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Desc: Sex Story: Three childhood friends grow up together and become involved in an unexpected way

Frank, Rob and myself had grown up together. We had all lived on the same street growing up, and because of that became naturally good friends. We'd had a few of the same classes at school, tended to get into mischief together as well, though most of that was of the good natured kind, and quite naturally pulled practical jokes on one another in addition to all that. We'd even discovered the secrets of masturbation, all the while staring at copies of some dog-eared Playboy, or some other men's magazines that one of our dads had left laying about. At the time, it was also so natural and normal, with typical boyhood pleasures and discoveries not so heavily labeled or thought about at the time.

And though there were only the three of us at the time (we'd often referred to ourselves as the three musketeers in fact) Frank being the biggest, and even playing on the High School football team, first string, naturally became the leader of the group, small as it was. But it was usually Frank that led us off in one direction or another, or seemed to be the one to decide whatever it is we were going to do over the weekend to have a little fun and excitement. Frank was also the first one to really begin dating a steady girlfriend, though in time we all did. Though it was again Frank that was the first to lose his virginity, and then sit and tell us all about it in explicit detail while we all slept outside together in my parent's back yard one night just a few short weeks before graduation.

So far, all I'd managed to get was a little bare tit, and a bad case of blue balls with my girlfriend, and I don't think Rob had done any better than that either, if that in fact. Frank on the other hand seemed to enjoy rubbing it in our faces, though at one point, both Rob and I began to wonder if Frank had really been telling us the truth about his so-called exploits with Diane. She was indeed a knockout with great looking tits (or so it seemed anyway) and didn't have the kind of reputation that would suggest that she would let Frank get into her pants the way he'd told us he had. But, we enjoyed listening to his erotic dirty encounters even if they weren't entirely true. And like I said, we were all laying there in the back yard looking up at the stars listening to Frank as he went on telling us about one of his recent erotic naughty little encounters with Diane. As he did, I felt myself growing rapidly hard, and began doing what naturally felt good while listening to him.

"Fuck Dave, you jerking off again?" Rob said looking over towards me. I guess the telltale movement of my hand inside my sleeping bag was a dead giveaway. I was, and enjoying it.

"Oh, like you don't? Aren't?" I accused back. "Not like you're getting any either, so shut up and let Frank finish the story." Frank did, and as he did, I looked over, sure enough Rob's bag was making the same obvious movements mine had been.

"I knew it!" I said accusing him, which made Frank laugh, but worse, he then reached over grabbing the zipper on Rob's bed yanking it down, and before he knew it, Frank tossed back the upper half of it, exposing the fact that Rob did indeed have a nice thick erection, his hand clearly wrapped around it when Frank tossed back the covers. But it wasn't like we hadn't all seen one another like that before, though it had by now been a few years since any of us had. "Just do me a favor Rob, don't mess up my mother's sleeping bag ok?"

He had borrowed it, which he usually did whenever the guys came over since he didn't have one. But ... I knew damn well if he actually were to mess it up, that somehow my mother would know what the hell it was he'd done if he did ... and I'd catch hell for it.

"Don't worry about it," he said somewhat embarrassed at having been caught actually jerking himself off, though I had been as well, just not exposed when actually doing it. "I'll ah ... go stand over there somewhere when I'm ready. Now ... let Frank finish the fucking story so I can!"

It really was a pretty decent story, even if it wasn't entirely true, though once again Frank swore up and down that it was. It was then that I noticed Frank's bag was likewise making similar motions, and admit it or not, Frank was doing the same thing we'd all been.

"Fuck, this is just like back in the old days!" I laughed. "Franks jerking off too!"


"So ... we might as well all admit that we are, and just do it!" I said. Rob took that as the opportunity to at least toss the cover of his bag off and away from any leaking accidents perhaps. But then again, Rob always had been more of the exhibitionist of the group, not to mention the first one amongst the three of us, including Frank to ever shoot his wad. Something we had all taken a devout interest in watching Rob do after that, which he never seemed to grow tired of doing, even with an audience. Prick in hand, Rob settled back, once again enjoying his pleasured stroke, no longer concerned with accidentally splurging the inside of mom's sleeping bag.

"Ok, your next Dave," Frank said. "Tell us a story."

You could only tell the story about me finally getting to play with Tracy's exposed tits so many times, and I'd already told it twice now. Though at the moment, with three hard needful erections, I probably could have gotten away with it a third time, simply by adding a few imaginary images by way of spicing things up. But the truth was, I actually did have something else, even if it wasn't directly about me. And though it concerned my much older sister, both Frank and Rob had had crushes on her at one time or another growing up.

"I watched Susan suck off her boyfriend last weekend," I told them.

"You did not!" Rob spat in total disbelief. "Where? When? How?" Maybe he didn't believe me, but he sure wanted to hear about it.

"Forget it, you wouldn't believe me even if I did tell you ... but I honestly did."

"Tell it anyway," Frank said in his no-nonsense tone of voice. And then he too tossed the cover back off his sleeping bag, his much bigger thicker penis filling his hand as he lay there stroking it. "And don't leave anything out either!"

"Well last weekend was mom and dad's anniversary, so they drove over to Wendover to spend the night, do some gambling and of course celebrate. Needless to say, I wasn't too surprised when Susan informed me that Greg, her boyfriend would be coming over, and since I owed her one, which I did ... she asked me to stay out of the house for a few hours so that she and Greg could have some fun together."

"Go on..." Rob said, his tone of voice filled with lustiness. I again glanced over, watching him palm the head of his cock almost the exact way I sometimes enjoyed doing to myself.

"So anyway, since I owed my sister a favor, I left shortly after Greg came over. The only problem was, I didn't really have any place to go. Tracy was working her part-time job after school and wouldn't even be home for a couple of hours yet, so there really wasn't any place I could go, which is when I remembered something. Anyway, I parked my car down the street, and then ran back to the house. When I got there, I slipped inside the back door without being heard. I knew they would no doubt start off in the living room first, or so I hoped anyway. And I was of course correct, as I could hear the two of them talking, messing around already. But ... there was no way to actually see them without getting caught, unless..."

"Unless what?" Frank moaned to some degree when asking. Again I rose up looking over in his direction, he was half slapping, half twisting his cock.

"Hmm, have to try that," I thought. "Unless..." I began again, though I continued to sit there watching the two of them now as they lay jerking themselves off. "That I go up into the attic and watch them from there!"

"How the hell you do that?" Rob asked.

As I said earlier, we all lived together on the same street, and back then, the place we'd grown up had cookie-cutter houses as we called them. There were but three separate styles of homes, the most popular being the same design and floor plan we all lived in and were familiar with. "You know the vent that's in the ceiling in the living room?" Of course they both did. "Amazing what you can see from up there when you open it all the way," I explained, especially as you can pull the front part of the air vent completely off of it quite easily so you can change the filters and clean it out. Something I discovered when dad showed me how to do them as one of my annual chores. Anyway, I remembered being able to do that. So that's what I did. Got up into the attic, took off the vent, opened it without them knowing I was up there, and then just watched them."

"Holy fucking shit!" Rob said, now believing me as I'm sure Frank did, especially as they could very easily see and imagine how I'd actually done it.

"So what happened next?" Frank pressed now really hand slapping his prick. "What did you see after that?"

Maybe it was weird to some that I was spying on my own sister, though it certainly wasn't about her thinking back on it. Is was simply ... getting to watch someone in the act, sister or not. It was no different to me than the handful of instances I had actually caught my parents going at it, one of which I had in fact shared with the guys back in the days when we did sit around all the time enjoying a circle jerk together.

"Once I had gotten the cover off the vent, which I had to take my time doing quietly, Susan was already sitting there with her top off and her boobs hanging out."

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