The Hanover House

by foobus

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, DomSub, Polygamy/Polyamory, Transformation, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Sophie's transformation is complete.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: While this story stands on it's own it compliments events presented in Be Careful Of What You Wish For. If you have the opportunity, read BCOWYWF first.

He always loved late autumn afternoons when the sun shown through the trees at a low angle and painted the grounds in warm yellow light. The manicured lawns, framed by the tree overhangs were made lush green by the light. He had spent many hours over the years with his master gardener to design these grounds. Between the two of them they had created a masterpiece. Every view from the House was beautiful regardless of the time of year but autumn was the best.

Reluctantly he turned from the view and settled in his favorite chair by the fireplace. The steward had a fire going to take the chill out of the air but in truth it never got all that cold in the Bay Area. At this point in his life he was pampered and his every need attended to. It was an indulgence he could well afford. With time running out no one could begrudge him any indulgence, save one. Lifting the snifter he savored the cognac's flowery bouquet before taking a sip.

The Concierge's health has been declining the past few years causing him to rely more heavily on his protégé and, to a greater extent, more quickly than planned. Even so, his expectations of her were never compromised by his need to quickly groom her as his replacement. He always demanded excellence and she never disappointed. The more time he spent with her the more he was convinced he had made the right choice. Actually, he knew she was the one some time ago but couldn't resist the temptation to congratulate himself for having found and identified her early on, something he did frequently. She was impressive as a submissive and then as a dominatrix. She will be superb as Concierge. Under her leadership Hanover House will quickly be restored to the pantheon of BDSM enclaves as first among equals after he is gone. He was pleased with himself, almost as much as he was with her. Who knows, she might even eclipse him. Wouldn't that be a fine legacy?

The afternoon light and fire were fading. He rang for the steward to tend the flames and refill his snifter. While waiting for help he reminisced about having ceded all day-to-day control of Hanover House to Sophie and reflected on the impact she has had on everyone, most especially him. She was booking talent, using sophisticated marketing to increase interest and patronage such as renting out the theater pavilion for conferences and catering during the week, and is talking about opening a restaurant in the dining pavilion. Her initiatives were attracting new people for indoctrination and training as subs by giving them early theater performance time. She was carefully balancing the capabilities and capacities of the House to meet the new demands she was placing on it. At the present rate of growth she estimates additions to the residential and theater pavilions will be needed in less than five years. She has an architectural firm sizing and detailing her plans to refine cost and schedule estimates. She is a competent executive. The staff and performance troupe are in awe of her, accepting her leadership without reservation. The House has never run smoother, relying less and less on his monthly subsidy.

He knew the strength of his personality sincere interest in her development and unwavering commitment to the House had been enough for her to obey him in all things without question. The Concierge had used other resident Masters to teach her humiliation, function with no control of her body or life, punishment, etc ... While he took a more direct role in her dominatrix training he still used others to supplement his instruction. His manipulations and machinations to develop her through surrogates had been successful, so much so that he has been in contact with other Concierges suggesting that they try similar approaches to see if his results were unique to Sophie, or, perhaps, her training template could be a model for their houses.

Still, there was a nagging regret. For all their years together and since her separation (from her husband) he has never had sex with her. Neither their Dom/sub relationship nor their mutual attraction caused them to indulge the other. This was due, in part, to his never having imposed himself on her. Rather, if they were ever to have sex he wanted her to express interest in him first, to be the initiator. To his great and lasting disappointment, she never had.

His desire to have sex with her was borne of a need, new to him, to possess her without coercion, or any sense of duty or obligation. He already did at some level, with loyalty and commitment to his ideals, but not physically. After living a life of callous disregard for the affection of others he longed to be the object of desire and the recipient of another person's love. Quite simply, he wanted to make love to her and receive love from her in kind. He knew she had great respect for him but did she harbor a repressed love for him that could only be expressed through the physicality of sex? He hoped so but had no idea. His austerity and disciplined life denied him satisfaction of this most basic human need. He longed for it, needed it and wanted to experience it before he died.

The steward asked if he required anything else before leaving. The fire and snifter stoked, the Concierge declined further assistance save summoning Sophie and slipped back into his musings.

As he approached retirement, age and infirmaries made him feel he was running out of time. Casting about for something, anything that could create opportunity to find out if Sophie had a similar need of him he called her to his office. After a discrete knock and pause she came in and closed the door behind her. Turning to face him she waited a moment, long enough for him to take her in. She was formally dressed in anticipation of the evening. It was a performance night that required her attendance and supervision. She knew he took every opportunity to evaluate the presentation his staff made before engaging them in conversation, and was glad to subject herself to his scrutiny.

She was wearing her standard performance evening attire: tuxedo, black bowtie, crimson cummerbund, and trousers with satin ribbon overlaying the pant leg seam to match her lapels. Her cufflinks, buttons and earrings were twisted gold knots (a classic style that had special meaning in the House), her shoes were plain toe three-inch pumps worn with black hose (!). She wore her auburn hair short and blown back in a pompadour. Her makeup made her pale but not overly so; her crimson lipstick worked well with the cummerbund. Her eyes were her only extravagance. Dramatic, her eyes were made to look larger still by the theater makeup she wore. The finish was her sole ring, a delicate wedding band on her left hand. Whenever patrons and outsiders were about she was always addressed as "Dr. Hanover" as the House's namesake. In private it was always "Sophie," regardless of who was addressing her, housekeeper or the Concierge.

A lifelong perfectionist her association with the Hanover House and Concierge in particular had caused her to refine her instincts and elevate them. She reveled in his obvious approval. He was similarly attired with minor exceptions: flats, black cummerbund, a boutonnière and no wedding band, of course.

He offered her a chair opposite his by the fireplace and a cognac that she accepted. Waiting for him to explain his summons she sat on the edge of her seat with straight back while she swirling the cognac to release its bouquet, a fragrance that she frequently enjoyed in the privacy of her apartment noting the difference in cognac between the Concierge and her preferences. Never relaxing in his presence, she sat with her legs uncrossed and leaned slightly toward him in deference and for the respect she had for him.

Although there was a sense of urgency to take the next step in her grooming and let it gestate long enough to bear fruit, he asked, "Sophie, how are you today? (An innocuous enough opening intended to inform him how to proceed.) Good. Good. Any issues with the House I should know about? No? Good. I endlessly marvel at how you've taken to your duties. It's as if you were made for it. Any regrets, none of consequence? Good. When is the last time you talked to your husband?"

(Why had he asked about him? It certainly would not serve his purpose this evening. Perhaps it was an involuntary gesture on his part to make sure his protégé wasn't distracted by her personal life?)

Sophie's husband had wanted a divorce. She fought for and got him to agree to a legal separation instead. That was several years ago. She always called him on their anniversary to inquire into his health and well being, careful never to sever the one remaining thread she had to the outside world. She called him at other times to let him know of her progress, most notably when she was accepted as the first House-trained submissive and when she achieved the same status as dominatrix. Perhaps she should go home for a few days to begin the long, slow and undoubtedly painful process of reconciliation and rebuilding their relationship without knowing if it were even possible anymore. A visit home would help answer that question. To her knowledge, Doug never had a relationship after their separation that lasted more than a few months. The private investigator she retained kept her informed of changes in his life that would jeopardize their separation's status quo. None had materialized in all this time. There was still hope.

"I've given your development and progress a lot of thought lately and concluded another step must be taken before my retirement and your assumption of complete control of Hanover House. Before I take that step is there anything in your development you feel is lacking and that you would like to address?" Smiling with paternal pride he waited as Sophie digested his comments before responding. Her purposefulness had served him and her well over the years. She made few mistakes and her opinions were always worth considering.

"No? You flatter me. Surely I've overlooked something. No one can get anything this complicated right the first time. Nevertheless, this is what I propose. If you agree, I will release you from your obligation to me. Effective immediately, I am no longer your Master. You are no longer my submissive. With this release you and I are peers, unencumbered by tradition, convention or protocol. To impress upon you the sincerity of my wish I'd like you to call me by my given name but only in private. Of course, I'm still Concierge, but now I shall address you as Concierge in public, as well. But, you'll always be Sophie to me. Lastly, I think you should wear a boutonnière. What are your thoughts on this proposal?"

Again, another pause, "I didn't know what to expect seeing you today. This comes as a complete surprise. While I understand the logic behind this change (she didn't, really) I also understand the step you're asking me to take, and thank you for giving me more opportunity to grow and develop. I will strive to meet your expectations. I have tried to honor your faith and trust in me, never fail you and shall continue to do so. Thank you. May I?" With that Sophie stood up, stepped forward and gave the Concierge a kiss on the cheek, a hug and a second platonic kiss. He held his breath and drank deep of her scent wishing there was passion and more to come of the kiss before she stepped back.

"I confess finding it difficult calling you Derek. You'll always be my Concierge. With your permission I would like to make this change public in a week or two. After all, I am a woman and must have a wardrobe makeover to properly present myself to the House and patrons. It will take time to have some things made. They already have my measurements so that should speed the process. (Since the only outward change was the cummerbund it might seem odd that she needed to consult with the tailor but she is, after all, a woman.) Good and thank you, again. With your permission I'll leave now to continue with preparations for this evening's performances." She excused herself and walked to the door. Turning, she smiled at the Concierge and nodded at him before opening the door and leaving.

She is thirty-eight and in her prime. She started cardiovascular and strength training shortly after arriving at Hanover House and has been slim, trim and fit ever since, almost five years, now. Her body and mind adjusted to her litheness long ago and she now moves like a cat. She exudes raw sexuality but seems oblivious to it just as she did after completing novice sub training almost three years ago. God, he so enjoyed looking at her and watching her move about.

"Max, I want you to be Sophie's first Master. She has agreed to undergo sub training, splitting her time here and at home. For now it's half and half, two weeks here and there. I suspect that will change over time as she becomes more committed to the House and what we stand for. I want her training to be conventional and rigorous but in all cases follow the Board-approved blueprint. Accept no excuses. Demand and keep on demanding excellence until you get it, and only it. I think she has the potential to be great and I want you to leave no stone unturned proving me wrong.

"When she meets your expectations declare your role as Master complete and relinquish her back to me without reservation. If you have any, don't bring her forward. When you do I'll have no doubt that she'll be ready for the next phase of her training. Your objective is humiliation. Other Masters will train her in other areas. Any questions?

"Good. She is arriving on tomorrow's afternoon flight from New Orleans. Have a 'silver' pick her up. He is to observe House protocol and not speak to Sophie delivering her at the Service Entrance. Another 'silver' will bring her to you at which time her training begins. Put her in the novice sub dormitory. After she puts her things away have her report to you. Antwone will see to these details. Report progress to me at the end of every day the first week and every other day the second week. Thereafter, report her progress every week. Any questions?

"As you know, she is very important to the future of Hanover House and her development a priority. At no time is this to be conveyed to her. She should only think her indoctrination and training are what everyone goes through. I may change my mind on that. We'll see. Finally, her status as my sub is not to be revealed to anyone. Understood? Everyone is to treat her as your novice. We will keep this subterfuge in play until I remove it."

Sophie was exhilarated and nervous as she left the plane. The start of a new life was a few steps away. She had agreed to undergo sub training on a whim. Her life at home had become unbearably predictable. There had to be more out there for her than being a housewife. Leaving the jet bridge she saw a young man in Hanover House attire with a silver button on his lapel holding a sign with 'Sophie' printed in bold letters. When they made eye contact he immediately turned and strode off in the direction of luggage claim. His behavior reminded her that 'silver buttons' did not engage patrons or superiors in conversation. Was she a patron? Was her position in the Hanover House hierarchy superior?

He stood away from the luggage claim carousel and let Sophie retrieve her bags. Her pocketbook, carryon and several pieces of luggage were more than she could handle. Even so, he did not offer help. Instead, he turned and walked to the doorway leading to the limousine staging area. Immediately outside the door was a Hanover House limousine idling at the curb. He left the trunk open and got in the driver's seat leaving her to fend for herself. So much for her being superior she thought. After making two more trips she closed the trunk and got in. He turned around and indicated her place was up front. Getting out she got into the passenger seat, buckled up and sat back. Apparently she wasn't a patron, either.

This was not the welcome she'd expected. She was being treated as if she had no status. And receiving none she realized that this was the beginning of her new life, the life of a submissive. It was making sense. Her good spirits returned and with high hopes began to enjoy the ride. As the scenery flew past it lulled her into daydreaming about what this experience would mean for her life and her marriage. Her marriage was strong. She had no doubt it would survive. If she had any doubts she was unsure of her ability to see this through to the end. In reality, she knew little of what she was getting herself into. On the strength of one wild weekend she had no concept of the significance of the commitment she made to undergo submissive training. But then, that was the source of the excitement she was feeling.

As the limousine pulled into the courtyard separating the carriage house from the main residence she was surprised when it did not stop at the main residence's portico. It kept going until it passed under a bridge connecting the main residence to the theater pavilion. Stopping near a rear entrance the driver got out of the limousine and walked toward the main residence. Sophie hurried to catch up. Before reaching him he turned and pointed to a rear entrance to a pavilion where another 'silver button' stood waiting. When Sophie caught up to him he immediately turned and led her to a dormitory where she was met by a 'gold button.' "Hello, Sophie. My name is Antwone. These are your sleeping quarters. You will take the bed closest to the door (there were four). Linens and blankets can be found in this closet. There is storage in these lockers. Long-term storage is available for items not needed. In your case that is everything except toiletries, for now. There are no locks on any of the lockers. Everything you brought with you is forfeit. Follow me, please.

"These are the bathroom facilities. Towels, washcloths and toiletries are in this closet."

[Two toilets were standing on the floor without provision for privacy. A urinal was set on one of the walls. A bidet stood against the same wall. Four sinks with mirrors were arrayed on the opposite wall. Between the urinal and bidet was an entrance to a shower having four showerheads and two benches.]

"Your Master will be here at 4 o'clock. Make sure your things are stowed and you are ready to start your training when he arrives. Brian (the 'silver button' that escorted her to the dormitory) will show you the long-term storage room. Good luck, and make sure you're ready at 4 o'clock."

It was 2:30 leaving little time to do everything that needed being done. She turned to Brian and asked how she was to get her luggage from the limousine to the dormitory? He walked away indicating she should follow. He led her to the residential pavilion's freight and receiving dock and pointed to hand trucks, carts and dollies. When she got back to the parking lot the limousine was gone and her luggage neatly stacked on the ground. It took two trips to move everything to the dormitory.

Unsure of what she should wear she left out a simple sweater, skirt and flats, and underwear. A few changes of clothes and underwear along with her toiletries were all she unpacked. Everything else was put in long-term storage. Again, it took two trips and then it was back to the receiving dock with the hand truck before returning to the dormitory. She had to do it herself; Brian offered no help.

Back in the dormitory she was surprised to find a naked young man taking toiletries out of a locker. Turning he said, "Hi, I'm Tom. You must be the novice sub we were told to expect. It's Sophie, isn't it? Right. Welcome to Hanover House. You'll have to excuse me I have to get cleaned up. We can talk later."

Sophie looked at the clock. It was 3:30 leaving just enough time to wash her face and hands, fix her make up and hair, and change clothes. Grabbing what she needed she went into the bathroom only to find Tom on one of the toilets. In contrast to his nonchalance, Sophie felt awkward invading his privacy while he grunted and groaned, and his bowels rumbled. To her horror she found she had to pee and having no alternative put her toiletries in a sink, dropped her skirt and underwear and mounted the other toilet. Tom ignored her. She emptied her bladder and looking around for toilet paper she found none. Tom had a roll between his feet. Mortified, she asked him if she could use his roll. He leaned over and handed it to her outstretched hand. He told her next time to make sure she took a roll out of the cabinet first. Wiping herself she pulled her clothes up and returned the roll.

Walking to the sink she noticed the bidet and gave it a moment's thought before she removed her dress and underwear, again. Now naked below the waist she retrieved a towel and soap from a locker, and sat on the bidet, unsure how to operate it she asked Tom for help. Finished with his business, he walked over and explained the bidet's operation before passing into the shower. While cleaning herself she recollected how his penis swung as he walked toward her, and how close it was to her when he bent over to explain the bidet's operation. She had felt an urge to reach out, and grab and pull him into her mouth. Things were quickly becoming bizarre.

Urinating and using the bidet took unplanned time. She was now falling behind. She put her clothes back on, gave herself a superficial touchup and returned to the sleeping area a few minutes before 4. Max entered as she was catching her breath. "Hello, Sophie. Welcome to Hanover House. From this moment forward I am your Master. You do and say nothing except at my invitation. Understood?"

"Hi, Max. There must be some misunderstanding. I was told that I was to be the Concierge's sub and that I would live in one of the House upstairs apartments."

"That is inappropriate form. You shall address me as 'Master' and only when I give you permission to do so. At no time shall you ever look at me, another Master or 'gold button' in the eye unless directed to do so. Proper form is to look at an imaginary spot on the floor three feet in front of you with your arms at your side.

"Regarding the Concierge and your living arrangements, you may someday earn those privileges, but not today. Further, you are never to seek out the Concierge without my permission. Should you find yourself addressed by him you will only answer direct questions put to you and nothing else. Is that understood? Is that really understood? Good. That is the last time I will repeat myself. You will mind everything your Master says very closely. I am the most important person in your life. No one and nothing else matters. The other Masters and I are far too busy to waste our time repeating instructions to our subs.

"First things first. Your bed is not made. You will sleep on a bare mattress until I give you permission to use linens. Your bed shall always be made whenever you are up and about. That includes when you get up from sleep to use the bathroom before returning to bed.

"Keep yourself clean at all times. If at any time you are not you will take first opportunity to do so. If I have to tell you to clean yourself Brian will assist you with a brush. Prepare yourself to meet the other Masters and their subs. An afternoon gathering is planned for them in the dining pavilion, the one where dinner was served the last time you were here.

"Get rid of those clothes. As a novice sub you have no privileges, including the right to wear clothes. After you clean yourself up you will wear this collar (Brian stepped forward and put a worn leather collar on her mattress.) and nothing else. You will wear it at all times except when showering.

"Should you need to use the bathroom you will use this one and no other.

"I should also address sex. You are not allowed to engage in sex on your time with anyone above your status. 'Silver buttons' and anyone wearing a collar enjoy the same sex status as you. Don't worry. You'll have little enough time for that. On my time you will have sex with whomever and in whatever manner I direct.

"You are not allowed anywhere without escort. Brian provides that service at my direction. He will be your shadow until further notice. Because of the nature of his duties he is given permission to speak to you. When he does you will respond as if he is your Master. I should tell you he's not happy with this assignment. In recognition of his sacrifice he is granted sexual privileges with you at times and places of his choosing. Should you choose to thank him with sex you may do so with his permission but only on your time. Every time you have sex with someone regardless of whom, where or when you will inform me the next day. Are you on birth control? Good. Remain on it until further notice.

You will receive physicals from an internal medicine physician and gynecologist this week to record your medical history and prescribe a regimen for your diet, an exercise circuit and pharmaceuticals as required. You will not engage in sex nor have physical contact with anyone until your examinations are complete and passed by the physicians. At that time a medallion will be attached to your collar similar to a dog tag alerting those you come in contact with that you are physically fit and sound, and free of any sexually transmitted disease.

"Finally, the only personal freedom granted you is the privilege of styling your hair and using makeup as you wish. In time you may use the grooms we have here for that purpose. It is now 4:15. You have until 4:55 to make the changes I've outlined. Brian will bring you to me in the pavilion at 5 sharp. Any questions? Yes, what is it?"

"Master, how am I to present myself when menstruating?"

"If you don't use a tampon, start. Yes?"

"What about the tether string that allows removal?"

"What about it? Sophie, the purpose of your immediate training is to remove any reservations or inhibitions you have about yourself. Remember, you are mine to do with as I please. All your thoughts and actions should be viewed through a lens focused on me. If it pleases me it pleases you. While on my time that shall be your sole concern. Consider yourself on my time until further notice.

Max turned and left without asking or receiving acknowledgements from Sophie or Brian assuming they understood his orders and would be followed. To do otherwise would bring embarrassment to him. Nothing was worse for a sub than to embarrass his or her Master.

Sophie quickly undressed and hopped in the shower. Tom was there but showed no interest in her nakedness. Her toilette generally took an hour; she only had 40 minutes. It was going to be tight. Brian instructed her to remove her jewelry (beside her rings and earrings she wore the outline of a heart pendent in her pierced outer labia), and removed the styled pubic hair she wore above her clitoral hood. Naked meant naked. Her last visit to Hanover House caused her to spend a lot of time naked so this was not so much a departure from that to cause her problems. She had noticed earlier that Tom was clean shaven, as well.

Her hair and makeup took the most time. She had many options but went with her standard look. It was the one she could do the fastest. Many of the little movements and adjustments needed to apply, fix and arrange it were automatic. The collar was last. It had a tricky buckle that caused her to fumble but eventually closed. Looking at herself in the mirror she was disappointed to see that its shabbiness took something away from the careful preparations she had taken with her appearance. She missed her 'heart.' Doug had given it to her as a necklace on their tenth anniversary. He was delighted with the way she chose to wear it. (He got excited when she told him she had herself pierced by a man. He had inserted a stud to use until the healing was complete.) 'Oh, well. This is what Max wants so this is what he'll get.'

She put her toiletries away and caught her breath with a few minutes to spare. She used those minutes to meditate and keep her mind off what she was going through. At 3:55 she presented herself to Brian. They left together, her padding behind him in bare feet.

Brian presented her to Max at precisely 5 o'clock. Max was pleased with his punctuality and Sophie's appearance. She was a model of what a novice sub should look like. He guessed her age to be 30ish. It is not uncommon for someone to join the BDSM lifestyle later in life. Many weren't aware of their interests until something happened to propel them into it as a safe haven, or a deep-seated desire finally surfaced. Often subs are unaware of their needs until overwhelmed by them.

The gathering was an informal opportunity for Sophie to meet other Masters and subs. She recognized many of them from her previous visit. A few said they remembered her but she couldn't place all of them. Most subs were clothed, only a few were naked like her. She was glad to see a few male subs. One, Tom was naked. She looked for other novice male subs and found none, save Tom. She assumed all those in her situation wore a shabby collar, too. His and hers were the only ones. The Concierge made a brief appearance and gave a few general remarks, leaving shortly thereafter. She expected him to acknowledge her and was disappointed when he did not.

The gathering broke up as dinner was set out. Diners could choose to serve themselves at a buffet or place orders from their seats. Novice subs were not allowed to place orders. As the room filled up with diners Sophie noticed that some subs sat cross-legged on the floor or standing up to eat. She wondered what her fate would be. "Sophie, save me a place at the table over there. When the server asks, tell him I want the fish dinner this evening. Wait there until I am seated."

Doing as she was bid, Sophie dutifully waited for Max. When he arrived she seated him and snapped his napkin onto his lap without being told. He thanked her and told her to get her dinner. Returning to the table with her dinner he told her to squat on the floor in the corner, away from everyone and eat her dinner facing the wall. "Return to me when you're done."

Her meal was excellent, as before. She enjoyed it savoring the pleasure it gave her on an otherwise unpleasant day, unpleasant but exciting. After dropping off her dishes she returned to Max's table and found his seat empty. She quickly scanned the room to see if he was standing elsewhere. Not finding him she more carefully scanned the room looking again at everyone standing, and those seated. With his shaved head he should be easy to spot. After looking a second time she knew he wasn't in the room. She started to panic when it occurred to her that Brian had to be somewhere. Maybe he could help? She spotted him a few tables away and made eye contact. He nodded and looked away after she nodded back. Excusing himself to his dining companions he pushed his chair back, rose and left the room. She followed him into the main residence to a doorway on the main floor. Brian knocked quietly before opening the door and passing through. Sophie followed. Inside were the Concierge and Max. Brian stood to the side with his hands clasped in front of him. Sophie advanced to the two men and stood in front of the Concierge with her eyes downcast, arms at her side.

"Sophie, you're embarrassing your Master. I didn't summon you. He did." Sophie slowly turned, advanced toward Max and assumed her submissive position. "Don't be upset, Max. It is an understandable mistake for someone so new to the Hanover House. Don't be too hard on her. We have much to teach her, and she'll need all her strength and wits about her to succeed."

"As you wish, Concierge."

"Sophie, I'm sure things aren't as you imagined. Before I inspire you I want to share information to help you make sense of what you've experienced today. Max, I've changed my mind about withholding this information. I think her training can benefit from it. Sophie, you represent a new vision for the Hanover House. We are using you as a test case to create a structured submissive development program. Until now, Masters trained their subs according to their needs. As a result, subs came to the Hanover House strong in some areas and weak in others.

"Your training will progress according to a curriculum the resident Masters and I developed to ensure subs are strong in all areas. To make sure we got it right the curriculum was reviewed and critiqued by other Houses. Hanover is loosely affiliated with Houses around the world. There are approximately two-dozen of them led by other Concierges. So, you see you are an experiment the whole world is interested in.

"Now for your inspiration, your potential is great. If you are as good as I think you are, or can be, your success will know no bounds. Your future is bright. You can go as far as you want. Listen carefully to those instructing you. They are experts and at the top of their fields. Each enjoys a well-deserved international reputation, carpe diem.

Turning to Max he said, "Thank you, Max. Please continue as we've discussed and keep me posted on Sophie's progress. That will be all."

"Yes, Concierge."

With that Max rose, put his drink on the side table and left. Sophie hesitated a moment and followed him out the door. Brian followed last closing the door behind him. The Concierge leaned back to consider what just took place. She was quickly learning and adapting to sub protocols but, after all, it had not yet been a day. We'll see how the rest goes. If first impressions are lasting he saw nothing to diminish his hopes for her.

After his initial discussions with her husband to plan a celebratory weekend the Concierge retained a private investigation firm to develop dossiers on Douglas and Sophia Warren. His real interest was Sophie. It was clear from the reports that on the surface she is utterly normal and unremarkable. Though attractive that gave little insight to her potential. A heterosexual, there were no known instances of extra-marital affairs with men or women. She was vanilla through and through.

A closer examination was revealing. She was a woman of no small accomplishment. Graduating Magna Cum Laude and as Valedictorian for one of the more prominent Ivy League schools her academic credentials were impeccable. While earning her undergraduate degree she met Doug. He was finishing his law degree and by mutual agreement they waited until she completed her degree program before marrying.

She went on to a career in management consulting with one of the Big Three. As expected of all new hires, she was to return to school for her MBA after a few years. She chose, instead, to walk away and become active in community affairs by joining several charitable organizations. She ran for and won a seat on the school board. Disaffected by the politics of these organizations she let her memberships lapse and did not seek re-election. More recently she has been taking coursework in writing, solitary work that is its own reward.

It would be easy to conclude from her history that she was still casting about trying to find her niche, her purpose. Sophie's enthusiastic participation in the after-hours House parties during her birthday celebratory weekend suggested that Hanover House, or more precisely what it represents was what she was looking for. It is always a joy to see someone unabashedly avail themselves of the pleasures that BDSM can give, and avail herself she did. After the first night he extended an offer to train her to be a submissive. She accepted and the rest is history.

While she was an experiment of interest to an international audience her training at Hanover House had more immediate import. If Sophie were a success he would give the credit to Max. He was the principal designer and author of the curriculum. He defended the finalized version before the assembly of Concierges in Hong Kong earlier this year.

After close questioning by all it was accepted as the orientation, indoctrination and training blueprint for novice subs. The Concierge claimed privilege for bringing the concept to the Board of Houses and was allowed to recruit the first candidate. He was given until the next annual meeting of the Board to do so. Failing that the Board would throw it open to all Houses to bring candidates forward for the Board to consider when making its selection. That was six months ago, so far so good.

If Sophie succeeds as he fully expects her to, the program would be rolled out at the other Houses. The Concierge planned for Max to head those operations at the Hanover House and, with a little politicking, would make the case that he be made the International Director of Training and Development (a position that did not currently exist) reporting directly to the Board. Such a posting would solve many needs, not the least of which would be a career opportunity for Max. It would also increase the Concierge's influence on the Board having a protégé in such a visible and important position.

There was more advantage to be gained from Sophie's candidacy. If Max were elevated to a Board staff position he would need to be replaced at the Hanover House. This would give opportunity to one of several budding submissives to become a Master. In addition, and for his work with Sophie, Brian would be made a 'gold button' after she completes her novice sub training in recognition of his many talents and years of dedicated service.

The pieces were falling into place nicely. All that was needed was for Sophie to perform to his expectations and do so quickly. He had been diagnosed with a debilitating terminal disease the past year that added some urgency to his plans. She had a long hard road ahead before she could replace him. He had to be sure she would be ready. However, he would not allow compromises in order to achieve that end. She had to be the best that ever was when it was time for her to step forward.

Sophie's training started at the lowest level in the Hanover House. She was assigned to Housekeeping. Housekeeping staff employees had no association with the BDSM lifestyle. They were mostly minimum wage hourly workers that enjoyed uncommonly generous benefits. They came to work Monday morning to find a naked woman in their ready room. That plus her collar tipped them off that she was from the 'Other Side, ' the BDSM side of the House. All their reactions were the same, 'She must really have pissed someone off to be sent here.'

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