The Lucky News Boy

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2009 by Sirdar

: Tony was doing his Saturday newsround when he inadvertently got a facefull of soggy cornflakes destined for the errant husband. But then he and his lady attacker become very much closer.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

I peddled furiously to make my last call of the morning. It was the last paper in my bag to be delivered. Just as I parked my bike outside the house, a car shot out of the drive with screeching tyres nearly knocking me over, and sped off down the close to the main road.

My parents had very little money, and so the money from the news round was my main source of pocket money. Today being Saturday I had planned to go to the model shop with Terry my best friend and squander some of my hard earned cash on a model I had admired for a long time and had saved a long time for. On Saturdays, the arrangement was that I would collect the weeks paper money from about twelve of my customers. The rest preferred to pay at the shop or, perhaps at the end of the month. First of all being a Saturday, I had to collect the paper money from this house number 34 and as it was my last call, then I would go home for my hard earned breakfast.

I was seventeen and had just passed my A levels and soon I knew I would be off to University. The days of delivering early morning newspapers, and getting up at 06.30 every morning was fortunately coming to an end.

I knocked on the door and that was the last thing I remembered for several minutes, When I came round, I found that I was in the arms of a blonde, very attractive young lady, who was crying profusely and attempting to apologise at the same time. When I eventually got my bearings back, and wiped the milk and corn flakes off my jacket, with the assistance of the young housewife, she told me that she had started the morning off by having a violent argument with her husband. I then learned that her name was Penny and she had found evidence that morning of him having a long term affair with his Secretary.

He had fled the house in a temper, jumped in his car and sped off, but she had wrongly assumed that he had come back having forgotten his house keys, and so when I knocked on the door, the lady bent on retribution had opened the door intent on doing her errant husband grievous bodily harm with a large plate of soggy cornflakes that she had prepared for his breakfast, but he had not eaten in his hasty departure.

However, her aim had been good, but in me she had selected the wrong target, and so I had been the unfortunate recipient of her marital disharmony. As she wiped me down, she told me how her husband and her had earlier come to blows.

It was then that I noticed the blood on her face and then it was my turn of me to give Penny first aid, as she had a nasty cut under her eye. The cut was quite deep, and not being qualified in First Aid I thought that that as a precaution, she ought to go to hospital for treatment, because I was fairly sure that she may need stitches.

The wound was still seeping, and so I covered it with an emergency dressing from her first aid box, and as she had a car, she managed to drive us both to the nearest hospitals casualty department. She was still quite shaken, and had asked if I could accompany her, so before we set off I rang my parents, and told them roughly what had happened and where I was going.

Fortunately Penny was seen quite quickly, and I waited outside in the casualty waiting area, I thought they were taking a bit longer than I had anticipated, but then two policemen came in and after talking to the receptionist they came across to me.

"I gather you are the wife beater?" the one policemen said.

"My first reaction was confusion and I said. "What me?" "No I am the newspaper boy.!"

"The one policeman said "Oh right Bill we have a clown as well."

"No officer, I was the one who found her. I really am the newspaper boy." I told them.

Just then Penny appeared with her eye covered by a dressing. "Yes officer he was the one who helped me and he came with me to keep me company." She then went on to make a statement, and she spelt

out in more detail the circumstances of how her husbands affair had come to light.

After the interview we went back to her house as I thought to gather my bicycle and go on home for my breakfast. But Penny was very emotional, and for some reason she did not want to be left alone. I told her "I am hungry as I have missed my breakfast."

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