Open Play at the Resort

by wifescreampie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: When a Couple Go Away to the Resort Husband Gives Wife Permission to Play.

Sitting on the lawn in the cool shade of well-placed trees, I could see out across the nudist resort at the 60 or so naked bodies of varying shades and shapes and sizes. That's when I spotted my wife at the far end of the grassy area coming towards me from the covered patio.

"Gina looked positively ravishing with her pert, well-shaped breasts bared to the sun and those trim hips topping off gorgeous legs"

Gina was nude like everyone else and looked positively ravishing with her pert, well-shaped breasts bared to the sun and those trim hips topping off long, gorgeous legs. I had told her for years that I didn't own her and could handle her having relationships with other men, but she always answered that she didn't need that and was satisfied with our sex life. "If you want to bring a man home with you," I had said many times, "it would be fine with me."

"She approached with a muscular suitor. Funny how a virile admirer will spark a desire for something a woman's professed no interest in"

This was one of the only nudist clubs in the country that allows, even encourages, open sexuality. (We found it on the Internet.) As Gina came towards me, she walked hand in hand with a virile volleyball player I had seen earlier that day at the club tournament. Gina beamed when she saw me looking in her direction, a broad, proud smile. Then she waved.

"I wanted to allow her the freedom to cultivate relationships, sexual and otherwise, outside marriage. She was about to fulfill my fantasy"

I had tried to make her understand how much I wanted her to "have a good time" during our weekend at the nudist camp. When we parted company, shortly after arriving at the club for the two-day event to promote my newly published book, I took her around the waist, kissed her and said, "Good luck, my love."

"She had come a long way in a short time—to this sexual animal about to embark on an affair with a guy she had known a few hours"

I was the principal speaker at the gathering, and I was careful to make it clear once again that I wanted her to "socialize" while I was doing my business at the camp. "Find something, or someone, you'd like to do, and have fun doing it while I'm promoting the book," I told her, punctuating it with a tender kiss. "Tonight you can tell me about your day, no matter what or who it is you fill it with."

"'You all fucked out?' I asked. 'For a while, maybe, but now I want you to come inside me, ' she said with a wickedness I'd never seen in her"

Coming across the lawn that afternoon holding hands with a handsome and very well-hung stud, my wife looked like she had finally decided to follow my advice and find someone to "socialize" with. The smile on her face and the grip this muscular stranger had on her hand told me the weekend promised to be memorable for both of us. (Well, all three of us!)

All that time trying to persuade her to take a lover or go with me to a swingers' party seemed to be finally paying off. Up to that weekend she had never shown any interest in extramarital sexual relationships.

But now as I watched her approach holding the hand of this naked and muscular suitor, it looked like things were about to change. Funny how a virile young admirer will spark a woman's desire for something she's steadfastly professed no interest in.

"This is Gary," she said as they arrived at my book-selling booth, still holding his hand and sporting that wide little-girl grin.

It looks like she's found herself a live one, I thought! Gary reached out his hand and we shook. The potency of his grip made me wince after the shake and confirmed the visual indication of his muscle definition and tone. I became even more confident that this Adonis would be fucking Gina, and fairly soon. The weekend was looking up.

"You have a beautiful lady," Gary said as he at last eased up on my crippled hand. I smiled.

Gina put out her free hand, and when I took it in my good one, the three of us were connected in a chain of clasped hands. She leaned in to me, and I kissed her. Then she looked up at Gary and offered him her slightly open mouth. He slid his tongue between her lips, then pressed his slightly open mouth against hers, involving her in her second passionate kiss in minutes.

I was amazed how turned on I became from watching another man soul-kiss my naked wife in front of strangers. Gary's hands shamelessly explored the crease and contours of Gina's bottom as they kissed at the back of my booth.

"I love your haircut," I said, gazing down at my wife's newly trimmed pubic mound. It was completely smooth. Like many of the other nudist women at the club who shaved their pussies, the slit separating the two sides of her vulva was conspicuous—for the first time since I'd known her. This gave her an even more naked, more sexually bold appearance. I liked it, and I ran my fingers down her smooth mound, tracing the slit with my tips, enjoying the fullness of the flesh I loved to touch. It was moist and obviously ready for sex.

Gone in an instant were all those years of resistance when she had balked at my efforts to persuade her to take other sex partners. I wanted to allow her the freedom to cultivate relationships, sexual and otherwise, outside our marriage. Now it appeared she was about to fulfill my fantasy, embarking on new levels of intimacy.

I put two fingers between her legs and curved them into her slit from the underside of her labia, where moisture was fairly dripping. The wetness, hidden by its location at the base of her vagina, covered my fingers as I felt her soft pussy. Her eagerness for Gary's cock showed not just in that wetness but in the expression on her face as she clung to his muscular arm.

"I hope you tasted this pussy after you shaved it," I said, looking up at Gary.

"Mighty sweet indeed," my wife's new friend said, smiling at her. She blushed and lifted her chin again, pressing her lips against his in an extended, passionate, tongue-filled kiss of thanks for the compliment. She had adjusted effortlessly to her new attitude toward extramarital sex.

"I'd like to make love to your lady," Gary said ever so politely when they finished kissing—as if he needed to ask my permission! "If you don't mind," he added.

"Gina is free to do whatever she wants, and I can see she wants that cock of yours inside of her," I said as he ran his hand down my wife's buttocks, letting his fingers slide between the cheeks of her ass, reaching between her orbs to her puckered anus. "She is her own gorgeous person," I said with a smile as she bit her lower lip and his finger made contact with her anus.

Gary moved his hand in small circles. As the fingertips massaged the sensitive region around Gina's anus, she closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his surreptitious caress at her back door. They were pushing the club's few limits to the wall, taking full advantage of the privilege afforded them.

Looking around, I saw a lot of couples engaged in different levels of lovemaking. Most were simply kissing or fondling one another, but a couple at the far corner was casually engaged in tender intercourse, with him on his back and her riding him, forcing his cock deep within her every time she bounced down on him, like a naked rodeo rider.

Gary put his finger to his mouth and tasted the moisture from my wife's fissure. He returned his hand to her bottom and moved the finger down to her pussy lips, then lifted it, covered with her wetness, to her lips and casually offered it to her. She sucked it up voraciously, then kissed him. She had come a long way in a short time, from the woman who had come to the club reluctantly to this sexual animal about to embark on an extra-marital affair with a guy she had known a few hours.

It was a conversion I honestly wasn't sure I would ever see. But at that moment Gina's progression into the world of open sex and alternative lifestyles was occurring so rapidly, I could hardly keep up.

"We'd better go," she whispered, trying to downplay her eagerness.

"Have fun, sweetheart," I said, standing and leaning towards her. She met my mouth with hers, brushed her tongue against mine, then broke the kiss and turned to the man who was about to fuck her. She put her face to my ear and thanked me for talking her into trying something she had been reluctant to do. As they walked hand in hand towards the pool, Gary's cock bouncing in front of him grew to striking size. I noticed a change in the smile on Gina's face.

"We'll be in the hot tub," she called back to me over her shoulder. They stopped and kissed, his hands working slowly over the roundness of her bottom. Then they disappeared into the crowd arm in arm.

In 40 minutes I finished with the work I'd been doing and decided to close down my booth. Actually, besides needing to stretch my legs, I wanted desperately to see my wife and her young lover together. I wanted to be able to watch him suck her nipples and such. I especially wanted to watch her get fucked. So I made my way towards the hot tub.

I got to where I could see the tub as well as the people in it. I wasn't sure how bold Gina would be, whether she would do any actual fucking in public. My heart skipped when I spotted her bouncing on Gary's lap as he pushed up into her from below. Their lips were together, and their heads moved slightly as they kissed.

There was another couple on the opposite side of the tub. The woman was sitting on the deck with her legs spread and her ankles in the water while her partner knelt in the tub with his head between her thighs, his chin pressed against her crotch. I couldn't have been happier, watching a woman being eaten while my wife was casually fucking a new friend in a hot tub at a swingers' nudist camp. It was a scene I'd all but lost hope of ever seeing my wife part of.

But there she was, fervently fucking a stranger, ignoring the world and its silly "morality," throwing caution to the wind as she savored the feel of another man's cock in her pussy for the first time since we were married. (She had been fairly active sexually in high school and college, but she always felt strongly about fidelity in marriage.)

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