A Submissive's Dream

by Lord Skies

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A hypothetical evening of a professional woman who is also a submissive. Excerpt "It always thrilled her to serve him, brought a warm glow to her and in her, but there was a small part of her that wanted nothing more than his arms to hold her and comfort her, to help warm her in front of the fire."

It had been one of those days. Awful, she thought to herself, yes 'awful' was the best way to describe it. She honked her horn as another idiot cut in front of her, trying his best to go two miles an hour instead of one in this bumper-to-bumper traffic. Even the weather was miserable, it was cold and wet and raining. She thought again of her shoes, likely ruined from the puddle she had stepped in on the way into the office this morning. She had been in wet shoes with cold feet all day, despite her best attempts with towels and a hair dryer at the office.

All she wanted right now was to be at home and to sit and rest. Maybe have a glass of wine and warm by the fire. She hoped that her master was in a good mood. It always thrilled her to serve him, brought a warm glow to her and in her, but there was a small part of her that wanted nothing more than his arms to hold her and comfort her, to help warm her in front of the fire.

She laughed for a minute when the idiot that had cut in front of her got sideswiped as he tried to cut in front of another car in the next lane. She carefully pulled around him as he fumed in his car, flipped him off, and then drove away as traffic slowly started to move again.

The windshield wipers struggled to keep the water off the window as it started to rain harder and she had to slow in order to see the road. She felt the tension in her shoulders as if a knife were stabbing her between the shoulder blades. She turned up the defroster and wiped at the windshield with a paper towel, trying to remove the condensation that had accumulated there.

Thirty long minutes later she was pulling into the driveway, punching the small remote that opened the gate. She was very thankful that they had installed the automatic equipment. Otherwise she had to roll down the window and punch in the code on the keypad, usually causing her and the interior of her car to get very wet on a day like this. When the gate was fully open, she slowly drove through, and then stopped to make sure it closed securely behind her.

Then she finally began to relax as she drove the last bit down the driveway to their home. She always used this bit of time driving to send the thoughts from her day into the recesses of her mind, preparing herself for her master and what he might have in store for her that evening. She smiled at herself in the mirror and reminded herself out loud, "I am very lucky to have someone like him."

Pulling into the garage, she parked the car and got out, shaking off her raincoat and umbrella. She slipped out of the jacket and walked into the laundry room where she quickly slipped out of her clothes and made sure her hair and face looked good in the mirror. She didn't have to worry about makeup, she was forbidden from wearing any except during very special occasions. Her master said it simply covered up her beautiful face. While she loved the way he admired her, sometimes she was jealous of the other women who could wear it all the time. "Of course," she reminded herself, "I couldn't imagine a life with makeup and no master! It would be miserable!"

When she was ready, she turned to open the door into the house, only to find that he was standing there watching her.

Though she didn't know it at the time, he had called the office earlier that day to ask her to stop and bring home a bottle of wine. Her assistant had told him that she was having a really bad day and would likely be home late. So he had gone out and gotten a bottle of wine and come home to prepare dinner.

As she struggled to regain her composure, not expecting to see him standing there watching her, she saw a soft smile appear on his face. Then a soft smile stole across her face with her relief at seeing him. Kneeling quickly, she took her place at his feet, only to feel him taking her hand and pulling her to her feet, pulling her to follow him.

She followed quickly, wondering what he had in store for her. She hoped that nothing else went wrong today. She badly wanted to please him, but the way her day had gone did not hold much promise that things would go well that evening.

He led her into the bathroom and ushered her into the tub that had been filled with very warm, almost hot water, and then liberally dosed with bubbles. She sighed softly as she felt the warm water envelop her, caress her skin, feeling the tension melt from her muscles.

He sat on the edge of the tub and watched her, not speaking, just watching her, softly caressing her face, and brushing stray strands of hair back from her face. He then traced the outline of her lips with the tip of his finger before leaning down to softly kiss them.

She returned his kiss with vigor, even if she was at a bit of a loss. She wasn't exactly sure what he was doing. While she trusted him implicitly, there was still this nagging little voice in the back of her head that she was being set up for some bad news of some sort.

He reached over to the edge of the tub and found the water jet, and setting it to massage, he began to massage her arms with the warm pulsating jets of water. Working his way from her hands, up her arms, then her neck, gently pulling her forward and massaging her back, working down from her neck to the small of her back, around and around in slow small circles down her back. She could feel the drowsiness steal over her as the stress and aches slowly left her body.

Then he leaned her back in the tub again, slowly working the massager down her legs, her muscles relaxing from the work of spending all day on her feet in her steep heels. Her master loved the way they made her legs look in a nice skirt. Even when he wasn't around, it made her feel good to wear them, reminding her of him every time a man turned to look at her.

No matter how good the rest of the massage, the best was yet to come as he reached her feet, slowly lifting one leg and concentrating the jets of water on her tired feet. Letting the water run over them and massage them. Her toes and arches luxuriating in the feeling he was producing in her.

Then he began to work on the other, slowly massaging it until she was purring softly in the water from the wonderful feeling of relaxation running through her. She felt her foot being slipped back into the tub and saw him reach for the controls, but instead of shutting off the massager, he simply reduced the pressure and began to massage her legs again, working up from her feet along her legs until he reached her sex, the water softly playing against her tender skin.

She moaned softly and relaxed her legs so that they fell apart for his advancing hands, as he slowly moved the massager closer, toward her clit, letting the warm water brush against it, massaging it. He continued to use the pulses of water to, slowly and surely, bring her closer and closer to that edge.

He leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips, brushing a stray strand of wet hair from her face. The intensity of the kiss and the sensations from the massager were soon too much for her to bear and she began to cum as he plunged his tongue into her mouth and tasted her.

As her orgasm washed through and over her, he gently removed the water massager and broke their kiss, watching her and smiling at the now peaceful look on her face. He reached down and softly caressed one of her breasts, massaging it softly, sensually, and then moving to the other to repeat the process, noting that she was beginning to regain her senses as he did so. She moaned softly as he bent to kiss one nipple, then the other.

But just as she began to reach for his head, to caress and hold him there, he pulled away and stood by the edge of the tub. He picked up the towel that was neatly folded on the side of the tub and then extended his hand, motioning for her to rise.

He did not hand her the towel right away, instead he stood there and admired her for a moment. He was reminded just how beautiful she was, framed by the soft light filtering in through the frosted glass window behind her. A few patches of bubbles clung to her body, the whiteness of them contrasting sharply with the warm tone of her skin, still slightly pink from her arousal and the warm bath.

He took her hand and then helped her out of the tub, draping the towel over her shoulders and then around her, then slowly rubbing her through the towel and drying her with it, massaging her shoulders, neck, and back

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