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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man is held back in school due to a serious car accident. Troubled, having difficulty with the fear of being held back again, his parents hire a tutor. Ms. Wright soon teaches him more than what he needs in order to graduate, but she teaches him about love and life as well.

It had been three years since the car accident that I'd been involved in that had broken both my legs, an arm along with several ribs. I had spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital, and then going through rehab for several months afterwards. Because of it, I'd been held back in school, a year behind my friends and peers. Something which had left me scarred not only on the outside because of all the surgery required to put me back together again, but also because of the scars emotionally, along with a rather ugly one running down one side of my face.

I had lost my only real girlfriend. She had graduated, gone on to college in another state, and from what I'd last heard was dating some other guy already. I felt like a freak. Older than everyone else, though even that should have had some sort of side benefit, but it didn't. A nasty scar running down the side of my face from my ear to my jaw saw to that. And though it wasn't nearly as red as it once had been, every time I looked in a mirror and saw it, I saw only ugliness. Because of that, I made no effort to make any new friends, let alone date. And though I was doing much better getting around without a wheelchair or crutches now, there were days when my legs felt so weak that I had to rely on a cane to walk around with. Which had given me the nickname of "The Old Man," something the other kids in class thought was funny as I was in fact the oldest, and most of the time had to use a cane to get about with.

There were days however when even that was too painful still. So I stayed home, doing the best I could to keep up with my studies, but falling behind once again as my grades soon began to show the steady decline, and again threatening that I fall yet another year behind without graduating.

My parents both worked, but did well enough that when they saw that I was once again falling behind in school, they took immediate action to see to it that I would graduate from school this time around. I wasn't too keen on getting a tutor, one more thing for my classmates to tease and taunt me with. I could just hear it already, coming to be known as "The Stupid Old Man," or something like that. Still, it was also my desire to graduate as well, I couldn't take yet another year of falling behind, older ... dumber even more so the next time around if I did.

They had placed an ad in the paper, set up appointments, and the following weekend had begun to interview prospective tutors for me. Part of the deal I had struck with my parents was that they would select a final three candidates, and from there, I would then be given the choice between those three as to whom I preferred as a tutor, though I of course sat in with them as we greeted all who had come to apply for the position.

I knew that the third person interviewed, Mary, wouldn't be amongst the top three. She was way too pretty, "too flirty" as mom put it afterwards, and had she been amongst the final three, I knew darn well myself she'd have been my first choice. Needless to say I wasn't surprised when she didn't make the cut, even though it was obvious she would have been a good tutor, she was obviously smart and very enthusiastic. Perhaps too much so. But they did at least whittle down to three, from which it would be my choice.

One was an older man, around the same age as my father, whom I immediately rejected out of hand. That was the last thing I needed was another father figure in my life. Especially when my own father had begun looking at me as less than a man, no longer worthy or capable of earning myself some sort of sports honor as he had. The second was a woman in her late sixties, and though she was nice enough, kind looking, she too was eliminated simply because she reminded me too much of my own grandmother. Someone who constantly smothered me with kisses and bear hugs. And though I doubted Mrs. Anderson as she called herself would do that, I'd be reminded of it every time I saw her. That left Ms. Wright.

At least Ms. Wright, though she'd also given my parents the name of Julie, was reasonably attractive, if not somewhat prudish looking in not only her dress, but in her demeanor as well. I guessed her to be in her mid forties, perhaps even fifty and though she certainly wasn't even half as beautiful as Mary had been, she was certainly better than either of the other two. Needless to say she was the one I finally picked, though my mother had pretty much guessed that I would, along with my father as they nodded their heads in agreement over my selection. Perhaps that was their way of directing me to their obvious choice, by giving me two other candidates they knew damn well I wouldn't have picked.

Julie, though I was to call her Ms. Wright, not Mrs. as she wasn't married and never had been, was to start the following Monday afternoon. She would come every other day, and earlier than the 2:00 hour if I had for whatever reason remained home on any of those particular days. It was the intent of my parents to see to it that I didn't just lay around the house on the days I wasn't feeling well, or strong enough to go to school. So much for my "alone" time as I had called it when I'd been able to do that. Much of it spent admittedly in masturbation while perusing through several saved, hidden away web sites that I'd enjoyed looking at. After the very first day I thought I had made a horrible mistake in my choosing. Ms. Wright had been downright mean the way I saw it. She hadn't let up even for a moment the entire time we spent together. By the time she finally left around six, just as my parents got home, my head was spinning and I had an incredible headache. I was already dreading Wednesday when it came, though when it did, I was surprised at the somewhat noticeable change that occurred when I next saw Julie ... Ms. Wright.

She wasn't dressed nearly as prudish as she had when mom and dad had interviewed her, nor was she so outfitted, as she had been the first time she had actually come and tutored with me. Not that she was wearing anything sexy either, don't get me wrong. She still looked every bit the "teacher" type, but at least the white blouse she was wearing had a couple of top buttons undone. And though we're not talking massive cleavage showing or anything, there was at least a hint of it whenever she leaned over to look down at my progress on some problem she'd given me to work on and figure out. That at least made it somewhat interesting for me. That and the obvious hint of a very lacy white bra beneath her blouse that when pressed against it, revealed the delicate pattern within it, as well as the shapely fullness of her rather well rounded breasts.

Julie had given me six math problems to resolve in less than a half hours time. I'd managed to do four of them quite easily, the fifth considerably harder though I'd finally managed to work it out. The sixth one however, by far the hardest and left me sitting their scratching my head. I glanced up, saw her as she stood looking out the window in the study where we worked. I sat looking at her, perhaps for the very first time really as my thoughts drifted away from the problem I was trying to puzzle out. She wore her dark hair shoulder length in an attractive looking cut that perfectly molded her face and features. And though she wore a skirt that fell way past her knees, her legs looked to be very shapely and muscular in appearance. Telling me that she no doubt jogged every morning by the looks of them. But it was her full breasts my eyes suddenly landed on, staring at her as I did. The way she was standing in the window with the light coming in through it cast a perfect image of her form through the somewhat sheer blouse. I could clearly see the outline of her bra-clad breasts, the gentle slope of each one, the tightness of her tummy, another indication that she must be working out.

"Time!" she said suddenly spinning away from the window looking towards me, catching me as I sat there staring at her, though she gave no indication that she had. "How'd you do?" she asked walking over. "Let's see."

At least she was smiling. And she really did have a nice smile. "I got five of them ok I think," I told her looking down at the paper once again. "But this last one ... I'm missing something," I told her honestly.

Julie picked up the sheet looking at it. As she did, I once again took time to admire her chest as it heaved up and down with every breath that she took.

"Very good," she said giving me credit for correctly doing the first five math problems. "But yes here ... this is where you made your mistake," she said now leaning over my shoulder having walked around behind me, setting the paper down in front of me so that we could both see it. As she did, I felt the lightest touch of her breasts against my upper shoulder, though I knew without any doubt it had been accidental, inadvertent contact, which she didn't immediately acknowledge in creating distance between us. But it was also contact which she didn't allow to continue for very long either as she explained to me what it was I had done wrong. "Better than Monday though," she then added giving me some credit anyway, along with another brief quick smile which suddenly made her more attractive looking than she had appeared to me before. I was actually feeling pretty good at the moment until she soured me with the next concern that she had.

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