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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cheating can be a rough game

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Chapter 1

It was a chilly and windy midwinter evening with large snowflakes filling the air, which caused my best friend Alexander - "Lex" among his friends - to drive slowly on that lonely Scandinavian county road. We were on our way to my home in a rented Ford Transit van. Due to the bad weather we were later than planned, but I didn't care because this sad day couldn't be worse than it already was.

All lights in my house were switched off but as expected, a black BMW, covered by several centimeters of newly fallen snow, stood parked on my driveway. Had I not fixed the lock in my garage, the BMW would have been hidden inside there. Lex parked the Ford on the street so the BMW would have a free way out.

Lex asked me, "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay."

Lex kept talking, "So far it seems to be exactly as you feared. Do you still want to go on as you've planned?"

"I do."

I think Lex was a bit unsure about me because he asked, "Okay, I'm with you but stay cool. For heavens sake don't go too far."

"No, I'll only do what I have to do."

We went to the house, I unlocked and opened the front door and we went in. Lex took up his digital camera, I waited while he made it ready, and then he followed me to the master bedroom. No reaction from the room when I slowly opened the door. Then I switched on the light and rushed to the bed, dragged off the comforter and just as expected, we saw two naked people sleeping there. One of them was my common-law wife Anna-Lena and the other was Samuel Albertson, an accountant working with her and usually known by his nickname "Ass-Hole-Albertson".

Anna-Lena began screaming when I dragged Albertson off the bed, hit him hard several times in his belly with my right fist before giving him a hard kick between his legs so he fell to the floor. With a hard kick to his ass I ordered him to rise up from the floor. When he was up, I dragged him to the front door where a new hard kick to his naked ass sent him flying in the snow. Lex took pictures as fast as the flash on the camera allowed him to do.

Back in the bedroom I shouted to Anna-Lena, "The damn asshole out there needs his clothes."

She screamed, "Oh, my God! Did you throw him out naked in a snowstorm?"

"Shut up and don't blame me. I didn't strip him. Get his damn clothes out of my house."

She collected his clothes and left the bedroom. I think she put on a coat and her boots at the hall before she went out to him and a few minutes later we heard him drive away.

When Anna-Lena was back in the house I told her that I didn't wanted any excuses or explanations because the only thing that remained for her to do in this house was to get dressed, pack her belongings and get out. But the only thing she could do for the time being was to sit down in a kitchen chair and cry loudly. After a while she dressed, rang for a taxi and left.

Lex went for the Ford and we took in the cardboard boxes to the house and he and I began to pack Anna-Lena's clothes and other personal belongings in the boxes.

In the morning we loaded the boxes and her new TV into the van and I took it to her parents' house. Nobody opened the entrance door when we rang the bell, so we piled the cardboard boxes and the TV against the house. While looking at the windows both Lex and I was sure we saw somebody watching us behind the curtains.

Anna-Lena's driving license was cancelled for speeding and as I owned her car we let it remain in the garage. Back at the house we changed all locks before we left for the next town, which was Lex's current hometown where he had rented the Ford Transit. After a short stop at his home we went skiing for a week in the mountains where our two friends already were waiting for us in a rented cabin.

I'm Michael Hagen, a 32 years old owner of a small but rather profitable small factory, specializing in making patented high quality steel clips, sold to customers in 14 countries. It was my uncle who invented and built the automatic multi-operation machine, the only one of its kind, which makes them. When he retired, he sold it to me for a fair price. A single mother working half time and I were the only employees.

Once again I had had a crushed relationship. I sent Anna-Lena a text message and suggested we meet to sharing some other things in our home when I got back from my vacation.

Lex, me and the two other friends, whom we joined at our vacation, used to be lucky with horses. We put some money on V75 every week and so far we had gone plus every year. V75 is a very popular and very big weekly horse game. The simple rule is to pick out the winners in seven trotting races. Seven winners in a bet can give anything between 100 and 20,000,000 equal to US$ depending on the number of unexpected high odds winners in the races and far less prizes for bets with for six and five winners.

Of course, to pick out seven winners in seven races would be a genuine mission impossible if it hadn't been for the very low price, equal to 8 US cent a bet. Most people used to pick out a single winner in two of the races and have the other five races covered with several horses in each race. Our gang usually gambled for amounts equal to 200 - 250 in US$ a week, which gave us system with 1500 - 2000 bets.

If I could be regarded as lucky with horses, it was quite opposite with girlfriends. Usually it was easy for me both to get them and get rid of them. Sanne, the girl before Anna-Lena was a real beauty, tall, slim, and naturally blond but unfortunately she fit into the description "stupid blonde".

Many guys in town regarded me as a fool when I dumped her but I found it impossible to be with a woman who never did anything at all at home and spent everything she earned on clothes, hair and make-up equipment. Though I got some money from V75 and took a fair salary from my company, which gave me a good living for an average guy, I was too poor to afford an expensive trophy girl like Sanne, especially after her interest for sex began to be limited to quickies. We parted without quarrel and she almost immediately met a wealthier guy who was happy with a new trophy girlfriend.

I met Anna-Lena, who was quite different and in many ways a dream girl during our first four years together until her company hired Ass-Hole-Albertson as their new accountant.

Albertson is a funny guy in many strange ways. He is the most clever and best-paid tax expert and accountant in this small town. Living a good life with a lovely beautiful wife, two nice small kids and one of the nicest houses in town, he got into serious problems when his wife at last caught him cheating. She kept him sweating for some time before she forgave him after counseling and his promises never to do it again. To keep some pressure on him she demanded and he agreed to give her their expensive house as her private property. Albertson kept his promises and was faithful for almost a year before he was caught again. Now she kicked him out and filed for divorce.

After sharing their stocks, bank accounts and losing the expensive house, Albertson moved in with his mother in her big house. Though he had several discrete affairs while married, now he forgot all scruples. He sold his family car and bought an expensive BMW as a real "extender". In this country we have a national car register with three random chosen characters and three digits on the plates. Albertson's BMW had a plate that began with AHA.

The rumors goes that the first time Albertson came to the Golf Club with his new BMW and began bragging about the car, one of the present members said, "If you're taking that damn 'extender' to Scotland during your next golf trip there, the Scots will be convinced that AHA stands for 'Ass-Hole-Albertson'"

After some laughter, one of the other golfers, who obviously didn't like Albertson said, "It means exactly the same thing here too."

Like we use English words such as 'swing', 'hook', 'green', 'birdie', 'eagle', 'hole in one' and several others in golf, Albertson's new English nickname was accepted without any problem among the golfers.

From that moment many club members began to call him for Ass-Hole-Albertson, probably because he had caused a very sad divorce for a nice couple at the club and his habits of using his wealth and social talents for seducing and fucking other men's wives and girlfriends rather soon got his new nickname spread all over the town.

Albertson didn't like me very much since I had refused to vote for him as chairman in our Marina Club, which had left him yelling at me about paying back with interest.

Obviously he saw his possibilities to get "two flies in one hit" when the old accountant at Anna-Lena's work retired and Albertson was hired to replace him. Probably he would have made his attempts on a lovely woman like Anna-Lena whoever she had been married to. But now he didn't see any disadvantages of both getting even with me and fucking the very nice woman I intended to marry in the future.

As usual, Albertson did a good job when he immediately saw how old and inefficient their accounting system was and persuaded the owners to purchase new modern computer programs and assisted Anna-Lena to get used to them.

Of course they had lunches together now and then and as there were nothing strange with that I hadn't any reason to care about what Anna-Lena did at her work or with whom she had her lunch.

Then she began to show signs of her increasing interest for Albertson. She told me he did so and so, the price of his Rolex, how much he bragged about having won in Monte Carlo compared to the peanuts that I in his opinion got from the horses and much more of his bragging. When she began to dress in different ways those days Albertson would come to her work, I had enough and tried to have a friendly talk with her about his earlier known seductions of married women and the consequences it had caused them and what it would do to her if she went too far in her admiration of Albertson.

Anna-Lena didn't appreciate my kind warnings, not at all. Instead she became angry as a wasp and accused me of being a jealous nerd who saw ghosts in daylight because I probably envied a successful man like Albertson. I really did my best to get Anna-Lena to understand that this Ass-Hole-Albertson most of all wanted to get even with me because in his opinion I had seriously humiliated him at the Marina Club. I told her that he was a notorious pussy hound slowly working for his chance to get into her panties and when he had done that, she would be out of my life and probably even out of Albertson's because his only interest was the seduction, not any relationship with "fucked sluts" as he used to name his used preys.

Nothing happened in that matter before the V75 gang had booked our annual "boys week" at a winter holiday resort in the north. Albertson had been away to see the national hockey team playing a match in our county capital and several drinks later at the hotel bar after the match he had bragged about getting a creep's lovely wife very hot and when the creep went skiing in the mountains, he would spend the nights with that lovely wife.

Though the admirers had promised to keep quiet, one of them had told his wife, who told her sister, who told her fellow worker, who told her husband, who happened to be one of my V75 friends. He knew about Ass-Hole-Albertson's increasing interest in Anna-Lena and told me so we could make our plans to take care of that problem.

My plan had been simple: before going to the vacation I fixed the garage doors so they could not been opened from any side so Albertson had to park his BMW visible on my driveway. On my way to the north I would make a stop at Lex's house for a couple of days if necessary while waiting for information from a friend about a black BMW on my driveway. We had rented a Ford Transit and bought cardboard boxes and been ready to go when we got the expected message.

Lex had taken many pictures during the debacle at my house; some of them were very good. He was even a very skilled "Photoshop" user and couldn't resist the temptation to fix Albertson's penis to a very tiny size in the pictures. I sent Anna-Lena a color picture in A4 size of her and Albertson naked in the bed after I dragged away the comforter. I wrote on the backside, "Hopefully this picture of you and the man in your dreams can replace the wedding picture I never got a chance to get taken and give you."

I have never pretended to be a nice guy and jolly good fellow because it's okay for me to be an average man with some shortcomings and some advantages. A short time after my debacle with Albertson I managed to hear the whispers behind my back that said, "There goes the wimp who got his girlfriend fucked by Ass-Hole-Albertson."

The rumors say that my friends had felt sorry for me, worried for my health and had decided that Albertson needed a real lesson. Obviously they knew that most color printer leaves a small invisible ID on the picture and can be traced so some of them bought a stolen printer during his visit at the capital. Then some of them had written and printed a leaflet with a picture of Albertson naked in the snow with Albertson's Accounting Company's logotype with phone and fax numbers.

Over the picture was a text, "New Extended Service!"

Under the picture they had written:

"As a real Nordic Viking I proudly want to announce that I will be serving your female employees with all kind of male escort service for personal pleasures. References on request."

Of course, while making those leaflets they had never worked without rubber gloves or licked any stamps. When the printing was ready, the USB drive and the printer was to be dumped in one of the old water filled deep mining pits in the forest.

Exactly as the authors had planned he leaflet caused the expected attention and consequences. Albertson went to the police and accused me. His lawyer sued me for libeling Albertson and I sued Albertson for accusing me. Both Anna-Lena and her father rang me; she only cried and he threatened to beat me. Several of my friends and even several of my customers accused me of spreading it. Though I denied all knowledge of that leaflet, even one of my best friends told me I had gone too far in my vendetta with Albertson and cancelled our monthly chess games.

A policeman rang and asked me if I knew anything about the "Albertson leaflet" and I told them the truth that I had got one by mail to my company but I had no female employees who could been interested in his services, so I had thrown it in the waste basket.

The rumors in town said that Albertson had been furious and thrown things at his office when he had got a letter from the police that had said, "Your cause is removed from the cause list because any conclusive evidence of crime is not found."

He complained to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Judiciary and Civil Administration, who only had replied with a short standard letter that no valid reason for a complaint was found. Once again Albertson had been loudly screaming and swearing about our legal system.

The gossip said that Albertson had sworn to pay back with interest, so I had hired a security company for keep an eye on my properties and one of their night patrols had succeeded in catching a man throwing a stone in a window. That fit me perfectly because the man was one of Albertson's employees.

Then Anna-Lena found out that she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby probably in some kind of hope that I would take her back. I didn't and refused to sign any papers or pay anything at all before a DNA test. When the authorities tried to push me into agreeing to be the father I told them they better ask Albertson, who had intercourse with her after me.

While my vengeance with Albertson went on as planned, I wasn't very successful with women for the time being. At my age of 32, the number of available single women in the right ages was a bit limited in my small Scandinavian town. The main disadvantage in a small town is that everyone knows everybody and their backgrounds. It is not funny to be together with a girl when knowing all about her background and if she's been an easy lay in her younger days.

I did like many others, tried my luck on the web. My first three dates were real fiascos in different ways. The worst one was 38 but had used a photo, which was at least ten years old. One another was married and demanded that her husband be allowed to watch if we had sex next time we met. We didn't do that because there was no next time. The third was very handsome, indeed, a 26 year old redhead but she had too many problems, obviously many of them economic, which she expected me to solve. I didn't.

Then I met Nina. She was great in many ways except one big problem: she had a weird dog, which was the main reason for her boyfriend dumping her. I like dogs and had never had any problem with any dog until I met Nina and her dog. I really did my best to befriend that animal but without any hint of success and as she refused to get rid of it, we gave up our attempts to be a couple and I had to confess that the dog was the winner. When Albertson heard about Nina, her dog and me, he sent her a dog collar and a message saying that it would be useful now when she had two mad dogs.

To my great surprise Albertson's ex-wife Catharine rang me about the Marina Club's annual spring ball and asked me if I had a lady or if I could escort her. A membership in the Marina Club is both more difficult to get and more expensive than a membership in the local golf club. The simple reason is that there are no exact limits for the number of members in a golf club but in the marina club the number of members were limited to the number of spaces for their boats.

During a short meeting Albertson's ex and I agreed to go together to the ball but without any further intentions.

The simple reason why I once had not voted for Albertson as chairman was that before he was elected he had accepted bribes for giving memberships to some of his cohorts though the waiting list for a membership was several years.

Exactly as expected, the ball was a great event with many photos in our local newspaper. One big color photo of Catharine and me outside the ballroom caused much gossip in town. Ass-Hole-Albertson wasn't looking very happy when he found out whom I was escorting.

One sunny day something happened that gave us local single men a great challenge. Erica Peterson, a very beautiful easygoing 28 year old nurse, who had been living in the country capital since she went to the nurse school ten years ago, had gotten a job, met her husband and settled down there.

Her happiness had lasted until the day when she had forgot something at home and went there and found her husband fucking his 22 year old secretary in their marital bed. She divorced him and now she was back in our town again with her two year old son.

Her brother and I had been classmates at the school so I knew him rather well and when Erica and her brother met me at the supermarket's cafeteria we had a pleasant small talk. Erica's brother joked that we two divorcees ought to have a date. I replied that it was a good idea and suggested to Erica that Saturday we take a trip to a big zoo park together with her little boy.

She told me that she was busy elsewhere that weekend but would be happy to go with me the next Saturday. We even decided to meet Wednesday evening to talk about the trip.

I really looked forward to meeting Erica and we met at a café just as we had agreed. Everything was fine until she told me what she had done during the last weekend. She had seen a musical at our capital, had a dinner at one of the best restaurants there and spent the night at Sheraton.

Chapter 2

I asked, "Who was the happy guy?"

She replied, "Samuel Albertson. Is he a friend of yours?"

What could I say? Off all available single men she had choose to date the worst creep, Ass-Hole-Albertson, who had really done his best to impress on her. The musical had been sold out for many months, so the tickets must cost him a fortune on the black market. Though my own date now sounded like a cheap budget alternative compared to his I decided to continue my own race as planned and not care about Albertson, so I replied, "I know him rather well but wouldn't be honest if I called him a friend."

She didn't ask me more about him and I doubted it would be of any advantage for me to say anything negative about him at that moment. Instead we talked about our trip.

Both Erica and her son Elliot were in a good mood on Saturday morning when I did catch them at her parents' house. Erica must have told him about the animals because he talked a lot about them during the drive to the zoo park. During our walk around the park we had a coffee break at a café where we got a table next to a couple with a boy the same age as Elliott and they began to play and had fun together.

When we walked into the restaurant for lunch the family we met at the café was already sitting there and waved us to their table. We joined them and now even we adults began talking with each other.

Most visitors walked thru the large park via a suggested path and the Svenssons and we decided to walk together thru the remaining area we hadn't seen yet. The small boys had fun together.

During our walk Anna Svensson told Erica that they were living in a small village without any other small boys in their son's age. Then she asked Erica, "Anders and I would be glad if you, your husband and Elliot could come to see us during a weekend so the kids can play together. We have a small guesthouse on the lawn near our house."

Erica's reply caused confused looks in their faces when she replied, "I regret to say that my husband and I have filed for divorce and can't do anything together for the time being. My friend Michael here is not involved in my divorce; my husband caused it and had his secretary to assist him."

Anna replied with a laugh, "I thought you and Michael were newlyweds, you look so happy together."

I said, "I can only hope that we will be that some day."

Anders said, "I'm sure Erica won't say no thanks to a nice guy like you. What about the weekend Anna suggested?"

It would be perfect for me so I replied, "It would be a great pleasure. What do you say, Erica?"

She smiled and said "Many thanks for your kind invitation. Of course we will accept it." (Wow! One date and she's ready to jump into bed with him? That seems awfully quick!)

One more weekend booked with Erica. The family theme was okay for me. During our drive back we agreed that Anna, Anders and Emil were a nice family and both of us expected it to be a pleasant weekend. Then Erica told me that Samuel had invited her to go with him to Manchester in England to see a football (soccer) match with Manchester United and for some shopping and she had accepted. Albertson and some friends of his had rented a private plane because one of his friends who had the flight-certificate needed flight time. I didn't comment on that.

Ass-Hole-Albertson didn't save any efforts to outshine me in this competition, which would not be difficult even with their second date. Of course, what was a barbeque with friends and a night in small guest-house at a small village compared with a flight in a private plane to England and a high-class hotel there. Albertson was sure that he could impress Erica and win her with his expensive dates but I'm thinking that she feels much more comfortable together with Elliot, our new friends and me.

When we planned our date, Erica and I even agreed to have dinner at my house when we were back in our hometown. I had prepared most of the food in advance and did the rest of the cooking while Erica got Elliot ready for the night.

The dinner was rather romantic with good wine, candlelight and soft music. We talked of many things, except Albertson, until Erica said, "I hope you will understand that sex is out of question for me until my divorce is final. Samuel and I had a little quarrel about it when I refused to share a room with him during the last weekend, but I'm sure he knows better for our next date."

"I understand."

"I'm sure you do. It was so sweet of you to tell Anna that you wanted to be newlywed with me."

"That's true. There's something very special about you."

"I'm only a divorcee with a kid?" "Elliot is a great kid and he has a great mom. I really like both of you. Your ex must have been crazy when he messed up with you."

"Elliot likes you too. I'm glad for that."

"Glad to hear that and I would be twice as glad if even his pretty mom would like me."

"Of course I do, very much indeed."

After some further talking about other subjects she asked, "Why did you and Anna-Lena split up?"

"I caught her cheating."

"Any plans to forgive her?"

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