Lifegaurds Having Fun


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Desc: Sex Story: how me and another co-worker had fun!

I t was a long day of lifeguarding at the at the lake. I was working with a new hire. His name was Luke. He was about 23. Same age as me. We had made a few team saves during the day and he was totally grounded in his technique. At about five o'clock, we blew our whistles and everyone came out and drove away. We did the menial tasks of closing the umbrellas, bringing in equipment and lowering the chairs. Our lake had a nice hut for the workers. Couches, chairs and even a shower/locker area. I had spent several afternoons there with other female lifeguards, but that is for another day. "Hey are you going to shower?" I asked Luke.

"Yeah, sounds good to me" He replied.

We grabbed our shower stuff and headed for the shower area. We had turned on the water and let it warm up for a few minutes. We stepped side-by-side and I closed my eyes and let the warm water run over me. After I was wet, I grabbed my shampoo and washed my hair. The mint sent filled my nostrils and I glanced at Luke. He had short brown hair, grey eyes, with well defined muscles. He was also about my height, 6 feet. I rinsed off my hair, and I could feel his eyes roaming my body. I had long blond hair that I often pulled back in a pony tail. I had muscles, but not as well as his were. I had grabbed my soap and started washing my chest, legs, and shorts. After this was done, I pulled them off revealing my jock strapped package. It was filled to the brim with my twig and berries. I glanced over at Luke and he was wearing a jockstrap as well.

"Nice package", he stated.

"Thanks." I glanced down and he was filling his out just as well. "Need to keep the equipment put away?"

"Yeah, I hate it when it gets in the way of swimming." He raised an eyebrow. "Do you play for the other team?"

"Yeah, I switch hit once in awhile."

That got a chuckle from him. "Yeah, same here. "But its been awhile. You?"

"Yeah, same here. Fancy a round?"

I thought about it for a minute, "Sure. I'd love too". He came over to my shower and put his arms around my waist. My arms went around his and our heads came closer. The water ran over us as we kissed. His lips were soft and I smelled his citrus shampoo. His tongue brushed my lips and mine flicked his in response. It was course and was wild. His hands ran down to my chiseled ass and pulled us closer. Our groins touched and my already straining cock grew even more as our tongues danced. "What do you do with guys?" I asked.

"I'll kiss, fuck, and rub ... but thats about it. You?"

"Pretty much anything. I think you need some washing somewhere else.:

"Wheres that?"

"The thing poking into me." I said loudly.

"Oh yeah ... I haven't gotten to that yet."

I dropped to my knees and pulled down his jock. His semi-hard tool popped into my face. I grabbed my soap and started washing. He groaned as my soap covered hand started to massage. I rubbed his balls with my other hand. They felt heavy and yearned for release. I let go and rinsed him off. My mouth slid over his cock and he hissed in his next breath. I looked up at him. "Thats soo nice."

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