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Drama Sex Story: Several short stories I wrote a long time ago. Some fans emailed me and asked for at least one more story before I take my sabbatical from Storiesonline. So here it is fans! These are very dark and there is violence. So don't read them if such stories upset you.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Slut Wife   Caution   Violent   Prostitution   .

A warning to the readers. This is collection of short stories. Some flash size, some slightly longer. They are more of my dark stories, with violence, where there are few or no winners or heroes. If you don't like those types of stories than don't read these! These are absolutely my final offerings to SOL for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all who wrote and asked for me to post more!


Vignette #1 All In

Bernadette Harlan, a beautiful 5-2 redhead with intense green eyes, was standing near the Texas Hold'Em table watching her husband Neil wager their last two thousand dollars on another all-in bet.

Neil's six foot frame was hunched over the table's side rail almost like an eighty year old man. The gambling addiction had turned this virile thirty four year old man into a burned out shell. As the river card settled on the middle of the table, Neil's body sagged further.

He'd lost! He'd lost everything!

They had come to Las Vegas with over one-hundred thousand dollars and now, they had nothing. It had taken less than five days for him to blow it all. In those five days, Bernadette had tried more than once to get him to leave the tables. She hated the sound of him saying "all in".

She'd begged him to stay in the room and make love to her as he'd promised before they had left home for this second honeymoon trip. However she'd rarely seen him during these five days.

She'd slept alone the first two nights and then decided that if her husband wouldn't fulfill his duties, she would find someone who would. It had taken less than an hour to have the perfect man hit on her at one of the myriad of bars scattered around the huge casino hotel.

Henry, Hank, Dillon was a buff man of about fifty years of age with dark piercing brown eyes. After an hour of casual conversation at the bar, Hank had welcomed her to his room and made wild passion filled love to her. He'd devoured her mind, body, and soul with his slow sexy style of love making. He'd start slowly building to an intense pace that had Bernadette constantly in a state of sexual arousal.

On the first night of Hank and Bernadette's tryst, Bernadette went to Hank's room for a few hours of unbridled sexual release. On the second night, Bernadette spent the entire night with Hank and Neil never even noticed she wasn't in the room. On the morning of the fifth day, they had made love in Neil and Bernadette's room.

Bernadette had wished that Neil would come back to the room and catch them so she could throw it up in his face. But finally Hank said he had to go to an important appointment and would see Bernadette later that day. He'd just fucked her again and her female aroma was high.

He said he hated to leave but would be back soon. He dressed and went out of the door. Bernadette lay there in the messed up bed with Hank and her juices spotting all of the bed linen.

A few minute later Neil entered the room and glancing at Bernadette as he headed to the bathroom to shower and announced, "I'm going to shower and head back down."

Neil hadn't even noticed her familiar scent of sexual want! As Neil showered, Bernadette decided, that's it. He doesn't even see me laying here in a cum-covered bed with my pussy swollen from the cock of another man. He's sick with this gambling addiction. He'd rather gamble than make love to me. I'm leaving him.

As Neil turned from the table knowing he was now flat broke, he for the first time noticed his beautiful wife. She was standing there with another man's arms wrapped around her chest and her arms clinging tightly to the man's arms. He was disoriented by what he was seeing.

He shakily walked over to where she stood and smiled at her. She didn't return the gesture. She stared at him as if he was a serial killer. Neil said, "Honey, what are you doing? Who is this guy?"

"His name is Hank. He became my lover this week while you ignored me and favored gambling over being my lover. He's my lover now and I'm moving to Reno with him. Go feed your awful gambling habit. Go ignore another wife. I'll be going to Reno and filing for divorce. This week, Hank and I are staying here and fucking our asses off. I've moved my suitcases to Hank's room and he paid your hotel bill. So please leave today."

Neil looked forlorn and asked, "Is there no way I can win you back?"

Bernadette turned to Hank and gave him a long soulful kiss. She turned her head to Neil and slowly shook it. I'm Hank's woman now. He owns all of me. As you gamblers would say 'I'm all in' ... and your' out"

Vignette #2 Hear No Evil

I didn't want to hear my neighbor Stan tell me he'd seen my wife Alice at the local Ramada Inn bar with her boss Harry last night.

Stan wondered over to my yard as I was wiping down the lawnmower after trimming the yard. Stan seemed anguished as he launched into his talk. "Leland, I ... I don't know how to tell you this other than to just tell you this. But last night I saw Alice at the Ramada Hotel bar with that asshole boss of hers.

They were in a booth in the dark section making out. I ... I think he had his hand up her dress but it was kind of dark where they were sitting." He gave me a few more tidbits of information and patting my shoulder returned to his house.

I didn't want to hear my secretary tell me she'd seen my wife and her boss going into the Ramada Inn a week ago.

Sherry asked me why I was so down at work the next day. I told her what Stan had said. She placed her hand on my shoulder and said, "I didn't want to have to tell you this, but I saw Alice and Harry going into the Ramada last week at lunch time. He had his hand on her butt and she was laughing at something he'd said."

I didn't want to hear my best friend, Sam, tell me he was sure Alice was cheating on me.

I met Sam for drinks after work to steady my nerves and try to bring some reason to my now screwed up life. I told Sam what I'd been told in the last twenty-four hours and he replied, "Dude, I gotta tell you. She's a slut. She's been screwing around on you for at least a couple of months now."

"She hit on to me at the barbeque you threw last month and tried to stick her hand into my trousers. She said she was horny and wanted me to fuck her until her teeth rattled. I told her no that I wouldn't cuckold my best friend and she laughed and said you'd been an unknowing cuckold for quite a while already. I'm sorry buddy."

I didn't want to hear Harry beg for his life.

"No, please. We were just having some fun. It was just sex! She loves you! Please don't shoot me!"

I didn't want to hear Alice tell me lies about her cuckolding of me.

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed, "It was just sex! No love, just a roll in the hay. Our sex life had gotten so routine and boring. I needed some excitement. It meant nothing! Please, let me make it up to you! Please don't!"

I didn't want to hear the judge say, "Guilty on both counts. You're sentenced to death for the first degree murders of your wife and her lover."

But I did hear them all.

Vignette #3 Prayers

I prayed last night for the first time in my adult life. At first I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for understanding. I prayed for a new lease on my crumbling marriage.

The cheating had been going on for almost a year. The sex at home had dropped to nothing. The sex away from home had become addicting. The drugs were a great turn on also.

The arguments had gone from almost never to almost daily. The name calling had only recently been added to the list of marriage failures. Names like slut, bitch, bastard, wimp, and much worse rang out nightly in the house.

Physical violence began that night -- the night I started praying. I couldn't take it any longer. One of us would seriously hurt the other in the not too distant future unless something was settled.

The word 'divorce' rang loudly through the air as the violence subsided. Both sides yelled it loudly and frequently over the next week.

And then one day I came home from work and found myself alone in the house. Only my clothes and toiletries remained. No note was left. No explanation.

Of course no explanation was needed. The marriage had been over for months by the time I came home to an empty house that day.

I checked the bank accounts and found half of the funds gone, just as I would have expected from a person like I was married to. I was married but not for much longer I thought.

This was the night I began praying.

I prayed every night for the next two weeks, then three weeks, then a month, then six months. I prayed every day and as time went on my prayers changed into what I desired as those desires changed. I didn't file for divorce.

I didn't really want it to be over. I just didn't have the energy to do it, nor did I want the marriage to end on such a whimper.

I needed one last talk with my spouse to say what I'd said in all of those prayers. I prepared for my prayers being answered.

I went to the streets of the city and purchased twenty grams of the strongest rock cocaine I could obtain. It went in my nightstand for future use.

I went to the bank and got five thousand dollars in cash, carefully marked it, and placed it in my night stand at home.

One night in the seventh month of my marriage's death, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and almost fell over. There stood my spouse. She was at least eight months pregnant. She seemed to be spaced out hanging on to the door jam as she fell toward the inside of the house.

I picked her up and carried her to the couch in the living room. She was dead asleep by the time I went to get a blanket and returned. Placing the blanket over her I turned off the light and went to bed.

I got up at six and went down to find her still asleep. She looked pretty bad. Serious malnutrition, unwashed, pretty sad looking, I thought.

I woke her and said I'd have breakfast shortly. I fried bacon, made toast and waited until she came in to do the eggs.

She ate like a hungry horse. After breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room where she sat on the couch waiting for me.

I sat down, stared at her huge belly and asked, "So — you were pregnant by him before you left our marriage?"

She smiled sadly and nodded. She rubbed her abdomen and said, "I still love you. I went to him because we were in such bad shape, but I never stopped loving you. Even when we fought so much at the end."

I held up my hand and rebutted, "Loved me? You fucked that guy for almost a year before our marriage died and you walked out. You went to him night after night. You used drugs with him and came home stoned just like you did last night. But, I'm not going to divorce you. You can divorce me if you want to, but I'm not going to divorce you."

She leaned over and hugged me. "Thank you. But, you know I can't come home. I'm having his baby and will live with him from now on. I just wanted to clear the air with you."

"Okay, you've done that. I forgive you for leaving me. And to make you know I mean that, I have something for you." I went to the nightstand and removed the crack and the money.

I returned and sat down next to her. I handed her the money and said, "Give it to him as a baby gift and he can use it to support you and the baby for awhile.

I handed her the crack and said, "Here's twenty grams of some stuff I bought in case you were to come home and need it. It's pretty weak stuff from what I've been told so you may need to use three or four at the same time."

She stood up and I followed her to the front door. She turned and said, "Thank you so much. I was afraid you would still be mad and not forgive me."

I smiled as I let her out and waved bye as she waddled away from the house. I saw him sitting in his old dilapidated car waiting for her to come out. She opened the passenger door, got in and passed the bag of money and drugs to him. He seemed shocked but then he grinned and waved as they drove off.

The next morning, I ran out and grabbed the paper from the front porch. On page four was a story about a pregnant woman found dead last night from a crack overdose. I smiled as I went out back and broke the basement window. I opened a few drawers in the dining room, den, and bedroom.

Then I picked up the phone and dialed, "Hello, police? I'd like to report a burglary. Five thousand dollars was stolen from my house last night. And I know who did it." I gave them his name, the name of the man that had made my wife a crack cocaine user and stolen her away from me.

I went on to tell the police that I'd marked the bills just in case of a robbery and described the marking. Within a couple of hours I received a call from a detective who told me that that man had been captured and they had found the money.

Five thousand dollars had ensured he would be charged with a felony. They also found an ample supply of crack that was above a personal use level. So he was charged with another felony count. He would be away for a long time.

Yes, all of my prayers have been answered. As I counted my prayers, I thought, Yeh bitch, I forgive you for leaving me, but I'll never forgive you for cheating on me.

Vignette #4 I Had No Choice

My job required me to travel four days a week to troubleshoot customer problems around the country. My wife Jan hated me traveling so much. She bitched about it all of the time. When I was home I tried to be attentive and loving to her.

I knew that on occasion, my best friend Kevin would take her to a movie or a theater event she wanted to see. I always thanked him and reimbursed him for his expense for taking care of her. I thought all was well until that Saturday in September when she came in, sat down at the kitchen table across from me where I was doing the check book, and announced, "I'm leaving you. I love Kevin. He and I enjoy each other and I'm deeply in love with him."

I cleared my throat, "Well, I ... I ... uh ... You're in love with him?"

"Yes, I am. He's sweet, gentle, and a wonderful lover."

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