mind seeing Brad's stiff prick a little more clearly," she added. He looked at me as Doreen spoke, waiting. I winked, telling him in an instant it was more than ok.

Brad had never been shy, unlike myself until I was actually aroused, but he knew just by the expression on my face I was well on the way to being there. Faster than I would have thought possible, he stood, unzipping and then dropping his pants, his erection already poking clearly through the opening in his boxer shorts. "You mean something like this?" he asked proudly, his member about as stiff and hard as I'd ever seen it.

"Better," Doreen said. She then reached over, unbuttoning my blouse, removing my bra as the boys sat there watching her tantalizing little strip tease. She now began playing with my breasts, likewise leaning over to fondle, suckle and tenderly nip at them as I stood there.

"Man, that's fucking hot!" Jack announced, long ago having taken his own rigid prick out of his pants, openly sitting there fondling himself.

"More! More!" Brad quipped once again, now doing the same.

"That would require some more tit for tat," I jumped in suggesting, much to Doreen's amusement that I had said something before she did.

Cock's out, the boys looked confused, looking at us and then back and forth at one another. "What do you mean?" Jack questioned.

"Oh, I don't know," Doreen began as though thinking about it. "I guess that depends on what you two want to see. Obviously, we'd expect something in return for whatever it is you'd like to see us do."

"Like what?" Brad asked a bit nervously now.

"Simple really," Doreen pressed. "We'll do ... whatever you're willing to do ... with each other."

Once again the looks on their faces was priceless. I'd only seen Brad's face turn that crimson a time or two before now. Doreen used that moment of indecision to reach down, fumbling only briefly with the catch on my own shorts, undoing, and then unzipping them. Almost immediately they fell down around my ankles, leaving me to stand there in the briefest of now very wet thongs, her hand suddenly slipping beneath the waistband where her fingers now touched, teasing me for the first time. I actually found myself holding my breath for a moment, the unexpected pleasure intense as she quickly located my precious clit and began stroking it.

No doubt it wasn't only having an effect on me, but certainly on the guys as well. And though they really couldn't see anything with her hand hidden away beneath the material, it was certainly obvious that she truly was fingering my pussy.

Once again Doreen turned facing our husbands. "Well? You want us to continue or is this all you really want to see?" she then asked. "Up to you two ... but I know for a fact, Jack honey..." she said grinning at him, "Wouldn't have a problem with doing this to Brad, would you honey?"

Once again both men looked back and forth between one another sheepishly. I slipped my hand beneath Doreen's panties, now fingering her quim in the exact way she was now fingering mine. "Up to you now baby," I told Brad. "Or is that something you're just not willing to do for me?" I asked, wondering now what his response was going to be, especially as Doreen and I both knew, they had already done that much together at least. I was pleased when Brad actually responded a moment later.

"Well ... in fact, we already have!" He announced, surprising me that he'd admitted it, especially when Jack just smiled, nodding his head in agreement.

"Yeah, Brad lost a bet this morning," he proclaimed by way of explanation, and then continued on. "I bet him that by inserting a dowel in the curved leg rest of the chair, it would actually make it stronger, and we could then lengthen it, giving the legs more strength and then extending them farther, than we'd done in the original design. Brad didn't think it would work, so he took the bet ... and lost obviously, even after I told him if he lost, he'd owe me a hand job!"

It was now out, Doreen and I both laughing suddenly. "Oh what I'd love to have seen that," she said, still pretending that we hadn't. "So ... Brad had to jerk you off then did he?" Doreen pressed wanting to hear all of it. "And then what happened?"

Brad looked over towards me for some sign that I wasn't upset or angry with him for having done so, which I gave him with another wink. "Did doing that make you horny too baby?" I asked. "Have you ever played with another man's cock before like that?" I now added curiously.

"Couple times ... you know, curious explorations, fooling around sort of stuff, years ago, but no ... nothing else really," he then added, though blushing now even more so than he had been. Part of which, I now knew wasn't just from embarrassment either. Brad was horny. And I knew it.

"But obviously, since you did ... doing it again for us now shouldn't be all that big of a deal now should it?" Doreen interjected, seizing the moment. "Especially if you'd like to really see what we're doing here, up close and personal now would you?" Doreen then pulled her panties completely off, with me once again following suit, though neither one of us made any motion to take up where we'd left off, just standing there in the nude now waiting for their response.

"No different than this morning," Jack offered looking at his best friend. "I'm game ... if you are."

"Tit for tat?" Brad asked looking at us, his cock all swollen and angry looking. I could tell that just the little bit he'd seen had him extremely aroused and horny.

"Tit for tat," I assured him, not even realizing I had placed one of my hands back on Doreen's boob as I stood there playing with it. It must have been the additional incentive he'd needed however, as he quickly agreed upon seeing me do that.

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