Aiko and the Aliens

by Scorpionicus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Space, Orgy, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Aiko is taken by Aliens onto their saucer where she has sex with both male and female aliens.

The saucer picked up Aiko in the early evening as she was walking home. At first she didn't see it for it was descending behind her without lights and the propulsion system was silent. It was only when it was almost upon her that she noticed something was wrong and by then it was too late. The aliens were upon her swiftly and almost immediately she was rendered unconscious.

When Aiko awoke again she was naked and strapped to a table inside the alien ship. Her legs were held in something like the stirrups that doctors use and it held her legs spread wide apart. This exposed and opened her pussy and she soon noticed there was something to see her exposed that way. Since Aiko had a strong exhibitionistic tendency, that exposure immediately started exciting her sexually. Strangely she did not feel any fear the aliens would hurt her, perhaps because if they had been going to do that they would have done it already.

In the room with Aiko were three aliens. Two were male and one was female, it was obvious which was which because all three were naked. Their skin color was green; almost the color of lettuce leaves, but a bit darker. The aliens had hair on their heads but nowhere else, their hair was green, too. Aiko wondered why the aliens were naked, maybe they didn't wear clothes. In a way she was glad they were naked for she thought they were actually quite attractive despite their strange color.

As Aiko lay there on the table strapped down and exposed the aliens were grouped together against one wall of the room she was in. They talked together in soft, high pitched voices, the male voices seeming the same as the female, and of course Aiko could not understand a single word of their alien conversation. The aliens continued to converse together for about 5 minutes and then they all turned and approached the table to which she was strapped.

The three aliens started touching and exploring Aiko's body. Their hands felt cool and smooth to Aiko, not unpleasant at all. Despite the fact she was strapped to the table she wasn't afraid, instead she found herself getting excited by the aliens touching her. The table upon which Aiko was laying was then lowered until her body was just at the level of the alien genitals.

One of the male aliens moved so that he penis was right next to Aiko's face. She studied the alien organ for a moment; it was similar to a circumcised human penis except it was green. The head was a deeper and darker green than the shaft but Aiko did not find it in any way unattractive. Instead the alien's penis excited her as much as the cock of a human male would have. The alien's cock was already erect and he moved it toward Aiko's mouth as if he wanted her to suck it.

Since Aiko loved sucking cock and was curious about the alien penis in front of her she opened her mouth in invitation. The alien took advantage of Aiko's invitation and moved the head of his penis to her lips. She tentatively pushed out her tongue and lightly licked the head of the alien penis in front of her lips. The first touch and taste of the alien organ was little different from those human cocks she had experienced before. Aiko licked the head of the alien cock again with more confidence and this sent a thrill of pleasure down to her pussy. The alien seemed to enjoy it also and he moved forward a bit more so that Aiko had more access to his penis with her mouth.

Suddenly the straps which held Aiko to the table were released and she was free to move. But by that time the fire in her pussy burned brightly and she had no interest in escaping. Now she was more interested in exploring what pleasures the 3 aliens might have to offer her. She was also curious to see how the aliens had sex with each other and she resolved to do what she could to get at least one of the male aliens to fuck the female alien so she could watch them.

Aiko moved to sit up on the table and the aliens obligingly lowered it until Aiko's face was again on the level of their genitals. Aiko noticed with interest and delight the female alien sat down on the table next to her on the left. The other male alien moved so the female could suck his cock as well. Aiko grabbed the cock in front of her and took it into her mouth for the first time.

The head of the alien's penis fit perfectly in Aiko's mouth and she began to lick and suck it, enjoying the smooth texture of the head as she explored it with her tongue. Aiko wrapped her right hand around the shaft of the alien penis and began to slide it up and down. She felt the alien's breathing grow faster and the penis in her hand grow harder as her sucking quickly excited him. Aiko quickly realized that if things continued the alien would cum in her mouth and she wondered what his alien sperm would taste like. Aiko loved the taste of human semen and she decided to see if she liked alien sperm, too.

Aiko glanced over at the other two aliens and the female was sucking the other male's cock with real enthusiasm. Aiko reached her left arm over and pulled the female alien closer. The female alien obligingly scooted over across the few inches that separated her from Aiko until she was sitting with her body alongside and touching Aiko's. Aiko found the alien girl's skin to be even softer and smoother than that of a human girl. Aiko really liked the feel of the female alien's skin.

Aiko turned her attention back to the alien cock she was sucking and she redoubled her efforts. She wanted to make the alien male cum as soon as she could and learn what his semen was like. The alien female beside Aiko also continued to suck her male's cock. Aiko felt the shaft of the alien penis stiffen in her hand and the head in her mouth swell. Aiko grew more excited, the alien she was sucking was going to cum!

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