Economic Downturn - Wives to Whores

by Dr Know

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Anne and Sally try to find ways to keep their familes fed when the second great depression hits.

Dear Reader,

This is pretty much a stroke story. If you're expecting one of my twist endings, you'll be disappointed.

It's based somewhat on the serious problems families are having with the economic downturn (i.e., recession, depression, or whatever you want to call this god awful financial mess we are all in at the moment.) It explores how two wives try to deal with holding their families together.

Nobody is very admirable or clean in this story. So if you're looking for a hero, there really isn't one. But then, that is probably closer to real life don't you think?

If you don't care for my darker stories, don't bother reading this one. I did want the story to point out that the wealthy seemed to live in a world wholly different than us average Joes. You might see a couple of these sorts in this story.

For you brave hearts that do read this. I hope you enjoy it. I've got a lot of personal things going awry in my life right now, so this will be my last story for an uncertain period of time. I hope all of you have enjoyed my stories and I appreciated all of the comments I received from you! I wish the best of luck to each of you during this economic depression.

After the U.S. government unsuccessfully poured more than two trillion dollars into economic stimulus and bank recovery packages, the economy finally spiraled into the ground.

The average family was now struggling to just keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. At the other end of the spectrum, the rich got richer. The rich now went from an elite status to almost one of royalty.

Such was the status in three families. The first was the Donavan family. Sam Donavan had made a truckload of money selling short when the stock market went through the four crashes in 2008 through 2010. He'd bought over a thousand foreclosed houses for almost nothing and turned them into income producing rentals. After two more years of accelerated depreciation for his taxes, Sam would dump the properties.

He'd not put a nickel in maintenance or upkeep. Oh, if a tenant bitched about a refrigerator or some other appliance being broken, he'd go buy the cheapest replacement through his service company, mark it up a hundred percent or so, and have his minimum wage maintenance man install it at an inflated hourly rate.

These charges were written off by his home leasing company as part of doing business. He was now worth over one hundred million dollars, and he and his family lived the good life in a gated community in the northwest Atlanta suburbs.

His wife was a member of all of the best clubs. She shopped at only the best stores. She had a house staff to clean and cook.

His seventeen year-old son, Luke, was the only thing he worried about. Luke went through money like the government. He partied with his friends every night. Sam was trying to think of things he and his son could do together to try to build some rapport and gain some control over his wayward son.

The next family in our tale is the Crenshaw family. An average family in the Atlanta suburbs trying to make ends meet. The last few years had seen their home's value sink by 50%, leaving them owing considerably more than the property was worth. Dick Crenshaw was out of work when his company laid off half of their staff.

He'd been upbeat for the first few months as he sought new employment and used his unemployment benefits. As the months dragged on and his benefits ended, he lost hope of finding work to provide for his family. He felt like a loser and turned to the bottle to relieve the wounds to his ego.

Anne Crenshaw was been a five foot five inch, thirty-four year old, blue eyed, natural blonde, stay at home mom who had been forced to go to work when Dick had lost his job. She worked as a telemarketer at a sweatshop phone center. She had to close 5% of her calls with orders for whatever product she was hawking that day. The pressure was intense. Especially with her husband being drunk most days she got back home.

Their two children, twin daughters sixteen years old, were working at the local MacDonald to bring some money into the household.

Anne was also worried because Walt Himes, her supervisor, was putting a lot of pressure on her to "be nice" to him. Nothing was ever stated out right, but she was given the impression that if she gave him what he wanted, life would be easier on her.

She'd talked it over with Sally Evans, her neighbor who also worked at the telemarketing center. Sally was an auburn haired beauty, thirty years old, standing five-one with a trim figure and pale green eyes.

The Evans family, the third family in our tale, had a story similar to Anne's. Sally's husband, Jeff, had worked at the same company as Anne's and had been laid off at the same time. Sally's children, a fourteen-year-old daughter and a twelve year-old son, were too young legally to get part time work. However, a local grocery store manager hired the girl as a bagger and stocker, and was paying her under the table. Sally was concerned that the manager's motives were not entirely honorable, but her daughter swore that he never tried anything, nor said anything out of line.

Sally's husband took a part time job at a gas station as the midnight to eight in the morning shift cashier. The station had a food store section, and many strange characters shopped there early in the morning hours. The station had been robbed ten times in the last year.

In the last robbery, the thieves had actually put the cashier in the hospital and stolen the security cameras right off the wall mounts. They'd also taken the security recording device from the back office, so no one had an image of them.

The case was still unsolved. Sally was worried about Jeff's safety at the cashier job, but they desperately needed the money.

Sally also felt that Walt was hitting on her at work to have sex, even though nothing was said that could ever be used in a court.

The two families ate macaroni and cheese and beans and franks three nights a week to stretch their food dollars. It was winter and extremely cold. They kept the thermostat set at 62 degrees. Even at that setting the heating bills were almost beyond their meager monthly incomes.

There was nothing to spare for clothes, shoes, or, god forbid, the need for medical care. Family dental care was placed on hold in hopes that the economy would improve.

But they survived. Anne was becoming more and more irritated and frustrated with her husband. He took money that should be spent on family needs and bought his daily liquor supply. He was always drunk by the time Anne got home and was dead asleep when Anne had finished the necessary household chores.

They hadn't had sex in months. He receded into a tiny world built around his bottle. They hardly talked, never showed any affection for each other, and seemed to argue more and more when they did talk.

One Monday morning after a particularly sharp exchange between her husband and herself the night before, Walter Himes approached Anne as she took her seat at her work cubicle. He leaned against her desk and said, "Anne, I got some bad news. This Friday we're going to have to cut ten percent of our staff."

"The economy is not getting any better and we have to cut people to continue to make a profit. I'm sorry but I have to let you and Sally go. As soon as we finish our conversation, I'll have to go and tell her."

Anne was stunned. She had always made her quota, she was never late, and never took time off. She knew there were others who did not perform as well as she did. She looked up in Walt's eyes with a scared but questioning look on her face, "Walt, I know I'm better at the job than a lot of others here. Why me? Why fire me?"

"Well, Anne, you're not a team player. You know? Team players support their bosses and do what they can to help their bosses out. You've been very standoffish and downright unfriendly to me. You never go out with your workmates after the workday is over. Other than Sally I doubt if you even know the other people on our team. No, you're not a team player."

Anne was shocked. She was about to lose her job because she didn't party after work with her workmates? She didn't play nice with her boss? She kept her nose to the grindstone and failed to waste time getting to know people in this gristmill of a telemarketing center?

She said nothing in reply to Walt, but just nodded her understanding. She thought about her eroding relationship with her husband, how he'd given up on himself. She saw a strong man leaning on her desk, holding her future in his hands. She instantly made a decision. She reached out and touched Walt's hand resting on his knee. "Walt, can we discuss this later? Maybe discuss it after work tonight? Would that be okay with you?"

Walt smiled and replied, "Sure, I'll meet you at the Four Eights lounge across the street at six tonight." He walked away with a slight smile on his face.

Anne put the conversation and its ramifications out of her mind and went on with her job.

At the end of the day she saw Sally standing outside staring at the ground. She walked over and asked, "You got the bad news, too?"

Sally turned to her with a tear in her eye, "Yes! What are we going to do? We're living on a shoe string now."

Anne replied, "Honestly Sally, I don't know. I just don't know. But I'm about to probably commit adultery. It may be my only way out. I'm meeting Walt at the Four Eights in ten minutes."

Sally knew that things had not been well in Anne's marital relations for a long time. She felt lucky that Jeff hadn't spiraled down like Dick had. Anne was having a very tough road with Dick losing his way and giving up on his wife, family, and himself.

She took a hard look at Anne and said, "Are you sure? Once done, it can never be undone."

"Yes, I think this is the only way I can save my job. Really, Walt is not that bad. He's a go-getter, which is something Dick is definitely not. I'm thinking I can at least get some sexual gratification out of this."

Anne said goodbye to neighbor and started walking to the lounge. She stopped and turned and came back to where Sally was still watching her. Anne said, "If I do this, I'm going to insist that he keep both of us on the payroll. So wish me luck." Her lips quivered a little smile as she suddenly turned and walked away to whatever her destiny was to be.

Sally was amazed. Her dearest friend and neighbor was about to prostitute herself and Sally would benefit from it. She was unsure how she felt about it, but finally she silently wished Anne good luck on her task at hand. She drove home to her family to deal with their own problems. She'd not say anything about the firing in hopes that Anne succeeded at her goal. My god, she thought in sudden realization, I'm almost like a pimp hoping his stable brings in the goods from their johns.

Anne had called home from the office and said she would be delayed and asked her twin daughters to fix some dinner for themselves and their father. Anne said she would pick something up near the office and would probably be very late getting home.

Anne opened the door of the Four Eights and entering, she let her eyes adjust to the dim light. She saw Walt sitting in a booth with a glass in front of him. He waved her over and she sat in the booth on the opposite side from Walt.

He waved for the waitress and asked Anne what she would have. Anne asked for a Pomegranate martini. If she was going to use and be used by Walt, she might as well make it expensive for him.

They didn't say much until the drink arrived and Anne had taken a few sips. Walt had ordered bourbon on the rocks and took several sips while he simply eyed Anne.

He finally asked, "Anne, why did you ask me here tonight?"

She took a deep breath and started, "Walt, you said I was not a team player. Maybe that was true in the past, but I want to be one now. You said I never treated you right. I want to make that up to you. And I want to keep my job."

Walt stirred his drink with the tiny plastic stir stick and contemplated his response.

"I don't know, Anne. You've rebuffed me time after time and been very unfriendly to me and your other team mates. How can you correct this before Friday when I have to let the ten percent go?"

Anne reached across and took Walt's hand, "Well, Walt, I can start tonight by making up for being unfriendly to you. In fact, I want to be very friendly to you. You're a go getter who knows what he wants. My husband has turned into a drunken loser. You're a good looking guy. My husband is a slovenly drunk. Why wouldn't I want to be friendly with you?"

Walt smiled and took her hand in his. "I've wanted this for a long time Anne. What say we get Harry to give us one of the rooms in the back here? Would that be alright?"

"Sure, Walt, whatever you want. Do you have any condoms? I've got to ask that you use a condom."

"Sure baby, Harry sells them for use in his rooms. Any particular kind you like?"

Anne thought, "Well, I never tired to ones called French Ticklers. Maybe those?"

Walt laughed and replied, "Sure, baby, give me a minute with Harry."

Harry was actually Harrison Edwards. He owned the Four Eights. He'd won the title to the place in a draw poker game. The prior owner had drawn an aces-over-jacks full house. He'd put his place up as the final bet. Harry had drawn four eights and had bet his wife's and oldest daughter's sexual services for two years.

Harry won the hand and the lounge. When his wife found out what he had bet, she divorced him and took everything but the lounge as she wanted no part of it. His daughter refused to talk to him.

Harry changed the name to honor the poker hand and he ran the lounge as a short order café and a sleazy bar and night club. His real income came from the whore house operation he ran in the twelve rooms behind the band stand.

Walt was one of his monthly customers and tried all of his new talent. Walt rarely went back for seconds with any of the women. Of course Walt had enough women on the string from his various ministrations of workplace, church, and social clubs relationships.

Walt gave Harry a twenty dollar bill and Harry gave Walt a key and three rubbers.

Walt came back and led Anne behind the stage to the second small door. He unlocked it and led Anne inside. All that was in the room was a bed and a sink and toilet. Anne had never known these rooms existed nor did she know how they were normally used. She had not paid any attention to the constant movement in and out of that area by very nice looking women and various men. The women all looked like normal but very sexy soccer moms. They were dressed in very alluring but not tawdry clothing. The men were a wide variety of sizes, shapes, dress, and appearance.

She was too nervous to think about how Walt had known these rooms existed.

Walt put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around facing him. He put his hand under her chin and gently raised her face toward his. His lips found hers and gently kissed them. He let the kiss linger but as a soft touch of almost a feathery weight on her lips.

He heard her inhale. He moved his hands down around her waist and to her back. He pulled her toward him until their bodies pressed together. He felt her breasts pushing into his chest. He felt her chest heave as she gasped for air as his tongue found hers as the kiss became more urgent and needing.

He heard her sigh as his hand moved to her right breast. He slowly kneaded it and let his fingers linger on the nipple that had risen in her excitement.

He turned her around and unzipped the dress she wore. She shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the floor. He turned her again and began passionately kissing her. She responded in kind.

Her thoughts had become jumbled. She was so frustrated and horny from lack of sexual contact with her husband, she was almost putty in this strong, virile, good looking man's arms. Why had she never noticed what a wonderful example of the male of the species Walt was? she wondered as he released her bra and she shrugged it to the floor on top of the dress.

Next to go were the panties. She didn't give Walt the chance to remove them. She was so hot, she sat on the edge of bed and pulled the panties from her body and threw them on pile of her clothes already there.

She reached for Walt's belt, unbuckled it, opened his pants and pushed them to the floor. He stepped out of them, looking almost amused. She pulled down his shorts and found a semi-erect penis somewhat larger than her husband possessed. She smiled as she contemplated; well one perk of this is I get to try a bigger cock than I've ever had before. She'd been a virgin when Dick and she had married, so she had no experience with other men's equipment.

Anne took him in her mouth and began working him to a full erection. She was very enthusiastic about getting him hot. She licked his shaft and balls, she deep throated his shaft, and she reached behind him and played with his asshole while she worked her mouth around his bulbous head.

He pulled off his shirt and shoes and socks while Anne still worked on bringing him to a full erection. He was surprised at her enthusiasm. He opened the condom package and extracted the latex device with the funny ribbed ticklers. She took it from his hand and almost lovingly placed it on the tip of his penis and slowly rolled it down his shaft. She did in such an erotic way that it made him harder.

He gently pushed her back on the bed and licked her slit until she was moaning and quivering. He stopped and bringing his body up on hers, he placed his meat at her entrance. He pushed slowly until his head had disappeared into the soft folds of her nether region. He stopped for a second, lowered his mouth to hers and kissed passionately as he pushed the length of his shaft all the way inside her. He began rocking back and forth with his weapon almost exiting her body and then disappearing all the way to the hilt again. All the time he kept his mouth on hers and his tongue fighting a duel with hers.

They changed position twice, the last one being the classic doggie position. He was pleasantly surprised the way she backed into him in rhythmic time to his forward thrusts. She was a natural slut in Walt's mind. Maybe he'd keep this one around a while.

He blew his wad after their pounding rhythm had almost reached inhuman speed.

He collapsed on her back and she collapsed on the bed. Both struggled to catch their breath.

She eventually turned over and smiled. "Walt, that was wonderful. You're an unbelievable lover. Of course, I've not had any experience, but if I had to cheat on my husband, I'm glad I did it with you."

Walt smiled at her and, as he began fingering her clit, said, "Me too baby. You're something special. We're going to have lots of fun together."

Anne had thought that once Walt had cum they would dress and leave, but she was astonished to see him getting ready for another session. Her husband had never done this but simply rolled over and gone to sleep after they had finished making love. This was her first time where a man wanted to take her multiple times. She found it thrilling.

They manipulated each other until both were hot and ready for another round. He started to open the second condom package and she grabbed his hand and shook her had no. He smiled and dropped the unopened package and prepared to enter her bareback.

And so he did ... eventually leaving a copious load of baby juice in her now willing and ready love canal.

It was now about ten thirty at night and Anne said she had to get home. Walt smiled and said, "Sure thing, lover. How about us doing this again tomorrow night? I like the way you're turning into a team player."

Anne thought for a second and then agreed. "Why not? I'm not getting any loving at home and you're one hell of man in bed."

Walt said, "Anne baby, you keep this up all week and I think I'll have to change my opinion of your team skills. But you have to work on your skills with your work mates."

Anne considered what he'd just said, "Walt, do you mean I should fuck some of the other guys on the team? What are you getting at?"

Walt smiled, "No, baby. Maybe not fuck them but just be nice to them at lunch and maybe if you see them at the Four Eights after work. And not just the guys, but the women, too. Okay?"

Anne pondered what he's just said, "Okay, I guess. I'll try. What can we do to save Sally's job?"

As they were getting ready to exit the little room, Walt stopped and turned to Anne. "Anne, do you want to save Sally's job? Then you have to convince her she needs to be a team player too. In fact, you've shown so much improvement as a team player, she might consider joining us in our next training session to get some pointers on playing nice with others."

Anne couldn't believe what Walt had just suggested, a three-way with Sally! Anne's thighs tingled from the last four hours of sexual arousal and that new thought. Did the idea of a three-way make her hot?

Shit, what is going on with me? This morning I was a wife and a mother. Tonight I'm a slut for a man other than my husband. I'm considering inviting my neighbor and best friend to a three-way with our boss and I'm contemplating having sex with men and women in my work team.

Anne tried to put it all out of her mind as she pulled into the driveway of her home. It was always tough to tell if anyone was home because they left the lights off at night to save on the electric bill.

She entered the house and heard the TV blaring in the family room. Someone was home. It was her twin daughters watching some reality show.

She only stayed with them for a moment since she smelled of sex with Walt. She ran up to the bedroom and like clock work found her husband already asleep. She went to the bathroom and took a shower to wash the cheat and the sex from her body.

At first she had felt guilty, but after the wonderful sex with Walt, she was looking at things a little differently. She was doing this for a noble reason, the survival of her family. But if she could enjoy herself along the way why not?

She crawled in bed and fell into a peaceful sleep with thoughts of Walt pleasuring her. Just before she dropped off, she pictured Sally's nude body writhing on the bed with Walt and her.

The next day, she met Sally as she was about to enter the telemarketing center and motioned her to follow her to Anne's car. They sat in the car in the freezing cold and Anne took Sally through the adventures of the previous night.

"Sally, it was great. I couldn't believe it, but I enjoyed every second of it. Let me tell you what happened." Anne recounted the whole four hours in the small room. She then stopped and grabbed Sally's hands. "Sally, I — I — don't know how to say this. So I guess I'll just come out with it. Walt implied that the only for you to save your job was to open up and be a team player as he puts it. That means doing what I did last night."

Sally shook her head and stated emphatically, "No, no way! That son of bitch will never touch me. I love my husband too much to ever cheat on him."

Anne stopped her, "Sally, it's not cheating. It's saving your family. It's something we have to do in order to survive. Granted. I'm not enthralled with Dick right now, but he is my husband and I'd never cheat on him for just sex with some man. But I'll damn sure do whatever I have to keep my family safe and together."

She continued, "Sally, Walt wants to do a three way with us. That may be the easiest way for you to move in that direction. At least we would be together and maybe I could make it easier on you."

Sally considered Anne's words. "Anne, let me think about it, okay? This is one hell of shock and I need to consider what my feelings are about basically selling myself for a job. Not to mention having sex with Walt and YOU."

Anne nodded and replied, "Okay. Think it over. I'm meeting Walt at the Four Eights at six. If you are in, be there by six fifteen. If you're not there by then, I'll tell Walt you will not do it, and I'll still try to convince him to keep you on the job."

Sally nodded and pulling her coat tight to her neck she ran in the cold air to the front door of the telemarketing center.

Anne followed at more leisurely pace because she felt a glow and heat building in her in anticipation of another night of sexual release. With or without Sally it would be hot.

Anne put those thoughts out of her mind and focused on her job for the next eight hours. Walt had stopped by at four o'clock to confirm they were still on. Anne smiled and replied in the affirmative. At six, Anne closed up her desk for the night and wrapping herself in her heavy winter coat, made her way to the Four Eights.

Before she left the office, she called home and told the girls she would late again and to make dinner again. She said she would probably be later tonight because of pressing business at the office. The girls cheerfully agreed. Before they hung up they said, "Mom, we're real concerned about Dad. He's really drunk. He's passed out on the couch and we can't rouse him."

Anne sighed and told them to cover him up and let him sleep it off. They said goodnight and hung up.

Anne entered the lounge and looked around. Walt was not yet there. Anne grabbed the same booth they had the previous evening to await his arrival.

At five after six he walked in and made his way to the booth. The difference today was he sat on the same side as Anne and put his arm around her. He drew her to him and laid a long, wet kiss on her.

Several member of their team having drinks at one of the tables in the middle of the lounge noted the sexual play of the two. On woman, Diane Wilson, a thirty something brunette with a trim body holding large breasts laughed and pointed to Walt and Anne and said to the group. "I see old Walt has another conquest. I guess Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes finally decided to loosen up and open up. I know Walt can fuck a woman so well, her toes curl."

The group laughed and went back to their stories of stupid telemarketing call responses they had gotten the last week.

Anne responded to Walt's kiss with one of her own. Her hand dropped under the table to stroke his cock straining for release from his trousers.

She didn't even move her hand when the waitress arrived to take their drink order. They both ordered the same as the previous evening and both of them got a tingle when they knew the waitress was watching Anne stroke Walt's cock.

Their drinks arrived and Walt paid the waitress as Anne continued her ministrations on his sex organ. He took a sip of his drink and said, I'll think I'll go get that room from Harry." He started to scoot out of the booth.

Anne grabbed his arm and stopped him. "Wait a second baby. I may have a surprise for you. I talked to Sally this morning." She stopped to take a sp of her drink.

"And?" Walt asked.

"And she said she would think about it and if she was willing to be a team player she would be here before six fifteen tonight. It's now six ten. What say we wait five minutes and see if it will be us two or us three making the trip to the back room?"

Walt grinned and nodded, "Fantastic. So let's see how persuasive you were."

They watched the door as it opened each time; but none of the arrivals was Sally. The clock flipped to six fifteen and Anne had about decided that Sally wouldn't be there when the door opened and Sally came in. She looked around and saw Anne and Walt in the booth. She moved slowly over and sat down the booth opposite them.

Nobody said anything for a few seconds. Finally Sally said. "Well, Walt, I guess you win. I've decided to be a team player. Just like Anne. In fact, Anne tells me that you two will give me the proper training for being a better team player. So when do we start?"

Walt stood up and said, "Right now. I'll go get the key to our training room. Have the waitress bring you a drink to loosen up baby."

Sally ordered a vodka martini and Anne and she discussed how she had called home and lied to her family about a being on a special project that would make her very late tonight. Anne talked with her that it was the right thing to do and seemed to have her convinced in the short time it took Walt to obtain a key and three more condoms.

He asked the women to follow him and he escorted them back to the same room Anne and he had been in the previous night.

They entered and Walt locked the door behind them. Anne turned to Sally and said, "Sally, honey, don't worry. Walt is wonderful and patient. We'll go slowly tonight so you aren't overwhelmed. Okay?"

Sally simply nodded her head and swallowed hard. Sally saw the condoms in Walt's hand and said, "Those aren't necessary. I hate the damn things. My tubes are tied. I'm assuming you're clean and will not give me any bugs to take home to my husband."

Walt replied, "The only women I'm with are women like you two. Loving family oriented wives who are monogamous and never dreamed of extramarital sex." With that he threw the condoms onto the chair in the corner.

Walt winked at Anne and motioned for her to stand behind Sally. Walt quietly ordered, "Anne baby, why don't you massage Sally's shoulders to relax her while I start her team training?"

Anne did as she was told and she began kneading her best friend's shoulders trying to help her relieve the tensions she most be feeling.

Walt stood in front of Sally and gently lifted her face toward his. He smiled and used the same technique that had been so successful on Anne and a hundred other women. His lips just brushed hers in an almost feathery slight touch. He repeated this several times while placing his hands on her hips and lightly massaging them in rhythm with Anne's ministrations to Sally's shoulders.

He continued this for a few moments until Sally's lips attempted to kiss him more firmly as he continued the light brushing of them. He returned the kiss and as he did he moved his hands over Anne's and began to move her hands toward her best friend's breasts, still maintaining the massage motions.

Anne immediately got the idea and moved her hands on her own over her friend's breasts and began kneading them in a sensuous motion while she used her own lips on the nape of Sally's neck. Anne's thoughts were own ensuring her best friend's introduction to this new exciting world was as hot as her own had been just the night before.

Walt held Sally's face in his hands and began steadily more passionate kisses, until finally his tongue was fighting with hers as Sally began responding to the combined sexual assault by her boss and her best friend.

Walt slowly unbuttoned her blouse and Anne, from the rear, took the fabric in her hands and pealed it from Sally's body. Walt nodded to Anne to proceed with Sally's undressing and he returned to assaulting her mouth with a passion that Sally hadn't felt in many years.

Anne gently snapped open Sally's bra and Sally actually helped Anne shrug it from her body.

Next was Sally's skirt and panties which disappeared into the pile of clothes that began growing on the chair in the corner of the small room.

Anne quickly followed suit and she stood naked behind her best friend.

Sally now stood naked in front of her boss and her best friend. She moved her arms around Walt's neck and continued the now heavy kissing. Walt lifted her in his arms and gently laid her in the middle of the bed.

He began undressing and motioned for Anne to continue assaulting Sally's mouth with kisses while he disrobed. Anne crawled on the bed and lowering her mouth Sally's began exploring her orifice with darting probes of her tongue. She received an electric shock of thrill that ran up and down her body when Sally returned the exploration and they began a duel of tongues.

Walt, now nude and with a semi-erection, crawled across the two women now locked in an embrace as they explored each others bodies.

Walt thought, Damn, little Annie is doing well. She's got Sally really primed and ready for me. Another day with the other members of our little work team and she'll be ready. It looks like Sally is going to be a welcome addition to our group, too.

As with the previous night with Anne, Walt brought Sally to the pinnacle of sexual release multiple times and she orgasmed more in this one night then she had in the whole of the last year. As she came down from one particularly mind wrenching orgasmic explosion she reflected, I loved her husband to no end, but this is unbelievable sex. I feel like Jell-o and have never felt so complete or satisfied.

Part of the new sexual excitement for both women was the mild acts of lesbianism Walt had had them perform. Nothing blatant, but he did direct their touching and rubbing of body parts and kissing. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he had them enacting full blown lesbian shows for the he and the rest of their group.

Sally and Anne took turns taking him deep into their mouths and running their tongues up and down the length of his shaft. As they met at the head of his dick, their mouths came together in passionate kisses. He finally had them open their mouths and he spewed a load from one mouth to the other. The women managed to catch all of it in their mouths with only a few small strings they missed running down their cheeks. Walt pushed their faces together and they tongued his cum back and forth until he ordered them to swallow it.

Walt had not forgotten Anne in the might's mission of seducing Sally. He'd brought her to two orgasms before he finally muttered "enough" to both women. He'd taken a Viagra before arrival and it was a good thing he had. The two honest family oriented wives had drained him. They were now fully indoctrinated into the passions of wild uninhibited extramarital sex.

It was now after eleven and the women told Walt they had to get home before any suspicions were raised by their husbands. They dressed without a word being exchanged. Walt kissed each with a final cupping of their still firm and pouting breasts. Each woman gave the other a long and passionate goodbye kiss.

Anne arrived home to the same scene of the previous night, her daughters watching another reality show on TV and her husband dead drunk, passed out in their bed. This night she didn't even bother cleaning Walt's cum from her pussy. She put on her night clothes and climbed into bed with cum still slowly oozing from her well used body. Her last thoughts were that she was almost jealous of all of the attention Sally got tonight. Annie now wanted and needed that sexual gratification and obviously her husband was no longer up to providing it.

She fell into a deep sleep with dreams of erect cock and wet pussies.

She woke early, showered to remove the dried cum, dressed in more daring clothes than she normally wore to work and went to the kitchen to make some toast. Her twin daughters were eating cereal and both exclaimed when she walked in, "Wow mom! You look hot! You got a date or something?" They kidded her not knowing how close to the truth they were.

"Certainly not! I'm just feeling down on myself and thought a little dress up would make me feel better. Women always like to feel sexy, and beautiful."

The oldest twin daughter (by two minutes) said, "Well mom, you certainly accomplished that! You look beautiful and definitely sexy."

They all laughed and then became quiet as Dick stumbled into the kitchen with his daily hang over. He'd not showered or shaved in several days. He looked awful and he was becoming more gruff and standoffish from the family. He poured a coffee and sat down at his place at the table without a word to anyone.

Anne rose, and taking her purse, left for the office without a word or touch exchanged with her husband.

In the house next door, Sally had arrived home at eleven thirty and found her husband just getting ready to head to his shift at the gas station. He'd packed his normal brown bag lunch of a tune salad sandwich and some chips. He could have eaten from items at the service station but all they had here was fast junk foods with little nutrition. Sally had been unyielding in her demand that he eat right.

She still had Walt's cum dripping down her leg from her well-fucked cunt. She was afraid that Jeff would smell Walt's scent on her. She pecked her husband on the cheek and said, "Hon, I'm beat, this special project is going to be a drag. But I think I can make some extra money."

Jeff felt quite bad that his wife had to work so hard. He should be the bread winner. He was sad that he was letting her down. He told her that as he picked up his bag lunch. She grabbed his hand and stopped him. "Don't you ever talk like that again! You are and will always be my hero. We're going through a tough time but we're doing it together. That's what a marriage is. I love you and always will." She kissed him again and bade him a good night.

She took a shower to remove all of Walt's spent fluids. She dropped into bed but barely slept. She was so torn over what had happened and how she had felt during the experience. Some how she had to divorce these sexual acts with Walt from her sacred married life.

Maybe Anne was right. What they were doing with Walt was for the basic survival of their families not because she wanted to cheat on her husband. There was no love, no desire, no wish to cheat. It was simply a business decision to keep her job to keep her family fed.

She sighed as she dressed for the day. She wore the same conservative attires she always did. She may be a slut, but she was still a wife and mother.

It was now Wednesday and Walt had plans for his new stable of conquests. Tonight, they would move their "team training session" to the big theater room at the Four Eights. He'd already reserved it with Harry who was giving it to him for free in exchange for him being able to invite a few of his best customers to the event.

Tonight Sally and Anne would put on a little show for the members of his little 'work team' and these select customers of Harry's.

Walt stopped at each of the women's desk and told them the team building project would extend an additional hour tonight. They were to be at the Four Eights at six as usual. He told Anne she looked hot and was dressed perfectly for the evening's activities.

He told Sally she needed to dress more like Anne. He handed her his credit card and told her to go to the mall and not to come back until she looked sluttier then Anne.

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