A Stranger for My Wife

by wifescreampie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Man and Wife Live Out Their Fantasy of With a Stranger

After a few months of reading stories before making love, especially stories involving a "naughty" wife having sex with another man while her husband approves or even watches, my wife and I noticed we were both pushing the envelope a little further with each other each night.

One night I finally got up the nerve to ask if Tina was ready to make our fantasy a reality. She acted shocked that I would suggest such a thing, but I knew the gears were turning in her head.

Later she said, "You remember that question you asked me earlier?"

Of course I remembered! My heart was racing with anticipation at what she might say next. But I acted casual and said, "Yes, why?"

"I was wondering," she said, "If I was ready, what did you have in mind?"

I could hardly contain my excitement. As casually as I could, I suggested maybe we should start a search for a guy—for the perfect guy. It needed to be someone local, but not someone we already knew. Someone that was compatible with her and trustworthy enough to allow into our home.

I suggested she sign up for a couple of the swinger websites that have people from our area. She could post a discreet but sexy photo of herself and see what kind of responses she got. In the meantime she could search a little and see what she could find that might interest her.

Tina wasted no time getting started. While I agreed to help her with her ad and photo, I insisted she write the ad herself. I soon found that if the rest of this fantasy was as exciting as the planning, we were really in for some fun. She worked out several different versions, and I gave suggestions each time. After a few rough drafts she came up with an ad that read as follows:

"Horny housewife looking for a special stud to help her fulfill her fantasy of a wild night of sex while her approving husband looks on. The right guy must be ready to go for hours. An appreciation for a woman with ample curves in all the right places is a must."

Along with the ad we chose a particularly sexy frontal portrait with a nice view of her big boobs. We used her long hair to hide her face.

With the ad written, we chose two sites that have a lot of local people listed. In one day, we had more than a dozen responses! Most could be eliminated immediately, but a few were set aside for later perusal. Tina also started her own search.

We learned that finding just the right guy was going to take some work! Each night when I got home we looked over the ad responses plus any guys she may have found in her search. It became another ritual each night before we had sex.

We had several possibilities, and Tina began corresponding with a few. One guy who at first didn't seem a good match kept making the final cut. Frank was a well-known attorney in his mid-40s who looked much younger except for slightly graying temples. He looked to be in great shape. He explained that he was happy with his wife of nearly 20 years except for a lackluster sex life—kids, work and a hectic social schedule left her with little interest.

After reviewing all the finalists, Tina decided Frank was the one she wanted to meet, and I gave her the go-ahead for a phone call. She reported that he was a real gentleman, polite and polished. What she didn't say, at least with words, was that she was getting wet just thinking about meeting him.

At my urging, she set up a meet-and-greet that weekend at a local watering hole, a nice place but off the beaten path. Frank obviously wanted a place where they wouldn't be recognized.

Tina and I got there a bit early so we could both have a couple of drinks to take the edge off. It was hard to say which of us was more nervous.

Frank showed up right on time, walked confidently to our table and kissed Tina's hand and shook mine. Soon we were chatting away, and I felt myself getting more comfortable with him and marveling at the obvious chemistry between him and Tina, who was like a schoolgirl, smiling constantly and giggling at everything he said. He was a smooth talker, and his talk was having the desired effect.

Before we knew it, over an hour had passed. Frank excused himself to use the rest room. While he was still in earshot, Tina chimed, "If you're going to change your mind, you better do it quick, because I want to just fuck Frank's brains out!"

My mouth went dry. Was this really about to happen? Had all those hot nights talking about this very scenario come down to this simple yes or no from me? Almost as if someone had taken over my body, I heard myself say, "I think it's time we got out of here and took Frank home with us."

Tina smiled, almost unnoticeably to anyone but me. It was a naughty smile I had often seen while watching a porno with her or reading a really good "naughty wife" story in Penthouse Letters.

Frank was back from the rest room, and I was already hailing our waitress. Soon we were in the parking lot, and I was giving Frank directions. He was having trouble remembering all the turns it would take to get to our house. Tina suggested that she ride with him. I agreed, then jumped in the car and hurried home. (The last I saw of Tina and Frank, they got caught at a traffic light.) At home, I raced all around, readying the bedroom for the adventure to come.

Some 15 minutes later they finally arrived. As they walked in, Tina announced with a triumphant look on her face that she and Frank needed "a few minutes to get acquainted." It was obvious from the state of his clothing that she'd sucked his cock all the way over.

I welcomed him in, and as Tina walked by, she whispered in my ear, "His cock is huge." My knees almost buckled. It was actually happening. I can't explain it, but something about the thought of my wife sucking another man's cock with my knowledge made me hotter for her than I'd ever been. My train of thought was finally broken by Tina saying, "Gentlemen, I think I'll slip into something more comfortable."

As she walked out, Frank and I caught each other staring at my wife's fine ass. As we waited, we made small talk. I was surprised how calm Frank was in this situation. He said how beautiful Tina was and how jealous he was of me. He said he'd tried to introduce the idea of swinging to his wife several times over the years, and she wasn't at all open to it.

I assured him that I know how lucky I am and thanked him for the nice words.

Tina rounded the corner in a black lace nightie I'd never seen before. She smiled at me and said she'd been saving this "naughty girl" outfit for the right occasion. She walked over to Frank with a confidence I'd never seen in her before. I was used to seeing her use her knowledge of how hot she is to the fullest advantage, but this was new.

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