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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue - Noah is a doctor with an unusual patient. Jamie, a 22 year old girl, struck with a disease that keeps her trapped forever in a body of a girl half her age. With a blooming romance in the works, Noah wonders to himself if being with Jamie is the right thing to do, or if perhaps he's just a big pervert.

Systemic Hypoplasia. I never thought that it would be something real. It sounds like something out of some comic book. It's strange to think that a disease like that would be real in this day and age. It's a disease that causes the body to remain frozen, so to say, in a certain age. So you could be 40 years old, and look like you're still 12. It's amazing, but highly unbelieveable right? At least that's what I thought before I met Jamie. At first glance, Jamie would look like any 12 year old girl, with dark brown hair, and big brown eyes, but yet, her actual age is ten years older than that. Strangest thing is, that she's physically, a girl with the body of a 12 year old girl, but mentally, she's much more like 22 years old, than 12. And it's not dwarfism either. She truly is in every shape and form, like a 12 year old girl.

The young man stopped typing for a little bit, and read over what he wrote. He couldn't belive that he was actually talking about something like that, and figured that no one would believe him, although he didn't care. He knew it was true, and that was the main fact. "Hey!" The young man heard, and looked up. In the doorway, stood a young girl, about four feet in height, with her hands on her hips. "I've been calling you for the last 10 minutes! Dinner's ready." She said, and the young man smiled. "Sorry Jamie. I'll be right in." He told her. "What are you up to?" Jamie asked, and moved over to where the young man was. He didn't think much about it, and only when she looked at his computer screen, did the young man think about shutting it off. "Please tell me that's not another explanation about me Noah." Jamie said, and stared at him.

The young man, Noah Lancaster, just shrugged. "Maybe?" He asked, and could tell that Jamie wasn't pleased. "I'm not some medical mishap just for you to show off to everyone." She told Noah, and turned to walk away. "You know I hate being like this. It's like hell being stuck in a body where no one takes you seriously." She said, and Noah sighed, and reached out, to pull Jamie closer to him. "So? I take you seriously. Besides, who would believe me? Hell. I can even make up stories about you, and people will think it's all science fiction or something." Noah said, and Jamie sighed, before turning around, and burying her head into his chest. Jamie closed her eyes. She looked like she was 12 physically, but in her heart, she really was in her 20s. She hated being the way she was, and was glad that she found Noah, who really did care about her.

Jamie pulled back, and stared at Noah for a bit. She stared into his hazelnut eyes, and reached up, running her fingers through his dark brown hair, before cupping his cheeks with her hands. "You sure you're not just a pervert right?" She asked. Noah just sighed. "How many times do we have to go over this?" Noah asked, as Jamie skipped away. "Well. It's not everyday that a doctor asks me to come live with him." Jamie said, and stuck out her tongue. Even though she wasn't a child anymore, she did have her moments where she acted like one. Although Noah knew that she was just playing around, Jamie did have a point. For anyone that didn't know her disease, it looked like an older man was fooling around with a underage girl. And in a way, it worried him. "Hey, dinner's getting cold." Jamie said, as she exited the room. Noah just sighed, and followed her.

It wasn't as strange as it was a few months ago, as Jamie and Noah sat at the table, eating dinner. Noah had to wonder if Jamie was really telling the truth, and at the same time, Jamie herself wondered why Noah, her doctor, would suddenly ask her to come to his house for dinner. Of course, nothing really happened. But, that never stopped Noah from actually asking Jamie to come live with him. With her particular condition, Jamie couldn't refuse. And she thought it was funny when people thought she was his daughter, or younger sister. As the two talked, Noah went on about what happened at the clinic he worked at, and Jamie in turn told Noah about the lady at the store who thought that Jamie was using a fake ID when she bought the wine that afternoon. Jamie just sighed. It was something that Jamie had to go through every single day. People thinking she was just a child, that she really wasn't who she said she was, the whole nine yards. She had actually come accustomed to carrying around a copy of her birth certificate with her for those times.

Noah knew the look on Jamie's face. She hated being stuck in a child's body, and he knew that the only reason why she acted the way she did was to lash out at the world. It was the only way she knew how to take out her frustration. Clearing the plates off of the table, Noah brought back the bottle of wine they were drinking, and poured himself another glass. He then walked over to the couch, and sat down. He figured Jamie would be joining him sooner or later. Sure enough, Jamie walked over, and stood in front of Noah. He could see the tears welling up in her eyes, and sighed, opening his arms to her. Jamie sat in Noah's lap, and buried her head against his chest. It wasn't the first time either. "I don't get it. Why?" She sobbed. Noah wondered if giving Jamie permission to drink wine was a good idea, as he guessed she was just slightly tipsy.

It really was a strange case when he first met Jamie. Noah had never seen anything like it before, and everything he could find about her condition only said that it could never be treated, only because they didn't know how. At first, Noah was like any other doctor, amazed by the way Jamie's body had stopped it's aging process, before thinking about how sad it was, being stuck in a preteen body, while your mind matured. Even her body stayed the same. Small, A-cup breasts, a slim, almost athletic body, everything that would make you think that the girl on Noah's lap was a pre-teen girl.

From what Noah understood, Systemic Hypoplasia wasn't very common, but, nor was it uncommon either. In fact, the disease was so rare, that it wasn't thought to exist at one time. But, right there on his lap, was indeed, Jamie, who he noticed had stopped crying. "Pervert." Jamie mumbled. "How am I a pervert? You're the one that sat in my lap." Noah said, trying to defend himself. "You're the one getting a hard-on from me sitting here." Jamie told him. It was true, Noah's cock was starting to get hard just from Jamie sitting on his lap. "Yeah well. I can't help if I like the way you look." He said, and Jamie stood up suddenly. "Really?" She said, and suddenly lifted off her shirt. "There? Satisfied?" She asked, then suddenly pulled off her pants also. "There. I should get rid of those too huh?" She asked. Noah already knew what game Jamie was playing, and went along with it.

The tears that followed were fake. Noah already knew that. "I bet you just love having this freakish body standing naked in front of you right?" Jamie asked, and Noah shrugged. "Maybe." He told her, playing along with her game. Jamie glared at him, with her hands on her hips. "Maybe? Just a maybe?" She asked, and was surprised when Noah suddenly reached out, and pulled her onto the couch he was sitting on, before dropping to the floor in front of her. "Like I said. Maybe." Noah said, and Jamie gave a halfhearted smile. "I really am lucky to have you love me aren't I?" She asked, and closed her eyes, as Noah deeply kissed her. "Maybe. Or, maybe I'm the lucky one." He said. Jamie smiled a little, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Won't you give this little girl a thorough checkup doctor?" Jamie played, and Noah just smirked at her. "Maybe I will." He said, and stood up. Even though they lived in a nice house, on a hill, the nearest neighbor about a mile away, he still had a thing about leaving the windows open. As he stood up, Jamie pulled him back down by his shirt. "Leave it. There's no one out there." She said, and smiled. In the back of her mind, Jamie didn't care. She knew that there probably wasn't anyone around, and even if there was, Jamie was too tipsy to even give a fuck. She just wanted to get laid, and forget, even for one night, people thought that she was a little girl.

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