Teresa Scalia: Spying Comes With Consequences

by obo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, DomSub, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Barbara and Teresa attempt a covert operation to get embarrassing information on Roxanne and her strippers. Unfortunately things do not go as planned and someone suffers in what could be called a close shave.

It's 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night in the Scalia household. On one half of the King size bed in the master bedroom Dominic Scalia snores contentedly. On the other half of the bed, Teresa was having another bout with a recurring dream. In her dream Teresa finds herself again in the boxing ring at the Civic Center. Her outer clothing stripped from her, panties and hose lowered to mid thigh Teresa is again over the lap of Maria the Latin stripper. As she relives that night once again, Teresa tosses and turns in the bed fighting against the arousal that is building within her. Her black satin shorty nightgown is riding up and bunching at her waist. In Teresa's mind the scene is vividly playing out as Maria's hand explores the curves of Teresa's upturned ass. Her unconscious mind knows full well what is coming next with the anticipation and the arousal becoming nearly unbearable. As she dreams of Maria, Teresa instinctively seeks relief. Teresa's legs are churning under the covers, her thighs are pressed together tightly as they scissor against each other. Teresa's strong thighs part as her right hand caresses herself through the satin material of her panties. Her hips rise and fall in time with her petting hand. The dream continues as an accurate replay of the boxing ring events. Maria's caresses suddenly stop and there is an ominous pause. Teresa's masturbation increases in speed and intensity. In the dream, Maria commences with Teresa's punishment. The real time masturbation keeps pace with the dreamtime spanking, both creating an intense fervor in Teresa. Teresa's hand moves inside the panties to give her direct contact. Her pussy is well lubricated as she slips two fingers inside. Teresa groans and arches her back as her orgasm comes simultaneously with the end of the spanking. The dream ends here and Teresa slowly comes to consciousness. Chest heaving up and down, panting for breath, with a hint of perspiration in her cleavage, Teresa awakens and finds her hand still in her crotch and dripping with wetness. She flips the covers from her, adjusts her panties and swings her legs over the side of the bed to sit up.

"My God I can't believe this is happening again." Teresa thinks to herself as she holds her head in her hands. "At least the lord of the manor over there sleeps like the dead." Teresa sarcastically comments.

Stepping out of the bedroom, Teresa enters an adjoining bath and shuts the door. Switching on the light, she sits on the commode to think about what to do.

"I can't let this go on; it's driving me up the wall. I need to get something on Roxanne Starr and those two sluts Maria and Kathy. Something I can use on them. Maybe then I can get this out of my head." Teresa was strategizing. "I'll get Barbara to help me. She's got as much against them as I do. But it's got to be something major, something I can really use to humiliate them."

The next morning at the Anderson house, Barbara is folding and putting away laundry. Barbara's alone in the house as husband Mark and son Chad are at work and school respectively. Barbara opens a drawer in her dresser to put some of her freshly laundered lingerie. In the bottom of the drawer Barbara sees a white lace garter belt, matching thong, and a pair of white stockings. Barbara remembers well the night she wore those particular items and how that was all she was wearing when she left the Civic Center. Barbara picks up the garter belt and holds it out in front of her. As she looks over the fine white silk appliqué, her mind goes back to that fateful evening. She starts reminiscing of her being over the lap of Kathy Benson wearing nothing but the white lingerie and Kathy applying forceful corporal punishment to Barbara's bottom. Much as she tries to repress it, Barbara has more than a few stirrings of arousal as she replays those events in her mind.

"This is wrong, this is wrong." Barbara struggles with her thoughts. "I cannot feel like this. And it's their fault, Maria, Roxanne and Kathy."

Just as she's going over her humiliation at the hands of Kathy Benson, Barbara's cell phone rings.

"Hello this is Barbara."

"Barbara this is Terri Scalia. Before you hang up on me, please let me say something."

"I can't imagine that you have anything to say to me that I would be interested in. I've had more than my fair share of problems involving you and I don't wish to add to that so good..."

"How about getting even with Roxanne Starr and her two sluts?" Teresa interrupted. There was a few seconds of silence on the other end.

"Oh I'm sure you have a wonderful plan. No thank you, but I'll pass. I don't need another repeat encounter with those three. Perhaps you enjoyed being on the receiving end from Maria, it wouldn't surprise me if you did." said Barbara.

"Barbara don't be stupid. I have no intention of directly confronting them, at least not all three at the same time. Keep in mind Barbara it was your idea to pull the ties loose on their bikinis. Look what that led to."

"Don't call me stupid Teresa; you're the one who paraded around with her boobs hanging out."

"Hear me out on this please! What I've got mine is something more covert. Let's dig up some dirt on them, something we can use to humiliate them without putting us in jeopardy. Maybe something we can get on video or still pictures."

There was a pause in the conversation while Barbara thought for a moment. "Well I've heard some rumors, through Mark's friends, that Roxanne and her two little playmates have late-night liaisons in the back room of her bar. That might be something we could use."

"That's interesting, we'll have to check it out, but it sounds like something we could run with. We don't dare go into the bar ourselves. It would be great if there was a window in that back room. There's no one around that place in the morning, I think the earliest they get there is three or four o'clock in the afternoon. I can drive by some morning and scout it out."

"All right Teresa let me know what you find out, but we have to use the utmost care. Getting caught would be disastrous." warned Barbara.

Teresa did indeed perform some reconnaissance on Roxanne Starr's gentlemen's club. There was a back room nicely concealed from the parking area. In fact no one would know someone was on the outside of the building in that area unless they happened to walk there. The back room was in a corner and there were windows on either side of the corners, unfortunately the sill of the windows was about 6 feet above the pavement. If Barbara and Teresa were going to see anything through those windows they would have to be standing on some sort of platform. There were a few metal trash cans next to the windows that could be used, but they would be an unstable platform at best.

"I wonder if that's the room Barbara was talking about behind those windows? There's no way to see anything from the ground, we'll have to drag a ladder along or something. Maybe I could try those trash cans. God they're disgustingly dirty" Teresa said to herself.

There were three metal cans by the window. None of which had lids. Teresa reluctantly tipped the cans over to form a platform. It was a bit of a stretch, but she steadied herself with a handhold on the window sill and made the long step up on top of the can. Peering through the window Teresa had a good view of the inside of the building. Evidently the space was being used for Roxanne's office and had the usual office furniture. There was also a couch and what looked like a massage table.

"This is perfect I can practically see the whole room." Teresa thought. Teresa shifted slightly on the cans to change her perspective. The cans teetered a little and Teresa had to grip the window sill tightly to keep from falling. "Damnit that was close." Teresa thought as she regained her balance. "I think Barbara will be the one in the elevated position and I can be the lookout."

Teresa informed Barbara of the information she gathered on her reconnaissance mission. They made plans to meet near the gentlemen's club late on the next Saturday night. Actually it would be early Sunday morning. They would have to be there after the usual closing hour when their three victims would hopefully be in the office.

"Okay Barbara we'll have to park someplace away from the club and sneak in from the backside of the building."

"We can park in that vacant lot that's only a block west of the club. I know there are some trees we can park behind and that will give us the approach we want. Are you bringing the camera?"

"I've got the camera taken care of. Do you know how to work a camcorder?."

"I'm sure I can, but why do I need to know how to use your camera. Can't you do it?"

"Oh I'll be busy with other things. Don't worry it's really easy to operate." Of course Teresa knew full well why she wanted Barbara to run the camera. "Now remember Barbara, wear dark clothes so we can stay concealed."

"All right I'll meet you in that lot around 1: 30."

"It's all set then. Here's where we get even." Teresa said confidently.

It was a clear calm moonlit night when the scheming pair met at the vacant lot. Temperatures were in the brisk 50s and both women dressed accordingly. Teresa wore a dark blue sweatshirt, designer jeans with a black baseball cap. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail that exited the back of the cap. Barbara had taken the dark clothing/covert operation to heart. Black turtleneck over black stretch pants finishing up with a pair of black athletic shoes.

"Here Barbara you carry the camcorder, I've got the still camera in this case."

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