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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Wife Watching, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I white wife persuades her husband's African boss to promote her husband, but nothing is straightforward in Africa

"Honey, I'll be back tomorrow. It's only one night." Dan reassured his wife as he prepared to leave for Kwekwe. His wife Gemma nodded and looked reflective, rather than worried.

"I'll be back tomorrow."

Gemma nodded.

He gave her a hug and a kiss and climbed into the car out of the hot sun. The gardener held the gate open for him, and he swept through. He had a two and a half hour drive and if he left now before it got dark he would be out of the city and on his way by the time night fell.

His thoughts were on the business meeting he had to attend first thing in the morning and when a few moments later he passed his employer driving the other way he give it little thought, beyond a polite wave back.

He worked through his strategy for the meeting as he drove, but nagging doubts kept coming back to him. What was his boss doing driving out towards Avondale? He lived in Borrowdale and was nowhere near the company office.

Nagging doubts fretted Dan's peace of mind. Gemma had expressed her frustration that he was not more assertive. That he had not pushed hard enough for a pay rise, and that he should apply for the promotion to Area Manager.

Dan knew he was not up to it. Everyone else in the company knew it too. It was just silly to apply for the promotion. He would never get it! Not that he told Gemma that, he just hesitated and prevaricated.

That just wound Gemma up even more.

They really had enough money here. The salary might be low, but so were the costs and they lived far better than they had in England. Why couldn't his wife just forget about the promotion? They did not live in the rat race anymore.

But why was his boss driving into the Avondale suburb just as Dan was leaving? What was he up to? What could he be up to? Gemma had seemed quiet and reflective as he left instead of worrying about his trip as she usually did. Was there a connection?

Dan fretted.

He worried and fretted whenever his gut told him something was wrong, and his guts were screaming at him!

He fretted for another fifteen minutes before his vacillations led to a deeper worry.

In one wide sweeping u-turn he turned the car back towards Harare and put his foot down on the accelerator.

When he returned to Avondale his heart leapt into his mouth to see his boss's car parked in the driveway in front of their villa. He suppressed the momentary panic. It could be quite harmless.

In a moment of lucidity he did not press on the car horn for the gardener to come and open the gates. The gardener had probably already left for the neighbourhood bar anyway.

He drove the car a bit further down the street, parked and locked it up. It would be safe enough in this area. Then he walked back and used his key to let himself through the security gates.

He almost went straight into the house but hesitated. Was he being silly? Would he make a fool of himself? He was after all supposed to be on the way to Kwekwe. Would Gemma think he didn't trust her? Would his boss demand to know what he was doing here?

He hesitated ... and fretted.

Then he walked around the villa to the rear garden. Gemma always kept the rear curtains open and the windows to the cooler night air flowed through the house. Not that it ever really got cold in Africa.

He could listen through the windows to hear what was going on.

He felt a bit foolish skulking through his own garden, but he could hear Gemma's voice now, and occasionally the deep guttural responses of his African boss. They seemed to be having a normal conversation.

He leaned a bit closer and looked through the window. Darkness had by now descended on Harare. The dark of the night would hide his presence. Gemma and his boss, Beneril Ustory, were sitting at table talking over the remains of a meal. It all seemed so harmless, but why was his Boss here at all? Why had Gemma not mentioned she was expecting him before he left?

He worried again. He could hardly burst in and demand what was going on. Could he? He waited and listened.

"I assure you Gemma I am a man of my word. You keep you side of the bargain, and I will keep mine."

Dan was intrigued and listened longer.

"I am just not sure. Dan would be furious if he learned."

"I will never tell him, I assure you."

"You don't understand. I love Dan, I really do. I just wish he would be a bit more assertive."

Ben shrugged.

In the darkness Dan smiled and felt relieved. His wife really did love him. She could not know he was hiding in the garden. She loved him! He had worried about that a lot.

"He is what he is. He's a good man. I trust him, far more than I could ever trust an African manager."

"Dan trusts me. What would he think if he even knew I had invited you to dinner to discuss this promotion."

Dan bridled. If only his wife would stop interfering and pushing all the time. Things would work out. They usually managed to muddle through. It had not been his fault his last company had gone bust, or that he had been out of work for nine months. He did not want Gemma's pushiness to lose him this job. They needed it. They could do without the promotion, but they needed this job.

Gemma would ruin it!

He cursed and his heart stopped when Ben reached across with his large black hand and took Gemma's slender white hand in his.

"He will never know we had this discussion." His dark hand squeezed Gemma's hand gently.

Hey! He thought she has not pulled her hand away!

"How do I know you will really give him this promotion?"

"I have it with me here."

Ben reached into his pocket and extracted a letter.

"Here read it. See for yourself. You can trust me Gemma."

Gemma took the proffered letter and read it. While she did so Ben retained his grip on Gemma's hand. Dan's eyes widened. His boss was stroking and caressing Gemma's hand.

She had better be careful. This could get out of hand. There would be gossip if anyone learned she had invited an African to dinner while Dan was away.

"It's all there."

"It's more than I expected."

"Of course. You are a remarkable woman. Dan is very lucky to have such a beautiful wife."

Gemma said nothing, but she pushed the letter away and reached for a drink. Her hand seemed to be trembling.

"Don't worry. He will never know. It is just business. I have something you want, and you have something I want. Simple."

"But I love Dan."

"I know, that's what makes it just perfect."

Dan was perplexed. What did his Boss want that made his wife's love for him perfect?

"I want the best the best for him. I want him confident in himself. I want him to think he deserved this promotion. That he deserved it. He would hate me if he thought I had interfered. He is so proud, it's silly sometimes."

Dan listened. His wife knew him so well, and yet she had still interfered she didn't understand, but she had meant well.

He dithered.

"Come Gemma, let's get more comfortable than sitting at this table." Gemma hesitated.

"You are going to honour our deal?"

"Yes, yes I promised, and I keep my promises."

Ben wondered if she remembered the promises in her marriage vows. He would not remind her, not at this time. He stood up without releasing her hand and led her over to the centre of the living room heading for the sofa.

Dan edged around a bit to get to a better position where he could see without being seen.

Gemma looked stunning, but she had always looked stunning. He had never understood why she had gone out with him on that first date, never mind married him. But she loved him! She had just told Ben that and made it very clear!

It was a shock therefore when Ben pulled her close and she did not pull away.

His heart stopped and his stomach lurched when Ben's meaty black hands grasped his wife's tightly clad bottom and pulled her closer. Gemma turned her head away but was not struggling or pushing him away

Gemma had long legs, really long legs. Her tight jeans emphasised their length and the round pert bottom at the top of those legs was being cupped and squeezed by his African boss!

She was wearing high heels and a light tight sweater that hugged her figure. A figure that was being held against the heavy set body of his boss. The man was old enough to be her father he thought!

But she was not pushing him away!

Dan fretted.

He could still charge in there, but after all Gemma had said about how she loved him, and how much she did not want him to find out. His very presence would show her he did not trust her!

But if he did nothing...

Dan worried.

Ben dropped his head and nuzzled the soft white neck exposed by her turning her head from the kiss.

Gemma was pretty. At twenty two her skin had the freshness of youth. He kissed and nibbled at her exposed neck. He could feel her tense. Could sense her desire to pull away. This was no wanton slut but a respectably happily married wife. His cock lurched harder and he pulled her against it as his hands grasped her round firm bottom.

He was going to enjoy this!

Dan was frozen in position as he stared at his African boss paw his wife. Why wasn't she pushing him away?

Gemma was in shock and confusion. The large cock of her husband's boss ground against her. She could feel its heat and hardness. What had she got into? His soft lips nibbled her neck were setting off exciting tingling sensations.

Her hands wavered in the air. She knew she could not push him away. She wanted to, and yet she didn't! Butterflies flew in her stomach and her body was responding quickly to the warm male body pressed against her.

She had agreed to this, she had to remind herself. The reality of her sacrifice was not what she had expected. She had thought she could bear with this, could let him have her and remain remote.

The hot pulsing cock so firmly pushing against her had set off a sexual arousal she had hoped to keep at arms length.

Ben's tongue found her ear and whirled and stroked. Her hands came down to his shoulders to push him away, at least she meant to push him away, her hands rested on his shoulder.

The tongue in her ear was intrusive, circling, delving, hot and wet and scintillating. She shivered and finally pulled away as her nipples thickened and hardened.

Dan watched through the window as his boss fondled and stroked his wife's firm curvy bottom. His wife was wriggling in his arms, but not with any vigour or urgency. The man was making a meal of his wife's dainty ear!

He could not help himself from looking on.

He had thought he would be angry.

He was not!

He was aroused!

Ben could feel the woman's soft firm breasts crushed against his chest. Her hardening nipples betrayed her excitement. There was something very special about these English wives. Bringing them to a level of sexual excitement that they did not expect, cracking their reserve, making them enjoy it despite their upbringing.

Nice girls! Good girls ... to be ground against his cock and pinned like a butterfly on his hard lust.

"I'm only doing this for my husband!" She gasped against him.

"I know you are honey. This is just about getting him a promotion." His tongue lapped at her soft white neck.

"Ok, but ... but take it easy. I have never done anything like this!"

Ben's hands rose to her waist, squeezing and moulding the soft slim round hips.

"Does this just have to be pulled up?" He asked his hot breath in her ear.

"Yes." Gemma gasped.

Ben smiled and started pulling her tight fitting top upwards.

Dan could not pull his eyes away as his boss pulled his wife's top upwards, and her bare white slender waist and back came onto view. Ben did not wait to get the top over her heard before he lowered his hands and caressed the soft skin of her back.

Dan's eyes were fixed on the scene in front of him as those black hands stroked and caressed his wife's white back. He watched as his wife struggled to pull her top over her head and toss it aside. Then her hands fell back onto the African's shoulders.

Ben felt his mouth go dry as his black boss fiddled with the clasp of her bra.

"For your husband," he whispered as it became loose. Through the open window he heard the words whispered in his wife's ear.

Dan dithered.

He dithered as his own cock hardened and thickened.

He was confused.

Gemma trembled in the arms of the African, a man whose warm body, hot cock and caressing hands were firing her up. She shivered as his hands gently stroked her arms and pushed her away from him. She looked at him and saw his gaze fall to her breasts.

The look of hunger on the African's face set her trembling anew. Her husband had never looked at with such an expression of sheer lust! She unconsciously pushed her shoulders back, which she knew made her breasts more prominent.

She was wasting her time. Nothing could have excited Ben more than he already was. The woman's full breasts were gems of white womanliness. He wanted to hold them and caress their soft firmness, but he was reluctant to release her arms in case she came to her senses and fled!

He licked his lips as the woman trembled in front of him, then he lowered his head and greedy mouth sucked in a perfect pink nipple.

Dan himself trembled as the African's head disappeared behind Gemma's body. He could see his boss's hands holding his wife's wrist down by her side. His head had disappeared and he had to be licking his wife's breasts. He knew just how much that thrilled his wife. How it would get her over excited!

The keening moan that came through the window confused Dan, till he realised it was coming from his wife. Her head fell back, and her long dark hair fell down her back.

The African's hands held her hands harder, firmly keeping her in position, as his hot mouth suckled and savoured the fresh tasting clean woman flesh! He popped one breast from his mouth, and then sucked in the other one.

He could feel the woman's passion building up. Her excited wail thrilled him. He released her hands and stroked her bare slim waist. She made no attempt to pull away and he reached for the buckle on the belt of her jeans.

The jeans were going to be a struggle to pull off. He drew the belt free and tossed it aside. The top of her jeans sprung apart when he popped the brass button. When he pulled on the zipper she made no effort to get away and he grinned.

He had this woman now! She was going to be his!

His large hands reached for the waist of her jeans and pulled them down. They were tight and the woman braced her legs as he dropped to his knees and pulled and tugged on the clinging jeans. As her stomach came into view he leaned forward and kissed the smooth curve of her belly.

As the jeans released their grip on the woman's full thighs has hands eagerly stroked the soft firmness.

Dan watched as black hands caressed and stroked his wife's lovely white thighs. Squeezing them, and sliding over them before rising up to slide under his wife's lacy knickers to grasp and stroke.

Gemma was wearing her sexy underwear! She did not normally wear them! She must have put them on especially for Ben's visit! What did that mean?

His heart was back in his mouth as those hands drew his wife's panties down. He had bought them for her. Last Christmas, now a black man was sliding them off his wife!

His boss crouched lower in front of Gemma, then leaned forward and Dan watched his wife edge her legs wider apart, and there he was with his head between her legs lapping away at her privates.

Gemma groaned as the black man's tongue thrust along the groove of her cunt. Her husband did not do this very often. He didn't like it, but this African did not seem to mind. She might as well enjoy the opportunity! She spread her legs wider and grasped the African's head to hold steady as he licked.

Ben delighted in the freshly washed tasty flesh between the woman's legs. White women seemed to take so much more care of their cleanliness. He lapped aside the lips of her vulva and delved inside to the pink liquid heat inside. Half an hour of this and she would be climbing up the walls for his cock, no matter how much she loved her husband.

Gemma had to hold the African's head firmly as her long legs started to tremble. The tongue between her legs had not given a few swipes like her husband usually done. The man was really going to town as though her pussy was a tasty treat!

She groaned as hot hungry swipes of nimble tongue set a fire in her loins. This was just fantastic! The tongue lapped and circled around her clitoris send Gemma onto her toes from the exciting sensation.

When he curled his tongue and thrust it inside her, she wailed her delight. Staring at the ceiling through sightless eyes as she focussed on the pleasure between her legs. She had not expected her adultery it to feel this good! She had meant it to be a penance for her betrayal of her husband, even if it was for her husband's future!

The tongue licked and lapped, thrust and whirled and Gemma's knees give way. She would have fallen but the African hands that had returned to caressing her bottom held her firm. His strength surprised her and excited her. Her husband would have collapsed under her if her she put her weight on him like this. The African seemed to hold her effortlessly as his tongue lapped.

Ben delighted in the effect his tongue was having on this white English wife. White women often seemed to have little experience of the many different varieties of sex. She tasted divine and the flowing juices served testimony to how little resistance there would be when he popped his cock up her!

Dan was in emotional turmoil as he watched his wife's lovely long shapely legs held effortlessly wide by his African boss as the man seemed to lick for ever between his Gemma's white thighs. He had never seen his wife so excited, but then he had not taken the trouble to lick her as long and persistently as his boss.

If only he had known it would have this effect on his wife!

When the African sought to pull away Gemma tried to pull his exquisite tongue back between her legs but he was far stronger than her. She felt like a toy in his arms as he held her away and stood up. Her eyes locked with his and she felt a sudden shame at the intensity of her arousal.

She looked away, but he pulled her close twisted her head and lips still wet with her pussy juices mashed onto her own and that exciting tongue was in her mouth. She sucked on it greedily careless of the taste of her own pussy.

Ben grinned and pulled away from her lips. He had no need to pull the woman in close. She was grinding herself close, rubbing sensuously against his hard cock.

"The bedroom?" He asked.

Gemma did not hesitate and nodded to the corridor. The African's arm slid around her slender naked waist and he led her away.

Dan hesitated for a moment, unsure what to do. Then he moved to the bedroom window and found himself hoping Gemma did not close the curtains!

In the bedroom Ben seemed to become more assertive. He simply picked Gemma up and threw her on the bed. She gasped, surprised and a little shocked, but lay there passively as her husband's boss started to strip off his clothes.

She saw his hungry eyes on her and preened and stretched showing him her all. Showing him her feminine charms and the delights awaiting him. She was hot and horny.

This was no longer about her husband and his promotion.

She wanted to be fucked by this African!

She wanted it.

She spread her long legs wide for him.

When his trousers dropped to the floor, she could not stop her eyes falling to his loins. Her eyes widened as he stood for a moment before joining her. He was hardly a fine figure of a man. He must have been around fifty years old, and she felt a little thrill run through her that she was going to let a much older man enjoy her.

His cock looked long and thick. It bobbed and weaved in the air she marvelled at its length. It was long, very, very long and she felt her loins tighten in anticipation.

Dan felt intimidated. His boss had always been domineering and forceful around the office. His nakedness did not diminish his authority. Seeing the man standing there naked sporting a long hard cock made Dan feel diminished. His heart lurched as lovely wife spread her legs wider for the African bull about to mount her.

Then Ben was climbing onto the bed and his wife was reaching for him, guiding him, and welcoming him onto her body. She seemed to get buried beneath his middle aged bulk as the African settled atop of her.

He watched as his wife's slender arms encircled the African. He saw the man's hips raised high weaving and bobbing and then making a quick almost brutal thrust.

The wail from Gemma served testimony that the man was inside his wife. Had buried his cock in her tightness. Gemma's legs seemed to shoot high in the air on both sides of the thrusting African. Then the man made several forceful, thrusting movements and Dan winced at the thought of his wife being stretched and torn by the African's cock.

Then her long shapely legs lowered and wrapped around the African who began a more steady, grinding humping on top of his wife.

Gemma was in shock when the African thrust deep, in a long surging drive up inside her. His cock was thick and long and the surge of it inside was thrilling. The man's heavy bulk was more exciting than she had thought it would be as he effortlessly thrust and ground against her. Her clitoris was regularly crushed and ground by his movement and she bit her lip to control her excitement.

She humped against him.

No, this was definitely not about her husband's promotion any more. She had not understood just how much she needed sex like this. She humped against the African desperate to get his cock as far up inside her as she could!

Dan watched mesmerised and in disbelief at the energy and enthusiasm of the much older man ravishing his wife. He could hardly blame Gemma for enjoying this! He was enjoying it himself. It was like watching his own private sex show!

Except it was not private.

He reeled in shock as a dark head peaked around the bedroom door and looked at the copulating couple on the bed. It was Abdi, their house servant! The man was spying on his wife and Ben.

Dan felt a moment's outrage, and then caught himself wondering if he had the right to condemn Abdi since he himself was watching surreptitiously from the garden. Still the man was employee of his! This was a breach of trust. Then Dan felt a little silly at the whole situation.

It was not what Ben was feeling as the humping eager white wife with such lovely long legs humped back at him and her inner muscled grabbed at his cock. It was finally too much and his hot seed surged along his cock and shot into the welcoming cunt that sucked the juice out of him.

Gemma felt the man atop her jerk and tremble. Felt his cock inside her seem to surge and throb even more and then she wailed in her own orgasm at the realisation this man was shooting his seed deep up inside her.

She willed her womb open to his spurting seed, and thanked God she was not fertile as she would have been unable to force him to pull out. She cuddled the man as he slumped over her. She had not expected to feel so warm towards her husband's boss, but the sex had been out of this world.

Ben looked down at the sated expression on the white woman's face. She was gorgeous with dark flashing eyes and silky hair. A button nose and sweet lips he was determined to enjoy next.

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